Shadow Beings

Shadow Beings

3 Times Is Enough

A Dashing Shadow

A Friendly Shadow Person

Anne Williams Shadow Person Encounter

Being In My Room

Childhood Friends

Cold To The Touch

Face To Face With A Shadow Being

Figure Standing In Doorway

Former Air Force Employee Encounter With Shadow People

Helmut House

I Had An Unexpected Visit

I Remember We Weren't Scared

I Tried To Get Close

It Appeared Nightly

It Called To Me...And I Answered

It Followed Us To New Home

Little Girl Shadow Being

Man On My Couch

My Shadow Person Encounter

My Uninvited Guests

Mysterious Shadow People

Real Reason We Moved

Second Shadow Person Encounter

Shadow Beings

Shadow Being In Bedroom

Shadow Beings I've Witnessed

Shadow Being, Or Something on Drive Home

Shadow People Around Me

Shadow People - What Are They?

Shape Shifting Shadow Being


The Shadow People

Types of Shadow Beings

Whatever It was, It Terrified Me

When Dad Died

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