Timeline Of Every Story Contained In The Night Sky

Timeline Of Every Story Contained In The Night Sky


? - 1899

1900 - 1939

Undefined In The 1940s











Undefined In The 1950s











Undefined In The 1960s











Undefined In The 1970s











Undefined In The 1980s











Undefined In The 1990s











Undefined In The 2000s











Undefined In The 2010s











Undefined In The 2020s






Undated 136 Entries

2 UFOs - Or 1?

2 UFOs Enter & Emerge From Ocean

200' Oval Object Sighted By La Paz Family

3 Times Is Enough

1766 Log Cabin

A $544,000 Question

A Dashing Shadow

A Familiy's Experiences

A Friendly Shadow Person

A Girl In The Night

A Grouping Of Short, But Interesting Articles

A Kid Walking The Street

A Passengers Sighting

Abducted by Aliens: Twins Tell Their Stories

Abduction By The Septeloids

Abduction In Whitehorse

Abduction Of Joyce Updike

Adults...In Texas

Alaska Triangle

Alien Implant Removals

Alien Implants - A Closer Look Into One Aspect of Alien Abduction

Alien Implants - Alien Nanotechnology

Alien Implants - All About Alien Implants

Alien Implants - Fran Drescher: Alien Abduction & Implant

Alien Implants - In Depth Descriptions

Alien Implants - Alien Implants - More Facts

Alien Implants - Proof of Alien Abductions

Alien Implants - Short Implant Accounts

Alien Implants - The Faerie Blast (An Analogue for Alien Implants?)

Aliens are Everywhere

Aliens Run The Government?

Amazing First Hand UFO Testimonials - Norio Hayakawa

Analysis of Fireball Over Washington and British Columbia

Annie's Road

Another First UFO Sighting

Another Shape Shifting UFO

Anson Light

Arbyrd/Senath Light

Are They Even Alive?

Are You Safer Not to Believe?

Area 51

Articles About Ghost Light Like Observations

Assorted Arizona Sightings

Assorted Connecticut Sightings

Assorted Minor MIB Encounters

Assorted Sightings

At A Mall

At My Porch

B-52 Shot Down By A UFO

Bailey's Light

Ball Lightning

Ball Lightning II

Bang Fai Phaya Naga (Naga Fireballs)

Bar In Middle Of Desert

Barn Light

Beanie Case

Bear Lake Monster

Bennington Triangle

Big Thicket Light

Binghams Light

Black Eyed Babies

Black Eyed Girl At Our Mall

Bluegrass Triangle

Black Eyed Girl In Forest

Black Eyed Kids

Black Mountain

BEK's On Halloween

Blue Flash

Blue Skinned Aliens

Bondi Hum

Bottle Hollow

Bradshaw Ranch

Braidwood USO

Brazil UFO Events

Brewery Hill Ghost Light

Brieselang Forest Light

Brilliant Glowing Ball II

Bristol Hum

Broad Haven Triangle

Brocken Spectre

Brown Mountain Unsolved Disappearances

Brown Mountain Lights

Brujas - Witches

Budd Hopkins Personal Encounter, And More

Cals Light

Camp Century

Canada A Growing UFO Hotspot

Casually Dressed Men In Black

Caves And Mountains Connected To UFO And Alien Activity

Charlie Redstar Incident

Childhood Friends

Chile's UFO Trail

Chir batti

CIA's Role In The Study Of UFOs, 1947-1990

Cigar Shaped Object Hovers Near Victoria, BC

Clark AFB Philippines Air Police Large Object Picked Up On Radar

Close Encounter Of The Third Kind In Mid 1980s

Cloverdale Light

Cogdell Light

Cold To The Touch

Cole Mountain Light

Colony One

Coming Into Los Angeles

Coral Castle

Corpse Candles

Corpse Candles II

Countless Things In The Sky

Countries Must Prepare...

Cove City Light

Crossett Light

Dan Aykroyd's MIB Encounter

Dan Burisch's Story

Dead Man's Pass

Death Lights Of Crusheen

Del Rio UFO Crash

Devil Monkey

Devil's Elbow Bridge

Devil's Sea

Devil's Tramping Ground

Ðong Ha Combat Base

Dog With Human Shadow

Donald E. Keyhoe (A Brief Biography)

Door At The End Of The Hall

Don't Go Looking For Black Eyed Kids

Don't Go Out At Night And Always Beware The Devils

Dorothy Mae Kilgallen

Dover Lights

Dr. J. Allen Hynek (A Brief Biography)


Dayton UFO

Dulce Base

Dulce Base - Part 2

Dulce Base - Part 3

Early Underwater Sightings Of The Cold War

Earth Lights

Easter Island

Eastern State Penitentiary

Element 115

Elizabeth Klarer Contacts

Elmore Rider

Encounter At Sleeping Bear Dunes

Encounter With Black Eyed Kids Terrifies Airman

Encounter With Black Eyed Kids Blamed For A Woman’s Fatal Health Condition

Enemy Helicopters

English Folk Belief

Ephraim's Light

European Folklore

Ex-CIA Agent Claimed That Aliens Kidnap More Than One Million People Every Year

Experiences Early In Life

F-16 Shoots Down UFO

Faeries Of Irish Folklore

Face To Face With A Shadow Being

Falkirk Triangle

Farrenburg Ghost Light

Father Of Many Alien Hybrids

Feu follet Or Fifollet

Fiery Visitors

Figure Standing In Doorway

Fireship Of Baie des Chaleurs

Flying Saucer Working Party


Foo Fighters

Frank Nichols Airship Encounter


Frozen In Place

Gabriel's Disappearance

Ghost Light Haunts Chapel Hill's Railroad Tracks

Ghost Lights Of Bengal

Ghost Lights Of Bloody 520

Ghost Lights Of Borrego

Ghost Lights Of The Yakima Indian Reservation

Girl At Motel

Glastenbury Mountain

Glowing Plate Like Object Observed

Gonzales Ghost Light

Grace Askew Alien Abduction

Great Lakes Triangle

Greenbriar Road Light

Green Flash

Grey Entities Sighted On Numerous Occasions On Same Farm Since The 1850s

Grosse Tete Lights

Gurdon Spook Light

Had One Of Those Ball Lightnings Or Whatever It Is Come Into My Room One Time

Haldeman Light

Hansell Road Mystery Lights

Harold Meets The Devil

Haunting of The Blue Ghost - The U.S.S. Lexington

Hawaiian UFO

He Told Me To Never Agree To Help Them

He Will Die Soon

Helmut House

Hermit Light

Hockomock Swamp

Hookerman Light

Hornet Spook Lights

Howard Menger & Connie Baxter Weber

Human Mutilation Factor

Human Soul As A Ball Of Energy


I Could See They Had Badges...

I Had An Unexpected Visit

I Have Seen Hundreds Of UFOs

I Never Believed That I Would Have Such An Experience

I Remember We Weren't Scared

I Saw 'Something' Over Toppenish Unison Ridge Did Anyone Else See It?

I Saw 'Something' Too, The Brooksville Morning Sky, Did Anyone Else See It?

I Saw Something Too, Over Ft. Lauderdale, FL Did Anyone Else See It?

I Saw Something... Did Anyone Else See It Too?

I Saw Structures On The Moon

I Still Swear It Was A UFO

I Think It Was A Dream

I Tried To Get Close

In Perspective

Indiana Episodes

Iraq Stargate

Is This Metal Implant In This Skull For Real?

It Appeared Nightly

It Called To Me...And I Answered

It Wasn't A Cyst

Jersey Devil

John Lear's Disclosure Briefing

Just Another Weather Balloon

Kelly Johnson Case Similar Sighting

KIC 8462852

Knob Noster

Lake Michigan Triangle

Lands End Light

Last Call

Leonard Stringfield

Light At Cohoke Crossing

Light Over Lake Michigan

Lights With Tails

Like I Thought A Cop Was Pulling Me Over

Like Nothing I've Ever Seen

Lisa Tenney Abductions

Little Girl Shadow Being

Loch Ness MIB

Lock On Over Long Island

Lone Jon Island

Longdendale Lights

Low Flying Triangle

Lucky Point Sightings

Luis Elizondo Insists That UFOs Aren’t Ours, Theirs, Or Alien

Luz Mala

M - Triangle

Mailman Encounters MIB

Man In Beige

Majestic 12 Revisited

Man On My Couch

Maple Lake Lights

Marconi Alien Intrusions

Marfa Mystery Lights

Marley Woods

Martebo Light

Mating The Woman From Venus

McDermitt Light

Men In Black In Government?

Men In Black In England

Men In Black Phenomenon

Men In Black Seize UFO Photographs

MIB Explanations?

MIB/WIB Encounters

MIBs In Japan

Miami Airshow UFO

Michelin Aliens

Midnight Caller

Military Maneuver Abduction

Milton W. Cooper Interview Transcript

Min Min Lights

Minister Has Multiple Meetings With Aliens

Mintz Light

Missing An Hour

Missing Time, Multiple Times

Mom & Lisa

Mom's Encounter

Montana Spook Light

Moody Light

More Corpse Candle Tales

Mothman Legend

Mount Misery Road

Mount Shasta

Mountain Of The Dead

Ms. Brown's Alien Interactions

Mt. Adams Has A UFO Hangar Door?

Multiple Sightings Of UFOs

My Brothers Friend Georgie

Mystery UFO Observed

Mystery Of Quinn's Light

Mysterious Lights Photographed From The Sky

Mysterious Mount Gambier

Mysterious Radio Signal

Mysterious Shadow People

Nazca Lines

Near Miss Over Ireland

Nebraska Airship

Neches River Lights

Neveda Triangle

Never Let Them in

Niara Terela Isley's Abduction

Nikola Tesla

Ongoing Events In Red Gate

One Strange Kid

Ontario Lights

Orbs Of Moving Lights

Ormond Ghost Lights

Our Hollow Moon

Oviedo Lights

Oxford Light

Pactolus Light

Paasselk' Devils

Pag Triangle

Pale, Mouthless Black Eyed Kid Encounter

Paralyzed In Awe Over UFO

Paulding Light

People Are Vanishing Into Thin Air, In Our National Parks

Pete Mazzola's Sighting

Phantom Light Of Ringold

Picher Spook Light

Pine Gap


Possible Latin America Crashes

Possible UFO Sighting In Beverly, MA

Power Of 10

Prince Philip, The Mysterious Mr. Janus, The Royals & UFOs

Pyramidal Tower In Sky

Real Reason We Moved

Realtor Spooked By Black Eyed Kids

Really Scary..To Everyone

Reed Family Abductions

Remembering Art Bell

Revolutionizing UFOlogy

Rich Mountain Light

Ronald Reagan's UFO Sightings

Resurrection Mary

Ridge Lights

Road Trip Home

Robert The Doll

Romblon Triangle

Roswell Deathbed Confession by Walter Haut

Route 201 Ghost Light

Russian Submarines & USOs

Russian USO Sightings

San Luis Valley

Sand Mountain Light

Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Santa Catalina Channel

School Lights

Scugog Island's Ghost Road

Skeleton Lake




Screven Spook Light

Secret Files

Secret Mars Colony

Shadow People Around Me

Shadow Beings II

Shadow People - What Are They?

Shadow Walker

Shape Shifting Reptilian

Shape Shifting Shadow Being

Short BEK Encounters

Sighting Witnesses


Silver Cliff Cemetery Lights

Skinwalker Ranch

Sky High

Sky Roars

Sochi - UFO Hotspot

Social Suicide

Solar Entities

Something Helped Us In The Swamp

Sooner State Spook Lights


Spook Light Hill

Spooklight Road

St. Augustine Lighthouse

St. Albans Spook Light

St. Louis Ghost Train

S.S. Baychimo - Ghost Ship

Staff Sergeant Earl Fulford

Stagecoach Road Lights

Stardust Ranch - Alien Infested, And For Sale

Stepney Cemetery

Stonehenge & UFOs

Strange Lucky Point

Strangers To Be Avoided

Summer Before 8th Grade

Summerville Light

Superstition Mountains

Surrency Spook Light

Suspected Ball Lightning

Suzanne Brown

Swedish Team Launches UFO Retrieval Mission

Taos Hum

Technology Far In Advance Of Anything We Have

Shadow People

The Voice

There They Are Again!

There's Always Room For Jell-O

They Just Stared

Time Travel 101 (Forward)

Time Travel - My Views

Tiny People Eaters

Tinley Park Lights UFO Sighting

Top 5 USO Sightings

Trumpet Sounds From The Sky

Tulli Papyrus

Triangular UFOs And More

Types Of Ghosts In Popular Folklore

Types of Shadow Beings

UFO Capital Of Australia

UFO Created Crop Circle

UFO Files: Countries & Companies Releasing Information & Documents

UFO Hotspots

UFO Over Forest View

UFO Researchers Harassed At Home By Real MIB

UFO & Sightings Quotes

UFOs UFOs Are Real

UFOs Deactivated Nukes

UFOs During The Vietnam War

UFOs Sighted By An Astronaut

Upside Down Mountain

USO Observations In Norway

U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln UFO Encounter

U.S.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt

U.S.S. Kilauea USO Sighting

Vallee Classification System

Vander Light

Various United Kingdom Will-o'-the-Wisps

Various Utah Sightings

Viet Cong Attacked

Vile Vortices Around The World

Walpurgis Night

Walter Cronkite Witnesses An Alien Craft During Missile Test

Was It Ball Lightning?

We Were Confronted By 4 Anomalies

Wehahutta Lights

West Midlands Sightings

What Is A Ghost Light?

What Kiwis See In The Skies

When Dad Died

When I was 15...

When The Aliens Crashed The Sleepover

While Growing Up, I Saw Something...Unusual

Weirdness Began At Age 5

Will-o'-the-wisp Explanations

Woman Recounts Her Abduction At Age 12

Women In Black

Woman Tells Of Her Life Plagued By UFO Abductions

World's Most Haunted Forest

Yellow Book

Yellowstone Lake Music

You'll Be Calling No One

Yakima Reservation

Yakima Valley, WA A UFO Hotspot

Zhangye National Geopark

Zombie Road

Zone Of Silence


? - 1899

5 Naked Men Dancing - 1660

A Ground Event - 1930

A New Comet? - End Of The World - 1896

A Strange Phenomenon - End Of The World - 1886

A Well Known Young Man Says He Saw The Mysterious Air Ship - 1897

Abduction In Colonsay Island - 1800

Airship Mystery Of 1890s

Airship Viewed By Telescope - 1897

America's First USO Sighting - Chaddock USO - 1644

Arkansas Airship Mystery - 1897

Aurora UFO Crash - 1897

Barhofft UFO Battle - 1665

Black Beast Encounted Near Gresford - 1791

Black Beast Seen - 1790

Black Cowled Figures - 1938

Blue Clad Woman In Czestochowa - 1655

Bright Light Illuminated The Area - 1930

Captain Jim Hooton UFO - 1897

Chair Of Death - 1669

Chase Vault - 1724

Choctaw Medicine Man Billy Washington - 1890s

Cigar Shaped Object Over England - 1938

Close Encounter Near Leipzig - 1768

Constable John J. Sumpter - 1897

Creature (Mermaid?) Spotted Near Corphine - 1811

Cynthia Everett Sighting - 1808

Czernica Crash - 1937

Death Light Of The Maria - 1872

Demon In Quimper-Corentin - 1620

Devil Lights - Scugog Light - Early 1800s

Drutsk & Polotsk, Belarus Sightings - 1092

Early Alien Encounter, Near Abduction - 1896

Edinburgh Close Encounter - 1648

Edmund Halley Sees A UFO - 1676

Elves In Wiltshire - 1634

Encounter Under Staffordshire - 1770

English Poachers Sent Packing - 1880s

Entity In Prostynia - 1510

Faremoutiers-en-Brie Sighting - 640

Fazio Cardano Sighting - 1491

Flame In The Sky - 1904 & 1905

First Recorded UFO Sighting In America - 1639

Frank Nichols Airship Encounter - 1897

USO Battle - 1760

Glowing Floating Light - 1254

Gravesend, Kent Sighting - 1207

Gray Man - 1822

Green Children Of Woolpit - 12th Century

Greenbrier Ghost - 1897

Hastings Airship Sighting - 1897

Holyhead Peibio, Anglesey Sighting - 1743

I Was Going Through Old Pictures - 1935

Incredible Fairy Dance, Or UFO Sighting - 1526

Italy Abduction - 1896

Jacob's Lantern - 1859

James Lumley Sighting - 1865

Katsuragi Mountain, Japan Encounter - 460

Lake Elmo UFO Encounter - 1897

Legend Of The Seven Time Travelers - 249 A.D.

