Hornet Spook Lights

Hornet Spook Lights

First Observed in 1881

Location: Quapaw, OK

The light is usually seen at night, especially from 10:00 p.m. into the early hours of the morning. People who have had encounters with the light describe it as being anywhere between the size of a baseball and a basketball or larger. It can be almost any color, may change colors or have multiple elements, but is most frequently described as orange or yellow. Its light is strong enough to illuminate the surface of a road, and is often compared with a lantern or headlight. Indeed it usually looks like a lantern or distant headlight, and many people often take it for such until it exhibits unusual behavior such as darting across a field and then suddenly extinguishing itself. Local residents have seen it in their back gardens, hovering outside their bedrooms, and bobbing along past their porches.

The lights are only visible on the Oklahoma side, not the Missouri side. If you drive past them and look back, you can never see them. Again, another unexplainable attribute of the lights. They cannot be seen every night. It is reported they're best seen on a humid night. But there is no guarantee that you will see them.

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