Types of Shadow Beings

Types of Shadow Beings

The Hatman:

Mean, dark figure that appears in people's bedrooms at night. Seems to be associated with emotional negativity. Has a wide hat and a trench coat, sometimes seen with red eyes. Something about him seems to imply he is a boss or administrator among the other shadow people. It is understood that this creature is male, but its not clear how this is understood.

The Henchmen:

These seem very similar to the Hatman, but they just appear as black figures. They seem to show up around the Hatman, sometimes several nights before. Often they can appear in association with the Hatman. It's odd, but somehow they seem to take orders from the Hatman, even though noone ever hears them speak. Most of the henchmen are male, but every now and then one will appear female. They usually don't have red eyes, but sometimes they do.

The Other Humanoids:

So these are the other shadow people who don't seem associated with the Hatman. They can be wispy, Smokey or unusually shaped. I personally haven't ever, heard about them.

The Peeper:

This is a small, playful figure that is frequently seen peeping in windows, or over computer monitors. Usually he appears solid black. You can't see his eyes, but you know they exist. He doesn't seem mean or cruel. You only ever manage to catch glimpses.

The Forest Watchers:

These creatures are always seen in association with trees, unlike the others, they can appear during the day, but never in direct light. They aren't tall, ranging from 3' to 6', and they appear kind of like a child with a black sheet over their head. You can usually see several of them at once. They always appear several hundred feet away from you. Again, you can't see their eyes but you know they are watching. Sometimes they peer from behind tree trunks. Other times they move between the trees. They seem to respond to your movements, if you take several steps, they will also take several steps. When they move, they do not interact with the physical thigs they pass, they do not rustle leaves of bend branches.

The Black Stickmen:

These are odd creatures that look nothing like the others. They are tall, ranging from 9' to 15' tall. The best way to describe them is a black stick figure. They are also reminiscent of daddy long legs spiders, but they only have 4 limbs. They only ever appear in motion, usually walking in a straight line. Usually, they are seen following the same path they did the last time. They seem to have no interest in humans whatsoever.

The Encircles:

These are similar in nature to the forest watchers, but don't necessarily appear in association with trees. They don't look like the forest watchers either, instead appearing more wispy or angular. They also seem meaner and more malevolent than the forest watchers. Unlike the watchers, they always appear in association with you, the observer. You see them out of the corner of your eye, moving between objects like tree trunks or parked cars. The thing is that they are always forming an encirclement pattern around you. Its creepy and unnerving, you know they know you see them. They can also appear during the daylight. So after feedback, I see that this is similar to the hag or the witch.

The Indirect Apparition:

This is one of the more visually terrifying creatures on the list, despite its seemingly benevolent nature. It is very big and very tall. There is something about this creature that prevents it from being seen directly. It reacts somehow to the lense and light receptors in the back of your eye, so when you look at it straight on, it can't bee seen. The only way it appears is out of the corner of your eye. None of the other creatures fit this description. Describing it is hard, but It's about 15' tall and at least 8' wide. It seems to have arms, but the legs are never visible. It's head is a wide circle and its body is triangular, giving it a nightmarish and otherworldly appearance. It does not appear to be evil or particularly interested in people, but it does appear to be looking at you. It moves because its seen in different places, but the observer never sees it move.

The Wild Boars:

The other creatures on this list appear somewhat sentient an intelligent, with the exception of the stickman, who just walks, giving no hints to its mental capacity. The boars do not. They seem to be the equivalent of animals. They do follow similar rules as the others, not being able to manifest in direct light, appearing and disappearing quickly. They are about 3' tall, and usually seen in groups. You see them behaving much the same way that an actual boar or stray dog would. wondering around, investigating nooks and crannies. They seem to have no interest in people.

The Cats:

These are the oddballs on the list. They act and look almost exactly like black cats, with 2 notable exceptions. First of all, they phase in and out like the other creatures, and secondly, they have no visible eyes. In the darkness, a normal cat's eyes will reflect streetlights, these do not. Another odd thing about them is that they frequently appear in people's houses who don't normally have cats. Have you ever been on the verge of sleep, then got the feeling that a cat jumped onto your bed, only to realize that you don't live with a cat? Perhaps you were having an encounter with these creatures? Unlike feral cats, these creatures don't seem scared of people. They actually seem interested and curious about us, almost playful, like a socialized domestic cat would act.

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