Pale, Mouthless Black Eyed Kid Encounter

Pale, Mouthless Black Eyed Kid Encounter

Location: North Wales Forest, Wales

A group of friends are walking their dog in a large wooded area in North Wales.

They eventually approach a boy with a large dog. When he faces them, he is pale, has no mouth, and black eyes.

Where I live, in North Wales, there is a expansive woods right opposite my house.

One day, me and my friends went to walk my dog down there as there is a path. At the very bottom of this woods/forest, there is a giant, abandoned care home without windows, no roof. An overgrown garden. No owner. Nobody living in there, apart from birds, cats.

We decided to walk my dog, Trixie, just down to the entrance of the care home as my dog was afraid of it. She wouldn't walk any farther than to the driveway before she started to yelp and cry.

Me and my friends were also scared as we were 15 years old.

When we got to the bottom of the woods, there was a little boy with a scruffy dog.

It was a German Shepard to be precise. A great giant, shaggy dog.

At first, me and my friends took no notice of it as when we had our first glance, we thought it was a woman as he had his back towards us and he had long hair. He was also knelt down so it was hard to see his real size.

But then my dog started to bark and then his dog started to bark.

The little boy stood up, without turning to control his dog and put him on a leash, he dropped a shovel to the ground and slowly turned around to look at us.

He was mumbling something, but we couldn't hear him as he was approximately 200' away from us.

We just stood there. We didn't know what to do.

My dog was practically choking herself on the leash, trying to get away.

Then he looked at us, his face was pale. He had no mouth. No nose.

He just had a blurry face with a pair of the deepest, darkest eyes I've ever seen. He had no pupils.

Well, from what we could see, as his whole eyes were pitch black, as dark as coal.

It wasn't just my eyes playing tricks on me as we had a good long stare, me, my friends and him, for about 30 seconds. We all, ran screaming.

My dog was barking crazily. To this day she won't even step a foot in there, not even with my dad.

Creepy things go on in that woods all the time.

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