Reptilian Rape in Superstition Mountains

Reptilian Rape in Superstition Mountains

Location: Superstition Mountains, AZ

Angie had 3 days off, and was determined to make the most of her vacation.

The warmth of the Sun of Arizona was a sign of the coming heat of summer. The breeze, a welcome change from the frigid blasts of yesterday.

Every day off from work, she spent climbing in the Superstition Mountains near her home in Phoenix. Her climbing was usually spur of the moment, not the disciplined mountain climbing she loved to watch on TV. In fact she sometimes wondered what kind of craziness was required to do some of the climbing she had watched.

Iím not a mountain climbing freak, Angie had told her friend Carla.

I just like to poke around in the mountains, and try to collect pretty rocks.

Her collection of rocks included a mini mountain of rose quartz, turquoise, and other stones that might or might not have any real value. She had picked them up because they were pretty and had sparkled.

Her climb today had been inspired by a shiny object she had seen at the edge of a small canyon she was hiking through. Glancing at her watch, she realized that the Sun was climbing faster than she was. Soon it would be time to start back to her car, so she doubled her efforts. Reaching the rim of the canyon, she was only a few feet away from the shiny material she had seen.

After her struggle to climb all the way up there, she felt disappointed. She had hoped to find something worth carrying back home with her. The white quartz was nice, and definately shiny, but it was too big to carry back with her.

She sat down near the outcrop and tried to break off a small piece of the quartzÖ Taking a break from trying to wiggle a piece of rock loose, she saw a small cave part way up the opposite side of the canyon.

Wow, thatís a cave over there, she told herself. I wonder if the Indians ever used it, or maybe someone from prehistoric times?

As usual the thought of finding a previously unfound archaeological site set her thoughts afire.

Quickly, she slid down the canyon wall she had so laboriously climbed, and started up the opposite wall. Where she had needed to struggle for every upward inch on her first climb, now it almost seemed like she was walking up a garden path.

Never before had climbing been so easy.

The pocket flashlight she had clipped to her key ring didnít reveal much when she flashed it into the shallow cavity. She entered the cavity, which in reality looked more like an overhang than a cave, and examined the floor more carefully. Since there were no bones, or any other indication that a snake or any other animal had been there recently she decided it was time to take a break.

So deciding, she sat down on the floor of the cave and drank some water from her canteen.

She leaned back against the wall, closed her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. The dimness of the cave was a welcome relief from the glaring Sun.

She got up to leave the cave. It would soon be getting dark, and she didnít want to rely on her flashlight while climbing back down to her car.

Taking a step toward the entrance, she glanced down and saw something shiny on the ground. Leaning over, she peered more closely at the ground, and did not see the green claw like hand reaching out to grab her until it was too late.

Feeling the cool grip on her hand she gasped in surprise.

Oh, you frightened me, she gasped in surprise when she looked up at a reptilian face. She tried to laugh, thinking someone was wearing a mask.

Charlie, is that you?

The nervous giggle turned into an attempt to cry out. The cry became a horrified silent scream. Then darkness overwhelmed her.

Waking slowly, she heard strange barking and chirping sounds near her ears. She tried to get up, but found that she couldnít move her arms or legs. She was immersed in a gelatinous substance.

The chirping sounds, she soon discovered, were their voices as they spoke to each other. Feeling a hand on the inside of her thighs, she struggled to open her eyes. Managing to open one eye a little, she saw men with lizard like faces.

She felt the heart sinking, mind wrenching feeling of absolute horror for the first time in her life. Attempting to scream, she choked and managed only a stifled gurgle.

With both eyes now open, she watched as several greenish Reptilian men attempted to disrobe her. Her eyes observed the strange faces carefully. They seemed to be a strange blend of human and serpent. The wide sit eyes almost glowed with a yellowish brightness, with glistening, straight sided, vertical pupils. Their broad flat noses ended in flat nostrils that flared slightly as they snorted while examining her. Some of them had a very wide mouth with many folds of skin, while some had small mouths with no folds.

Angie wondered if the extra folds showed their age. Their small, rounded ears, which were set high on the head, had no lobes. There were 3 prominent ridges on the top of their cone line heads that resembled large scales. She noticed that the scales were a different color than the skin on the head. More like a khaki green that tapered to gray/green on the back of the head. Their faces were smooth with narrow chins that were pointed rather than rounded.

Two entities wore either a grey scarf or a wide ribbon draped over their shoulder. Under the soft looking ribbons they wore a white jumpsuit with insignia that showed a curved dragon with a 7 point star in the middle of it. The other reptile men wore black uniforms with the same insignia. The tall white skinned lizard man, these White Dracos have also been seen in the Dulce, Los Alamos, Kirtland AFB mega-base, wore a burnt orange jumpsuit with 3 insignia on the left side.

There was a black inverted triangle, the round dragon with star, and an oval with moving stars on it.

