UFO Stories

UFO Stories

1 Light Comes Down From Space

2 Cuban Sightings

2 Landed Craft In Northwest Territories

2 Lights Moving Oddly

2 Separate Events

2 Sightings In Italy

2 Teenage Girls Watch UFO

2 UFOs - Or 1?

2 UFOs Travelling Together

3 Boys Watch Craft Land On River Bank

3 Disks Appear

3 Disks With Firetails

3 Glowing Objects

3 Lights Moved Horizontal

3 Little Men Seemed Friendly

3 Objects Wanted To Be Seen

3 Pancake Shaped Objects Observed

3 Sightings In Barron County

3 Silver Spheres

3 Triangle Craft Seen

3 UFOs, What A Sight

3 UFOs Escort A Mexican Piper PA-24

3 Year Old Witnesses Disks

4 Objects Merge Into 1

4 Objects Observed

4 Similar Sightings - Hours Apart

5 Or 6 Shiny Circular Objects Near Storm

5 To 7 Silver Grey Round Objects Fly Over Base

7 Flying Disks Observed Over Wanaque Reservior

7 Pilots Observe Huge Object

8 Mile Long UFO

9 Saucers Observed

10 Entities Observed

10 Or 15 Round Objects

11 Year Old Watches Craft Land

17 Witness UFO

9 Saucers Observed

12 Year Old Sees Landed Craft

12 Year Old's Encounter

15 Sightings Of UFOs

15 To 20 Grapefruit In A ‘V’ Formation

16 Year Old's Insectoid Encounter

20' Diameter Disk Observed

20' To 25' Classic Circular Hovering UFO

20 Groups Of Objects Observed

25 Top Shelf Witnesses See Metallic Cigar

30 Foot Disk Observed

30 Hour UFO Encounter

50 Missiles Go Offline

50 To 75 Disks In Formation

70 Some Foot Long Flying Disk Observed

86 Year Old Woman Recounts Close Encounter With UFO

90ş Turn Straight Up

100' Cigar Observed By Air Force Captain

200' Oval Object Sighted By La Paz Family

1947: Year Of The Alien Wave

1967 - The Year Canada Was Invaded - Without Knowing It

1977 Broad Haven Class Said They Saw A UFO

1994 Pennine Hills Missing Time Incident

1996 Fife Incident

2004 Iran UFO Sighting

A70 Abductions

A 5 Minute Meeting

A Hole In The Sky

A Hundred Navy Men Witness Zig Zagging Object

A Prayer Summoned UFOs

A Sighting In Parkstone

A Soldier's Story: UFOs Over The Falklands

A Strange But Very Real Fact

A Strange Craft Coming Out Of The Woods, Above The Trees

A Train, That Wasn't A Train

A U-Turning Star?

A UFO Event Happened About 50 Years Ago In Beijing China

Aaron Rodgers UFO Sighting

Abducted And Mind Control

Abduction By The Greys In Bloomer

Abduction Of Myrna Hansen

Abduction On North Canol Road

Abduction Somewhere Between Columbus And Mansfield

Abel Boro

Aboard The USS New Orleans (LPD-18)

Absolutely Huge UFO Hovered

Active Skies Over Deep Cove

Additional Information

Adhara Observatory UFO Lunar Transit

AER Lingus Jet Damaged By UFO

AER Lingus Pilot Describes Strange Object

Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 727 Sighting

After 40 Years Woman Vividly Recalls Terrifying Encounter

Air France Flight 3532 Sighting

Air Force Captures Damaged UFO

Air Force Called it a Lost Missile

Air Force Jets Pursue Lights Over Small Texas Community

Air Force Light Plane Encounters Object

Air Force Plane Encounters UFO

Air Force Reserve Colonel Observes Rapid Ellipse

Air Shows & UFOs

Airline Pilot Sees Object Over Lake Michigan

Airliner Had Narrow Miss With UFO

Airship Mystery Of 1890's

Alan Godfrey Abduction

Albert Burtoo Abduction

Alfena, Portugal Mystery

Alien Abduction In Tuscany

Alien Hawk Sighted In North Dakota

Alien Intervention

Allagash Abductions

Alois Olenick Sighting

Aluminum Boat Magnetized By USO

Aluminum Like Object Crosses Path Of Jet

Alsworth Air Force Base Encounter

Amarillo UFO Sighting

Amazing First Hand UFO Testimonials - Norio Hayakawa

America West UFO

Amy Rylance Abduction

An Airship Spotted Over Hull In 1909 & 1934

An Event On The A-338

An Extra Star In The Constellation Pleiades

Anne Henson UFO Sighting & MIB

Anonymous Witness Encounters UFO

Another Possible Abduction?

Another Roswell?

Another Train That Wasn't A Train

Antarctica UFO Splits Into 2 Identical Pieces

Antonio Villas Boas Abduction

Antonov An-2P Goes Off Radar

Anyone See Something Like This?

Apiarist Finds Himself Aboard A UFO

Apparent Satellite Made Right Angle Turns

Arkansas Airship Mystery

Army Air Force Captain Watches Wingless Craft

Assorted Connecticut Sightings

Assorted Sightings

Astronomer Observes Ten Large Objects

Atomic Test Group Witnesses UFO In Broad Daylight

Attention Turned To Light In Sky

Australian Navy Pilot Sees Flying Saucers On Radar Screen

Aveley Abduction

B-36 Without Wings

B-52 Bomber Observes UFO

B-52 Shot Down By A UFO

Bagshot Heath Encounter

Ball Of Light Or Ball Lightning

Ball Of Light Over Kansas City

Ball Of Yellow Light With Dancing Spikes Of Light

Balloon Like Object With Rapid Acceleration

Barney & Betty Hill Abduction

Barrel Shaped Object Hovers Over Rice Paddy

Barstow/Baker UFO

Bass Straight Sighting

Battle Of Los Angeles

Bauru Close Encounter

Baviaanspoort Sighting

Beer Can Shaped Objects

Being In My Room

Beings In The Fog

Bell Shaped Craft With Entity

Bent Headlight Beams

Betty Andreasson Encounter

Bhoja Air Flight 213 Crash Possibly Caused By UFO?

