Girl At Motel

Girl At Motel

Location: Washington D.C.

I recently took my family to Washington D.C. for the Cherry Blossom Festival.

To save money, we spent nights at a motel in Maryland, just a Metro ride away from the Mall. Our third night there, as we lay down and tried to sleep, we heard loud and urgent knock on the door.

Is this my motel room? Let me in. shouted a young female voice.

We could hear the same thing happening at each room up and down the hallway.

She knocked at our door 3 or 4 times.

Sleeping nearest the window, I opened the curtain and looked at the girl. Her eyes were wild and all black, one appeared to be fully black, even the whites, and the other had a very wide pupil so that the iris could not be seen.

I recall that it seemed strange to me that the one eye had no white to it.

She was young, appearing to be about 16, blonde, and disheveled looking.

When she saw me through the window, she said:

I have the wrong room.

And continued knocking doors up and down the hall. She knocked on ours a few more times, to which I shouted:

Wrong room.

It wasn't until the next morning that it occurred to me to question her all black eye.

I was a bit groggy, having been rudely awakened. Part of me suspects she was simply a drugged out teenager who might have mistaken the exact hotel at which she was staying, but that doesn't explain how her entire right eye was blackened, nor does it explain the instinctive fear I experienced from her repeated requests to be let in.

I'm glad, however, that I had the sense to remain in bed, door closed and locked, or I might not be typing this right now. I've never read a BEK account of someone who has let them in.

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