Legends Of UFO Crashes At Spitzbergen - 1946 & 1952

Lights In Wales - 1904

Like A Piece Of Round Bread - 1937

Little Creatures Spotted - 1815

Lit Unstructured Cloud - 1933

Little People In St. Teath - 1645

Lost Colony Of Roanoke - 1587

Lost Time At Sight Of Swift Moving Flaming Object - 1639

Lubbock Lights2 - 1843 To Present

Lyons Sighting - 815

Maco Light - 1867

Marseilles, France Sightings - 1608

Marseilles Sighting - 1608

Marsh Point Farm Incident - 1845

Mary Celeste - 1872

Men From Mars - 1898

Mermaid Found On Noirmontier Island - 1762

Mermaid Off The West Coast Of Scotland - 1814

Mermaid Off Of Isle Of Yell - 1833

Mermaid Sighting Near Sandside - 1809

Meteoritic Phenomenon - 1857

Mr.Bad Thing Comes To The Ozarks - 1516

Mom Is Definitely Not A Believer, But... - 1930

Monte Cassino Sighting - 540

Multiple Black Disks Observed - 1867

Mysterious Object Spotted Over Hull In 1801

Nebraska's Roswell - 1884

Neston Sighting - 1857

Oldest UFO Photograph Ever Taken - 1870

Pearl Like Glow - 500 To 1400 Or 1500

Piedmont Lights - 1870s

Portgordon Mermaid Sighting - 1814

Prior To Airplanes... - 1864

Railbach Encounter - 1125

Robozero Sighting - 1663

Saw A Reddish Sphere - 1930

Scotland Has Many Mermaids - 1830

Scugog Island's Ghost Road - 1800s

Ship Drops An Anchor From The Sky - 1211

Sighting Near Diamond Island - 1888

Sighting Over Tennessee College - 1853

Soldier Teleported 9000 Miles - 1593

Spherical UFO Over Ocean Off Vancouver Island - 1937 Or 1938

Spook Of Diamond Island - 1888

Strange Sightings in Baie des Anges - 1608

Strangeness in Spain - 1430

They Came From The North Pole - 1889

Thunder God & UFOs - 3rd Millennium BC

Unsolved Mystery From 1034

UFO Encounter From 18th Century France

Poachers Close Encounter - 1880

Possible USO Sighting Near River Seavern - 1661

Reported in a London Paper - 1762

Roman General Syllas Sees A Satyr - 83 BC

Sandstone Ghost Light - 1800s

Sighting At Chimney Rock - 1806

Spontaneous Human Combustion - 1725

Spring Heeled Jack - 1837 - 1904

St James Hotel - 1880s

St. Mary's Light - 1870s

Strange Figures - 1590

That's No Weather Balloon - 1860

UFO Battle Over Nuremberg - 1561

UFO Crash In Alencon - 1790

UFO Witnessed By Astronomer - 1809

UFO Reported In Camden - 1808

Unusual Light Was Seen - 1830

Utsuro-bune: A UFO Legend from 19th Century Japan - 1803

What Was It? - 1896

Wood Island Lighthouse - 1896

Yugiu, Jiangsu, China Sighting - 1523


1900 - 1939

2 Brothers Watch As UFOs Fly Over

2 Friends See Brightest Light Ever - 1937

4 Dead Alien Creatures In Capitol Building - 1939

1923 UFO Sighting - 1923

I Met An Alien - 1936

Abitibi Lake Encounter - 1939

Alabama Family Account - 1930

Alaskan Alien Photos - 1930s

Albert Coe Incident - 1920

Alien Saucer Crash - 1937

Alien UFO Stops For Repairs In Sasketchwan, Canada - 1933

An Airship Spotted Over Hull In 1909 & 1934

And We Thought It Was A Truck - 1936

Australian Humanoid Sighting - 1912

Ball Shaped UFO - 1933

Barmouth USO - 1922

Belfast Light - 1918

Black Flash - 1939

Blue Diamond Shaped Object - 1930

Bluish Tint UFO - 1937

Brainerd UFO Sighting - 1932

Brilliant Glowing Ball - 1918

British Flight Officer Encounters Object - 1916

Brothers Observe, Hear, 3 Black Disks - 1934

Buck Hill Road Spook Light - 1900

Caerphilly Mountain Sighting - 1909

Captain Andriychuk's Daughters - 1924

Childhood Experience Scared The Hell Out Of Me - 1936

Cigar Shaped UFO In 1910

Comb Lady - 1935

Contact Near Vancouver - 1912

Countryside Lit Up - 1931

Cordell Hull Saw Aliens In Glass Containers - 1939

Craft Observed While Checking Herd - 1931

Craft With Occupants - 1929

Discovery Well Abduction - 1933

Disturbing Sightings - 1914

Earliest UFO Sighting By Danish Fliers - 1932

Early Bournbrook Encounter - 1901

Egryn Lights - 1904

Entity Standing In Road - 1930

Evansville UFO Encounter - 1923

Fairly Early UFO Sighting - 1923

Felt A Strong Wind And A Loud Noise - 1930

First Known Abduction Case In Finland - 1917

First MIB Report? - 1909

Flannan Isles Disappearances - 1900

Flying Man - 1936

Fontainebleau Encounter - 1918

Freiburg UFO Crash - 1936

Gigantic Human Form - 1904

Graceville Spook Lights - 1910

Grandparents Sighting - 1931

Guadalupe Event - 1917

Heard A Whistling Sound - 1930

High School Students See Bright Ground Level Fireball - 1939

Huge Metallic Disk Shaped Craft - 1939

Humanoid Hide And Seek - 1926

I Saw 5 Bright Oranges Circles - 1932

It Certainly Was Not An Aeroplane - 1918

Jordanow Mystery - 1939

Joshua Slocum - 1909

Landed UFO With Entity - 1937

Large Man Like Figure - 1832

Landing On The River Bank - 1920

Large Egg Shaped Silvery Object - 1936

Large Luminous Sphere Observed - 1914

Lights Observed And Cobwebs In Trees - 1939

Little Fellas - 1914

Looked Like A Huge Ball Of Fire - 1932

Loud Whistling Sound - 1939

Maitland Encounter - 1926

Maria Incident - 1936

Mary Jones - 1905

Mile Long And ½ Mile Wide UFO - 1930

Mother Sees UFO Above Railroad Tracks - 1939

My Kite Got Tangled - 1934

My Parents Story - 1920

Mysterious Island - 1900s

Noticed Strange Device - 1939

Noticed Bright Light Shining - 1938

Object Emitted Other Objects - 1905

Observed Gray/White Luminous Curtain - 1931

On A Cold Winter Night... - 1930

Orion Technology & Other Secret Projects - 1950s

Past President, Mason Teddy Roosevelt And The Mystery UFO - 1907

Phantom Air Raid - 1915

Philosopher Sees UFO In Himalayas - 1927

Pilot Experiences Time Travel - 1935

Saw Unusual Looking Craft - 1917

Several Circular Objects Surrounded Plane - 1926 Or 1938

Several Strange Men - 1937

Something My Grandfather Observed - 1910

Spring Heeled Jack - 1837 - 1904

Stralsund Sighting - 1665

Strange Craft Landed - 1932

Strange Fireballs That Changed Direction - 1937/1938

Strange Little Entity - 1930

Strange Manifestations & Visions - 1904

Tiny Man Like Creature - 1930

Top Shaped UFO - 1930

Tunguska Event - 1908

U-Boat Attacked By Sea Monster - 1918

UFO Occupant Seen In Central New South Wales - 1919

UFO Over Railroad Tracks - 1939

UFO Sighting While Walking The Dog - 1925

UFOs & Meteor Hit Neighbors Windmill - 1920

UFOs Maneuvered Near Ship -1904

Vanished - 1930

Vera Encounters Little Green Men - 1932

West Hobart, Tasmania Sighting - 1909


Undefined In The 1940s

Member Of 1946 Elite Secret Military Crash Team Describes UFO Searches


Alien Killed With A Coal Shovel

Broadwater County Encounter

Lost UFO Abduction

Large Illuminated Circle In Sky

One Big Bright Light

Saw 3 Weird Entities



Charleston Encounter

First Roswell (1st Alien Humanoid Retrieval

Round Silver Disk Overhead



Battle Of L.A.

Battle Of L.A. II

Battle Of L.A. UFO III

Bomb Bats

Bright Object Approaching Venus

Crash Of Navy Blimp L-8

Gained Psychic Powers After Abduction

Hopeh Incident

Nazi Saucers?

Panama Canal Zone Sighting

Reported In A London Paper #2

UFO Crash At Military Base

Unfamiliar Object Spotted In Sky

Woman Experienced An Altered State



4 Linearly Arranged Red Lights

Alien Encounter

Daniel Leger Encounter

Fatal UFO/Aircraft Encounter

Light Next To My B-17

Lines Of 5 Or 6 Crescent Moons

Hagley Woods Mystery

Low Flying Silver Object Seen

My Grandmothers Story

Philadelphia Experiment

Project Riese (Giant)

Reconnaissance Airplane Hits Invisible Barrier

This May Be The Earliest UFO Sighting In The U.S.

USS Williamson Encounter

Wingless Aircraft



6 White Lights Rotating

Ball Of Light Or Ball Lightning

Bandits 6 o'clock High And Low

Bass Strait Sighting

Bomber Paced By UFO

Bright Object With Multiple Rays Of Light

Bright Orange Orb

Disk Over Los Alamos

Dogs And I Saw A Robot

Entire Formation Moved As One

Fat Cigar Shaped Object

Fat Cigar Shaped Object II

He Thought It Must Have Been A New German Bomber

Huge Soundless UFO

It Certainly Wasn't A Triangle

Madeleine Arnoux's Humanoid Sighting

Multi Colored Triangle

Multi Colored Triangle II

Mysterious UFOs Seen By WWII Airman Still Unexplained

Pilots Forced To Abandon Mission

Pre-Roswell Crash

Pulsating Red Light

Saw UFO Over Airbase In New Mexico

Shaped Like A Box Of Cracker Jack

Six O'Clock High & Low

Very Odd Visitor

We Thought It Was A Secret Flying Machine Of The Army Air Corps

Winston Churchill Bans UFO Reports

Woman Observes Round Object

WW2 Saucer



Crimson Red Crafts In V Formation

Flight 19

Flying Disk In Hangar

I Saw Balls Of Fire

It Was A Brief Encounter

Just Hanging In The Sky

Hanford Nuclear Site UFO

Nazi Bell, A Time Machine?

Nuclear Plant UFO Encounter

Object Came In At An Angle

Object Emitted Other Objects II

Objects Change From White To Blue II

Round Ball Of Fire

Russian Youth Meets Aliens

San Agustin Crash

Sighted Cigar Shaped Object

Sphere In Roswell

They Are Really Ours

Witnessed UFO In Dogfight With 3 P-51 Mustangs

World War II Foo Fighter Sighting



3 Luminescent Chartreuse Spheres

Deadly UFO Encounter Of Joao Prestes Filho

Glowing Red Flying Object

Gosta Carlsson Encounter

Ghost Rockets

Huge Round Silver Disk Hovering

It Was Extremely Noisy

Li Jing-Yang

Man In Gray

Motionless, Dark Oblong Craft Seen

Object Appeared To Be On Fire

Operation Highjump

Sighting Off Coast Of Maine

There Was An Aura Or Haze Around The Object

UFO Seen Off Road In Texas



2 Crashes At Roswell

2 Landed Craft In Northwest Territories

2 UFOs Enter & Emerge From Ocean III

3 Disks Appeared

3 Fast Moving Objects

3 UFOs, What A Sight

4 Circular Objects In Sky

4 Disk Like Objects Flying Overhead

5 Disks Above Seattle

6 Objects Observed

8 Huge Objects

16 Year Old's Insectoid Encounter

1947 Kingston, Jamaica Sighting

1947: Year Of The Alien Wave

A Hundred Navy Men Witness Zig Zagging Object

Alien Hawk Sighted In North Dakota

Army Air Force Captain Watches Wingless Craft

Anchorage Girls Make Alaskan History

Astronomer Observes Ten Large Objects

Bauru Close Encounter

Before Arnold's Flying Saucers

BOAC Stratocruiser UFO Incident

Bombers Encounter UFO Over Utah

Bright Light In 1947

Bright Oval Object

C-54 Skymaster Disappearance

Cave Creek UFO Crash

Chance Observation Of The Sky

Chevron UFO

Child Size Alien After Roswell Crash

Circular Object In Sky

Commercial Pilot Observes UFO

Daylight Disk Sighting

Debris Transported To Wright-Paterson

Disk Zooms Down Snake River Canyon

Don't Look Up

Earth Was Alien Prison Before 30,000 BCE

Edwards Air Force Base Visitations

Encounter Near Amfreville la mi-Voie

Engineer Reports 10 Shiny Flat Disks

Entities Were Seen

Family's Close Encounter In Rhode Island

Fireball Incident In Space

Fishermen Observe Floating Object

Five Gold Craft

Five Turtle Backed Objects Headed Northeast - Sound Heard

Flashes In Distance Confirm Arnold Case?

Flying Disk Bigger Than Car Photographed By Youth

Flying Object Over Yokahama

Flying Saucer Seen While Driving Home From Work

Fred M. Johnson Sighting

Fred Johnson Story

Giant Pocket Watch Flies Over Runway

Glowing Metallic Object

Grandmother Woke Me Up

High Altitude Sighting

Hovering Disk With Entities

I Looked Up At The Ball

I Wasn't The Only One That Saw Them

It Looked Like A Movie UFO

It Was Saucer Shaped

It Wasn't A Lone Train Car

Jesse Marcels' Deathbed Confession

Kenneth Arnold Sighting

Majestic 12

Metallic Object With Smoke Trail

Microwave Early Warning Radar Blip

Minneapolis UFO Sighting

UFO Observed During Concert

Multiple Sightings Over 2 Days

My Dad Flew UFOs

My Grandfather & The UFO (Roswell)

Naval Research Lab Rocket Scientists See Silver Disk

No Record In Local Newspapers

Object Below Clouds & Against The Wind

Object Followed Us Over 40 Miles

Object Had Multiple Windows

Object Was Huge & Saucer Shaped

Object ZigZags With Bursts Of Speed

Oliver Wendell Pappy Henderson

Oval Shape In Sky

Pair Observes UFO

Pair Of Stationary Round Objects

Percy Meets Alien

Pilot Spots 6 UFOs

Portland,OR UFO


San Augustine Crash

Saucer Sightings

Seven Disks Observed By Many Witnesses

Sighting While On Road Trip

Silent, Cigar Shaped Craft Seen

Silver Object Gyrates

Silver Sphere At Tremendous Speed

Slow Moving Circular Craft

Something In The Sky

Three Huge Saucers Fly Over Ocean

Told To Never Talk Of Event

Truman's Secret Crash Site Debriefing

Tularosa UFO Crash

Two UFO Groups Sighted

UFO Observed Near Fort Sumner

UFO With Occupants II

United Airlines Flight 105 Pilots Witness UFO Formation

U.S. Navy Battles UFOs Protecting Nazi Antarctic Sanctuary

Very Brillant Blue/White Object

View From A Window

Villa Santina Case

We Were Working In A Corn Field

What I Observed At 13

Whirring From Far Away

William A. Rhodes Photographs

Witnessed A Flame Shaped Object

Wright Field Sighting



2 Boys Watch UFO

2 Sightings From Indianapolis

2 UFOS In Flight Over Baltimore

2 Women See UFO

7 Spherical Objects Seen

Air Force Light Plane Encounters Object

Air Force Pilots See UFO

All Onboard Aircraft Observe UFO

Bykavorov Encounter

Carpet Cleaners See UFO

Chiles-Whitted Sighting

Disk In Sky While Swimming

Dreamy Draw UFO Crash

Driving To Prescott

Eerie Green Glow

Egg Shaped Objects Observed

Event In Oristano

Flat Dime On Edge Observed By Lab Personnel

Follow Up On Green Fireballs

Gorman UFO Dogfight

UFO Blip On Radar

He Told Her Not To Be Afraid

Historical UFO Sighting

I Have Always Wondered What It Was

Landed Disk Shaped Object

Laredo UFO Crash

Large Circular Craft Hovering

Mantell UFO Encounter

Metallic Green Light

Metallic Saucer Shaped Object II

Moon Shaped Object Observed From S.S. Wolfport

Multi Colored Cone Over Farm

Multiple Military Pilots See UFO

My Father's Memories

Object Emits Beam Of Light

Object Emits Beam Of Light II

Pilot & Squadron See Flying Wing

Pilots See Big Green Fireball

Project Twinkle & Green Fireballs

Radar Blips Observed Many Times

Russian Test Pilot Sees Something

S.S. Ourang Medan

She Sensed Something

Silver Disk Flying West

Strange Object Above Bomber

Students Observe Something In Sky

Sunrise Beach Sighting

Team Watches 100' Disk

This Was The Beginning

Tumbling Cube Shaped Object

UFO Observed Over Highway 52

Wreckage Found On Dairy Farm



3 Lights Appeared

4 Airmen Observe UFO

6 Objects Seen By Many

7 Delta Shaped UFOs Seen

20' Diameter Disk Observed

90° Turn Straight Up

Aeronautical Engineer Sees UFO

After A Boy Scout Meeting

Air Force Plane Encounters UFO

Alabama Orbs

Anchorage UFO & Possible Crash

Beautiful Saucer Shaped Object Appeared

Blue Book Unknown

Bright Reddish UFO

Camp Hood UFO Visitations

Cigar Shaped Object Observed In Daylight

Commander Bodler's Wheels Of Light

Couple Sees UFO

Crackling Swishing Sound Heard

Cucumber Shaped UFO

Death Valley UFO Crash?

Dime Sized Objects Rotating In A Circle

Disk Appeared Very Close To Ground

Disk Circles & Maneuvers

Disks Hover Between Smokestack & Tree

Egg Shaped UFO Seen 20 Miles Away

Entities Were Seen II

Excerpt From A Book

Fireball Type Object Approached

Five Objects Grouped Around Larger Object

Flying Disks At It Again

Glowing Orange Ball In Alabama Sky

Hebgen Lake Dragged For UFO

It Was No Plane, Or A Weather Balloon

Larson AFB UFO

Lights Racing Across The Sky

Little Man Seen In Little America

Many Individuals See UFO

Log Shaped Whooshing Object Observed

Metallic Disk Observed By 150 To 200 Observers

Norwood Searchlight UFO Incident

Observatory Manager Observes UFOs

Object In Sky

Pilot & Wife See UFO While Flying

Returning Home From A Movie

Red Glow

Rogue River Incident

Several City Blocks Sized Craft

Shaped Like Today's Stealth Jets

Six UFOs Seen By WWII Pilot

Spacemen On The Ground

St. Elmos Fire

Three Utahns Told FBI They Saw UFOs Above Sardine Canyon

Two Sightings Of Object With Lit Windows

UFO & Humanoids Observed

UFO Hovers Over Seattle

UFO Over Tillamook

UFO Seen Bobbing Up & Down

UFO The Size Of A B-29 Superfortress Seen

Various Formations Observed

Very Large, Wide Cylinder Appeared

We Thought It Was Going To Take Her

Where Does Time Go?