Big Blue Light

Big Month For UFO Sightings

Big Object Approached Across Field at Dusk

Bigelow Ranch

Bill Herrmann Abduction

Binbrook RAF Incident

Bizarre UFO Witnessed At RAF Boulmer

Black Flat Objects Observed By CTOs

Black Objects Maneuver Over Area Near F-86

Black Sphere Observed Over Australia

Black Triangular Shaped Craft Over Manchester

Blimp Like Object Sighted By Geologist

Block Island Sighting

Blount County UFO

Blue Angles Air Show Video Shows UFOs

Blue Cloud Like Sphere

BOAC Flight 510-196 Sighting

BOAC Stratocruiser UFO Incident

Bomber Paced By UFO

Bonsall UFO

Boomerang Shaped UFO

Booysens Sighting

Bouhamama Case

Boy & Family Watch UFO

Boy Burned By UFO

Boys Knock On Outside Of UFO

Bougainville Reef Case

Boy Watches Entity & Craft

Boyne Island UFO

Bright Amber/Orange Spherical Light Moving Erratically At Night

Bright Light Conceals UFO

Bright Orange, Cigar Shapped Object II

Brainerd, MN UFO Sighting

Brazilian Sees Same Craft, Different Days

Brazilian UFO Flotilla

Bridgewater UFO

Bright Ball Of Light Traveling Straight Up

Bright Colored Light Flying

Bright Blue, Oval Shaped UFO

Bright & Low Flying UFOs

Bright, Huge & Shape Changing Object

Bright Light Changes To 2 Lights

Bright Light In 1947

Bright Light In Erratic Pattern

Bright Object Approaching Venus

Bright Object Seemingly Appeared Out Of Nowhere

Bright Object - Very High Speed

Bright, Star Like Object Doubles In Size

Bright, White Soundless Orb

Broad Haven Triangle

Bronze Cigar Shaped Object

Brooklyn Bridge Abduction

Brooksville Morning Sky

Brothers Observe UFO

Brush Creek Encounter

Buff Ledge Abduction

Business Man And Farmer See UFO

Buzzed By A White Light

Camouflaged UFO

Camp Hood UFO Visitations

Campeche Incident

Camper Tells His Story

Canada A Growing UFO Hotspot

Canadian Naval Officer Has Close Encounter In Hawaiian Waters

Canary Island Alien Sphere

Cannon Air Force Base UFO Incident

Cao Bang Hydroelectric Project

Capitol Airlines Flight 77

Caerau Woods

Carl Higdon Abduction

Carson Sink UFO

Central Asia's Roswell

Channel Islands UFO

Charlie & I

Charlie Redstar Incident

Charter Jet Encounters UFO

Chevron Group Of UFOs

Chicago Sighting

Childhood Sighting

Childhood Sighting Of Disk

Chile's UFO Trail

Chilean Navy Encounters Mystery UFO

Chiles/Whitted Sighting

China Lake During Missile Test

Chinese Jet Fighter Pursues A UFO

Church Group Paced By UFO

Chrysler Imperial Levitated Over Road

Cigar Shaped & Gold In Color

Cigar Shaped Craft Hovering

Cigar Shaped Object Observed In Daylight

Cigar Shaped Craft With Portholes

Cigar Shaped Metallic Craft

Cigar Shaped Object Hovers Near Victoria, BC

Cigar Shaped Object Observed In Daylight

Cigar Shaped UFO Approaches Morgantown Victory (MCV-632)

Cigar Shaped UFO Created Crop Circle

Cigar Shaped UFO Over Denmark

Circular Object Noted

Circular Objects In Formation Make Sharp Turn

Cisco Grove Abduction Attempt

City Youth Tells Of A Strange Ship

Clan Lake UFO

Clarenville, Newfoundland, Canada - 2 Separate Sightings

Clarenville UFO Sighting

Classic Flying Saucer Sighting

Cleveland Lights

Close Encounter In Connecticut

Close Encounter Of Cussac

Close Range Sighting Of Domed UFO

Close Up Sighting In Rural West Virginia

Close Up Sighting Of Circular Craft

Co-Workers See Monk Like Entity

Coast Guard Encounters UFOs

Colares Island UFO Encounter

Color & Shape Changing Object Seen

Colorado UFO

Colored Globes In Night Sky

Colorful Object Seen 25' In Air

Commercial Flight Forced To Make Emergency Landing Because Of A UFO

Commercial Plane Follows UFO

Conisbrough UFOs

Contact In Eastern Europe

Cop Sees Massive UFO

Copely Woods Encounter

Copper Colored UFO Seen

Corroborative Sighting Of Edith Boatright

Couple Abducted In Brazil

Couple In Norway See UFO

Couple Observe Bat Like UFO

Couple Observes Cigar Shaped Object

Couple Observes UFO, Entities & Trace Evidence

Couple Observes UFO, Robots & Trace Evidence

Couple Observes UFO

Couple Sees UFO

Cowichan Hospital Sightings

Coyne Helicopter Incident

Cpl. Armando Valdes 5 Day Saga

Craft And Tall Being Observed

Craft Leaves At Amazing Speed

Craft Leaves Trace Evidence

Craft Leaves Trail Of Mist

Craft Observed While Checking Herd

Craft Observed & Missing Time

Craft Over Reservoir

Craft Spotted In Meadow

Craft With Occupants

Cressy Cigar

Crimson Red Crafts In V Formation

Crowd Of 15 Observe UFO At Los Alamos

Cuban UFO Intercept

Cube UFO Observed

Cylindrical UFO

Cynthia Everett Sighting

Dan Welch Abduction

Daniel Leger Encounter

Dark Purple, Blimp Shaped UFO

Daylight Disk Sighting

Daylight Sighting From 750'

Daylight UFO Observed

Daytime Saucer Observed From Farm

Deeply Scared By Sighting Of Invaders

Destacamento Naval Argentino Orcadas Sighting

Del Rio UFO Crash

Delphos Ground Trace

Denmark UFO & Entity Sighting


Devon Flying Cross

DEW Line

Disappearance Of The Stonehenge Hippies

Disappearance Of The UK’s Mmost Spectacular UFO Photo

Disk Buzzes B-36

Disk Circles & Maneuvers

Disk Hovers At 500'

