Las Vegas Incident

Las Vegas Incident

Date: April 18, 1962

Location: Las Vegas, NV

The military was already experiencing incidents with UFOs as they were building up to war in Vietnam. For example, in 1962, there was a UFO crash at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas.

Initial reports stated that radar had tracked a fast moving object over Mesquite, near Las Vegas, but had lost contact after that.

Days later, witnesses started to come forward with their own stories of the incident.

Contradictory stories popped up about where the mysterious object had landed. Some people believed that it had crashed in Utah. Others believed that it had set down near a power station in Eureka, NV. Still others reported that they had seen an explosion over Mesquite. Most sources indicated that the object had crashed somewhere near Las Vegas.

Multiple people called the Las Vegas sheriff’s office to report odd lights in the sky. Near Las Vegas, other witnesses talked about seeing the object explode over the desert. Residents around the city led search teams into the desert to find the crash site.

In the end though, nobody ever found debris or evidence of a crashed object.

When the U.S. government ended their investigation, they noted that the radar contact was true, but there was no way to trust the visual sightings. Thus, the case was impossible to analyze.

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