White Sands Incident/C.B. Moore Case

Winged Objects Cavort Over Airport

Rudloe Manor Crash


Undefined In The 1950s

Omnec Onec

Rudloe Manor Crash

Sherrys Encounters



2 Separate Fighter Jets Observe...A UFO?

3 Pancake Shaped Objects Observed

7 Aboard Transport Plane See UFO

10 Entities Observed

70 Some Foot Long Flying Disk Observed

Abduction In Cours Les Barre

Aircraft Chasing Object

Aluminum Like Object Crosses Path Of Jet

An Extra Star In The Constellation Pleiades

Another Probable Balloon

Another Unknown

Astronomy Student Observes UFO

Atomic Test Group Witnesses UFO In Broad Daylight

B-29 & Crew See UFO

Balloon Like Object With Rapid Acceleration

Bossa Encounter

Boy Burned By UFO

Bright Orange, Cigar Shapped Object II

Britains 1st Flying Saucer

Chief Petty Officer Saw A Flat Oval UFO

Childhood Sighting Of Disk

Commercial Airlines Flight Saw UFO

Contacted By A Grey II

Cotton Plants Appearing Scalded

Cylindrical UFO

Denise M. Stoner Abduction

Disk Buzzes B-36

Disk Makes Five Passes At Control Tower

Disk Over Newman Lake

Disk Rising Out Of Water

Disk Shaped Craft Hovering Over Highway

Disks In Formation

Douglas C54D Disappearance

Dr. Botta Enters Flying Saucer

Eastern Arkansas Sighting

Eastern Oregon Sighting

Entity Encounter

Farmer & Wife See 2 UFOs

Farmers Close Encounter

Father & Son See UFO

FBI Memo

Fishermen Sight Submarine Like Object

Flight 2501 Goes Missing

Flight Lieutenant Observes UFO

Frightful Events

Glowing A Green/Purple

Growing Up In The Bronx

Heard And Saw Sparks Coming From A Dark, Hovering Object

Huge Craft Came Over Hill

Huge Metallic Disk Shaped Craft II

Husband & Wife Observe 2 Flying Saucers

I Did Not Even Know The Word Alien

I Witnessed 3 Flying Saucers From A Distance Of 20'

Impossible High Speed Turn

Industrialists Saw The Bright Cloud Like Objects While Driving

Lab Employee Sees The Flying Saucer

Large Disk Observed By Townspeople

Large Orange/Red Lowering Moon Object

Looked Like A Baseball Gliding

Major Air Force Encounter With A UFO In Alaska

Mexican Newspaper Report

Mojave Desert UFO Crash (Alleged)

Navy Planes & Ships Track UFO Near Kodiak Alaska

Mariana UFO Incident

Mexico City UFO Crash With Midget Pilot

Object 50' In Circumference Observed

Object Emitted Additional Objects

Object Emitted Other Objects III

Object Like Half Moon

Object Traveling At 18,000 MPH

Objects Maneuver Over New Mexico Bases

Objects Sighted Over Control Zone

Pilots Observe Disk Over Arkansas

Possible Foo Fighters?

Possible UFO In A Western Movie

Private Pilot & Wife See UFO

Rancher Observes Hovering Disk

Reflective Oval Seen Hovering Over Washington D.C.

San Bernardino Sighting

Second Shadow Person Encounter

Sighting 2 Hours Before National Alert

Steep Rock Lake Encounter

Steep Rock Lake Encounter (A Famous Hoax)

Strange Aircraft Sighting

Strange Cone Shaped Object

Theodolite Crews Saw, Tracked, & Filmed 4 High Flying Objects

There Were Electrical Or Magnetic Effects

UFO Armada Of 1950

UFO Came From The East

UFO Hovers Above The Water

Various Encounters Through My Life

Weather Balloon Trackers See UFO

Westminster Abduction

White Sands Incident

Witnessed Saucer Shaped Object

Worm Like Shape

Youngster Observes Shiny Disk Shaped Craft



25 Top Shelf Witnesses See Metallic Cigar

Aircraft In Vicinity

Alien Craft Encounter Over Fort Monmouth, NJ

Attacked By An Unknown Red Eyed Insectoid

Aura Or Haze Around The Object

Better Than An In Flight Movie

Brilliantly Lit Disks Observed

Cigar Shaped Metallic Craft

Cigar Shaped Object Darting Back And Forth

Circular Craft & Man In Black

Gander, Newfoundland UFO

Clarita Villanueva Encounter

Flash On The Distant Horizon

Flight Lights Over Fort Sill?

Fort Monmouth UFO

From The Summer Of 1951

Golden Orange Glowing Ball

H.M. Encounter

Huge Metallic Object

I Heard A Strange Whistling

In Flight Sighting

Interesting St. Louis To Cleveland Flight

Large Glowing White Spherical Craft

Lubbock Lights

Many Observers At Different Locations Observe Fast Object

Metallic Disk That Wobbled

Midday Oval Shaped Object

More Electrical Or Magnetic Effects

Object Emitted Beams

Oblong Object Hovers Over Runway

Observed A Gray, Saucer Shaped Object

Recounted UFO Sightings

Salzburg Abduction

Silver Disk Hovering

Silvery Cigar Shaped Craft

Sisters Observe Dark Disk

South Australia Abduction

Space Craft Observed On Beach

Spherical Object Came From High Altitude

Squadron Of Disks Over Nuclear Facility

Strange Whistling Noise

Terest-Houthulst Sighting

There Were Lights On The Object II

UFO Crosses Planes Path

UFO Examines Weather Balloon

UFO Hits Soldiers With Light Beam

UFO Off Coast Of Newfoundland

UFO Over Greenville, MS

UFO Over Mt. Kilimanjaro

We Were Picking Flowers

While At My Grandmother's House

White Sands Radar Visual Contact

Wing Pilot Encounters UFO



2 UFOs Over The Wasatch Mountains

3 Flying Saucers Appeared In The Sky

3 Wobbling Saucer Shaped Objects

5 To 7 Silver Grey Round Objects Fly Over Base

6 Cigar Shaped Somethings Going Across The Sky

6 Spheres Flying In Formation (And More)

6 Spheres Flying In Formation II

7 Large UFOs Flying In Formation

7 Pilots Observe Huge Object

30' Disk Observed

50 To 75 Disks In Formation

100' Cigar Observed By Air Force Captain

A U Turning Star?

Abduction In Tucson

Active Skies Over Deep Cove

Aircraft In Vicinity Or Aircraft Chasing Object

Air Force Bomber Encounter's Disks

Air Force Reserve Colonel Observes Rapid Ellipse

Aircraft In Vicinity Or Aircraft Chasing Object

Anost Saone-et-Loire Sighting

B-36 Without Wings

Barito River Area, Borneo, Indonesia Sighting

Barra da Tijuca Photographs

Bat Shaped Object Seen Over Shemya Island

Bernina Mountains

Camaldoli Encounter

Canadian Naval Officer Has Close Encounter In Hawaiian Waters

Carson Sink UFO

Castelfranco Encounter

Circular Objects In Formation Make Sharp Turn

Childhood Abduction & Mental/Visual Encounters

Copper Cigar Shaped Object II

Crash In Lagen River

Dark Object Came Down Out Of Dark Cloud

Daylight Sighting Seen From 50'

Daytime Saucer Observed From Farm

Detailed Alien Craft Encounter

Disks & Missing Time

Drunk Colonel's Story

Dyfed Sighting

Edwards AFB

Egg Shaped UFO

Eisenhower UFO Sighting

Ely UFO Crash & Cover Up

Erba, Como Encounter

Faster Than Jet Disk Stops, Hovers Two Seconds, Accelerates

Florida Scoutmaster Encounter

Flying Disk Dives & Circles

Four 18" UFOs Observed

Frozen Stiff By A Light Watching Me

George Adamski's Sightings

Giant Humanoids

Girls Club Frightening Encounter In New York

Gold Saucer Seen Over Water Tower

Grammar School Student Watches UFOs

Green Disk Shaped Object

Gun Camera Shots Of UFO Over Ohio

Haneda Air Force Base Incident

Hasselbach UFO

Hebron Light

Heligoland Germany Crash

High Speed Object Maneuvers Over Mountains

I Was 13 Years Old

Lac Chauvet UFO Photo

Large Sphere With Blue Tail At 500'

Lights Moving Across Sky During Daylight

Lost River Sinks

Low Hovering Object

MacDill AFB Sighting

Marana Air Base Sighting

More Puerto Rican Sightings

Multiple Witnesses Observe Strange Maneuvering Object

Nash-Fortenberry UFO Incident

Naval Aviators Encounter UFO

Newhouse Sighting

Oakdale Alien Incident

Object Changed Color

Object Sat Stationary For 5 Minutes

Object Was Hovering Motionless Above Trees

Object With Whitish Halo

Object ZigZags Over Base

Objects Sighted Near Vital Installation

Observed A Silent Slow Moving Disk

Okanagan Valley USO

Operation Mainbrace

Orange Colored Circle, That Moved

Oval UFO Paces Occupants In Automobile

Palomar Gardens Sighting

Pigeon Lake Sighting

Pilot Sighting Over Korea #2

Possible Encounter In Chatillon

Pre-Teen Sights 2 Objects

Prospect Heights Encounter

Puerto Rican Politician Watches Disks

Radar Visual Of Gulf Of Mexico UFO

Red Lights Hover And Maneuver

Redding Abduction

Remedios Encounter

San Pietro a Vico Encounter

Saucer Dives Into Lake

Saucer Sam

Saucer Shaped Object

Scientist Reports Sighting

Seen From Ferry

Separate Sightings Of Similar Object

Several Groups Of UFOs Fly Over Witnesses

Sicily Sighting

Sighting And Contact In Bakersfield

Silver Monkeys

Silverish 30' Disk

Silvery Object, Flat On Bottom, Observed By Radar Crew - No Radar Contact

Squarish Objects Observed By Tower Crew

Stargazing In The Bronx

Strange Glowing Spheres

Strange Object Over Sydney Sparks Official Interest

Strange Stuff At Barksdale Air Force Base

Technician Watches UFO Near Larson Air Force Base

There Were Lights On The Object III

Three Objects In Formation At High Speed During Mainbrace

Told To Me By My Mother & Uncle

Top CIA Official & Guests Have Notable Sighting

Topcliffe UFO

Triangular Shaped Metallic Objects Observed

Truman Bethurum Encounter

TWA Airline Pilot Sees Round Metallic Object

Two Disk Shaped UFOs In Holland

Two Observers Saw Silverish 30' Disk

USAF General Witnessed UFO During Flight

USAF Pilot/Cadet Encounters A UFO

UFO Checks Out Some Girls

UFO Evades Jets

UFO With Humanoids

UFO With Occupant

UFOs Over Sunchon & Wonsan, North Korea

U.S.S. Philippine Sea

V Formation Flying Fast

Waltham Abduction?

Wasatch Mountains Sighting

Washington D.C. UFO Incident

We Are Dealing With Something Very Real

We Were Flying Kites

While On Garage Roof



3 UFOs Witnessed By Locals

4 Of Us Saw A Ball Of Light

7th Grader Watches UFO

Absolutely Huge UFO Hovered

Albert Bender And The MIB Mystery

As Seen On TV

At First We Thought They Were Shooting Stars

Ball Of Yellow Light With Dancing Spikes Of Light

Black Objects Maneuver Over Area Near F-86

Blimp Like Object Sighted By Geologist

Blue Angles Air Show Video Shows UFOs

Bright Light Zooms Up To An Airliner

Brush Creek Encounter

Burnt Orange Sphere

Cecil M. Tenny Encounter

Cigar Shaped Craft Floating Above Pine Trees

Craft Landed In Our Field One Night

Cylindrical Object Examining Trees

Darlington Farm Case

DEW Line

Duck Hunter Sees Craft With Occupants

Ellsworth AFB Case

Ellsworth UFO Case

Flat Disk Observed Overtaking Jet

Flying Wing Before It's Time

Four Of Us Saw A Ball Of Light

George Van Tassel's Integratron

Glassy Blue UFO Seen

Goose Bay UFO Incident

Green Fireball Traveling North

Greenish/Orange Light Moves Rapidly

High Speed Orbs

Huge Bright Light Over Lake

Hunting With Dad

I Heard Them

Jets Chased A Silver Dot

Kelly Johnson Case

Kidnapped By A Flying Saucer

Kingman Crash

Kinross Incident

Looked Like A Large Meteorite On Fire

Man Suffers Severe Headache While Observing Entities

Military Aircraft Observes Lights

Object With Falling Leaf Motions Over Airfield

On Our Way Tto Grandfathers Store

Outside With Siblings

Otis Air Force Base F-94C Disappearance

Prescott Is A Hot Spot For Flying Saucers

Project Grab Bag Sighting

Retold Sighting

Riley Martin Encounter

Rock Springs UFO

Round, Metallic Object

Round Silver Colored Shiny Disk Shaped Object

Salvador Villanueva Medina Encounter

Second Hand Account From The 1950s

Silver Colored Shiny Disk Shaped Object

Silvery Sphere Moves Slowly Overhead

Sumatra UFO

Theodolite Tracking Of 2 Elliptical Objects

Triangular Formation Passing Overhead

Tujunga Canyon Abductions

U.S. Steps Up Sky Chases

We Saw A Man Like Thing

We Were Children At The Time

West Malling Incident

While Marching On A Bivouac Maneuver

While Overnight Camping

While Standing In Formation For Reveille We Saw A Saucer



2 Alabaster Perfectly Round Objects

2 Men Seemed Not So Friendly

2 Women Meet A Visitor

3 Little Men Seemed Friendly

15 To 20 Grapefruit In A V Formation

About The Size Of A Pea At Arms Length

Acapulco Mexico Abduction

Alien Abduction In Tuscany

Appeared To Be A Fast Moving White Cloud

Australian Navy Pilot Sees Flying Saucers On Radar Screen

Blackfoot Sighting

Blip On Radar

BOAC Flight 510-196 Sighting

Boitata - Fiery Serpent

Boomerang Object Came From The North

Boomerang Shaped UFO

Boy Watches Entity & Craft

Brazilian Sees Same Craft, Different Days

Bright Stationary Object Over Jet Factory

Brunswick N.A.S. UFO

Buck Nelson Encounter

Capsule Shaped Copper Colored Object

Carlos & Anita Jimenez

Cennina Landing & Encounter With Humanoids

Circular Object Seen By Architect

Civil Defense Spotter Reports UFO Sighting

Craft Spotted In Meadow

Disappearance Of Flight 441

Dwarf Metallic Humanoids Encounter In France

Eisenhower's Vacation Secrets (He Sold Us Out)

Encounter At Cold Blow

Extremely Bright Red Oval

Fisherman Observes Spheres

Flash Of Metallic Light

Flatwoods Sighting

Golden Glowing Slow Flying Triangle

Greada Treaty

Huge Object Terrifies 2 Men

Human Like Figures Seen In Saucer

Indian Cacique Teleported

Iowa Radar Contact

It Changed Color

It Left A Trail & Had An Aura/Haze

Kansas City UFO

Langley AFB Sighting

Light In The Distance Changed Direction

Luminous Oval Over Yucaipa

Maier Sisters

Man Scuffles With Entity

Man Sees UFO With Entities

Man Tapped On Shoulder By Entity

Mattydale UFO Crash

More Little Men Events

Multiple Witness Sighting In New Jersey

Muroc AFB

Mushroom Flying Over Yarra Valley

Never Even Heard The Term UFO

Not Real Boy Scouts

Object At End Of Runway

Object Changed Color, Then Landed

Object Emitted More Objects

Object Emitted Objects & Light Beams

Object Was Hovering Above Treetops

Object Zig Zagging Down At 170° Angle

Objects Resembled Light Bulbs

Observance Of 1 Large & 2 Smaller UFOs

Observed A Small Grey Disk

One Week Visit by Huge Saucer Over Korea At The 38th Parallel

Pier 1 Sighting

Pinkish Color Cylinder

Polished Aluminum Sphere Observed

Possible Virginia Encounter?