Disks Hover Between Smokestack & Tree

Disk Landing In Reservoir

Disk Makes Five Passes At Control Tower

Disk Of Light Traveling At Tremendous Speed

Disk Or Spherical Objects Merge With Larger Object

Disk Shaped Object That Sped Away

Disk Shaped UFO Larger Than Full Moon

Disk Shaped UFO Hovers, Then Evades Pursuit

Disk With Dome Hovers Along Rural Highway

Disk With Glass Center Section Observed

Disk Zooms Down Snake Canyon

Domed Saucers Leave Tracks

Don't Care If Anyone Believes

Ðông Hà Combat Base

Doraty Abduction

Dr. Botta Enters Flying Saucer

Driver Sees UFO While In Army

Drunk Colonel's Story

Duck Hunter Sees Craft With Occupants

Dull Metallic 9" Sphere Seen

During A Training Excerise

Dwarf Metallic Humanoids Encounter In France

Early Sighting In France

East Mountain Radar Base

Eastern Arkansas Sighting

Edwards Air Force Base UFO Incident

Edmontonians Claim To See UFO

Edward Hunter Reserve UFO

Edwards Air Force Base Visitations

Eerie Green Glow

Egg Shaped Object Hovers - Then Departs

Egg Shaped Objects Observed

Egg Shaped UFO With Occupant

Eglin Air Force Base Sighting

Eight Witnesses Watch Cigar Vanish

Eisenhower UFO Sighting

Electric Blue Disk Observed

Eleven Witnesses Observe Maneuvering Objects Near Oak Ridge Plant

Elizabeth Klarer Contacts

Elk Abducted In Washington State Wilderness

Ellsworth Air Force Base UFO

Ellsworth AFB Case

Ellsworth UFO Case

Emilcin Case

Enemy Helicopters

Encounter At Beverly, MA

Encounter At Lake Augustin, WI

Encounter At Westall High School

Encounter During Family Picnic

Encounter During Hunting Trip

Encounter Revealed After Almost 40 Years

Engineer Reports 10 Shiny Flat Disks

Enormous Cylinder UFO Observed

Entire House Goes Missing, Overnight

Entire Sky Was Lit Up

Entities & Craft Seen In Belgium

Entities In Cornfield

Entities Observed

Entity Walks Straight Up A Wall

Entity Heard & Seen

Erasmuskloof Sighting

Erwin Lohre & Wife Experience UFO

Everglades Encounter

Everyone Saw It, Except Myself

F-16 Shoots Down UFO

Family Encounters Aliens On South Dakota Rural Highway

Family Secret

Family Witnesses UFO, Then MIB's

Family's Close Encounter In Rhode Island

Farm Children See Two Orange Nocturnal Lights

Farmer & Wife See 2 UFOs

Farmer Observes UFO

Farmer Watches, And Smells Bright Light Changes To 2 Lights

Fast Flying Arrowhead

Fast Moving Cylinder

Fast Moving Object Stops Over Base

Fast Silent Craft

Faster Than Jet Disk Stops, Hovers Two Seconds, Accelerates

Fifteen Minutes Of Fame

Fighter Pilots Amazing Encounters

Finnish Pilots Observe 7 Objects

Fireball Or UFO Seen In Mexico

Fireball Over Bogota

Fireball Shape Object Over The Black Sea Shore

First Time It Was A Bright Light

Fishermen In Brazil Watch UFO

Fishermen Sight Submarine Like Object

Fisherman Observes Spheres

Five Formations Of Saucers Observed

Five Gold Craft

Five Objects Grouped Around Larger Object

Five Turtle Backed Objects Headed Northeast - Sound Heard

Five UFOs Sighted By A U.S. Navy Destroyer

Flash On The Distant Horizon

Flashes In Distance Confirm Arnold Case?

Flatwoods Monster

Flatwoods Sighting

Flat Dime On Edge Observed By Lab Personnel

Flat Disk Observed Overtaking Jet

Flight Lights Over Fort Sill?

Flying Disk Dives & Circles

Flying Isoclese Triangle With Lights

Flying Man

Flying Rectangle

Flying Saucer Along Delaware Shore?

