Route 250 Cone Shaped UFO

Route 250 Cone Shaped UFO

Date: December 21, 1964

Location: Between Staunton & Waynesboro, VA

A gunsmith named Horace Burns, who was driving between Staunton & Waynesboro, in the state of Virginia, had seen a very unusual object crossing the highway in the direction that Burns was facing.

The object, just a small height above the roads, was a large object shaped like an upside down cone, moving at a speed of about 15 mph.

The crest of the cone was bent, or curved towards the direction of the object's motion.

The object was not very far from Burns, maybe 200' away from his car, so the object was relatively close.

An unusual thing is that, as the object, or craft was slowly moving over the highway, the engine of his car stalled, and he was not able drive any longer, so he had to pull over.

After a short amount of time, the object eventually landed in a field close to the highway.

Horace stated that it landed so smoothly, it was like a bubble.

After the craft landed, and his car stalled, he got out of his car to observe the object.

Burns stated that the object was 125' in diameter, at least, and 80' to 90' high.

The texture of the crafts surface was similar to that of a honeybee hive.

Each of the circular disks, or walls, would rotate up towards the crest of the cone, similar to a tornado, or barber shop pole.

The craft was also very large, as Burns reported that as the UFO was moving over the highway, the craft, was greater in width than the windshield of his car.

The details of the object were hard to see, as there was not much available light due to the fact that it was a winter's evening, and the Sun was already low on the horizon.

However, Burns did notice that the craft's surface was metallic in nature, though was rather dull, many cases with such encounters have the object's surface appear dull, and metallic in nature, which is quite interesting.

Horace was not able to see any details such details as windows, doors, or any openings on the craft.

It was simply a plain, craft.

However, he did see a constantly shining, circular, blue light, close to the base of the craft.

He estimated the source of the light to be between 12" and 18" in height.

The craft was not resting on anything that might appear to be landing gear, instead, it was resting on it's base, which was apparently was curved, rather than straight, the base was apparently similar to a convex curve.

After a little more than a minute, the craft began to gain altitude, and flew up to about 700' in the air, where it then quickly accelerated to a high velocity towards the northeast.

As before, the crest of the cone curved towards the direction it was moving, as it flew off.

Burns was able to drive his car back home, as the engine was now working again.

When he arrived at his house, he informed his wife of his sighting of the unusual craft.

He swore that he would never tell anyone regarding the sighting of the craft.

Though he did reveal his story when a radio station revealed that a new UFO investigation group had been started at the Eastern Mennonite College, located in Harrisonburg, VA.

Through the guidance of Dr. Ernest G. Gehman, who was a professor at the college.

Burns revealed his story due to his wife strongly recommending he disclose it.

Burns then spoke of the sighting on the local radio some time after.

Dr. Gehman went to the site of the sighting, as well as the area of which the craft landed on.

He tested the area for ionizing radiation, and received high results.

The tests concluded that there was a very high amount of ionizing radiation in the landing area.

He was actually brought to the area of the landing because of high results he was receiving, that would become much higher and higher as he would move closer to the area of the landing.

To confirm this test, 2 research engineers from DuPont tested the area as well, the tests done confirmed that there were, high levels of ionizing radiation present in the landing area.

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