Radar Intercept Of UFO

Red Circle Of Light

Rocket Shaped Object Emitting Sparks

Roestenberg Sighting

Royal Auxiliary Air Force UFOs

Saucer Shaped Object Moved North To South Above Street

Saucer Shaped Object With Lights & Dome

Saw 2 Silver/Grey Objects Of Different Shapes

Saw A Red Glowing Disk

Saw Circular, Saucer Type Object

Saw My First UFO When I Was 12

Sea Fury Incident

Security Guards Report Oval Object

Silver/Blue Disk Shaped Object

Sphere Startles Thousands

Star Like Point Of Light

Strange Lights In Sky

Strange Whistling Sound

Strong, Hairy Entities

Tananarive UFO Incident

Teenage Girls See Saucer

5 Young Friends See UFO

UFO Left A Trail & Changed Colors

UFO Just Faded Away

UFO Over Military Base

UFO Spotted That Had Some Bugs In It

UFO That Brought An Italian Soccer Game To A Halt

UFO Vanishes

Unusual Occurrence

Unusual Sighting In Florida

U.S.S. Edisto (AGB-2


Very Bright Light Zig Zagging Across Sky

Visit By Huge Saucer Over Korea

Went Outside To View UFOs

White Round Object Equal In Size To The Full Moon

Woman From Venus

Woman Sees Scarecrow While Mushroom Hunting

Young Couple Watch UFO



3 Fireballs

Abducted & Mind Control

Air Force Jets Pursue Lights Over Small Texas Community

Alien From Aquila Constellation Died In Front Of 3 Swedish Lumberjacks

Bright Star Like Object Overhead

Burnt Into My Memory Liked It Happened Only This Morning

Cigar Shaped Craft Hovering

Circular Shaped Object In Northern Sky

Childhood UFO

China Lake During Missile Test

Disk Hovers At 500'

Egg Shaped Craft Landed On Lonely Country Road

Eisenhower's Close Encounter At Holloman Air Force Base

Eleven Witnesses Observe Maneuvering Objects Near Oak Ridge Plant

Encounter With Woman In Black

Entities Were Seen III

Eucla Crash

Fighter Airplanes Assigned To Inspect A White Dot Cluster

Flaming Ball Of Light Made Right Angle Turns

Flying Baseballs

Frog Like Entities

Glendale Sighting

Green/Orange Disk Over Chester

Hong Kong Beast

Hopkinsville Goblins

Humanoid Dies In Sweden

I Definitely Saw A UFO

Large 200+' Disk Shaped Object Observed

Lights On Egg Shaped Object

Man In White

Mass Sighting Of A Sky Saucer

Motorist Sees 3 Beings By Road

My Brother Saw A Crisp Clear Light

New Brunswick Encounter

Object/Fireball Landed Into Pensacola Bay

Object Changed Color II

One Large Silver Disk

Orange Disk In Night Sky

Round Object Going From Bottom To Top Of Moon

Saucer In North Carolina

Saw A ZigZagging Star

Senator Sees Dirigible

Sighting Of Saucer Craft By Family Of 4

Sighting Outside Three Hills Canada

Sphere Falls Then Accelerates

Stanley Sighting

Strange Fireball

Summer Camp Sighting

There Were Aircraft Chasing The Object

There Were Electrical Or Magnetic Effects II

Three Sightings Of The Same Object

Traveled 50 Miles With No Driver

U.S. Senator Sees UFO In USSR

UFO Getting Power From Dam

UFO Landing On Aircraft Carrier

UFO Observed Over Road

UFO Picture Snapped From Ship

UFO Witnessed By 30+

UFOs Over Louis Mountbatten's Land

While Stargazing From A Chaise Lounge

Young Boys Brief Encounter



3 Year Old Witnesses Disks

4 Saucers Over New Brunswick

6 Cigar Shaped UFOs

7 Motionless Bright Lights In An Uneven Row

9 Saucers Observed

Abduction & Experimentation

Approach Of 3 Flying Disks

Artifact Found After Encounter

Aura/Haze Around Object - Electrical Effects - Missing Time

Aura/Haze Around Object That Changed Color & Landed

Aura Or Haze Around Landed Object

Aura Or Haze Around The Object II

Aura Or Haze Around Object III

Belleville Triangle

Blue Cloud Like Sphere

Bright Object Similar To Flying Wing

Bright Orange Cigar Shaped Object III

Capitol Airlines Flight 77

Case Of USAF Sgt. Jonathan P. Lovette

Cigar Shaped Craft Seen In Farragut

Cigar Shaped UFO With Smaller UFOs

Close Up Sighting In Rural West Virginia

Choisy Le Roi Alien Encounter

Commercial Plane Follows UFO


Disk With Glass Center Section Observed

Don't Care If Anyone Believes

Drakensberg Photographs

During An Ice Storm I Encountered A UFO

Encounter That Was Only The Beginning

Entre Rios, Argentina Encounter

First The Silver Disk Was Stationary

Football Shaped Silver Metallic Object

Grey Object Over Hopkinsville

Ground Observers Sight Object

Half Spherical Object

Hovered Over The Naval Academy

Indonesian Professor Observes UFO

It Wasn't Any Satellite

Lake Erie Rectangle

Lakenheath/Bentwaters Incident

Landed UFO

Large Light Hovers

Large White Light Traveling Slow

Lights In Sky, Mars Brightness, Seen Several Nights In A Row

Lights On Landed Object

Lights On Object - Aircraft Nearby

Lights On Object & Missing Time

Lights On Object, Emitted Beams & Landed

Lights On UFO

Lights On 2 UFOs


Lieutenant colonel Lee Merkel Crash

Maui UFO Report

Moving Sparkling White/Yellowish/Orange/Flat Black Sphere

Multi Colored UFO

Multiple Rows Of Objects

Mysterious Flash Seen Over Tulsa

Noticed A Light Moving Across The Night Sky

Object Emitted Beams II

Object Had Lights And Left A Trail

Object Left A Trail

Object Was A Glowing Dull Orange Bent Cylinder

Oblong Object Sighted By Several Witnesses

Orly Affair

Paralyzed & Unable To Talk

Personal Contact With An Alien

Professor Recalls USO Encounter

RAF Bentwaters UFO Encounter

Result Of A Telepathic Request

Royal Canadian Air Force Pilots Encounter UFO

Small, Silent, Metallic, And Very, Very Fast Craft

Saucers Over Lake Pocotopaug

Strange Movements Around The Stars

Transport Crew Spots Giant Disk

Trash Night

UFO Hovers Over Lake

UFO Near Nebraska Power Plant

UFOs Reported Over Jasper

Unidentified Object Hovering Over Interstate 264

Unusual Object Seen From Different Viewpoints

V Shape Set Of Lights



3 UFOs With Flashing Lights Landed

3 Very Low Objects Seen

4 Metallic Cigar Shaped Objects

4 Portugal Air Force Pilots Claimed To Have Seen And Chased UFOs

5 Disks Observed

5 Silver Saucers

5 Or 6 Shiny Circular Objects Near Storm

7 Perfectly Circular UFOs

7 Silver Saucer Shaped UFOs Hovered

12 Year Old Sees Landed Craft

A Supposed Star

Air Force Called It A Lost Missile

Antonio Villas Boas Abduction

Approximately 8 Light Grey Metallic Saucers

At Boy Scout Camp

Aura Or Haze Around V Shaped Object

Barrel Shaped Object Hovers Over Rice Paddy

Black Flat Objects Observed By CTOs

Boeing 727 Sized UFO

Bright Light Chased By Military Jets

Broad Daylight UFO Incident

Car Engulfed In Red Light

Changed Color, Possible Abduction, Missing Time

Cigar Shaped UFO

Cylinder UFO Followed By Disk UFO

Drag Race In The Sky

Eight Witnesses Watch Cigar Vanish

Entity Wants Couples Dog

Fast Disk With Spinning Light

Fast Disk With Spinning Light II

Fast Moving Object Stops Over Base

Flashing Light Over Indiana

Flying On A Simulated Bombing Run On A Bridge Span

Flying Saucer Over Grandparent's House

Flying Saucers Are As Real As Real Gets

Glowed Like A Fluorescent Light

Glowing Lights Ahead Of UFO

Glowing Oval Craft In A Field

Glowing UFO Landed

Grey Alien Drills Into My Back When I Was A Child

Gordon Cooper Witnesses UFO Landing

Huge Light Moving Down

Huge Orange Ball Floating Over Russellville

Hundreds Of Objects In Sky

I've Been Around The World And Have Never Seen Anything Like It Again

I Have Not Told This To Anyone, Even My Parents

I Still Don't Believe What We Saw

It Emitted Other Objects

It Was Neither Ball Lightning Or A Weather Balloon

Jets Believed To Have Shot At Or Destroyed UFOs

Kite Shaped UFO

Lake Isabella UFO Photograph Still A Mystery

Large Black Silhouette

Levelland UFO Case

Lights Over Mt. Baldy

Long Object With Green Light In Nose

Looked Like A Moving Star & Stationary Star

Mass Sighting, And Nothing On News

Mother Said A UFO Chased Us Down A Highway

Multiple Commercial Pilots See Same Thing

Multiple Witness Sighting

Mysterious Cigar Shaped UFO Is Back

Night Of Sputnik Sighting

Object Beamed Out An Eerie Penetrating Light

Oval Objects In Triangular Formation

Pair Of UFOs Elude F-100s

Playa Del Rey Encounter

Radar Sighting & Filming

Recalled Childhood Event

Red Fireball Over California

Rene Gilham Story

Runcorn Abduction

Saucer Seen At Dusk

Saw UFO While On Duty

Silent & Spinning Daylight Disk

Six Witness Landed Craft With Occupants

Slow Moving Craft Observed

Space Baby

Sphere Looked Like A White Light

Sphere With Spikes

Star Thought To Be Sputnik

Strange Object Observed After B-52 Drops Container

Strange Oval Spotted

Survey Crew Disturbed A Landed Craft

Tall Unidentified Entity Enters Home

Telephone Switchboard Operators Sighting

The Hair On My Neck Stood Up

They Left Footprints

Thought It Was A Planet

Three Shiny Spheres

Torres UFO Incident

Torpedo Circles Atomic Plant

Triangle Over Texas

Triangle Passes Overhead With Humming Sound

Truck Driver Sees Craft & Aliens

UFO Attack On Fort Itaipu

UFO Buzzed B-47

UFO Observed From Aircraft Over Iceland

UFO Over Corpus Christi

UFO Over White Sands

UFOs Above Electric Wires

Unexplained Object Seen

University Graduate Watches UFO

USAF Jets Believed To Have Shot At Or Destroyed UFOs

Valiant Thor

Viewed UFO From Patio

Wardle Incident

West Freugh Incident

While Caribou Hunting

While In Coast Guard

Wright Field Filming



2 Lights Of Alternating Color

9 Witness UFO

A Light Caught My Attention

Beings In The Fog

Bell Shaped Craft With Entity

Big Object Approached Across Field At Dusk

Bouhamama Case

Bright Light Paced Our Car

Bright Light Paced Our Car II

Bright White Hole In Deep Blue Sky

Brightly Lit Saucer Hovers Above Car

Cluster Of UFOs

Cluster Of UFOs II

Disk Or Spherical Objects Merge With Larger Object

Enlisted To See The World, But Witnessed A USO

Family's Close Encounter With A Circular Craft

Fast Silent Craft

Fishermen In Brazil Watch UFO

Flying Saucer Seen While Driving Home From Work

Girl Sees Cigar Shaped Craft Hovering

Glowing Object That Seemed To Be Landing

Green Fire Balls Over Texas Panhandle

Hovering Craft Over Roadway

Huge Disk Hovers Over Bridge

I Saw A Saucer Shaped Craft On The Ground

I Was Approximately 5 Years Old

I Watched Two Star Like Objects

Light Appeared Out Of The Southeast Sky

Loch Raven Dam Incident

Large Object Approached Across Field

Large UFO Witnessed By Many

Lights Swirling Among Each Other

Man Kicks Alien And It Split Open

Marvin Hume

Monon Railroad UFO Incident

Mother & Son Witness A Silver Disk Crash Into Penobscot Bay

Object Tracked On Multiple Radars

Observed Disk While Driving

Oddly Shaped Diamond Saucer

One Summer Night

One Summer Night II

Offutt Air Force Base Sighting

Piercing, Shrill Tone

Saturn Shaped Object Observed, Object Confirmed By Pilot

Saturn Shaped Object Viewed Through Theodolite

Saw Saucer In Large Grassy Field

Shadow Being In Bedroom

Sideways Teardrop Shaped Craft

Sighting Similar To The Stephenville Sightings

Silver Saucer Motionless Over Grayslake

Silver, Cigar Shaped Craft Seen Over School

Slow Moving Silent Object And Ground Effects

Small Light No Bigger Than The Pointy End Of A Pin

Small UFO Seen Outside Window

Soldiers Close Encounter In Cyprus

S.S. Nantucket Sighting

Stationary Cigar Shaped UFO

Strange Lights No Sound

Stuck In Traffic

Taller Than Normal Entity Seen

Teardrop Shaped Object Observed

Trindade And Martin Vaz UFO

Two Patrolmen See Glowing Red UFO

Two Sputniks?

UFO Observed Over Desert

UFO Sighted Near Alabama/Florida Border

We Thought It Was A Falling Star

We Were Mildly Curious

Winooski Fireball

While Herding Sheep

White Glowing Lights In Graveyard

Witness 3 Flying Saucers From Only 20'

Year Of All The Weather Balloons



17 Witness UFO

20 Nights Of Stalking

Airliners Paced By Three UFOs

Alors Incident

B2 Bomber Observes UFO

Brazilian Air Force Pilot Checks Out UFO

Bright Yellow/Orange Circle 10' In Diameter

Childhood Encounter With A Spherical Faceted Object

Craft In Same Part Of Sky For 3 Nights

Dyatlov Pass Incident

Enormous Daytime UFO Above Milford Haven

Fallon Navel Air Station

Gerry Irwin Alien Abduction

I Have Told Only 2 People In My Life About This Experience

Large Saucer Shaped Craft Looming Motionless

McChord Mid Air Crash

Moreland Encounter

No Sound - Very Smooth Movement

Objects Change From White To Blue

Object Hovered Over & Raised Pick Up Truck

Orangish Saucer With Black Rotating Center

Pan Am Flight To Honolulu

Papua New Guinea Sighting

Red/Orange Lights Over Lockborne Air Force Base

Scout Leaders & Troop Watch Craft

Sighted Bright Triad Of Moving Dots Of Light

Small Cloud With Blinking Light

Strange Creature Discovered

Strong Radar Return On Airborne F-86D

There Were Lights On The Object

Triangular Formation Of Red Objects

UFO Causes Power Failure

UFO Descends, Then Sped Away

While Waiting For School Bus


Undefined In The 1960s

Clapham Woods

Disturbing Sightings

During A Bombing Run

Grand Bend Sighting

Military Cover Up Of The Dexter UFO Incident

Our Neighbor Mr. Spencer

Triangular Hovering Object Over Ft. Smith


2 Yellowish/Orange Spheres

3 Black Triangles

3 Daytime Saucers Hovering

3 Large Spheres

3 Triangular Shapes Silhouetted Against The Night Sky

4 Crescent Shaped Objects

4 Disk Shaped Craft Over Gerogen Bay

5 Objects Hovering Over Power Sub Station

A Dental Visit

About To Get Into A Taxi Cab

After Echo I Was Launched

As I Lay In The Night

At First I Thought A Streetlight Had Come On

Ball Of Light Over Kansas City

Balls Of Light Observed

Barstow/Baker UFO

Black Jack Lights

Bright Dot Over California's Pacific Coast Highway

Businessman And Farmer See UFO

Cigar Shaped Craft Over Port Elizabeth

Cigar Shaped Object Hovering Above About 300' Up

Craft Came Out Of Ground

Craft Seen Near Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

Cressy Cigar

Daylight Craft Hovering Over Me

Formation Of Lights Over Springdale/Fayetteville

Glowing White Cube Around Radio Tower

Golfo Nuevo Ping

Huge Saucer Shaped Craft In The Distance

Humming Object With Domed Upper Portion

I Have A Year Of Missing Time

I Saw The Sphere Up In The Sky<

Interactive Encounter

Iridescent Blue Light Passes Over At Tree Top Level

It Moved Off Very Fast

It Was Hovering About 150' Off The Ground

Large Cigar Shaped Object

Large Cigar Shaped Object In Perfect Flight

Large Saucer Shaped Craft Looming Motionless II

Large Slow Moving Craft Above The Clouds

Live TV Broadcast

Michelin Men Seen In Cadiz

My UFO Evidence

Object Coming From The South

Object Was Silently Descending Vertically

Observed A Strange Craft

Orange, Circular Craft Drifted Over The House

Pilots Alien Craft Film Confiscated By USAF

Opening Day Of The Pennsylvania Turnpike

Orange, Circular Craft Drifted Over The House

Overnight Trail Ride

Pulsating Luminous UFO

Pulsing Light That Was Moving South

Recurring Dream

Red Bluff Incident

Regular Sunday Night Event

Round Object Descended Slowly

SAC At Malmstrom Air Force Base Not Concerned

Saucer Shaped Object Hovering Over Church Steeple

Someone Noticed It

Something Coming From the Northeast

Sphere About 3 Times Moon Size

Stationary Lights Over Portland

Strange Jet Landing

Strange Lights To The West

Texas Panhandle UFO

UFO Seen Near Trident Submarine Base

UFO Traveling North On Highway

Ugly Little Creature

Very Large Silver UFO

Want To Read About Old Sightings?