Flying Saucer Seen While Driving Home From Work

Flying Saucer Shaped Craft Sighted

Flying Saucers Hovering Above Our House

Foo Fighters

Footage Shows Four Sets Of Glowing Lights Floating Above Santiago

Formation In Sky

Formation Of Lights

Formation Of Lights Over Springdale/Fayetteville

Former USAF Major Says UFOs Prowl Our Skies

Fossil Hunter Finds UFO

Four 18 Inch UFOs Observed

Four Of Us Saw A Ball Of Light

Four UFO Sightings In Elk River

Francis E Warren A.F.B. Visitation

Frank Nichols Airship Encounter

Fred M. Johnson Sighting

French UFO Wave

Friendly UFO

From A Teen's Perspective

Gaffney Officers Encounter Craft And More

Galesburg UFO

Gander, Newfoundland UFO

Gemini 4/McDivitt Sighting - Gemini IV UFO

Ghost Rockets

Giant UFO Over The Yukon Gold Fields

Giant Pocket Watch Flies Over Runway

Gigantic Cigar UFO Over The Atlantic

Gigantic Incandescent Object Hovering Over Mall

Glassy Blue UFO Seen

Glowing Floating Light

Glowing Human Sized Object/Entity Watched

Glowing Object Crosses Over Road

Glowing Orange Ball In Alabama Sky

Glowing Plate Like Object Observed

Glowing White Cube Around Radio Tower

Gold Sphere Traveling At Tremendous Speed

Golden Light

Golden Orange Glowing Ball

Goose Bay UFO Incident

Gordon Cooper Witnesses UFO Landing

Gorman UFO Dogfight

Gösta Carlsson Encounter

Graaff-Reinet Sighting

Grace Askew Alien Abduction

Grandparents Sighting

Greada Treaty

Green Cloud In Night Sky

Green Sphere, Apparent Size Of Moon

Greenish Light Seen Above Road

Greifswald Lights

Grey Alien Shot And Killed At U.S.A.F. Base

Grey Object Over Hopkinsville

Grey Triangle With A Light

Ground Observers Sight Object

Group Sees Rectangular Craft With Entities

H.M. Encounter

Half Moon Shaped Object Noticed

Hasselbach UFO

Haneda Air Force Base Incident

Harold Trudel Photographs

Hastings Airship Sighting

Hawaiian UFO

Hebgen Lake Dragged For UFO

Hess Abduction

Hexagonal UFO Seen

Hiding Man

High Altitude Point Of Light

High Bentham Incident

High School Students See Bright Ground Level Fireball

High Speed Object Maneuvers Over Mountains

High Speed UFO Spotted & Tracked On U.S. Navy Radar

Hikers Encounter UFO

Hillsdale UFO Incident

Holland Michigan Sightings

Holloman Film

Hopeh Incident

Horrifying Alien Abduction Of Corina Saebels

Hot Pink Chevron UFO

Hovered Over The Naval Academy

Hovering Disk With Entities

Hubcaps Change Course & Fly Straight Up

Huge Black Disk In Sky

Huge Bright Light Over Lake

Huge Craft, Observed During Nightime

Huge Circle Of Small Lights

Huge Crimson Orb

Huge Cylinder On Hills

Huge Electric Green Light Bulb

Huge Flying Saucer

Huge Object Seen Along Roadside

Huge Object Terrifies 2 Men

Huge Orange Ball Floating Over Russellville

Huge Ring Of Red & Green Lights

Huge, Shiny, Silver Craft Observed

Huge, Silent Sphere Follows Family Home

Hundreds in New Hampshire Talk About UFO Sightings

Hungarion Pilot Films Disk

Hungarian UFO Snapshot

Husband & Wife See Entities In Road

Husband & Wife See Four UFOs

Husband & Wife Truckers Tell Of Sighting

I Am Karen

I Believe I Was About 11 Years Old

I Could Have Reached Out And Touched The UFO

I Feel It Was Life Changing To Me

I Felt Like I Won The Lottery

I Got Proof Of An Encounter

I Have Remembered This Sighting

I Have Seen Hundreds Of UFOs

I Heard a Low Humming Deep Sound

I Heard Them

I Knew It Was A UFO

I Lived In A Nest Of UFOs

I Saw 5 Bright Oranges Circles

I Saw A Huge Cigar Shaped Object

I Saw 'Something' Too, Over Ft. Lauderdale, FL Did Anyone Else See It?

I See The Craft So Clear

I Still Swear it was a UFO

I Thought It Was A Star

I Thought It Was A Teardrop Fireworks Display

I Thought UFO Was A Car

I Wasn't Supposed To See What I Saw

I Wasn't The Only One That Saw Them

I Watched Two Star Like Objects

I've Been Around The World And Have Never Seen Anything Like It Again

Illinois UFO Sightings

In Flight Sighting

Incident At Fort Benning, GA

Incident In The Forest

Incredible Fairy Dance, Or UFO Sighting

Indiana Episodes

Indonesian Professor Observes UFO

Infant Abduction

Intelligence Officer Now Believes In Flying Saucers

Interesting St. Louis To Cleveland Flight

In Comes Cold

Iowa Family's Experience

Irish Police Helicopter Encounter

Islander Sees Craft With Entities

It Didn't Match Anything In The Air Force’s Aircraft Inventory

It Hovered Over The Park

It Looked Somewhat Like UFO Pinball In The Sky

It Moved So Fast, Over A Great Distance

It Was Actually A Vimana

It Was Neither Ball Lightning Or A Weather Balloon

It Was No Plane, Or A Weather Balloon

It Wasn't Sputnik Or A Satellite

It's Not The Only Time

Japanese Airline Encounters UFO Over Alaska

Jardim Alvorada Affair

Jets Believed To Have Shot At Or Destroyed UFOs

Jimmy Carter UFO Incident

John Mann Family Abduction

Joplin Missouri UFO

Just Another Weather Balloon

Kalahari Incident

Kecksburg UFO

Kelly Cahill Alien Abduction

Kelly Johnson Case

Kenneth Arnold Sighting

Kingman Crash

Kinross Incident

Kirtland Air Force Base Encounter

Kodiak Island UFO

Kwajalein Atoll Sightings

La Pampa Province Sighting

Lab Employee Sees The Flying Saucer

Lake Elmo UFO Encounter

Lintel Lake Incident

Lake Tiorati UFO

Lakenheath/Bentwaters Incident

Landed UFO And Little People On Ground

Landing On The River Bank

Large Fireball Like Object

Large Luminous Sphere Observed

Large Mining UFO Mining Resourses On Earth

Large Object Floated Out Of The Sky

Large Round Brilliant Object

Large Round Saucer

Large Sphere With Blue Tail At 500'

Large UFO Seen Near Destruction Bay

Large UFO Silently Hovered

Las Vegas Incident

Leaked Top Secret Photos From USS Trepang

Leonard Stringfield

Light Appeared Overhead And Followed Us

Light Followed A Landing Aircraft

Light Hovers Over Radio Tower

Light That Shone Through The Window

Light Traveling At A High Rate Of Speed

Lighted Object Pacing Us

Lights In The Distance

Lights Hover Then Fly Away

Lights In The Sky

Lights In The Sky With Unusual Behavior

Lights In Sky, Mars Brightness,Seen Several Nights In A Row

Lights In The Nam

Lights Moving Across Sky During Daylight

Lights Over Myrtle Beach

Lights Similar To The Phoenix Lights

Lights Under The Boat

Lights With Colors

Lights With Tails

Lithuanian UFO Sighting

Little Fellas

Little Flying Men

Little Italy Roof Top Sighting

Log Shaped Whooshing Object Observed

Look! A Fireball!

Look Ma! No Hands

Lone-Jon Island

Long Object With Green Light In Nose

Lonnie Zamora Incident

Loring Air Force Base Nuclear Weapons Storage Intrusion

Low Hovering Object

Low Flying Silver Object Seen

LST-1141 Observes UFO In Pacific

Lucky Point Sightings

Luminous Disk Shaped Tilted Object

Luminous Loops Seen

Luminous Things Generate Magnetic Electro Effects

Lydia Nikolayevna Smirnova Encounter

M - Triangle

Malmstrom Air Force Base UFO/Missile Incident

Man & His Best Friend Startled

Man Boards Craft & Taken For A Ride

Man Scuffles With Entity

Man Sees 50 Humanoids Disembarking From Unknown Craft

Man Sees Craft, Beamed Aboard

Man Sees UFO, Chased By Entities

Man Sees UFO With Entities

Man Suffers Severe Headache While Observing Entities

Man Tapped On Shoulder By Entity

Many Observers At Different Locations Observe Fast Object

Many Points Of Brilliant Lights

Marana Air Base Sighting

Marine Sees UFO Come Down Out Of Sky

Marseilles, France Sightings

Maslin Beach Incident

Mass Sighting, And Nothing On News

Mass Sighting Of A Sky Saucer

Massive UFO Sighted In Ohio

Matlock Triangle

Mattydale UFO Crash

Maui UFO Report

Memory Robbed

Men From Mars

Metallic, Cigar Shaped Object Observed

Metallic Disk Observed By 150 to 200 Observers

Metallic Object With Smoke Trail

Mexico City Mass Sighting

Michelin Aliens

Miami Airshow UFO

Mickie & Kathy Experience Something

Military Aircraft Chased UFO Over Slupsk

Military Aircraft Observes Lights

Military Jets Escort UFO To Secret Base

Mindalore Incident

Mine Workers Watch UFO

Minnesota Ground Trace

Missiles Malfunction

Missing Time While Visiting Friend

Mongo Photograph

Montana UFO

Montenegro Air Force General Speaks Out About His UFO Encounter

Moon Shaped Object Observed From SS Wolfport

Moon Sized Object Grew To Fill Entire Sky

More 'Little Men'

