Voghee Lyno

Voghee Lyno

In appearance he is just 12" high, and almost completely bald and with a little paunch. He looks like a jolly fellow BUT he hides a mischievous soul, he has a bad habit of stealing pots of gold from other Goblins.

This elf is really hard not to take a liking to. He likes to drink and have fun in the company of others, and has the distinction of being able to write, and in fact often affects the rocks it finds.

It will be for his bacon, His butt...not yours.

With this vice, he has antagonized the Dukko, his sworn enemy, an elf that wanders for his hunting campaigns.

Voghee Lyno returns the stolen goods, and pots of gold to the Goblins he borrowed, or stole them from. Of course in exchange for a reward.

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