What I First Thought Was A Satellite

While Picking Up Nightcrawlers

While Snow Sledding At Night

Yacanto UFO Photograph



Alien Entity Shot By Hunter

Antarctica UFO Splits Into 2 Identical Pieces

Antonov An-2P Goes Off Radar

Barney & Betty Hill Abduction

Boot Camp UFO

Close Encounter In Wayne, New Jersey

Disk Shaped UFO Hovers, Then Evades Pursuit

Eagle River Close Encounter

East Mountain Radar Base

Hovering Cigar Shaped UFO

North Dakota UFO Crash

Red Flashes

Round Light Hovering Low in the Sky

South Pacific Island Radar Contact

Timmendorfer UFO Crash & Recovery

Tucson UFO Sighting

UFO Alters Polaris Missile Tracking

UFO At Foothills Of The Wasatch Mountains

UFO Sighting In The South Orkney Islands

UFO Temporarily Disrupted The Tracking System

UFO Was Observed On Radar



AER Lingus Pilot Describes Strange Object

Anne Henson UFO Sighting & MIB

At A Family Gathering

Bright Light In Argentina

Corroboration Of 1963 Sighting

Disk Landing In Reservoir

Egg Shaped Object Hovers - Then Departs

Encounter With Possible Alien Contact

Former USAF Major Says UFOs Prowl Our Skies

Giant UFO Over Vancouver

Glowing Green Object The Size Of A Peanut

UFO Incident Of Necochea

La Pampa Province Sighting

Large Round Saucer

Las Vegas Incident

Many States Report Strange Craft In The Sky

Parent Object & Seven Smaller Objects

Phone Call

Saucer Shaped Object Clearly Seen

Second Hand Sighting

Some Type Of Craft Over Germany

Strange Cloud

Tailor Taken Aboard UFO

UFO Blocks Tracking Of Missile

UFO Over Vancouver

UFO With Three Entities Hovers Over Boat Dock

Vienna Woods Incident

While Dad Was Pricing a Canoe



2 Orange Spheres

Cosford Landing

Disk Shaped UFO Larger Than Full Moon

Encounter At Saltwood

Evansville UFOs

Family Encounters Aliens On South Dakota Rural Highway

Fireball Over East Hartford

Gigantic Cigar UFO Over The Atlantic

Holly Encounter

Homer Indiana Landing

I Felt Something

I Heard A Low Humming Deep Sound

It Didn't Match Anything In The Air Force's Aircraft Inventory

Large Saucer Over The Mattagami River

Lights Similar To The Phoenix Lights

Missing Time In Mississippi

Northcliff Sighting

Puerto Rico Trench USOs

Twin UFO Reports In Massachusetts

USO Tracked Off Of Norway Coast

U.S.S. Pine Island AV-12 Incident

Wayne City Car Chase

Willow Grove Close Encounter



Big Sur UFO Filming

Budd Hopkins Alien Sighting In Cape Cod

Charles James Hall

Chicago Sighting

Chuck Wakely Sighting

Cisco Grove Abduction Attempt

Close Range Sighting Of Domed UFO

Craft Just 200' Off Ground

Deer Hunting Experiences

Deeply Scared By Sighting Of Invaders

Double UFO Landing

Father Of The Alien Abduction Movement

Former Navy Pilot Sees UFO

I Looked In Awe & Fascination

I Saw A Luminous Object

I Thought It Was A Star

I Will Never Forget This Sighting

It Was Taboo To Talk About Then

Lights Against A Mountain

Lights In The Sky With Unusual Behavior

Lonnie Zamora Incident

Luminous Things Generate Magnetic Electro Effects

McMurdo Sound Sighting

Mystery Of The Solway Spaceman

Some Type Of Aircraft

Physical Alien Encounter In Shrewsbury

Rare Sighting In Vermont

Red/Orange Saucer Ovals Sighted

Route 250 Cone Shaped UFO

Silver Cigar Shaped Object Witnessed

Skies Of Nebraska

Strange Looking Object Over Homes

Strobe Lights And Entities On Ground

Surabaya UFO Sighting

UFO Destroys Missile

UFO Landing & Occupant Case

UFO Lands And Leaves Crate


UFO Piece Of Kallavesi

UFO Shoots Missile Launched From Vandenberg AFB

UFO Spooks Boy & Cow

UFOs Spotted On Tengger Caldera

U.S.S. Gyatt Sighting

Warminster Thing



7 Year Old Saw Object

A UFO Event Happened About 50 Years Ago In Beijing China

Adhara Observatory UFO Lunar Transit

B-52 Crew Sees Very Bright Point of Light

Beer Can Shaped Objects

Bill Estep Sighting

Boy & Family Watch UFO

Bougainville Reef Case

Bright Light In Erratic Pattern

British Columbia UFO

Carl Moore Abduction

Cat & Mouse With The U.S.S. Lexington

Cherry Creek Sightings

Circular Object Following Aircraft

Close Encounter In New York

Cluster Of Red Lights

Craft Over Reservoir

Destacamento Naval Argentino Orcadas Sighting

Edwards Air Force Base UFO Incident

Enfield Fireballs

Entities Observed

Everglades Encounter

Felixstowe Fire Demon

Five Formations Of Saucers Observed

Gemini 4/McDivitt Sighting - Gemini IV UFO

Golden Egg Chased By Navy Fighters

High Speed UFO Spotted & Tracked On U.S. Navy Radar

Hubcaps Change Course & Fly Straight Up

Huge Disk Shaped Object With Bright Light

Husband & Wife See Four UFOs

John Reeves Revisited

John Reeves UFO

Kecksburg UFO Crash

Langenhoe Incident

Large Object Floated Out Of The Sky

Light Hovers Over Radio Tower

Lights Hover Then Fly Away

Luminous Loops Seen

Luumaki Encounter

Many Sightings Of UFOs

Margaret Brock Lighthouse Photographs

Marine Sees UFO Come Down Out Of Sky

Mining UFOs

More John Reeves UFO Details

Most Beautiful Experience

Muscarello Incident (At Exeter)

Object Explodes, And More

Object Lands On River Bank

Object Splits In Two, Then Three

Object With Rings Observed

Oval UFO Hovers Over Neighborhood

Patrol Car Illuminated By UFO

Planes Chased By Elliptical Luminous Object

Police Observe Four Objects In Diamond Formation

Possible Mining UFOs


Round, Silver Object Hovering Overhead

Round Silver Object Maneuvers Over Base

Seaman Sees Object on Beach

Sherman UFO Sighting

Sibley Sighting

Silent Hovering Craft

Six Lights Just Miss House

Speck Of Light Changes Course

Spheres Several Nights Running

St. George Multiple Witnesses Sighting

Strange Looking Object Over Homes

Strange Star Caught Our Eye

Strip Of Flashing White Lights

Sweaty Wake Up

That Was No Saturn Rocket

Three Huntington Police Officers See Flying Object

Three UFOs Spotted Over Lake Norman

Triangular Object With No Sound

Two Craft Meet, Then Depart

UFO Connects To A Water Body With A Pipe

UFO Occupant Just Stretched Legs

UFO Landing On Australian Beach

Constables Observe Object

UFO Over Mexicali, Mexico

Valensole UFO Encounter

Watched A Cylindrical Object

Westford Sighting

Yellow Round Floating Ball Of Light II

Zig Zagging Object Lands, Then Takes Off



7 Flying Disks Observed Over Wanaque Reservoir

11 Year Old Watches Craft Land

12 Year Old's Encounter

22+ Witnesses Observe a UFO Larger than a Football Stadium

Additional Information

After 40 Years Woman Vividly Recalls Terrifying Encounter

Balwyn UFO

Beams Of Light

Bent Headlight Beams

Blowing Cave Mystery

Bright Lights Changing Color

Cigar Shaped UFO Approaches Morgantown Victory (MCV-632)

Children Observe Landed UFO In Local Field

Christiansen Encounter

Cigar Shaped Object Lands

Close Up Sighting Of Circular Craft

Conisbrough UFOs

Disk Shaped Object Hovering Just Above Road

Egg Shaped UFO With Occupant

Ellsworth Air Force Base UFO

Encounter At Beverly

Encounter At Westall High School

Event At Sea

Experienced Magnetic Anomily

Five UFOs Sighted By A U.S. Navy Destroyer

Flying Saucers Hovering Above Our House

Francis E Warren AFB Visitation

Gaffney Officers Encounter Craft And More

Grinning Man

Huge, Shiny, Silver Craft Observed

Hillsdale UFO Incident

In Comes Cold

Lake Tiorati UFO

Lead Masks Case

Legend Of The Mothman

Light Followed A Landing Aircraft

Michigan Sightings

Monster Of Peter Bottom Cave

Montford Bridge UFO Incident On The A5

Motorist Drives Up To Disk In Road

Multiple Incidents Still Occurring

Multiple Reports Of UFOs

Multiple Sightings Of Color Changing UFOs

Navy Captain Chased By A UFO

Nha Trang Sighting

Object With Bright Light Bounced Up & Down

Objects Maneuver Near Launch Facilities

Oval Shaped Grayish Glowing Object

Physical Alien Encounter In Shrewsbury

Pilot Flees From Giant Cone Shaped UFO

Pilot Spooked By UFO

Plane Encounters UFO

Police Radio Dispatchers Report Flying Objects

Portage County Ohio UFO Chase

Rehoboth Sighting

Roaring River UFO Encounter

Roaring River UFO Encountered & Photographed

Robert Matthews Missing Time

Saucer Seen Over Farm II

Small UFO Seen Over Graveyard Huts

Strange Craft Seen From Fantail Of Ship

Strange Pulsating Light

Texas Abduction

Tully Flying Saucer Nest

UFO Flight 86 Over Beaver County

UFO Hovered Near Missile Launch Control Center

UFO Observed While On Troop Hike

UFO Takes 10 Minuteman ICBMs Off Alert

UFOs Over The Hamptons

UFOs Visited Our Minuteman ICBMS

Unidentified Flying Object Had Been Sighted

Unidentified Flying Object Had Been Sighted II

Unseen Craft Overhead

U.S.S. Tiru Encounter

Very Large Brilliant Blue Light Seen

Wanaque UFO

We Still Do Not Have The Technology

Whiteman Air Force Base Incident

Witness Sketches 1966 Cape Cod UFO Encounter

Wood Green UFO

Yellowish Rectangle Hanging In The Air



2 Craft Flew Over And Landed

2 Teenage Girls Watch UFO

20' To 25' Classic Circular Hovering UFO

1967 - The Year Canada Was Invaded - Without Knowing It

Abducted By Aliens In Australia

An Event On The A-338

Andreasson Affair

Aveyron Basses Pyrenees Sighting

Baton Rouge Encounters

Bob Salas UFO Sighting

Capsule Shaped Object Photographed

Christiansen Encounter

Cigar Shaped Craft Observed

Circular Object With Dome And 2 Figures

City Youth Tells Of A Strange Ship

Classic Flying Saucer Sighting

Close Encounter Of Cussac

Connersville UFO Encounter

Connie Carpenter MIB Encounter

Copper Colored UFO Seen

Craft Leaves At Amazing Speed

Cuban UFO Intercept

Curious Visitors

Denmark UFO & Entity Sighting

Devon Flying Cross

Disk Of Light Traveling At Tremendous Speed

Disk Shaped Object

Dome Shaped Object Sighted

Edmontonians Claim To See UFO

Family Witnesses UFO, Then MIBs

Fighter Planes Disappear After Close Encounter

Fireball Shape Object Over The Black Sea Shore

From A Teen's Perspective

Galesburg UFO

Half Moon Shaped Object Noticed

Harold Trudel Photographs

Henrico County Incident

Herb Schirmer Abduction

High Altitude Point Of Light

I Saw A Huge Cigar Shaped Object

Jane & Richard

Langenhoe Incident

Large Mining UFO Mining Resourses On Earth

Large UFO Seen Near Destruction Bay

Light Landing On Runway

Lights In The Nam

Lights In The Sky

Luminous Disk Shaped Tilted Object

Lunenburg County Incident

Malmstrom Air Force Base UFO/Missile Incident

Mine Workers Watch UFO

Missiles Malfunction

More Strange Lights In The Sky

Mothman Legend

Motorcyclist Encounters UFO

Motorist Hits Entity With His Car

Multiple Entity & Craft Sightings

Multiple Sightings Of Similar Object

My Father Saw A UFO

Not Such A Skeptic Anymore

Not The Shooting Star We Thought It Was

Object Just Hovered Very Close To Me

Object Seen And Photographed Over Calgary

Object With Entities Over Manufacturing Plant

Paced By A UFO

Pilots Encounter Triangle

Point Of Light Traveling Across The Sky

Point Pleasant Aftermath

Police Officer Encounters Small Alien

Power Project Examined

Repeated Sightings Of Similar UFOs

Robert Richardson Encounter With MIBs

Royal City UFO

Saucer With Lights

Saw UFO When In Vietnam, No Doubt About It

Shag Harbour Encounter

Sighting By Military Formation

Sighting In Arizona

Sighting in Sauvigny-les-Bois L’Yonne

Silvery Moon Sized Object

Small, Domed UFO With Two Occupants Seen Inside

Spheres Within Spheres

Stephen Michalak Encounter

Submerged Light Under Aircraft Carrier

Taken to an Underground Base

Teachers, 200 Children See UFO In Broad Daylight

Teen Couple Sees UFO

Tenant Farmer Dies After UFO Encounter

There's No Reason To Fear Them

Three Yellow Lights In Sky

Toddler Speaks Of Space Men & Space Craft

Translucent Object Seen

Two Brothers Photograph Object

UFO & Alien Sighting

UFO & Entity Sighting

UFO Brushes Tree Tops

UFO Disappears After Flash Of Blinding Light

UFO Interrupts Make Out Session

UFO Seen Over NCO Club

UFO Shadows Fletcher Class Destroyer

UFO Spotted By U.S.S. Willard Keith

UFO Visits Ontario Lake

Unidentified Craft Witnessed Over Syracuse University

Watched Object Move ZigZag Across Sky

Water Heater Shaped Craft

When 'C' Screams



2 Objects Make Large Circle In The Sky

2 Separate Events

4 Similar Sightings - Hours Apart

A Train, That Wasn't A Train

Blue Sky Black Beam Of Light

Bright, Star Like Object Doubles In Size

Bright, White Soundless Orb

Buff Ledge Abduction

Cao Bang Hydroelectric Project

Carlos Diaz Story

Cluj UFO Photograph

Dan Welch Abduction

Disk Shaped Domed Object Over Omaha

Dome Shaped Object Hovers Above Ground

Driver Sees UFO While In Army

Encounter At Buff Ledge

Encounter With Aliens

Enormous Cylinder UFO Observed

Fishermen Observe Disk At Sea

Flying Isosceles Triangle With Lights

Flying Rectangle

Formation Of Lights

Georgia Abduction

Ghost Road Of Scugog Island

Glowing Orange Entity

Gold, Yellow, Orange Sphere

Grichuna USO Sighting

Horror On The Stairs

I Lived In A Nest Of UFOs

Islander Sees Craft With Entities

It Hovered Over The Park

It Wasn't Sputnik Or A Satellite

Large White Light Observed

Light Being

Littleton USO

U.S.S. Stone County (LST-1141) Observes UFO In Pacific - 3 Different Accounts Of Same Sighting

Marine Observes Objects Following Jet Aircraft

Milakovic Encounter

More than 25 People Saw A Round, Dark Gray Object

Motorists See Gigantic Object

Multiple Lights, In Formation

Navy Fighter Jets Reported That Objects Had Blown Their Doors Off

Night Visitor

Oval Object Hovers In Sky

Owensboro UFO Sighting

Patrol Boat Attack

Patrol Boat PCF-12 Destroyed

Pilot Takes Evasive Action From UFO

Plate Like Object Observed

Redlands Sighting

Robert McAllister Incident

Russian UFO Crash And Recovery


Security Guard Fights Off 3 Entities

Shane Kurz Abduction

Sighting In Gleeson

Small Disk Shaped Object Weaving Between High Voltage Lines

Striking Of The HMAS Hobart

Two Brilliant Circles Of Several Lights

UFO Had Capabilities Way Beyond Anything We Have

UFO Lands In Pineapple Fields

UFO Makes Ice

UFO Seen With Contact & Near Abduction

UFO Stalks Two Boys Whitehorse

UFO Was Black, With Red Lights

UFOs Over Minot Air Force Base

U.S.S. Scorpion Sinking

Vidal Case

Waldo Encounter

While Standing At GI Corner

Witnesses Observe Near Landing Of UFO



2 Lights Moving Oddly

3 Day Sighting Onboard The British Grenadier

3 Triangle Craft Seen

Abducted At 4 or 5

Bright Luminous Object Observed

Charlie & I

Chrysler Imperial Levitated Over Road

Craft Leaves Trace Evidence

Disk With Dome Hovers Along Rural Highway

During A Training Exercise

Edge Of My Bed

Electric Blue Disk Observed

Extraterrestrial Exposure Law

Fast Moving Cylinder

Fast Moving UFO, With Jerky Stops & Starts

Finnish Pilots Observe 7 Objects

First Time It Was A Bright Light

Formation In Sky

Garrison Crop Circle

Great Isaac Cay Lighthouse

Green Cloud In Night Sky

Green Cove Springs Abduction

Group Sees Rectangular Craft With Entities

Hundreds In New Hampshire Talk About UFO Sightings

Jimmy Carter UFO Incident

Jose Antonio Da Silva Abduction

Kwajalein Atoll Sightings

Light Seen, Structure Disappears

Lights Out

Lights With Colors

Little Flying Men

Moon Sized Object Grew To Fill Entire Sky

Mother Sees Craft & Occupant

Multiple Objects Larger Than Evening Stars

Porter Creek UFO

Prince George UFO Sighting

Professional Airline Pilots Sighting UFO Over Germany

Radar Blip In Pacific

Returning Home From A Movie II

Saucer With Dome Observed

Shocking Experience In North Chilean Desert

Small Craft Responds To Boy Flashing A Flashlight

Triangle UFO Over Melvin Village

Two Dark Gray Oval Objects

U.S.S. Durant Sighting

We Witnessed Six Craft

What Jimmy Carter Really Thought About UFOs

While On Perimeter Guard Duty


Undefined In The 1970s

Adak Island Military Man With Top Secret Clearance Spots UFO

Assorted UFO Events

Brian Scott Case

London Sighting

One Night On Poca River

Terrifying Encounter With UFO

Unusual Lights In Sky

We Took The Long Way Home


3 Disks With Firetails

3 Objects Wanted To Be Seen

400 School Students Witness Huge UFO

A Strange But Very Real Fact

Algerian Sighting

Aliens Vacation At A Motel

Another Possible Abduction?

Being In My Room

Binbrook RAF Indecent

Bright & Low Flying UFOs

Bright Object Seemingly Appeared Out Of Nowhere

Bruce Gernon Flies Into...Something

Chevron Group Of UFOs

Cowichan Hospital Sightings

Craft Leaves Trail Of Mist

Death Bed Confession

Decatur CE-II Sighting

Disk Shaped Object That Sped Away

Flying Saucer Hovering Above Home

Hiding Man

Landing Marks Near Lake Anten

Langenschemmern Sighting

Large Round Brilliant Object

Linden Avenue Park Incident

Maarup Sightings

Military Sighting Of A Light That Grew To 5 Times the Size Of The Moon

Moving Red Sphere

Mystery Disk

Observed A Pure White Ball

Pseudo Sunrise

Silent Color Changing Object

Single Bright Cone Shaped Beam Of Light

Skiers Encounter Humanoid

Something Paced Us

Star Divides Itself

Surfing Aliens?