More 'Little Men' Events

More Puerto Rican Sightings

More Strange Lights In The Sky

More than 25 People Saw A Round, Dark Gray Object

Moreland Encounter

Moriches Bay UFO Retrieval

Most Beautiful Experience

Most Convincing Photograph Of A UFO

Mother Sees Craft & Occupant

Mother Sees UFO Above Railroad Tracks

Motionless, Dark Oblong Craft Seen

Motorcyclist Encounters UFO

Motorcyclist Meets 2 Entities

Motorist Drives Up To Disk In Road

Motorist Hits Entity With His Car

Motorist Beamed Aboard Craft

Motorist Sees 3 Beings By Road

Motorist Taken Aboard Huge Disk

Motorists See Gigantic Object

Mountain Home AFB Hybrid Alien Childhood Encounter

Moving Black Mass At Sea Level In The Caribbean

Moving Red Sphere

Moving Sparkling White/Yellowish/Orange/Flat Black Sphere

Mrs. Hollins UFO/MIB Encounter

Mud Bay Humming Birds

Multiple Black Disks Observed

Multiple Commercial Pilots See Same Thing

Multiple Entity & Craft Sightings

Multiple Incidents Still Occurring

Multiple Incidents Still Occurring - Part 2

Multiple Incidents Still Occurring - Part 5 - Missed Opportunity

Multiple Lights, In Formation

Multiple Neveda UFOs

Multiple Objects Larger Than Evening Stars

Multiple Objects Seen Over The Philippines

Multiple Rows Of Objects

Multiple Sightings Of Color Changing UFOs

Multiple Sightings Of Similar Object

Multiple Sightings Over 2 Days

Multiple UFOs Seen 2 Times

Multiple Witness Sighting In New Jersey

Multiple Witnesses Observe Strange Maneuvering Object

Munising, MI UFO Sighting

Munros Point Sighting

Muscarello Incident - At Exeter

Mushroom Flying Over Yarra Valley

Musicians On Bus See Huge Craft


My Dog & Myself Were Abducted

My Father Saw A UFO

My Grandmothers Story

Mystery Disk

Mystery Of Train #1702

Mystery Over The Highway

Mystery UFO Observed

Mysterious Cigar Shaped UFO is Back

Mysterous Flash Seen Over Tulsa

Mysterious Jellyfish Shaped Object Spotted Hovering Over Netherlands

Mysterious Object Spotted Over Hull In 1801

Mysterious UFOs Seen By WWII Airman Still Unexplained

Naval Aviators Encounter UFO

Naval Research Lab Rocket Scientists See Silver Disk

NAVFAC Eleuthera AAFB Sighting

Navy Fighter Jets Reported That Objects Had Blown Their Doors Off

Near Miss Over Ireland

Nebraska Airship

Needles UFO Crash

Newtown Lights

Nha Trang Sighting

Night La Mesa Stood Still

No Fading Of Lights

No Sound - Very Smooth Movement

North Dakota UFO Sighting

Not Real Boy Scouts

Not The Shooting Star We Thought It Was

Nunez Case

Oakdale Alien Incident

Object 50' In Circumference Observed

Object Below Clouds & Against The Wind

Object Explodes, And More

Object Emitted Two Smaller Objects

Object Hung Silently Above Our Town For Almost 3 Hours

Object Just Hovered Very Close To Me

Object Lands On River Bank

Object Moves Around Plane

Object Splits In Two, Then Three

Object Seen, Hovers 1 Hour, Then Leaves

Object Seen Over Wales

Object Was A Bright Light

Object Was Huge & Saucer Shaped

Object Was Like Small Fireballs Of Light

Object With Bright Light Bounced Up & Down

Object With Falling Leaf Motions Over Airfield

Object With Entities Over Manufacturing Plant

Object With Rings Observed

Object Zig Zags Over Base

Object Zig Zags With Bursts Of Speed

Objects Change From White To Blue

Objects Maneuver Near Launch Facilities

Objects Maneuver Over New Mexico Bases

Objects Sighted Near Vital Installation

Objects Sighted Over Control Zone

Oblong Object Hovers Over Runway

Oblong Object Sighted By Several Witnesses

Observed A Gray, Saucer Shaped Object

Observed A Pure White Ball

Observed A Silent Slow Moving Disk

Ocala Sighting

Offutt Air Force Base Sighting

Oh, It's Only A UFO

Ongoing Events In Red Gate

On Our Drive Home...