She felt fascinated by that one. It was like watching a 3D movie in miniature. On the right side of his uniform were 3 black bars on a silver disk. On the left cuff of his sleeve he wore a row of inverted triangles with 3 lines cutting through it.

The white skinned alien stood beside her right shoulder. This man with the white skin had blue eyes. She winced in surprise and shame that he should be seeing her laying there naked and helpless. She noted that he was taller than the others, being nearly 7' tall, and that his eyes looked gentler, or at least not as threatening as those of the green men.

Help me, she pleaded silently with her eyes and prayed he would understand her need.

He picked up a round box, and held it near her head. Something cold touched her forehead, and she felt a wave of peace wash over her. No longer fearful, she watched them with a strange calm.

Trying to deny her predicament, still half convinced she was being held by a group of pranksters, she looked past the men trying to determine where she was being held.

She discovered she was in an oval room about 15' across. The low ceiling was domes with deep ribs of a soft pale purple.

From those arched ribs a while light shone. The light was bright, but not harsh. On her left, lights of amber and blue flashed on the wall.

A counter or bench with instruments and appliances was visible from the corners of her eyes. She strained to turn her head, but it wouldnít move. She looked to her right, beyond the tall white man, and noticed pipes with strange sacks, or maybe misshapen balloons hanging from them.

While trying to recognize the shape of the bags, she realized some of them were moving. Angie remembered seeing her dogís belly, moving that way when she was near full term with her puppies. Another wave of horrified fear hit her. Deep inside her mind she wanted to panic, but couldnít. It was like there were 2 minds inside her. One was calm, the other horror stricken.

The calm side was in charge of her body. She could feel the beating of her heart much more easily than she could feel the horror welling up in her mind. With calm detachment she wondered how her body could be so calm when God only know what was going to happen to her.

Angie watched with curiosity, as one of the lizard men undressed and approached the end of the table. He was muscular and had scales on his chest and lower stomach. Like all men on Earth, he was a fully equipped male. What was worse, he was an aroused male.

When his green/gray hands touched her, there was no doubt in her mind what he was going to do. A primeval fear overwhelmed the artificial calm. She began to scream and found superhuman strength with which to fight off the Jello like feeling.

Kicking and biting like a wild animal, she lashed out hitting anyone near her. The lizard men quickly subdued her with a blue light that rendered her unconscious. Her last awareness was the weight of his body, and the sick awareness of his penetration.

When Angie awoke, she was in her car. She looked around her feeling confused and wondering why she was driving her car. She felt that she had been about to do something, but couldnít remember what it was. She shook her head in an attempt to clear out the cobwebs. Then shrugged and drove on home feeling dazed and disorganized.

At home she suddenly had an urge to shower. When she stepped out of the shower, she found she had scrubbed her body for over 2 hours. She felt shaky and angry for something she couldnít recall. She put a frozen dinner in the microwave, but only picked at the meal. Then she turned on the TV, but couldnít watch it. Still fighting the dazed feeling she went to bed.

The next few days she spent in bed refusing to answer the door.

Finally on the 4th day her sister, Susan, let herself in with the spare key Angie had given her months ago. Susan took her sister to a doctor, who said it was just the flu, and that she would be fine in a few days.

Susan took Angie home with her, and refusing to listen to any protests, put her to bed. During the week of her stay, Susan noticed that Angie had several nightmares every night, from which she woke up screaming.

On Susanís day off, she offered to go mountain climbing with Angie. With a shudder of fear Angie refused. She refused even to look at the mountains she had loved all her life.

When she had recovered some of her usual frame of mind she moved back into her own apartment, and returned to work.

She quit after 3 days when a customer brought a lizard into the store. She had no idea why the lizard frightened her so much, they had always been a part of her life in the desert. Generally, she just ignored them. She had no memory of what was keeping her in fear.

Realizing she needed help to overcome the strange new fears, she asked a friend in Phoenix if she could find a hypnotist. She began therapy the next week.

During the first session she discovered she had been raped. It took 2 more sessions to bring out the reptilian rape. It was such an ordeal that she cried with all the pent up fear until her voice was a harsh whisper.

The therapist at first thought she was transferring the man who had raped her to the reptilian man in an attempt to refuse reality. He quickly realized that as strange as it was, Angie had been raped by an alien reptilian man. His training had left him ill equipped to handle this kind of case, but he rose to the challenge.

Today his former patient leads a quite, normal existence, in a small town near Phoenix, but she no longer climbs the mountains near her home.

She doesnít want to speak to anyone about it, and will refuse interviews if someone finds her.

She sent me her story with the hope that there are other women who have gone through the same or a similar experience who hesitate to seek help from a hypnotist. She want so encourage those women who havenít yet remembered their ordeal to seek competent help.

Angie feels good about herself now, and doesnít worry about the aliens any more. She doesnít know why they did it. Was it by choice, or by happenstance? Maybe they watched her for years, and maybe they still visit her. She is no longer concerned for her own safety. She know it they want to find her, she will be helpless to stop it.

Still, she avoids the mountains.

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