Husband & Wife See Four UFOs

Husband & Wife See Four UFOs

Date: December 16, 1972

Location: Gravesend, Kent, England

Quoting from a report made separately, by each of us less than 1 hour from the event.

My wife and I saw 4 UFOs flying in half wing formation.

They moved up and down slightly with respect to one another, like airplanes flying in formation.

But they moved completely without seeming effort.

There was a 1' or 2' wide circular brown colored undercarriage at the edge.

Direction from North to South about ½ mile inland, maybe ½ mile high, silver colored, football or flying saucer shape with bulges on top and bottom.

They were definitely directed or piloted, made no sound whatever, emitted no lights whatever, just flew silently with very fast velocity, perhaps 400 m.p.h. or 500 m.p.h. or perhaps slower.

They were definitely not birds or balloons, nor airplanes, nor temperature inversions, nor light beams from advertising searchlights.

They were real and we both had them in sight for about 4 seconds.

They flew towards San Diego Airport & Miramar Naval Station.

We informed the police and the Naval station.

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