On Through The Fog

One Night Camping

One Of The First Sightings In America

One Week Visit by Huge Saucer Over Korea At The 38th Parallel

Operation Highjump

Operation Saucer - The Brazilian Roswell

Orange, Cigar Shaped UFO

Orange Colored Circle, That Moved

Orange Colored Circle, That Moved

Oregon UFO Incident

Orly Affair

Orbs Are Everywhere

Ota Air Base UFO Incident

Oval Object Hovers In Sky

Oval Objects In Triangular Formation

Overhead UFO In Tehran

Paced By A UFO

Paciencia Abductors

Pair Of Stationary Round Objects

Pair Of UFOs Elude F-100s

Pakse Tactical AFB Sighting

Pan Am Flight To Honolulu

Panama Canal Zone Sighting

Paralysed By UFO

Paralysed In Awe Over UFO

Parent Object & Seven Smaller Objects

Pascagoula, Mississippi Abductions

Past President, Mason Teddy Roosevelt And The Mystery UFO

Patrol Boat Attack

Patrol Boat PCF-12 Destroyed

Patrol Car Illuminated By UFO

Patrolman Encounters UFO

Pete Mazzola’s Sighting

Peter Khoury Abduction

Phantom Air Raid

Phillippines UFO Incident

Philosopher Sees UFO In Himalayas

Physics Teacher Sees UFO Squadron

Pilot & Co-pilot Spotted Mysterious Orange/Red Glow

Pilot Andrew Danziger Sighting

Pilot Encountered An Enormous Cone Shaped UFO

Pilot Fires On UFO In Only Documented Case

Pilot Sighting Over Korea

Pilot Sighting Over Korea #2

Pilot Spooked By UFO

Pilot Spots 6 UFOs

Pilots Forced To Abandon Mission

Pilots Observe Disk Over Arkansas

Pilots Saw Bright Lights Streaking Across The Sky

Piney Woods - Cash/Landrum Encounter

Plane Encounters UFO

Planes Chased By Elliptical Luminous Object

Plasma Cylinder Observed

Point Of Light Travelling Across The Sky

Police Helicopter & UFO Have Dogfight Over Kentucky

Police Officer Encounters Small Alien

Police Observe Four Objects In Diamond Formation

Police Officers Repeated Sightings

Polished Aluminum Sphere Observed

Portal Or Wormhole Observed

Possible Mining UFOs

Possible Mt. Orab Crash

Possible UFO In A Western Movie

Possible UFO Sighting In Beverly, MA

Possible Latin America Crashes

Poughkeepsie Boomerang

Power Project Examined

Pre-Roswell Crash

Pregnant Woman Encounters Insectoids

Prescott Is A Hotspot For Flying Saucers

Prince Edward Island Sighting

Prince George UFO Sighting

Private Pilot & Wife See UFO

Private Security Guard Spots UFO & Entity

Professional Airline Pilots Sighting UFO Over Germany

Project Grab Bag Sighting

Prospect Heights Encounter

Puerto Rican Politician Watches Disks

Pulsing Orange Light

Purple Light Moving South

Radar Blip In Pacific

Radar Blips Observed Many Times

Radar Visual Over Gulf Of Mexico UFO

Radio News Said It Was A Meteor Shower

RAF Bentwaters UFO Encounter

Rajajipuram UFO

Rapid Blimp Like Object Over Hudson River

Rare Sighting In Vermont

RCMP Mountie Silenced

Red Bluff Incident

Red Lights Hover And Maneuver

Redding Abduction

Redlands Sighting

Reed Family Abductions

Reigate UFO Sighting

Rene Gilham Story

Repeated Sightings Of Similar UFOs

Reflective Oval Seen Hovering Over Washington D.C.

