Abducted At 4 or 5

Abducted At 4 or 5

Date: 1969

I was abducted if you want to call it that, I guess being abducted is the best way to describe it.

Now, I am not looking for fame, Iím not a budding writer telling a made up tale.

In fact Iím not even sure why I want to tell the people about it but I do.

I have never told anyone about this, ever.

Here it is, believe it or not, this is 100% true.

This happened almost 50 years ago, so I can't tell you the exact details that I might have been able to tell when I was 5 years old when this happened.

This is what I can recall from almost 50 years ago,.it was around 1969.

I was around 4 or 5 years old, ot a baby,oOld enough to know what happened.

But not old enough to try and explain it correctly at the time.

This is what I remember:

They took me in their ufo, or plane or ship or whatever you want to call it.

The alien or Grey, itís what matched the descriptions I read about other people seeing on the internet years later, took me by the hand.

He/She/It didn't speak but I knew that it told me in my mind not to be afraid.

I remember feeling calm and not afraid at all.

The next thing I remember is that I am on a table like at a doctors office, again I felt very calm and trusted them.

They asked me questions without speaking, like how old was I, what kind of food did I eat

Not probing questions I couldn't answer, just kind of weird questions like what colors can I see, do different object have different smells?

I was confused as to why these grownups, I remember just assuming they were adults, they could have been kids or teenagers for all I know, but I perceived them as adults, were asking me all these silly questions that grownups should know.

Next they asked if they could look at my tummy.

I agreed, but told them I don't have a tummy ache, they said not to worry they just want to check it.

I figured they were doctors, and again I was so at ease and not afraid at all so I said OK.

They only wanted to see my stomach, did not ask me to get undressed or anything scary.

They were all touching my tummy, poking a little but not hurting me at all.

The guy or leader or head doctor or whatever you want to call him asked if it would be alright to look in my belly button, I agreed and he took a long skinny stick, not a needle, more like a thermometer, and put in in my belly button.

It didn't hurt, however it freaked me out and I started to cry and ask for my mom and wanted to go home.

My crying, freaked the beings/aliens out.

They all got nervous but curious as why I was upset because nothing they did hurt, and they were fascinated by my tears.

The leader then carefully touched my tears again they were not hurting me but he had these really weird long fingers that made me cry even more.

They quickly said they were all done and were going to take me home.

They kept telling me they were sorry for scaring me and that they didn't mean any harm.

The next thing I know I am back in my bedroom.

It was still night so I don't think it took too long.

I never mentioned it to my parents or told anyone, even though they never said not to tell,

I think they wanted me to keep it secret, so I have until right now.

For months and even years after that, I would wake up in the middle of the night, look out the window while pressing my tummy against the cold wall to cool it off waiting to see if they were coming back to see me.

They never did.

Lastly, to this date I hate for anybody to touch my bellybutton, it totally freaks me out.

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