Rudloe Manor Crash

Rudloe Manor Crash

Date: 1950s

Location: Corsham, Wiltshire, England

Tucked away in a remote English countryside is a manor built in 1685. Rumors report that within the Rudloe Manor hides the remains of an alien spacecraft and its pilot.

Could this be Britainís main point of contact for extraterrestrials?

At first glance, the Rudloe Manor looks like any other English estate, but underneath the house and property, there are over two million square feet of underground tunnels.

The tunnels were created during the 1930s when Rudloeís quarry was mined for Bath Stone. The mineral mined was used to build the nearby city known as Bath. During the second world war, Rudloe Manor housed the Royal Air Force, RAF, in her underground tunnels.

Now, this is where the mystery begins. England confiscated Rudloe manor and surrounding properties during the war to build munitions dumps. However, unlike other private installations used by the military during the war, Rudloe Manor was never released from Englandís Ministry of Defense, MOD.

It was rumored that Rudloe was Britainís version of Roswell because an American reporter and writer Dorothy Kilgallen had written a newspaper article about a crash in the 1940s. Kilgallon titled One of the greatest women writers in the world by Ernest Hemingway was known to have some of the most powerful contacts in the world. Although, Kilgallon had no proof of anything she wrote.

According to Kilgallon, she received her tips from a high ranking British official who wished to remain unidentified. Neither the American or British government have been transparent when it comes to the subject of UFOís which gives us reason to believe that something strange happened at Rudloe.

Like Roswell, the spacecraft remains along with the aliens were gathered up by the British government and secreted away. Theorists believed that to be Rudloe Manor.

When Kilgallon died under rather mysterious circumstances, her death heightened the conspiracy rumors surrounding Rudloe. Is it possible Kilgallon was silenced because of what she knew about Britainís UFO protocols? Or was it because of what she knew about JFKís death? No one is certain exactly why.

What is known is that Kilgallon died mysteriously. It was initially reported that she died of a drug overdose but then her body was found fully dressed sitting upright in her bed.

Later reports indicated that she and her friends were on the verge of locating JFKís killer. Kilgallon had just returned from an interview in Dallas, TX, where soon after she was found dead in November of 1965.

One could assume her death was related to her research on JFKís murder, except all of her research on both JFKís murder as well as the information about the UFO crash and her official high ranking source went missing.

Theorists decided to pay a visit to both Rudloe Manor and the CCC about 2 miles further down the road. The CCC is connected to the manor by underground tunnels.

At the location, they found the site encircled by barbed wire fencing with patrol dogs and security cameras. A site with an underground entrance and a rather innocuous sign that reads CCC, Corsham Computer Center. They walk up to the entrance with the film crew trying to get an idea of what the center is, as well as itsí purpose.

The problem is that a few minutes after their arrival, the local police show up and challenge their presence there. Then ordered to stop filming and leave the site.

This sparkís the question:

Why is this site so heavily guarded? What is the secret inside the bunker that the MOD doesnít want the public to know about?

When questioned? The MOD responded that the site was simply a data processing center for the Royal Navy. If this was true, why isnít there a sign stating that it belongs to the Navy? Why a plain unprofessional looking sign that says Corsham Computer Center that gives no indication of what the site is or does? All the secrecy points to a cover up.

On January 23, 1974 another mysterious incident took place over the Welsh Berwyn mountains. It was first explained as an earthquake. Except, that it coincided with a meteorite landing at the same spot as the epicenter of the so called earthquake. The locals knew what they saw, and it wasnít an earthquake or meteorite. They saw a UFO crash.

They felt the military was covering the crash when a high ranking official showed up and tried to say that it was an earthquake. Nick Pope who worked for the MOD had read declassified documents stating it had been a meteor.

There had been numerous reports of flying bright lights in Englandís skies reported from at least 3 counties on the same night of the so called meteor.

Classified documents released in the 2000ís support what the locals had been saying. They were also surprised at how quickly the investigators showed up after the incident, begging the question, did the military know beforehand the UFO was going to crash and where it was going to crash?

If they did, then that suggests the British government knew about the UFOís practices and was keeping that information from the public. So, where were the alien remains taken along with the spacecraft debris? Theorists claim it was Rudloe Manor.

A former Ministry of Defense employee Nick Pope had read declassified material connecting Rudloe Manor with UFO sightings and investigations. If Rudloe Manor is Britainís Roswell, why? What is so special about Rudloe Manor that makes it an important asset for the British government?

As it turns out, the manor is situated in the center of Wiltshire county. The majority of all the crop circles took place in Wiltshire county. It is home to Avebury Henge and Stonehenge, both Neolithic structures that are older than the Egyptian pyramids.

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