Retired General In Encounter With Banana Shaped Object

Retired Naval Pilot Describes UFO Sighting

Returning Home From A Movie

Ride To The Concert

Road Trip Home

Road Trip Sighting

Robert Taylor Abduction

Robert McAllister Incident

Robozero Sighting

Rock Shaped Objects Observed

Rogue River Incident

Round, Silver Object Hovering Overhead

Round Silver Object Maneuvers Over Base

Route 250 Cone Shaped UFO

Roestenberg Sighting

Rosendale UFO

Royal Canadian Air Force Pilots Encounter UFO

Royal City UFO

Royals & UFOs

Russian Cosmonaut Observes UFO

Russian Submarines & USOs

Russian Woman Abducted By Craft

St. Thomas UFO

Salesman's Car Stalls During UFO Sighting

Salta UFO Crash

San Luis Valley

Saturn Shaped Object Observed, Object Confirmed By Pilot

Saturn Shaped Object Viewed Through Theodolite

Saucer & Dome Observed

São Paulo UFO

Saucer With Lights

Saucers Over Lake Pocotopaug

Saw A Bright Yellow Fireball

Saw Fast Moving Blip On The Radar Scope

Saw UFO When In Vietnam, No Doubt About It

Scout Leaders & Troop Watch Craft

Second Sighting Over Lake Norman

Security Guard Fights Off 3 Entities

Security Guard Witnessed A Football Field Sized Disk

Security Guards Report Oval Object

Seeing Is Believing

Senator Sees Dirigible

Separate Sightings Of Similar Object

Sergeant Observes Floating Light

Serving Aboard The U.S.S. Mount Whitney

Seven Disks Observed By Many Witnesses

Sharing Unusual Photograph

Shape Changing UFO

Sherman UFO Sighting

Shiny, Like Fluorescent Lamp

Shiny Object Drawing Up River Water

Ship Drops An Anchor From The Sky

Shirley Greenfield Encounter

Shocking Experience In North Chilean Desert

Sideways Teardrop Shaped Craft

Sighted Three Objects

Sighting 2 Hours Before National Alert

Sighting Aboard Coast Guard Cutter

Sighting At Chimney Rock

Sighting By Military Formation

Sighting Over Tennessee College

Silent Color Changing Object

Silent Hovering Craft

Silent UFO the Size of a Volkswagen

Large, Silent Hovering Disk

Silent, Cigar Shaped Craft Seen

Silver, Cigar Shaped Craft Seen Over School

Silver Cigar Shaped Object Witnessed

Silver Circular Craft Above Hay Field

Silver Cylinder Hovering

Silver Disk Hovering

Silver Object & Smaller Ones Emitted

Silver/Blue Object Zips Across Sky

Silver Object Gyrates

Silver Sphere At Tremendous Speed

Silvery Object, Flat On Bottom, Observed By Radar Crew - No Radar Contact

Single Bright Cone Shaped Beam Of Light

Single UFO Emits 2 Smaller UFOs

Sinikka Kuittinen's Encounter

Six Egg Shaped Objects Observed By 4 Witnesses

Six Lights Just Miss House

Six Of Us Saw A UFO

Six UFOs Seen By WWII Pilot

Six Witness Landed Craft With Occupants

Skiers Encounter Humanoid

Slow Moving Craft Observed

Small Cloud With Blinking Light

Small Craft Responds To Boy Flashing A Flashlight

Small Fleet Of UFOs

Small UFO Seen Outside Window

Small UFO Seen Over Graveyard Huts

Small, Domed UFO With Two Occupants Seen Inside

Small, Silent, Metalic, And Very, Very Fast Craft

Small, White Round Object

Sognefjord USO

Sochi - UFO Hotspot

Soldier Meets His Doppelgänger

Soldier Reports 1990 Alien Encounter At Fort Rucker

Soldier Spots 13 UFOs Above Barracks

Some Type Of Craft Over Germany

Something We Saw Killed Our Car Battery

Sooner State Sighting

South African Police Fire At UFO

South Carolina Lowcountry Sightings

South Pacific Island Radar Contact

Soviet Merchant Ship Gori UFO Sighting

Space Craft Observed On Beach

Spacemen On The Ground

Spanish Airspace Radar Visual

Spanish Soldiers Shoot At Entity

Speck Of Light In Sky Changes Course

Spennymoor Lights

Sphere Falls Then Accelerates

Sphere In Sky

Sphere Looked Like A White Light

Sphere Of Fire

Sphere Startles Thousands

Sphere With Spikes

Spheres Within Spheres

Spherical UFO Seen Over Ocean

Spherical, Yellow Light Near Montego Bay Airport

Spook Of Diamond Island

Squadron Of Disks Over Nuclear Facility

Squarish Objects Observed By Tower Crew

SS Nantucket Sighting

St. George Multiple Witnesses Sighting

Stadium Sized UFO

Staff Sergeant Earl Fulford

Star Circling Another Star

Star Divides Itself

Star Shaped Objects Observed

State Trooper Sees UFO

Stephenville Lights

Still Another Train, That Wasn't A Train

Stonehenge & UFOs

Strange Blue Light Over Wales

Strange Case Of The St. Helens UFO

Strange Cloud

Strange Disappearance Of Granger Taylor

Strange Fireball

Strange Glowing Spheres

Strange Lights In The African Sky

Strange Lights

Strange Lights no Sound

Strange Lights Over Blue Springs

Strange Movements Amoung The Stars

Strange Moving UFO

Strange Object Above Bomber

Strange Object Observed After B-52 Drops Container

Strange Object Over Sydney Sparks Official Interest

Strange Object Seen

Strange Pulsating Light

Strange Star Caught Our Eye

Strange Stuff At Barksdale Air Force Base

Strange UFO Observed

Strong, Hairy Entities

Strong Radar Return On Airborne F-86D

Student Pilot & Instructor Encounter UFO

Student Pilot & Instructor Spot UFO

Submerged Light Under Aircraft Carrier

Sumatra UFO

Summerville UFO

Surabaya UFO Sighting

Surfing Aliens?

Survey Crew Disturbed A Landed Craft

Tamworth UFO Sighting

Tananarive UFO Incident

Teachers, 200 Children See UFO In Broad Daylight

Team Watches 100' Disk

Technician Watches UFO Near Larson Air Force Base

Technology Far In Advance Of Anything We Have

Teen Couple Sees UFO

Teen Sees UFO & Occupants

Telepathic Invitation

Temple Of The Two Headed Serpent

Tenant Farmer Dies After UFO Encounter

That’s No Weather Balloon

That Was No Saturn Rocket

Theoolite Tracking Of Two Elliptical Objects

There Was Something About The Reptilian Ones

Third Sighting Over Lake Norman

Three Huge Saucers Fly Over Ocean

Three Objects In Formation At High Speed During Mainbrace

Three Sightings Of The Same Object.html">

Three UFOs Spotted Over Lake Norman

Tinley Park Lights UFO Sighting

Titograd UFO Incident

Toddler Speaks Of Space Men & Space Craft

Top CIA Official & Guests Have Notable Sighting

Torpedo Circles Atomic Plant

Torres UFO Incident

Trace Evidence Found In Marieville

Traveled 50 Miles With No Driver

Travelers Observe UFO & Occupant

Triangle Craft Seen Over Kansas

Triangle Passes Overhead With Humming Sound

Triangle Sighting Witnessed By Many

Triangle UFO Over Melvin Village

Triangular Object With No Sound

Triangular UFOs And More

Trindade And Martin Vaz UFO

Truck Driver Sees Craft & Aliens

Trumbull County UFO Incident

Truman Bethurum Encounter

Truth About UFOs

Tulli Papyrus

Tully Flying Saucer Nest

Twelve B29 Sized Objects Seen

Twin UFO Reports In Massachusetts

Two Brilliant Circles Of Several Lights

Two Brothers Observe, Hear, 3 Black Disks Streak Overhead

Two Commercial Pilots Had A Close Encounter With A Possible UFO Over Arizona

Two Craft Meet, Then Depart

Two Dark Gray Oval Objects

Two For One

Two UFO Groups Sighted

Two Observers Saw Silverish 30' Disk

Two Patrolmen See Glowing Red UFO

Two Separate Sightings

Two Sightings In Wales

Two Sightings Of Object With Lighted Windows

Two Sputniks?

Two Teardrop Shapes

Two UFO Flying Up & Down, Back & Forth At The Speed Of Light

U.S. Airways Flight 3385

U.S. Navy Pilots Intercepted a High Speed UFO

U.S. Steps Up Sky Chases

UFO & Alien Sighting

UFO, Or Bolide, Who's Telling The Truth?