Soviet Supersonic Bomber Disappeared Without A Trace

Tagish Lake UFO Photographs

Telepathic Thought Implantation

That Was No Meteorite

Two Separate Sightings

Two UFO Flying Up & Down, Back & Forth At The Speed Of Light

UFO In Vietnam

UFO Looked Like Lunar Lander

UFO Seen While Meditating

UFO Sighting In Spring Grove

Very Large Saucer Shaped Object Seen In Field

Were These The Same Sightings?

While Walking Home

White Egg Shaped UFO

Yuma Sighting



Abductee Involved In UFO Crash

Aboard The U.S.S. New Orleans (LPD-18)

Beam Of Light Moved Quick And Low

Being Spotted On Naval Air Station

Big Headed Being

Bizarre UFO Encounter

Circular Object Noted

Costa Rica UFO Photograph

Couple Observe Bat Like UFO

Delphos Ground Trace

Disappearance Of The Stonehenge Hippies

During An Evening Stroll

Encounter At Augustine Lake

Golden Light

Grey Triangle With A Light

Holloman Film

Huge Cylinder On Hills

I Have Remembered This Sighting

It Is Claimed That...

Leaked Top Secret Photos From U.S.S. Trepang

Light That Shone Through The Window

Matlock Triangle

Military Base Encounter

Minnesota Ground Trace

Most Convincing Photograph Of A UFO

Motorist Beamed Aboard Craft

NAVFAC Eleuthera AAFB Sighting

Pinkish Strobe Lights

Radar Tracked 35 UFOs At Once

Reddish Disk Seen in Draguignan

Shiny Object Drawing Up River Water

Sighted Three Objects

Sinikka Kuittinen's Encounter

Super Bright Search Lights No Noise

Truth About UFOs

UFO Hovers Over The U.S.S. John F. Kennedy

UFO Paces Landrover

U.S.S. Bronstein (DE 1037) Meets UFO Mother Ship At Sea

Viewed 7 Lights

Woman & Her Dog Scared By UFO



1 Light Comes Down From Space

3 Lights Moved Horizontal

6 Hours Onboard A UFO

Another Train That Wasn't A Train

Apparent Satellite Made Right Angle Turns

Barbados UFO

Belgium UFO Sighting

Big Blue Light

Bright Object - Very High Speed

Camouflaged UFO

Canterbury UFO Encounter

Color & Shape Changing Object Seen

Colorado UFO

Dark Triangular Object Emitting Dread

Deming New Mexico Spacemen

Disk Object Being Forced Down Between 2 Islands

Encounter at Saint-Jean-du-Gard

Entities In Cornfield

Family Witnesses UFO

Fighter Pilots Amazing Encounters

Former Yugoslavian Army Fighter Pilots Amazing Alien Craft Encounters

Gigantic Incandescent Object Hovering Over Mall

He's 11 Feet Tall, And On Fire

Helicopter Crew Encounter UFO

Hot Pink Chevron UFO

Huge Flying Saucer

Hunters Witness Brilliant Disk Passing Over Vienna Woods

I Believe I Was About 11 Years Old

I Feel It Was Life Changing To Me

Innkeeper Watches Entities

J. Allen Hynek's Scale Of UFO Classification

Kera, Japan UFO Encounters

Lights In The Distance

Lights Under The Boat

Lydia Nikolayevna Smirnova Encounter

Malmstrom Incident Verified

Maureen Puddy's Unusual Close Encounter

McChord UFO Incident

Mercury, TX Abduction Case

Missing Time In Port Elizabeth

No Fading Of Lights

Object Emits 3 Disks

Object Was A Bright Light

Orange/Red Fireball

Pakse Tactical AFB Sighting

Pulsing Orange Light

Robotic Abduction

Saucer Shaped Object With Square Red Lights

Sognefjord USO

Spanish Soldiers Shoot At Entity

Shiny, Like Fluorescent Lamp

Silver/Blue Object Zips Across Sky

South African Police Fire At UFO

Spherical, Yellow Light Near Montego Bay Airport

Stadium Sized UFO

Still Another Train, That Wasn't A Train

Strange Gold Nugget

Strange Object Seen

Stuck In Traffic

Two Teardrop Shapes

UFO Spotted By The Navy Over The Atlantic

Unusual Abduction Of Airman & His Family

We Would Experience Nightly Light Shows

What Was UFO Over Hanoi?



3 Round Fireballs Going Over Our Home

7 Year Old Sees UFO

15 Sightings Of UFOs

Abducted In Lehi

Abduction In Waco

Abduction Somewhere Between Columbus And Mansfield

Alien Craft Shuts Power Plant Down

Black Sphere Observed Over Australia

Boys Knock On Outside Of UFO

Bradenton USO

Brothers Observe UFO

Buzzed By A White Light

Buzzing Sound From The Sky II

Chugiak Possible Abduction

Corroborative Sighting Of Edith Boatright

Coyne Helicopter Incident

Dionisio Llanca Abduction

Disk Seen Hovering Above The Clouds

Domed Disk Near Airliner - Confirmed By Radar

Doraty Abduction

Eglin Air Force Base Sighting

Entity Walks Straight Up A Wall

Fireball Over Bogota

Flight Medic Crew See UFO

Gabriella Versacci's Abduction & Encounter

Glowing UFO & Physical Trace Event

Greenish Light Seen Above Road

Hochries Mountain UFO

Humanoids And An Ape

Husband & Wife See Entities In Road

I See The Craft So Clear

Interesting UFO Encounter

Isle Of Wight Encounter

It's Not The Only Time

Kent Sighting

Large Fireball Like Object

Light Traveling At A High Rate Of Speed

Lyndia Morel Encounter

Object Hung Silently Above Our Town For Almost 3 Hours

Pascagoula Abduction Interview

Pascagoula, Mississippi Abductions

Physics Teacher Sees UFO Squadron

Piedmont Missouri Sightings

Saw A Bright Yellow Fireball

Saw Fast Moving Blip On The Radar Scope

Seen UFO Close Up

Serving Aboard The U.S.S. Mount Whitney

Shape Changing UFO

Sighting Aboard Coast Guard Cutter

Star was Moving From East To The West

Strange Lights In The African Sky

Strange Lights

UFO At Kam Drive In

UFO Invasion Of 1973

UFO Sightings In Delaware County

UFO Splashes Into Water

UFO Stops A Train

UFO Taking In Water - Entities Observed

Underground Base Reveals Disk Shaped Craft & Dead Aliens

Uruguayan Spheres

Wreck At Hunter Army Airfield



3 Boys Watch Craft Land On River Bank

3 Silver Spheres

3 Small Boys Witness UFO Landing

5 Strange Beings

Abduction Of Carl Higdon

Arch Over Road

Aveley Abduction

Bizarre Alien Abduction In Japan

Bright, Huge & Shape Changing Object

Bright Amber/Orange Spherical Light Moving Erratically At Night

Bright Colored Light Flying

Caerau Woods

Carl Higdon Abduction

Couple Observes Disk Over Surrey

Couple Observes UFO, Entities & Trace Evidence

Couple Observes UFO, Robots & Trace Evidence

Daylight Sighting From 750'

Disk Low Above Houses

Domed Saucers Leave Tracks

Election Night Sighting

Enormous UFO Shaped Like The Giant Cross Of Lorraine

Entities & Craft Seen In Belgium

Farm Children See Two Orange Nocturnal Lights

Fast Flying Arrowhead

Flying Saucer Shaped Craft Sighted

Fossil Hunter Finds UFO

Gold Sphere Traveling At Tremendous Speed

Huge Fireball With Long Tail

Huge Ring Of Red & Green Lights

Huge Ship & 3 Smaller Craft Seen By Salesman

I Could Have Reached Out And Touched The UFO

I Knew It Was A UFO

Kristina Florence Abduction

Lighted Object Pacing Us

Look! A Fireball!

Look Ma! No Hands

Man Hanging In Air Above House On Box

Man Sees UFO, Chased By Entities

Man Sized Black Circle

Mexican UFO Crash

Motorcyclist Meets 2 Entities

Mystery Of The Betz Sphere

Object Seen Over Wales

Purple Light Moving South

Ride To The Concert

Robots In Quebec

Roiling Red/Orange Disk

Saucer Photographed In Varnamo

Scotty Beamed Us Up

Seeing Is Believing

Sighting Near Surrey

Silver Circular Craft Above Hay Field

Silver Cylinder Hovering

Spaceship Was Shaped Like 2 Spheres

Sphere In Sky

Three Bright Lights Follow Close

UFO Appeared In Trouble

UFO Crash In Llandrillo

UFO Over Puerto Rico

UFO Was So Low It Almost Touched My Head

UFO with Occupants Hover Over Farm

Underwater Light Outruns Navy's Ship

Vallentuna UFO Episode

Watched Silver Ship Stationary In Sky

Welsh Roswell Incident

While In The Navy...

William Bosak Encounter

Witnessing A Metal Disk

Young Boy Calls In UFO Sighting

Ypsilanti Something



3 UFOs Escort A Mexican Piper PA-24

5 Strange Looking Entities Abduct Young Man

10 Or 15 Round Objects

Abduction Of Air Force Sergeant Moody

Alien Encounter In Oran

Alois Olenick Sighting

Be Careful What You Wish For

Black Triangular Shaped Craft Over Manchester

Bright Ball Of Light Traveling Straight Up

Bronze Cigar Shaped Object

Cigar Shaped & Gold In Color

Close Encounter Of Over Sized Gnomes

Co-Workers See Monk Like Entity

Commercial Flight Forced To Make Emergency Landing Because Of A UFO

Cop Sees Massive UFO In Vermont

Cows Running Wild

Cube UFO Observed

Devils Den

Dull Metallic 9" Sphere Seen

Edward Hunter Reserve UFO

Encounter And Possible Abduction In West Orange, NJ

Encounter Revealed After Almost 40 Years

Entities Collecting Samples

Everyone Saw It, Except Myself

Farmer Watches, And Smells Bright Light Changes To 2 Lights

Front Yard Trace Evidence

Hat Shaped UFO With 2 Smaller Satellite Objects

Hexagonal UFO Seen

Huge Black Disk In Sky

Huge Circle Of Small Lights

Huge Electric Green Light Bulb

Huge, Silent Sphere Follows Family Home

I Saw A Flying Object Hovering In The Sky

I Wasn't Supposed To See What I Saw

Lights Appear To Be Stars

Loring Air Force Base Nuclear Weapons Storage Intrusion

Man Boards Craft & Taken For A Ride

Many Points Of Brilliant Lights

Missing Time While Visiting Friend

Montenegro Air Force General Speaks Out About His UFO Encounter

Moving Black Mass At Sea Level In The Caribbean

Navy Pilots Witness Disk Over Pensacola, Florida

Nejdet Boyanay's Long Term Relationship With An Alien

No Little Green Men Here

North Dakota UFO Sighting

North Hudson Park UFO

Oh, It's Only A UFO

Orange, Cigar Shaped UFO

Overhead UFO In Tehran

RB-47 UFO Encounter

Sao Paulo UFO

Silent Enormous Disk Shaped Craft

Silver Disk High In Blue Sky

Six Of Us Saw A UFO

Something We Saw Killed Our Car Battery

Star Circling Another Star

Strange UFO Observed

Summerville Light

They Could Taste Something Like Gas

Travis Walton Abduction

Triangle Craft Larger Than A 747

Two Sightings In Wales

UFO Over Brasilia

UFOs Intrude Into SAC Base Weapons Areas

United States Air Force Involved In Disk Craft

Hampton Roads' Long, Strange History With UFOs

Whirling Sound Above Us

Wurtsmith Air Force Base Sighting

Young Girl Watches UFO



3 Globular Lights

3 Strange Little People

14 Young Hikers Encounter Saucer Shaped Object


Allagash Abductions

Aluminum Boat Magnetized By USO

Anonymous Witness Encounters UFO

Blinking Red Something

Bowles & Pratt Encounter

Boys On Camping Trip Report UFO

Canary Island Alien UFO

Cannon Air Force Base UFO Incident

Close Encounter Near Leeds

Dancing Orbs

Dr. Herbert Hopkins MIB Encounter

Entity Heard & Seen

Fast Moving & Brightly Lit, Huge Object

Glowing Giant

Horrible Looking Black Bird

Humanoid Sighting In Baracaldo

I Am Karen

Janaillat Abduction

Johnny Sands Case

Kettering Incident

La Aurora Ranch, Uruguay UFO Sighting

Large Metallic Disk During Thunderstorm

Mysterious and Deadly Barroso Incident

North Reddish Sighting

Object Emitted Two Smaller Objects

Police Officer's Repeated Sightings

Private Security Guard Spots UFO & Entity

RCMP Mountie Silenced

Rota UFO

Rumworth Lodge Incident

Salesman's Car Stalls During UFO Sighting

Several Witnesses View Oval Shaped Object

Shirley Fickett's Interview With Dr. Hopkins

Shirley Greenfield Encounter

Silent Cigar Shaped Object Over Yuba City

Soldiers Shoot At Unknown Entity

Stanford UFO Abductions

Struck By Light Beam In Oulu

Tehran UFO Incident

UFO Seen By Many In Namibia

UFO Follows School Bus

Vermont Abduction Scenario

Warren Air Force Base Incident



2 Beings In The Windows

2 UFOs Enter & Emerge From Ocean II

3 Boys Frightened By Creatures From UFO

6 Witnesses See UFO

1977 Broad Haven Class Said They Saw A UFO

A 5 Minute Meeting

A Sighting In Parkstone

Air Force Light Plane Encounters Object

Alsworth Air Force Base Encounter

Apiarist Finds Himself Aboard A UFO

Bizarre UFO Witnessed At RAF Boulmer

Blount County UFO

Brightly Lit UFO

Buzzing & Humming Noise

Camper Tells His Story

Cigar Shaped Craft With Portholes

Colares Island UFO Encounter

Corporal Armando Valdes 5 Day Saga

Dover Devil

Dover Demon

Flora, Mississippi UFO Mystery

Gisborne Close Encounter

Huge Winged Craft

Humanoids With Glowing Belts

Incident At Fort Benning GA

Large UFO With Smaller Objects

Little Italy Roof Top Sighting

Magnificent Glowing White Oval Shaped Object

Man has Close Encounter With UFO

Night La Mesa Stood Still

Occupant Case In Tucson

Orange Colored Circle, That Moved

Operation Saucer - The Brazilian Roswell

Paciencia Abductors

Petrozavodsk Phenomenon


Road Trip Sighting

Ronnie Dawson

Saucer With Multi Colored Lights

Saw Cigar Shaped Craft

Security Guard Sees Oval UFO

Stadium Sighting

Telepathic Invitation

Tom Dawson Abduction

Two Fuzzy Glowing Orange Lights

UFO Experience

UFO In Indiana

UFO Landing In West Pittsburg

UFO Photographed Over The Giza Pyramids

UFO With Occupants

UFO With Occupants

Ulysses Abduction

Underwater Humanoid Entities

United Airlines Flight 94

Very Close Encounter With C&O Train

Witness Sketches Details From Low Hovering UFO

Woman And Niece Observe Entities

Yugoslavian UFO Incident



2 Sightings In Italy

6 Bright Blue Orbs

Abducted As A Child

Abducted While Hanging Out Washing

Abduction In Germany Of Pregnant Woman

Airplane Encounter

Alien Encounter Of Juan Perez

Bill Herrmann Abduction

Campers View Large Triangular Object

Childhood Sighting

Clarenville, Newfoundland, Canada - 2 Separate Sightings

Clarenville UFO Sighting

Craft And Tall Being Observed

Craft Observed & Missing Time

Cullen Abduction

Disappearance Of Caribbean Flight 912

Emilcin Case

Escazu, Costa Rica Sighting

Fire Creature Observed

Frederick Valentich UFO Mystery

Gerena Humanoid Encounter

I Was Abducted By Alien Beings

Grey Alien Shot And Killed At USAF Base

John Mann Family Abduction

Kaikoura Lights

Long Cigar Shape Object

Man Sees Craft, Beamed Aboard

Mickie & Kathy Experience Something

Misappearance Of Steven Kubacki

Motorist Sees Humanoid Being from UFO

Mountain Home AFB Hybrid Alien Childhood Encounter

My Dog & Myself Were Abducted

Nunez Case

Nyons Sighting/Encounter

Object Raised Vertically From Lake

Ocala Sighting

Pilot Sighting Of Glowing Orange Sphere

Police Officer Suffers Burns From A UFO

Pregnant Woman Encounters Insectoids

Red Orb Observed

Retired General In Encounter With Banana Shaped Object

Rimini Encounter

Saucer Seen Over Farm

Sayama Alien Encounter

Soldier Meets His Doppelganger

Somers Road Sighting

Tony Dodd Sighting

Travelers Observe UFO & Occupant

UFO Crash In Bolivia

UFO Investigator Meets A MIB

UFO Lands On Farm In Missouri

UFO On Collision Course With Private Plane

UFO Was Not Of This World

UK School Teacher Observes UFO

Veteran Pilot Encounters UFO With Portholes

Watchmen Encounters Enormous Green Creature

While Driving Down The A-5

Zanfretta Alien Abductions



46 Years Of Sightings

Aircraft Carrier Sized Object

Bayamon Puerto Rico Encounter

Blonde Alien Tells Secrets

Bridgewater Triangle UFO

Circular White Object Seen

Couple Abducted In Brazil

Filiberto Cardenas Encounter & Abduction

Harry Turner Incident

Jardim Alvorada Affair

Large UFO Flies Low Over Couple's Home

Lynda Jones Abduction In Didsbury

Mince Pie Martians

Manises UFO Incident

Metallic Saucer Shaped Object

Mindalore Incident

Mini UFOs

Mud Bay Humming Birds

Multiple Incidents Still Occurring - Part 2

Mysterious Gnomes of Wollaton Park

New Jersey Close Encounter

Night Of The Living Dolls

Russian Cosmonaut Observes UFO

Robert Taylor Abduction

Silvertown Korea Entity Encounter

Spanish Airspace Radar Visual

Star Shaped Objects Observed

Twenty Nine Palms

Val Johnson UFO Incident

Veteran Pilot Encounters UFO

Wabasca Abduction

We Witnessed An Object On The Ground


Undefined In The 1980s

Rural Visitor

Russian Cosmonaut Sightings


Abduction Of Myrna Hansen

Aircraft Disappears & UFO Observed

Alien Looked As If On Fire

Awoken By A Glowing Green Figure

Kirtland Air Force Base Encounter

Alan Godfrey Abduction

Couple Observes UFO

Cash/Landrum Encounter

Do UFOs Correct Calendar Watches?

