Listing of Haunted Or Eerie Things

Haunted Or Eerie Things

Abandoned Hospital

Black Flash

Bruceton Legend

Chase Vault

Dead Man's Pass

Death Light Oof the Maria

Devil's Elbow Bridge

Dickson Bridge

Door At The End Of the Hall

Dover Devil

Eastern State Penitentiary

First Hand Ghostly Experience


Frightful Events

Ghost By Stairs

Greenbrier Ghost

Jersey Devil

One Night On Poca River

Phone Call

Recalled Childhood Event

Resurrection Mary

Robert The Doll

Shadow Walker

St. Augustine Lighthouse

St James Hotel

Stepney Cemetery

S.S. Ourang Medan

Villagers Blame UFO For India Attacks


Warning! Private Property - Trespassers Will Be Terrified

White Glowing Lights In Graveyard

Yellow Boots

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