Encounter & Possible Abduction In West Orange, NJ

Encounter & Possible Abduction In West Orange, NJ

November 5, 1975

Location: West Orange, NJ

It was late night in late October early November of 1975, I was a 10 year old child. At that time I was going through a late bed-wetting phase and remember I was determined to end that embarrassment. I awoke for the second or third night in time to relieve myself and remember being happy and proud that I caught it in time again. As my eyes open slightly I saw movement in the room and at least what I thought were African American kids in my room moving around. I remember thinking that the only thing they could steal of any value was my prized small black & white TV that was on my dresser next to my bed.

As you can imagine at this time my heart was pounding through my chest and just wanted them to take the TV and leave. I opened my eyes ever so slightly as not to be noticed and was shocked to realize that they werenít afroís, which were common at that time, but were whole heads. I canít really express my thoughts of that instant realization when I saw who was really in the room at that time other than how in a nanosecond I went from: Thereís no such things as aliens, TO Oh, my God there real TO What do they want?. At that time there was no such things as Greys or anything similar to what has been so defined into pop culture today.

Being late October early November there was a harvest moon and I had a fairly large picture window in my room which lead to some fair amount of ambient room lighting which I shared with my 5 year old brother who slept in a adjacent bed next to mine.

During this event I was opening my eyes enough as not to be noticed, laying on my back when I woke up and my bed covers were at my waist. ALL I wanted was to get my bed cover up to my head so I was ever so slowly and methodically creeping them up during this entire event. As not to be noticed. There was a larger one that stood against the wall directly across from the foot of my bed that just stared at me. There was another knelt down on the opposite side of my brothers bed and what I thought at the time was that he was doing something to his arm.

My head at the time was reeling, my parents room was directly behind me and if I screamed my father would come running in. I remember thinking that the one next to my brother I was taller than and equated him to being in my grade, remember I was 10. So if he came over to me my big plan was to jump up and dive on him and scream for my dad. The one against the wall just standing there I remember as being a grade or two older than me and he would probably do something before my dad would come in.

I remember thinking I could end the whole debate that are we alone in the universe and the weight of that thought being succumbed to heís killing my brother and not being able to muster the internal strength to do something. My next thought was that if he comes over to me he canít put a needle in me so I started to tear up and that diffused my sight to what was happening in the room. Then the one that was knelt next to my brother got up and came at me, pure horror as my eyes were teared and he rounded my brothers bed and in one motion knelt down on his right knee and in one motion opened his toolkit and kind of flipped and twisted his left wrist and reached in. At that very moment I couldnít hold it anymore and thought needle. And I made a audible pre cry whale. The face that the creature made still haunts me today. Honesty. Itís the same face people make when they make a surprise mistake a eek I did something embarrassing facial expression. His mouth was just a slit so when he made that expression his face rippled and wrinkled like a old man.

Immediately whatever he was taking out of his box which was a really weird shape then but not now, it was (Hexagonal with a diagonal opening and handle) put it back in got up and they marched out. Again another part of this is memory that has crept me out is how they moved like the military and moved or better said marched out of my room. I was shocked and with unreal timing as I looked down the hallway when they past my parents room two more came out and filed in line which such precision and marched down the hall and all turned down the stairs out of my sight.

Again I must stress the timing was if they were one. Needless to say I didnít sleep the rest of the night. My younger brother was fine in the morning, and no one in my family knew anything of the nights event. I lived near a large metropolitan area at the time and our house was the only house surrounded by 260 acres of woods.

I only told a handful of people since then and find it very difficult and seriously doubt many of these accounts I read of abductions myself. Ironic isnít it. They were very, very real, and I wish I dream't it but I didnít.

My impression then and my life of the events of that night is that these beings are cold and indifferent to us, basically they are not our enemies but most certainly arenít our friends. There might be a very good reason our government has kept this secret for so long.

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