UFO/USO Encounter

UFO Armada

UFO & Entity Sighting

UFO Alters Polaris Missile Tracking

UFO Appeared in Trouble

UFO At Foothills Of The Wasatch Mountains

UFO At Vo-Tech Center

UFO Attack On Fort Itaipu

UFO Blocks Tracking Of Missile

UFO Brushes Tree Tops

UFO Capital Of Australia

UFO Causes Media Hysteria

UFO Causes Power Failure

UFO Connects To A Water Body With A Pipe

UFO Crash In Bolivia

UFO Crash At Military Base

UFO Crash Over Israel

UFO Created Crop Circle

UFO Crosses Planes Path

UFO Dehydrated Amaranth Plants

UFO Descends, Then Sped Away

UFO Disappears After Flash Of Blinding Light

UFO Drains Cattle Tank

UFO Encounter From 18th Century France

UFO Encounters Over Wytheville

UFO Evades Jets

UFO Examines Weather Balloon

UFO Follows School Bus

UFO Gleans Water From A Military Base

UFO Had Capabilities Way Beyond Anthing We Have

UFO Had Near Miss With Boeing 737

UFO Hits Airliner

UFO Hits Soldiers With Light Beam

UFO Hotspots

UFO Hovers Above The Water

UFO Hovers Over Lake

UFO Hovers Over The USS John F. Kennedy

UFO Hovers Russian Military Base Near Nuclear Site

UFO In Vietnam

UFO Interrupts Make Out Session

UFO Incident Involving Air Force & Airline

UFO Just Faded Away

UFO Landing In France

UFO Landing In West Pittsburg

UFO Landing On Aircraft Carrier

UFO Landing Navajo Nation, AZ

UFO Lands In Pineapple Fields

UFO Lands In Pretoria

UFO Lands On Farm In Missouri

UFO Looked Like Lunar Lander

UFO Makes Ice

UFOs Maneuvered Near Ship

UFO Near Nebraska Power Plant

UFO Nearly Collides With Aircraft In Australia

UFO Not Visible To Naked Eye

UFO Observed Over Desert

UFO Observed Over Road

UFO Observed While On National Guard Rotation

UFO Observed While On Troop Hike

UFO Occupant Just Stretched Legs

UFO Over Brasilia

UFO Over Greenville, MS

UFO Over Forest View

UFO Over Hanford

UFO Over Mexicali, Mexico

UFO Over Military Base

UFO Over Mt. Kilimanjaro

UFO Over Puerto Rico

UFO Over Railroad Tracks

UFO Over Tree Tops

UFO Over Vancouver

UFO Paces Landrover

UFO Paces Occupants In Automobile

UFO Picture Snapped From Ship

UFO Piece Of Kallavesi

UFO Pursuit In Southern Cordoba

UFOs Repeatedly Visit Chile's Biggest Dam

UFO Seen From U.S. Navy Ship

UFO Seen Off Road In Texas

UFO Seen Over NCO Club

UFO Seen While Meditating

UFO Seen With Contact & Near Abduction

UFO Shocks Jet Passenger In Italy

UFOs Sighted, Filmed Over New Jersey

UFO Sighting By An Astronaut

UFO Sightings In Haskell County Called Credible

UFO Sighting In Maine

UFO Sighting In Spring Grove

UFO Sightings In India

UFO Sighting In Sasolburg

UFO Sighting In The South Orkney Islands

UFO Sighting Over London

UFO Sightings In Delaware County

UFO Spotted By The Navy Over The Atlantic

UFO Spotted By Police On East Coast Of Britain

UFO Spotted By USS Willard Keith

UFO Spotted That Had Some Bugs In It

UFO Stalks Two Boys Whitehorse

UFO Taking In Water - Entities Observed

UFO Temporarily Disrupted The Tracking System

UFO That Brought An Italian Soccer Game To A Halt

UFO Took 30 Minutes To Pass Overhead

UFO Was Black, With Red Lights

UFO Was Not Of This World

UFO Was Observed On Radar

UFO Was So Low It Almost Touched My Head

UFO With Three Entities Hovers Over Boat Dock

UFO With Occupant

UFO Witnessed By Astronomer

UFO Witnessed By Over 7,500

UFOs Over Sunchon & Wonsan, North Korea

UFOs & Meteor Hit Neighbors Windmill

UFOs Spotted On Tengger Caldera

UFOs During The Vietnam War

UFOs Intrude Into SAC Base Weapons Areas

UFOs Put On Light Show

UFOs Reported Over Merseyside, England

UFOs Sighted By An Astronaut

UFOs Spotted Twice In Wisconsin

UFOs Visited Our Minuteman ICBMS

Unexplained Lights Over Marine Armored Column

Unexplained Object Seen

Underwater Light Outruns Navy's Ship

Unfamiliar Object Spotted In Sky

United Airlines Flight 94

United Airlines Flight 105 Pilots Witness UFO Formation

United States Air Force Involved In Disk Craft

Unique UFO

University Graduate Watches UFO

Unusual Lights In Wisconsin Skies

Unknown Object Crashes In Central Greece

Unseen Craft Overhead

Uruguayan Spheres

US Navy Battles UFOs Protecting Nazi Antarctic Sanctuary

USAF Jets Believed To Have Shot At Or Destroyed UFOs

USCGC Sebago (WHEC-42) Encounters UFO

USS Abraham Lincoln UFO Encounter

USS Bronstein (DE 1037) Meets UFO Mother Ship At Sea

USS Durant Sighting

USS Edisto (AGB-2)

USS Franklin D. Roosevelt

USS Kilauea USO Sighting

USS Memphis Event

USS Philippine Sea

USS Scorpion Sinking

USS Williamson Encounter

University Graduate Watches UFO

Utsuro-bune: A UFO Legend from 19th Century Japan

V-Formation Flying Fast

Val Johnson UFO Incident

Various Formations Observed

Very Large Saucer Shaped Object Seen In Field

Very Large, Wide Cylinder Appeared

Viewed 7 Lights

Vienna Woods Incident

Viet Cong Attacked

Vincennes Airship Sightings

Warden Sighting

Warren County Ohio UFO Sighting

Warren Air Force Base Incident

Warrenton UFO Sighting

Wasatch Mountains Sighting

Washington, D.C. Jet Chase

Washington D.C. UFO Incident

Watched A Cylindrical Object

Watched Object Move Zig Zag Across Sky

Watched Silver Ship Stationary In Sky

Water Heater Shaped Craft

We Still Do Not Have The Technology

We Witnessed Six Craft

We Would Experience Nightly Light Shows

Welsh UFO Wave

Were These The Same Sightings?

What Was UFO Over Hanoi?

While Flying Mercy Air

While In The Navy...

While Skywatching...

White Egg Shaped UFO

Winooski Fireball

Weather Balloon Trackers See UFO

West Bengal Sighting

West Seattle Sighting

Westendorff UFO Sighting

Whidbey Island UFO

While On Perimeter Guard Duty

While Overnight Camping

While Stashing Beer

While Waiting On Orders For Vietnam

While Walking Home

Whirling Sound Above Us

White Light In Level Flight

White Sands Incident

White Sands Incident/C.B. Moore Case

Winged Objects Cavort Over Airport

Winston Churchill Bans UFO Reports

Winter Morning UFO

Whiteman Air Force Base Incident

William A. Rhodes Photographs

William Gill/Papua New Guinea Sighting

Winter Hill MIB Case

Witnessing A Metal Disk

Witnesses Observe Near Landing Of UFO

Woman & Niece Observe Entities

Woman & Her Dog Scared By UFO

Woman Observes Round Object

Woman Sights Triangular Shaped Something

Woman Recounts Her Abduction At Age 12

Woman Sees Scarecrow While Mushroom Hunting

Wormhole/Green UFO Mass Sightings Over Cape Town

Wreckage Found On Dairy Farm

Wurtsmith Air Force Base Sighting

Xiamen Airlines Sighting

Yakima Valley, A UFO Hotspot

Yellowish Orb Over Deactivated Nuclear Plant

Yellowish Rectangle Hanging In The Air

Young Boy Calls In UFO Sighting

Young Girl Watches UFO

Youngster Observes Shiny Disk Shaped Craft

Yugoslavian UFO Incident

Very Bright Zig Zagging Light

Zig Zagging Object Lands, Then Takes Off

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