Edmonton UFO Sighting

Five Entities Observed

Glennallen UFO Sighting

Huge Crimson Orb

Illuminated Creature

Memory Robbed

Mrs. Hollins UFO/MIB Encounter

Multiple Incidents Still Occurring - Part 3 - Mind Control

Peter Rojcewicz MIB Encounter

Pilot Fires On UFO In Only Documented Case

Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident

Rhein-Main Air Base UFO Sightings

Rock Shaped Objects Observed

Rosedale UFO

Russian Cosmonauts Saw 100' Tall Aliens

Russian Ufologist/Biologist Saw Saucer Land In 1980

Strange Disappearance Of Granger Taylor

Swedish Team Hunts For Ghost Rocket

Toronto Sighting

UFO At Vo Tech Center

UFO Shoots Beam at 4 Boys

Vedder River UFO

Young Boy Struck By UFO Beam

Zigmund Adamski



2 Long Objects

2 UFOs Traveling Together

A Dream...Or Shock Reality?

Abel Boro

Airline Pilot Sees Object Over Lake Michigan

Asum Funen Denmark Close Encounter

Burnt By A UFO Laser Beam

Fishing Crews Observe Large Conical Object

Hannah McRoberts Photographs

Jamaica Humanoid Sighting

Jane Murphys Alien Abduction & Seduction

Large UFO Seen By Couple

Lintel Lake Incident

Low Flying UFO Sighted

Multi Colored UFO Paces Family In Temuka

Object Observed Entering Water

Project Hessdalen - The Hessdalen Lights

Reagan Briefing

Sighting In Reading

Strange Case Of The St. Helens UFO

Trans-en-Provence Case

UFO Sighting In Maine

Vancouver Island Photograph



A Soldier's Story: UFOs Over The Falklands

A Strange Craft Coming Out Of The Woods, Above The Trees

An Incubus Attack

Buzzing Sound From The Sky

Disk Shaped UFO Seen In Messel

Don't Tell Anyone

It Cast A Huge Shadow

Leicester Close Encounter

Lit Object Moving And Then Hovering Above Hay Field

Ota Air Base UFO Incident

Palettes Close Encounter

Student Pilot & Instructor Encounter UFO

UFO Dehydrated Amaranth Plants

UFO Over Laxou

Ulysses Abduction

U.S.S. Yellowstone AD-41 & A USO




Dr. Kary Mullis's Encounter

Albert Burtoo Abduction

Copely Woods Encounter

Encounter In Alabama

Encounter Of Kathy Davis

Inverted Trapezoid

Glastonbury Close Encounter

Lights On The Bug River

Man Who Made It Rain Inside

Military Aircraft Chased UFO Over Slupsk

Strange Case Of Tasca

The Oz Factor

Unidentified Enormous Craft on Legs

U.S.S. Tuscaloosa (LST-1187) Encounters UFO At Sea

While Stashing Beer



Angels Seen In Space

Bethel Abduction

Clarksburg Sighting

Hudson Valley UFO Sightings II

Husband & Wife Truckers Tell Of Sighting

Isidoro Ferri Encounter

Multiple Incidents Still Occurring - Part 4 - The Craft

Rosendale UFO

Soviet Merchant Ship Gori UFO Sighting

Triangle Sighting In Germany

Zeller Incident



Abduction & Encounters In Lower Silesia

Another Boomerang Shaped UFO

Bagshot Heath Encounter

Cigar Shaped UFO With Windows Seen

Dark Triangular Shaped Craft

It Fell From The Sky

Juneau USO Sighting

Multiple Sightings Over Alberta

Mystery Of Train #1702

Poughkeepsie Boomerang

Russian Version Of Violent Extraterrestrial Encounter From KGB


Triangle Shaped Object



Blackbird Of Chernobyl

Brazilian UFO Flotilla

Bright, Glowing Object Hovers Over Old Crow

Chard Town Event

Couple In Norway See UFO

Cynthia Crawford Hybrid?

Ghost By Stairs

Gray Alien Named Sen

Great Attractor

Height 611

JAL Encounters UFO Over Alaska

Munros Point Sighting

My Shadow Person Encounter

Pursuaded To Be Taken To Pine Bush

Safety Officer At Chernobyl Tells Tale Of Creature In Reactor

Salthill UFO Sighting

Stoke-on-Trent UFO

UFO Seen From U.S. Navy Ship

Unknown Craft Crashes In Russia



Abduction Of Jason Andrews

Abduction On North Canol Road

Amarillo UFO Sighting

Bret Oldham Abductions

Christa Tiltan Abduction

Chinese Village That Went Missing Overnight

Close Encounter In Connecticut

Detective Sergeant Observes Slow Moving Boomerang

Florida Man Sees UFO

Meoqui Dolls

MIBs Contact Radio Personality

My Son Possessed

Newtown Lights

North Island UFO Sighting

UFO Encounters Over Wytheville

UFO Observed While On National Guard Rotation



2 Orbs And 1 Humanoid

Bonnie Jean Hamilton Abduction

Chennai City Madras India Sighting

Coast Guard Encounters UFOs

Family UFO Encounter In Australia

Fast Moving Big Bright Light

Five Or Six Boomerang Shaped UFOs

Grey Aliens Took Man

Homer UFO

Missing Parent & Encounter

Mother & Daughter Abducted While Walking To Work

North Salem Sighting

On Our Way To A INXS Concert

Orange Triangular Cone

Possible Mt. Orab Crash

Radio News Said It Was A Meteor Shower

Reigate UFO Sighting

Salter Encounter

Sibling Abduction

Student Pilot & Instructor Spot UFO

Tunis Sighting

UFO Witnessed By Over 7,500

West Seattle Sighting

Whidbey Island UFO



2 Women Encounter Alien Entities

43 Witness UFO And Creature

Arrowhead Triangle Spotted

Contact In Eastern Europe

Brooklyn Bridge Abduction

Carp - Guardian Incident

El Yunque Sighting

Fifteen Minutes Of Fame

Hess Abduction

Interview With The Aliens

King and Queen County Incident

Large Object Over Duclair

Moriches Bay UFO Retrieval

Orlando Abduction

Pilot Andrew Danziger Sighting

UFO Hovers Russian Military Base Near Nuclear Site

USS Midway USO Encounter

Phobos II Incident

Russian UFO Crash

Russian UFO Landing & Aliens

Sooner State Sighting

Truck Drivers Amazing Alien Encounter

UFOs Put On Light Show

U.S.S. Memphis Event

You Won't Remember This


Undefined In The 1990s

Family Vacation Sighting

Oromocto, New Brunwick Triangle UFO

Out In The Middle Of Nowhere

Silent UFO Shines Spotlight


Atalanti Case

Belgium Triangle UFO Sightings

Blue Sphere Obsereved

Calvine/Pitlochry UFO

Fly Me To...

French UFO Wave

Greifswald Lights

Hertfordshire Sighting

Mass UFO Sightings Over Montreal

Multiple UFOs Over Greece

Petit-Rechain Triangle

RAF Tornado Takes Evasive Action From UFO

Small Fleet Of UFOs

Soldier Reports 1990 Alien Encounter At Fort Rucker

Tipperary MIB Encounter

UFO Sighted Over Hotel

UFO Sightings Over France

Unknown Object Crashes In Central Greece

Westchester Abductions

Years Of Mystery



9' Long Khaki Colored UFO

Airline Encounters

Alex Christopher Abduction

Carp, Guardian, Incident

Central Asia's Roswell

Craft Spotted In The Puerto Rico Rain Forest

Grangemouth Electric UFO Photograph

Hovering Triangular Craft

Jared Lee Encounter

Melinda's Abduction

Mexico City Mass Sighting

More South Africa UFO Flap

Object Appeared As A Hoberman Sphere

Strange Midnight Encounter

UFO/USO Encounter

V Shaped Formation Over Arabian Desert

While Camping One Night



86 Year Old Woman Recounts Close Encounter With UFO

A70 Abductions

Air Force Captures Damaged UFO

Almunecar, Granada/Andalusia Sighting

American Officer Keeps Silent

Bonnybridge's Alien Mystery

Daylight Encounter With An Unusual Being

Did An Alien Spacecraft Land In Southern Colorado?

Flat Orange Shaped UFO

Four UFO Sightings In Elk River

Gagetown Incident

Grinning Man In Black

Mother & Daughter Observe Light

Noticed Unidentified Lights

Patrolman Encounters UFO

Peter Khoury Abduction

Pilot Encounters 6 Alien Craft

Strange Happenings

Strange Lime Grove Encounter

Strange Blue Light Over Wales

Southaven Park UFO Crash

Yellowish Orb Over Deactivated Nuclear Plant



Another UFO Encounter In Germany

Cosford Incident

Craft Headed Towards Vereeniging

Erwin Lohre & Wife Experience UFO

Filiberto Caponi Encounter

Maslin Beach Incident

Mexico City Large Triangle Sightings

Police Helicopter & UFO Have Dogfight Over Kentucky

Kelly Cahill Alien Abduction

National Security Risk

State Trooper Sees UFO

UFO Sighting In Sasolburg

UFO Sighting In Sri Lanka



1994 Pennine Hills Missing Time Incident

Air France Flight 3532 Sighting

Blue Orb Over Portland

Bright Lights Over La Crosse

Cando Event

Close Encounter Of The 5th Kind

Close Encounters Of The 5th Kind II

Disappearance Of The UK's Most Spectacular UFO Photo

Encounter During Recess

Infant Abduction

Gigantic Flat Black Craft

Holland Michigan Sightings

Huge Light Approaching

Man Observes Cone Shaped Object

Meng Zhaoguo Abduction

Metallic Disk Shaped Object

MiG-21 Fighter Pilot's Chilling Encounter

Mongo Photograph

Oakville Goo

Oval Shaped Black Disks

Story that 48 Hours Missed

Triangle Shaped Object Follows Car

Trumbull County UFO Incident

UFO In A Street

Unusual Sighting

Mystery Over The Highway

Warrenton UFO Sighting

Witness Names Military Installation From UFO Encounter



A Sighting In The Hills

2 Cuban Sightings

Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 727 Sighting

Alien Implants - Alleged Alien Abductees Have Anomalous Objects Surgically Removed From Their Bodies

America West UFO

BBQ Abductions

Ben Rich - Deathbed Confession

Boyd Bushman - Deathbed Confession

Bright Light Changes To 2 Lights

Car Stop UFO Encounter

Cary Gordon Trantham's Close Call

Church Group Paced By UFO

Clump Of Fog

Corner Brook Sighting

Dr. Karla Turner About Alien Abductions<

Dramatic Sighting In The Outskirts Of Cordova

FAA Communications Transcript

Fleet Of UFOs Seen

Green Sphere, Apparent Size Of Moon

Ides Of March

Invited Aboard & Healed

Large Disk Observed By 2

Leah Haley Abduction - Fact Or Fantasy?

Manchester Airport UFO

Million Man March Had Visitors?

More South Africa UFO Flap

Object Moves Around Plane

Redfish Point Sighting

Report On Near Miss With UFO

Salta UFO Crash

South Africa UFO Flap

Southeastern States All Report UFO

Spherical UFO Photographed

UFO Abductee Katharina Wilson Experienced 119 Abductions

UFO Had Near Miss With Boeing 737

Was Contact Being Made?

Wingless Object



36 Alien Races

1996 Fife Incident

Alien Lifeform

Abducted By Aliens

Alien Encounter Of Jonathan Reed

Alleged UFO Crash In Ireland

Chief Of Police Sighting

Cleveland Lights

Dome Shaped Object Over Pont de Salars

Electrician Declares UFO Abduction

Erasmuskloof Sighting

Giant UFO Over The Yukon Gold Fields

Glowing Disk Videoed

Guillermo del Toro UFO Sighting

Hungarian UFO Snapshot

I Thought UFO Was A Car

Just Watch The Birdies

Klondike Highway UFO Encounter

Lithuanian UFO Sighting

Man & His Best Friend Startled

More About Crash Retrievals

Observed Small Figure

Orlando Sighting

Pilot Encountered An Enormous Cone Shaped UFO

Sergeant Observes Floating Light

Something In The Hedge

Stockton On Tees Sighting

Valley Alabama UFO Picture

UFO Causes Media Hysteria

UFO Clusters

UFO Crash Over Israel

UFO Follows Witnesses

UFO Melts Hole In Railway Sleeper In Cheshire

UFO Over Pretoria

UFO Spotted By Police On East Coast Of Britain

UFO With Occupants

Varginha UFO Incident

Wash Incident

Wedge Shaped Craft Over Ireland

Westendorff UFO Sighting



2 Men In Gray

3 Year Old Girl Abducted

Abduction with Missing Time In Wales

Abduction In North Wales

Abduction By The Greys In Bloomer

Aliens Came To See The Comet

Attention Turned To Light In Sky

Boyne Island UFO

Captured Something Very Strange

Christmas Eve UFO

Cigar Shaped UFO Created Crop Circle

Coimbra Sighting

Could It Have Been A UFO?

Hovering Light

Howden Moor Incident/Sheffield Incident

Saw a Circular UFO With Lights

I Thought It Was A Fireworks Display

Iowa Family's Experience

Large Triangular Object Observed

My Only Sighting Ever

Near Miss With UFO

Northern Croatia UFO Sighting

Northwest Lights

Oscillating, Orange Object Mesmerizes 2 Brothers

Phillip H. Krapf's Abduction By The The Verdants

Phoenix Lights

President of the World Chess Federation Claims Abduction

Regular Abductions Since Childhood

Sailing Ship Observes UFO

Shepherdstown Flash

St. Petersburg Incident

St. Thomas UFO

Strange Moving UFO

Switzerland Sighting

Three Meetings With Humanoid Beings

Triangle In Scotland

UFO Approached

UFO Hovers And Darts Like Dragonfly

USAF Witness 3 Large Craft

Veteran Observes UFO

Warning! Private Property - Trespassers Will Be Terrified

We Saw A Red Ball

Woman Observes A UFO



2 Balls Of Light

4 Objects Merge Into 1

Alien Implants

Alien Implants - Scientific Analysis Of An Alien Implant

Alien Implants - The Basics

Anyone See Something Like This?

Big Month For UFO Sightings

Bizarre Encounter At Sea

Blue/Green Sphere Over Washington State

Bright Light Conceals UFO

Brighton Sighting

Chile Sightings

Cosmic Forces Made Themselves Visible

Dark Purple, Blimp Shaped UFO

Entire Sky Was Lit Up

Entity In Bedroom

Event In Area Of Lutterbeck, Germany

Graaff-Reinet Sighting

Object Was Unseen At The Time

Observed A Reddish Colored Light

Original Black Eyed Kids Story

Possible Alien Abduction In Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Sighting In Fridley

Sighting In Tindouf

UFO Baffles Aviation Experts

UFO Investigator Surprised By Recent Disclosures

UFOs Repeatedly Visit Chile's Biggest Dam

UFO/Sphere Spotted Over Many Towns In Washington State

Unidentified Blip

Unique UFO

Very Bright White/Gold Light

Very Large T Shaped Craft Seen

While Doing Chores



Carlyle Lake Abduction

Charter Jet Encounters UFO

Croatia Alien Sighting

Daylight UFO Observed

Elk Abducted In Washington State Wilderness

Enormous Ball Of Light

Glowing Human Sized Object/Entity Watched

Guyra Dam Mystery

Intensely Fast Green Glowing Fireball

It Was Actually A Vimana

Long Tube Like Object With Small Lights

Metallic, Cigar Shaped Object Observed

Munising, MI UFO Sighting

Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati Sightings

Palmer Brothers Disappearance

Prestwick Incident

Red Light Near Prescott

Saw Bright Lights Approaching

Saw Something In The Sky

Swedish Military Search For Fallen UFO In Lake

Temple Of The Bi Headed Serpent

Triangle Sighting Witnessed By Many

Triangular Craft Sighted

UFO Gleans Water From A Military Base

UFO Took 30 Minutes To Pass Overhead

UFO Sighting In Belarus

UFOs Spotted Twice In Wisconsin

Welsh UFO Wave

Winter Hill MIB Case

Yellow Boots


Undefined In The 2000s

Colin Perks & MIBs

UFOs Over Nuclear Power Plant

While Airborne


3 Orange Lights Coming Over The Tree Line

A Hole In The Sky

Black Eyed Kids III - The Portland Kids

Boomerang Shaped Craft

British MoD Condign Report

Disk Seen Over Cloverdale Elementary School

Event Around The Time Of The Millenium

Incident At Jacko Lake

Hamilton Sighting

Man In Elevator

Las Pinas UFO

Shadow Beings I

Bonsall UFO

Illinois UFO Sightings

Interesting St. Louis To Cleveland Flight

Large Craft With Blue Ionized Gas

Multiple Incidents Still Occurring - Part 5 - Missed Opportunity

Object Looked Like Star Went Across Sky North To South

Objects Performing Unbelievable Maneuvers

Phillip: Alien Abduction Survivor

Randsburg Sighting

Shadow Being, Or Something On Drive Home

Strange Magazine Salesman

Triangle Over House

Triangle Sighted

Triangle UFO Sighted At Idaho Mountain

UFO Encounter At Little Fox Lake

UFO Photographed At Rumney, New Hampshire

Unidentified Triangular Craft

Warden Sighting

Weird Flying Humanoid Encounter



Amy Rylance Abduction

Arizona Desert UFO

Bright Oval Shaped Object

Buena Vista Sighting

Close Sighting Of Large Triangular Object

Creepy Experience

Encounter During Family Picnic

Humanoids Spotted

Hungarion Pilot Films Disk

I Felt Like I Won The Lottery

Kidnapped By UFOs?

