Daylight Disk Sighting

Daylight Disk Sighting

Date: June 15, 1947

Location: Madison, WI

3 disks appear in the West, stop at overhead, and proceed eastward a rapid rate of speed.

While observing the evening sky while fishing on Lake Wisconsin, my eye caught a flashing in the clouds toward the West where the Sun was setting.

3 gold colored disks appeared out of the clouds and slowed to a stop when reaching directly overhead the 3 of us.

They appeared to be looking down at a beautiful scene below of a broad river set in a valley.

My grandfather, a friend & myself could detect a slight motion as they stood in rather tight triangular formation above us, kind of wobbling.

After some 5 to 10 seconds the lead ship slowing began moving southeast towards Madison, and the others brought up the triangular formation.

I would estimate their elevation at about 3,500' and they looked about the size of a penny at arms length.

They soon accelerated at a tremendous rate and were out of sight on the horizon within 3 to 4 seconds.

It was a daylight sighting I will never forget.

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