Twenty Nine Palms

Twenty Nine Palms

June 30, 1946

Location: Blairsden, CA

A soldier stationed at Camp Pendleton was driving through the National Monument Park outside of town on a deserted stretch of road when his vehicle engine stalled.

He then had a strong urge to walk out into the desert.

He soon became disoriented and saw a flash of light up ahead.

The light approached his position and the soldier then felt dizzy and fell on the sand.

Before passing out he saw a row of blinking lights approaching him.

When he woke up he saw the figure of a tall woman with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes with a clear ivory complexion looking down on him.

She wore a tight fitting silvery outfit with boots and a high collar that went up to her chin.

She helped the witness up and at this point he noticed a large metallic disk on the ground nearby, with a ramp leading to the ground.

2 figures were coming down the ramp, these were human like, almost 7' tall, wearing tight fitting silvery outfits with dark boots and gloves.

They also wore a large mirror polished helmet that covered their faces.

A third figure also came out, this one was 8' tall, dressed like the others but somewhat robot like.

This last figure stood next to the object as if standing guard.

He wore a transparent helmet and 2 bright red pinpoint dots of light could be seen where the eyes would have been.

The soldier was then taken inside the object and given a brief tour.

In a large room he was shown what appeared to be military weaponry.

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