Abducted As A Child

Abducted As A Child

Date: 1977 or 1978

Location: Melbourne, Australia

I am a 46 year old Australian woman.

This happened about 1977 or 1978.

I have tried to tell my family and close friends about this but no one believes me, they get freaked out, think I was dreaming or I fainted, but to me, itís as clear as day. I still see all this in my mindís memories. I can draw them and recall every event clearly.

When I was between 3 or 4, my mum let me go outside to play while she was having a cigarette and listening to a horse race on the radio one late afternoon heading towards sunset.

I was way down in the back of the long grass near the back fence.

I looked up and saw a sparking silver object that was very high in the sky. It was like a silver balloon dot.

In a few blinks of the eye, it was right there about 20 feet above me and morphing from a silver metallic diamond shape to a pyramid shape. It was slate grey or gun metal grey with alien writing on the surface side of the UFO. Like squiggly lines.

In the next few seconds, I felt paralyzed with an intense fear In my gut. But I could not scream or call for help anymore as I had no voice. My head was locked in a position where I was looking up into a beam of white light.

There was a spinning black hole with jagged edges above me, moving blades. I was screaming internally in terror but still paralyzed and shocked.

Then, I was being sucked up towards this black hole in the middle of the rotating disks.

From this point on, I donít remember what happened next.


I wake up and I am floating in a warm, black room.

My arms and legs are in free movement but I am floating as if Iím in zero gravity. I was in a pitch black room.

Not a speck of light, I was looking for light but not a dot.

I was wide awake and crying internally, waving my arms, crying: Mummy, mummy, help me mummy, but no sound would come out of my mouth. My voice was not working, as if they had turned my sound off.

This went on for a long time. It felt like Iíd been there for a week.

In the next moment, I was back at the exact same spot in time as when Iíd left. I bolted to the back door for mum to let me in.

I was crying and sobbing and mum was shocked to see me so distraught.

I believe I was taken by Aliens.

I don't remember being tested on or seeing the beings. I only have the clear snap shots of what I can remember as Iíve described.

Mum tells me that I did not talk again till I was nearly 5.

I felt I was in shock. I would cling to my mothers leg all the time after this and never wanted to go outside or leave her side.

And when the ad for the 1978 movie Alien with the green egg would come on TV, I would cry and scream and turn into an absolutely scared little girl.

My family didnít understand why I was so petrified.

I would have night terrors till I was 8 years old because of my fear of pitch blackness and feel my way around at night to find a light switch, TV or lamp to turn on.

I started reading books about science, the unexplained, and the unknown, at the age of 10.

Then, only last year, I found this on Google. It happened in Australia near Melbourne in the St. Kinda beach area.

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