Faeries Of Irish Folklore

Faeries Of Irish Folklore

Location: Ireland

The faeries of Irish folklore are no Tinkerbells, they come in a variety of shapes and appearances, one such appearance being black eyed.

In fact, one responder even went on to say that their own Irish great grandmother made the habit of checking the eyes of every newborn baby to make sure they did not have black eyes.

It seems, then, that there are precedents of such black eyed entities, which adds legitimacy to other reports.

Whilst anecdotal evidence is always the most dubious form, when there are enough reports of the same phenomenon, further investigation is required. It could be that some malevolent being manifests in different ways according to what society finds most terrifying at a given time.

Dark eyed faeries have transformed into black eyed alien human children hybrids, for this is what modern, Western society, influenced by film and TV, has learnt to fear the most.

Are seemingly different entities throughout history actually the same beings appearing in different forms? If such reports throughout the ages can be substantiated, this would be truly terrifying.

Especially when one reads the works of some ufologists who insist that Irish folklore had faeries flying around in aerial boats or spectre ships,

Naturally, one cannot help but draw links to many modern day UFO reports. This, when combined with the similarity of black eyes between modern black eyed children and malicious faeries of pagan folklore, is the stuff of nightmares.

Which, if the notion of cultural metamorphosis is correct, is precisely what it should be.

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