Massive Wing Like Object At Mary Lake

No Fly Zone

Triangle Shaped Object Over Interstate

Warren County Ohio UFO Sighting



25 Witnesses Observed A Black Object

Andrews Air Force Base UFO Activity

Black Eyed Salesman

Circular Object Appears To Float

Demanding Kids At Door

Family Observes Saucer

Large Circle Of Light And Beam

Lightning Ridge UFO Incident

Missing Time Phenomenon

Not Quite The Big Dipper

Paintsville Kentucky UFO Train Collision

Round Yellow Light Makes Erratic Maneuvers

Saucer Shaped Craft With Legs

Todd Sees Incident

Triangle UFO Watched

UFO Pursuit In Southern Cordoba

Washington, D.C. Jet Chase

Wicklow, Ireland Sighting

Xiamen Airlines Sighting



3 Entities In Sczecinek

Air Shows & UFOs

Ankara Sighting

Black Triangle Over Kingston

Boeing 727-223 Disappearance

Close Daytime Sighting

Craft Appeared As Waiting To Be Inspected

Frisbee Shaped Object

Ghostly Black Eyed Kid Seen

Homestead UFO Sighting

Horrifying Alien Abduction Of Corina Saebels

I Hear You Knocking, But You Can't Came In

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala Pinkish Object

Light Beams Over Iran

Lighted Panel Of Lights Gliding Silently Across Sky

Longbridge MIB Encounter

Missing Time In British Columbia

One Night Camping

Prairie Village Hovering Triangle

Screaming Sounds Linked To UFO

Strange Object In Izmir

Strange Objects Sighted Over Edirne

Strange Sighting Over Trakya

Suloglu Sighting

Triangle Craft Seen Over Kansas

UFO Harassing Airplane

UFO Photographed In Poland

UFO Shocks Jet Passenger In Italy

Unexplained Lights Over Marine Armored Column

What Was That Cigar Shaped Object?



3 Or 4 Objects Moving Around Each Other

3 Disk Shaped UFOs Photographed

2004 Iran UFO Sighting

Aer Lingus Jet Damaged By UFO

Air Traffic Controller Receives A Report Of UFOs

Campeche Incident

Canary Islands UFO

Cigar Shaped UFO Over Denmark

Circular Object Over Fairbanks

Craft Flying Low Over I-5

Flashes Of Light

Flying Triangle Over Vancouver

Glowing Object Crosses Over Road

Guangdong Province Sightings

I'm Still Not Sure What I Saw

Inverted Orange Triangle

Large Dark Object Travels Across Sky

Large Disk Shaped Domed Top Craft

Large Triangular Craft Spotted

Mexican Air Force Pilots Film 11 UFOs

Monte Novo UFO Photograph

More Black Eyed Kids In Oregon

Multiple Objects Seen Over The Philippines

Neebing Sighting

Object In Contrail

One To Four Unusual Lights

Orange Sphere In Luxemburg

Retired Naval Pilot Describes UFO Sighting

Sighting In Belgium

Spherical Shiny Object Hovering Over Wooded Area

Triangle Shaped Object Flying Overhead

UFO Over Tree Tops

UFO Sighting Over Barcelona

UFOs In Havana

UFOs Over Lanzarote

UFOs Return Duranguesado

Winchester Woman



2 Large Black Triangles Move Over San Francisco

Abandoned Coal Mine Sighting

Abduction In Florida

Anne Williams Shadow Person Encounter

Army Vet Spots Rapidly Moving Spherical Object

Bangladesh Pilot Films UFO During A Training Flight

Black Triangle Over Paducah

Cylindrical Object Over St. Louis

Disk Shaped Object Photographed

Engineer Sees Silent Black Triangle

Flat Triangle With 3 Lights

Glowing Metallic UFO Seen Twice Over Fresno

High Bentham Incident

Homer Indiana Landing II

Ignat Buhushun's Missing Time

Lights Flying Low Across Road

Long Craft Spotted

Mertyn Sighting

Navy Veteran Observes Large Cigar Shaped UFO

North Kansas Sighting

Object With No Wings Or Tail Fins

Possibly A Shooting Star?

Reporter Goes Missing

Roseville & Rocklin Sighting

Saucer Shaped Craft Over Sarajevo

Sighting In Pygra

Sightings In Northern Greece

St. Thomas UFO II

Sighting Over Santo Domingo

Sisters Sight Rapidly Moving Object

Three UFOs Photographed In Connecticut Forest

Three Yellow Lights

Triangle/Circle Shaped Object

Triangular Shaped Object Seen Over Murray

UFO Captured In Photograph

UFO Crash Near Dutton

UFO Zooming Up Over Simferopol



7 Lights In A Triangular Formation

Adrian & Alex's Abduction

Barbell Shaped Object

Beyond Supernatural

Bonners Ferry Sighting

Brandenburg Sighting

Chicago O'Hare UFO Sighting

Chilliwack Sighting

Commotion In San Jose

Couple Witness Triangle Over Their Home

Croatia Sighting

Different But Similar Gagetown Event

Face To Face Contact

I Was Convinced Alien Life Existed

Irish Police Helicopter Encounter

It Didn't Just Fall From The Sky, It Was Put There

It Was Like A Big Star

Laser Like Light

Marcia Burke Encounter

Men Terrified By Object Inside A Smoke Ring

Metallic Disk Observed Over San Francisco Bay

Night Watchman Observes Object Over Lake

Object With Bright Light

Orange Light Flies Over Granada

Photographs Of Metallic Object

Police Chief & 17 Officers See A Strange Light

Red, Star Like Object

Rooskey Lake Sighting

Sighting In Northbrook

Sightings In Tacoronte

Triangle Over Knik

UFO Flotilla Photographed Over Spain?

UFO Fly Over

UFO, Or Bolide, Who's Telling The Truth?

Unusual Object Over Ljubljana

Vale do lobo Sighting

Victor Zdorov's UFO Sightings



4 Objects Spotted

Alien Implants - Is There Finally Proof Of Alien Implants In Human Bodies?

Alien Implants - Leading Surgeon Removes Suspected Alien Implants From People

Bank Of Misty Orange Lights

Black Eyed Vampire

Bright White Light In The Sky

Carpenter Films UFO

Channel Islands UFO

Dickson Bridge

Encounter During Hunting Trip

Falling Of Celestial Object & Alleged UFO Sightings

Fireball Or UFO Seen In Mexico

Fireball Over Central Spain

First Hand Ghostly Experience

Four Hour UFO Sighting

It Moved So Fast, Over A Great Distance

Large Fireballs Reported

Loviste, Peljesac Peninsula Sighting

Luminous UFO Lands

Marines Abduction

Object Was Like Small Fireballs Of Light

On Our Drive Home...

Oregon UFO Incident

Pok Fu Lam Sighting

Security Guard Witnessed A Football Field Sized Disk

Sighting in Potamos Germasogeia

Sighting With Multiple Objects

Silver Saucer Motionless Over Grayslake

St. Helier, Jersey Sightings

St. Thomas UFO Sighting

Strange Lights Over Eckman Page

Student Spots UFO

Triangle Over Bowdoinham

Triangle Seen In Follansbee

Triangular Shaped Craft

Turkish Resident Films UFOs

UFO Awareness

UFO In Montamarta

UFO Incident Involving Air Force & Airline

UFO Spotted Near Winslow

Woman Sights Triangular Shaped Something

Yellow Orange Ball



3 Sightings In Barron County, Wisconsin

300 Witnesses Stunned

Air Force Alters Texas UFO Explanation

Altoona Sighting

Baleal Sighting

Black Eyed Kids V - Total Fear In Pennsylvania


California Abduction

Car Side Swiped By Invisible Something

Close Encounter Over Niagara Falls


Edinburgh Encounter

Gargas Sighting

Glasgow Alien Encounter

Granada Hills Abduction

Hammonds Plains Sighting

Huge Glowing Green UFO

Kokomo Booms

Large V Shaped UFO Seen Over California

Massive UFO Sighted In Ohio

Multiple Abductions Of Steve Colbern

Needles UFO Crash

Saucer Shaped UFO

Double Sighting Over Bolton, CT

Sighting In Bolton

Sighting In Cendras

Soldier Spots 13 UFOs Above Barracks

Spennymoor Lights

Stephenville Lights

Topock UFO Crash

Triangle Observed - Black With White Lights

UFO Flies Over Couples Car

UFO Near Norrtalje

West Bengal Sighting

Yellow/Orange Lights Over Lanzarote



10 Witnesses Watch 20 Bright Objects

Black Eyed Kids In Northern Ireland

Craft Was Bright White Like A Spot Light

Disk With Flashing Lights Hovered

Elliptic Disk Seen

Jack & Jill

Glowing Orbs Witnessed Over Michigan

Marine & Black Eyed Kids

Mona Sighting

Multiple Neveda UFOs

Not Quite A UFO

Observed About 15 Silver Disks

Policeman Reported Tall White Aliens Inspecting Crop Circles

Portal Or Wormhole Observed

Silbury Hill Case

Something Landed In Ottawa River

Southampton UFO Sighting

Struck By A Colorful Beam Of Light

Tamworth UFO Sighting

Triangular Object With Lights

Two Red/Orange Fireballs

UFO Landing Navajo Nation, AZ

UFO Sightings In Haskell County Called Credible

Unknown Object Over Wurzburg

V Shaped Craft Seen In Ocala

Very Bright Glowing Orange UFO


Undefined In The 2010s

Ex-U.S. Army Officers Terrifying UFO Encounter

It Wasn't A Police Car


4 Orbs Of Light

50 Missiles Go Offline

Abducted, Then Returned, While Sleeping

Black Eyed Kid Encounter At Sleeping Bear Dunes

Black Eyed Kids In Ohio

Booysens Sighting

Bruceton Legend

Canadian UFO Over Harbour Mille

Dreadful Knock

Hovering Flat UFO Observed Over The Trans Canada Highway

I Was Watching One Satellite Cross The Sky

Jim Sparks Remembers

Marbella Sighting


One, Two & Three

Orange Fireball Over Annalong

Orange Fireballs Observed

Palmer Brothers Disappearance

Phear Park Bowling Green Apparition

Reptoid Being Shape Shifts

Semic Sighting

Strange Aerial Phenomena In China UFO Wormhole

Sighting Of A Pyramid UFO

Tired & Confused

Triangle Of Bright Lights

Undersea UFO Activity

UFO Drains Cattle Tank

We Witnessed A Round Object In The Sky

While Skywatching...



A Strange Phenomenon

Airbus Narrowly Avoids Collision With UFO

Airline Passenger Shoots Photos of Lights Trailing Commercial Jet

Casino Security Officer Observes Hundreds Of Red Lights

Family Secret

Multiple UFOs Seen 2 Times

North Dakota Kids

Orange Lights Over South Africa

Orange Lights With Consistent Luminosity

Orbs Crossed Louisiana Sky in Formation

RAF Tornado Encounters UFO

Sub Sized Car Sphere Hovered And Moved Away

South Carolina Lowcountry Sightings

UFO Sighting Remains a Mystery

Unusual Lights In Wisconsin Skies

Wart Humanoid Encounter

Was That A UFO Over Your House?

Windsor Hum

Yadkin County Lights


3 Glowing Objects

9 Bright & Pulsating Objects

Bhoja Air Flight 213 Crash Possibly Caused By UFO?

Black Object That Hovered

Double Sighting Over Bolton, CT

Entire House Goes Missing, Overnight

Father & Son Pilots Observe UFO

Flying Saucer Along Delaware Shore?

Gas Station Incident

Hartford Sighting

Long Haul Truckers Wife Abducted?

Mystery Lights Of Ellettsville

Movement Coming From The Ursa Minor Constellation

Multiple Objects Blinking Different Colors

Noticed A Glowing White Light

Pair Observed A Saucer Like Craft

Pentagon Shaped Black UFO

Plasma Cylinder Observed

Red Flashing Lights Appeared in the Sky

Strange Lights Over Blue Springs

Textured Sphere Observed Over Pennsylvania

Triangular Shape With A Dark Surface

Valerias' BEK Encounter


Airliner Had Narrow Miss With UFO

Alien Implants - And Conspiracy Theories in Burbank

Alien Implants - In People, Physical Characteristics Found Characteristics Found

At The Window

Big Round Mirror

Bright Light Shifting From A Circular Light

Brooksville Morning Sky

Chengdu Incident

Hilltop Park Sighting

I Saw 'Something' Too, Over Toppenish Unison Ridge Did Anyone Else See It?

It Had Black Spots Crawling Over It

Laguna Niguel Abduction?

More BEKs In A Different State Park

Northern Minnesota Woman Takes Photo of Mysterious Object in Sky

Objects Follow An Air Force Rocket After Launch

Orange lights Over Franklin County

Owl Man

Pilot Encounters An Object Closing In On His Passenger Plane


Repeat Visitors to Falmouth

Sharing Unusual Photograph

Triangular Silent Craft

UFO Hits Airliner

UFO Sightings In India

Whatever It Was, It Terrified Me


2 Cigar Shaped UFOs Over Georgia

Anyone See Anything Like This?

Black Eyed Child Sightings On Cannock Chase

Black Eyed Kids At The Front Door

Bright Object Videoed Hovering

Chilean Navy Encounters Mystery UFO

Father & Son Claim They Saw 3 UFOs Circle The Moon

It Was No Plane We Saw

Joplin Missouri UFO

Lifelong Abductees

Pilot & Co-pilot Spotted Mysterious Orange/Red Glow

Prince Edward Island Sighting

Rajajipuram UFO

Retired Naval Pilot Describes UFO Sighting

They Came Into My Room

Turkish Airlines Pilots Saw UFO

UFO Nearly Collides with Aircraft In Australia

UFO Observed Approximately The Size Of A Suitcase, And Silver In Color

UFOs Demonstrate Shape Shifting Ability

U.S. Airways Flight 3385

We Definitely Saw Something...

What Is It? A UFO?

What Would This Be?


3 Hours Of Missing Time

10 Witnesses See 4 Low Flying UFOs

Alien Implants - Neurologist Finds Similarities in Alleged Victims

Black Eyed Girl With Dog

Black Eyed Kids in Mexico II

Black Eyed Kids in Mexico

Brothers Observe Daytime Arrowhead UFO

Early Morning UFO Sighting

Fallstreak Hole

Footage Shows Four Sets Of Glowing Lights Floating Above Santiago

It Looked Somewhat Like UFO Pinball In The Sky

Lights Over Myrtle Beach

Mass Sighting

Mysterious Jellyfish Shaped Object Spotted Hovering Over Netherlands

Orbs Are Everywhere

Orbs in the Sky

Schoolboy Snaps Best Ever UFO Image

Sequoia Park/Monterey Park Sighting

U.S. Navy Pilots Intercepted a High Speed UFO

Wormhole/Green UFO Mass Sightings Over Cape Town


4 Objects Observed

Black Eyed Kid - Atlantic City

Black Eyed Kids In Chicago

Black Eyed Kids in Tijuana

Cargo Plane Observes Object

I Let Them Into My Home

Mysterious Object Filmed Over Bristol Channel

Pentyrch Incident

Summerville UFO

There Was Something About The Reptilian Ones

Two For One

UFO Not Visible To Naked Eye


8 Mile Long UFO

Alien Implants - Extraterrestrial Implants...Good or Evil?

Ghost Craft

Mt. Adams Has A UFO Hangar Door?

Orbiting Near An Earthquake

Sighting in Santa Rosa

Topeka Visitation Incident



Casitas UFO Sighting

Color Changing Circles

My Uninvited Guests

Mystery Radar Blips

Pilots Saw Bright Lights Streaking Across The Sky

Resident Met Aggressive Gray

Sunspot Solar Observatory

Two Commercial Pilots Had A Close Encounter With A Possible UFO Over Arizona

We saw...A Light?

Yellow Lights in the Night Sky


Alien Implants - Woman Claims Dental Implant Sending Signals To Aliens

Channel Islands Swarm Of UFOs And The Navy's Drones Mystery

Former Air Force Employee Encounter With Shadow People

Portal in Sky

They Scared Him?

While Flying Mercy Air

Two Bright White Lights

Undefined In The 2020s


Alien Implants - Implants In Human Bodies

Orb Detected By Motion Detecting Camera

Prescot Couple See UFO

Silent UFO the Size Of A Volkswagen

There Have Been Two UFO Sightings In The Duluth Area In 2020

Woman Claims To Encounter Blue Aliens

Yellow Round Floating Ball Of Light


7' Yellow Eyed Black Winged Entity

American Airline Pilots Observe UFO

Bright Blue UFO Soars Over Hawaii

Disk Shaped Alien Craft Encounter

I Fathered An Alien Hybrid

In Our Defense

Irma Rick Impregnated

Life Changing Event

Medical Issues

Possible UFO Sighting In Wisconsin?

Side Effects Experience

Teenagers Encounter Black Eyed Kid That Vanished Into Woods

U.S. Warship Reportedly Stalked For Days By 2 Car Sized Balls Of Light



While Smoking On Front Porch


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