3 UFOs Escort A Mexican Piper PA-24

3 UFOs Escort A Mexican Piper PA-24

Date: May 3, 1975

Location: Near Mexico City, Mexico

Carlos Antonio de los Santos Montiel, 23, was flying a Piper PA-24 from Zihuatenejo to Mexico City at about 15,000'. While passing over Lake Tequesquitengo, he felt a strange vibration in the plane. Then he saw to the right, pacing alongside, a 10' - 12' in diameter disk, with a dome on top. Another appeared to the left of the plane, and a 3rd disk appreached head on, dropping beneath the plane. Carlos felt a jolt as if the object had collided with his plane. He pulled the landing gear lever, but it failed to operate. The plane felt as if it were being pulled or lifted, and the controls refused to respond.

Although badly shaken, Carlos notified Mexico City by radio, describing what was happening.

At the same time air control radar was showing unexplained objects near his plane that were capable of sharp turns, unlike normal aircraft.

Finally their blips merged on the radar screen and sped away toward Mt. Popocatepetl.

After the objects left, Montiel was able to lower his landing gear manually and to land safely.

Aviation personnel who know him testified to his sobriety and trustworthiness.

Airport Terminal Radar Controller, Julio Intrian Diaz, registered the blip of Carlos's plane on radar, the UFO executing a 270į turn in a radius of 3 or 4 miles at a speed of 550 m.p.h.

Nearby, a Learjet aircraft registered as XC-SAG and in use by an agency of the Mexican Government made visual contact with De Los Santos' plane and the three mysterious objects hovering around it. The pilot of the Learjet radioed back to the Mexico City tower to confirm what he had seen.

35 years after the event, Ana Luisa Cid reopens the case, a short interview follows:

ALC: Did the UFOs cause you any physical harm?

Carlos Antonio: No, considering that they were only 2 meters distant from me, suspended over the small planeís wings for 18 minutes.

ALC: Were you punished for going public with your experience?

Carlos Antonio: No. When someone said on TV that my pilotís license had been revoked and that Iíd vanished, it was all a lie.

ALC: Why did you fly to Zihuatanejo? The likeliest course of action would have been to stay at Lazaro Cardenas, your original location, before returning to Mexico City.

Carlos Antonio: Because I didnít like that town and the nearest one (by private plane) was Zihuatanejo, Guerrero..

ALC: What are your thoughts about the incident, 35 years later?

Carlos Antonio: Well, it was something I experienced and it was real. An incident that I am still at a loss to explain. I donít know where they [the objects] came from, or what their intentions were. Sometimes I think they were curious and that they approached us for this reason, although it could also be that they saved me from some unpleasant situation. The small plane looked good, but it was very old, from 1958. So who knows? Maybe it was about to stall in mid-air, or I was about to lose a wing or the tail section. Or have some other accident...I donít know.

ALC: Did the objects remove you from your route?

Carlos Antonio: No. I remained within the air corridor. What they did was lift me higher, which is dangerous, since my cabin wasnít pressurized.

ALC: What do you say to those who claim you suffered from hypoxia and that you ďimaginedĒ all of this?

Carlos Antonio: Well, they donít know what theyíre talking about. When you experience hypoxia you feel sick, naturally. Youíre dizzy and your visual field shuts down, but you donít hallucinate.

ALC: Furthermore, radar canít suffer from hypoxia. The objects were detected.

Carlos Antonio: Just so. Two different air traffic controllers detected three unidentified echoes on their screens. Both the route controller and the approach controller.

ALC: In some illustrations of sketches that you allegedly made, I see that the 1975 UFOs had an antenna on their upper part. Is this correct?

Carlos Antonio: This is not correct. They had no antennae. They had opaque grey fuselages and a sort of windshield, but without rivets and completely smooth. Iím going to draw them for you (makes drawing). And donít think that itís the only incorrect item of evidence circulating around there. Iíve also seen the date set down incorrectly. Some put May 2nd and other May 13. Not at all Ė it was May 3rd, 1975. What I would like to make clear is that my personal and professional reputation is safe thanks to the testimony of air traffic controllers. They had the three objects on their screens, making 270-degree turns in a very tight radius of action.

What we have here is a case where almost all of the aspects of the UFO problem are involved:

This is a UFO observation report by a pilot.

This is a UFO close encounter.

This is a daylight UFO observation.

This is case were the reported UFOs are observed at close sight and are solid objet of obvious artificial construction.

This is a report of a near air collision between an aircraft and UFOs.

This is a report of UFO that have a behaviour which is suggesting intelligent control.

This is a case of physical effects on an aircraft.

This is a radar/visual case, where a visual sighting is confirmed by independant people detecting the presence of the objects on a detection device.

This is a case where the UFOs fly away in direction of Mount Popocatepetl, obviously a hotbed of UFO reports and allegedly some sort of hideout for extraterrestrial aircraft.

This is a case where a pilot reports his encounter publicly.

This is a case where the witness has been medically checked and interviewed. If Hynek could not speak to Los Santos Montiel, at least Jerome Clark and others could.

This is a case where the witness stood firm with his account over time.

This is a case where the witness reports that he has been repeatedly intimidated by unidentified people probably from a foreign country, UFO folklore call them Men in Black.

Lastly, a short transcript of the pilots Mayday call:

Almost instantly, he was shocked and scared even more, which caused him to cry and was badly shaken. He communicated with the Air Traffic Control Center and told them what was happening.

Carlos Antonio: To Mexico Center, to Mexico Center, this is Extra Alpha Union, Mayday, Mayday, Mayday.

He did not received a respons. Again, he kept trying to establish communications by repeating:

Carlos Antonio: Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

This time he did receive a response as follows:

Mexico Center: Go ahead, Extra Alpha Union, this is Mexico Center, what is your emergency?

Carlos Antonio: I am flying with three unidentified visual objects around me, I am crying, I am very nervous, I do not know what to do.

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