John Reeves UFO

John Reeves UFO
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Date: March 2, 1965

Location: Brooksville, FL

Fact or Fiction, it all started back in the 1960s with a man named John Reeves. It was 1961, Reeves bought himself a small house on Highway 50, just ten miles west of Brooksville. Reeves was in his 60s at the time. He was considered by many as a kind and honest man. He also claimed to be the first man to step foot on the moon.

On March 2, 1965, he decided to take a leisurely stroll through a small patch of woods near his home. Which was someplace near where Marker 48 is today, and the Western Way Plaza, Wawa or the Beacon Theater, on State Road 50. Being from the area, I thought it to be more in Spring Hill, than Brooksville.

The area was well shaded with large live oaks, yet the terrain of the land was sandy and full of dunes. Much different in 2019 than back in the 1960s.

As Reeves walked, he noticed about 300' away there was a strange object sitting on the ground. It was disk shaped and had four stilt like legs coming out of the bottom. The disk had a dome on the top and was a dull, silvery gray color. Reeves later estimated the object to be around 40' in diameter, around 9' at its thickest point. Its distance from the edge of the disk to the ground was around 3½'.

Naturally, Reeves was quite nervous upon seeing the odd craft, he did eventually approach it, with great caution. As he walked toward the object, he could see a strange creature about 25' away. It looked unearthly, according to Reeves or almost robotic in nature. It had tight skin, luminous and light, covering its entire body.

The being turned and started toward Reeves. It pulled from its side a small, square object, much like a camera. The creature held it chin level, and then pushed a button causing a bright, blinding flash of light to appear. Reeves, turned to run but tripped over a bush. In the process, he dropped his glasses. Reeves laid helpless on the ground, tangled in the brush. The being then walked over to the glasses and picked them up, bringing them close to Reeves. It then proceeded back to the craft, but dropped two pieces of paper along the way. The strange being entered the ship via a slat like walkway on the underside. Shortly after, the object began rotating counterclockwise, slowly at first, and then sped up drastically as it began to rise. It left the area at a rapid rate of speed. Reeves walked over to the abandoned papers and examined them. The paper was thin in consistency and contained strange writings, unlike anything he had ever seen before.

After the encounter, Reeves went to a local radio station, bringing the odd papers with him. He was interviewed and there was so much stir publicly regarding this case, that the Air Force was contacted. According to reports, the Air Force confiscated the papers from Reeves, but did later return them to him. There was a problem though. The papers were not in their original form. These papers that Reeves received weeks after were thicker and had no writing of any kind on them.

More sightings of these alien beings were made over the following weeks and months, both by Reeves and by other Brooksville residents. There became so many reports, that the Air Force had to be contacted once again. This time high ranking officials were brought in, along with specialized equipment. The Air Force closed off the same wooded area with the dunes where Reeves had his first encounter. No one could get in, including the Sheriff and many of his officers. In the end, the Air Force deemed the whole case to be nothing more than just an elaborate hoax.

From 1965 to 1971, Reeves continued to encounter the Space People, as he called them, many times. One of Reeve’s most memorable experiences with the beings occured on August 6, 1968. It was on this day that Reeves felt a strong and unexplainable urge that made him want to visit the woods and sand dunes. When he approached the area, he found a saucer like ship once again. This time, instead of running off, he mustered up his courage and stayed to study these Space People. Reeves not only stayed, but he asked the beings questions, there was no doubt he was curious. The aliens spoke English, as well as a variety of other languages. They seemed to be highly intelligent. Reeves wanted to know what their crafts were made of. The beings explained that the ships are constructed of a super strong material, nothing that people on Earth would know of. They compared it to being stronger than steel, but just as lightweight as aluminum.

The alien creatures were beautiful to Reeves. They were tall and thin in stature, and had smooth, porcelain skin. Each one wore a tight fitting jumpsuit and they all appeared to be in their 30s. Reeves found out that they were much older, however.

The Space People asked Reeves if he would like to take a quick trip to the Moon with them. Earlier, this would have never been an option to the Brooksville man, as he would have been too frightened. However, now, things were different. Reeves had come to know the beings and had friended them. He felt trust. With that, Reeves answered yes, and before he knew it, they were all off to space. The entire trip to the Moon took a total of six hours. The craft landed on the Dark Side of the Moon. It was there that the creatures had their base, which was enclosed underneath a large, transparent dome. It is to be noted that only a few years ago, astronomer Richard Hoagland also claimed to have seen a similar dome like structure in certain NASA photos of the Moon.

Now, keep in mind, no one before Reeves had ever stepped foot on the Moon before. It was uncharted territory. To prove to others back home that he was indeed the first Earthman to ever walk on the Moon, Reeves decided to bring back a few souvenirs. He scooped up some dark gray lunar dust and put it into a medicine bottle. He then found a large crystal like rock, nearly the size of a softball. He put it in a pocket. On their way back to Earth, Reeves noticed that our home planet is not exactly round as always thought. Rather, it was much more egg shaped. Reeves also saw light clouds covering the Moon’s surface.

When the Florida man returned home, he met with scientists to tell them about his recent trip. He explained to them what he saw, including the gray colored dust, the clouds and the shape of the Earth.

A year later, Neil Armstrong officially became the first person to walk on the Moon. When he returned from his amazing expedition, he told everyone about his findings. He spoke about how the Moon’s surface is covered in gray dust. Though much of the Moon’s covering was dusty or powdery in texture, some of it, according to Armstrong was more rough. He claimed there to be large sized granules, some as big as coal. The granules looked crystalline, or glass like. The astronaut also noted strange Moon clouds. In addition, he validated Reeves story about the Earth’s shape.

Though Reeves did share his stories with others, he never did allow many to see his Moon dust and crystal. He was always afraid scientists, in particular, would take the samples from him. Reeves had the strange papers confiscated once before and returned to him unlike their original form, he wasn’t about to have it happen all over again. For this reason, Reeves kept the samples under lock and key and wouldn’t let anyone near them, aside from a select few. Even those he trusted most, had to beg to see the dust and crystal.

In addition to the surface samples, Reeves claimed to have a flag in his possesion belonging to the alien people’s home planet of Moniheya. Planet Moniheya, according to the Space People, consists of 30 countries and is 32,000 miles around. There is a total population of over 15 billion residing there. Reeves has both a duplicate flag and the original. No one ever could see the original. Reeves had it in a safety deposit box somewhere. He never showed a soul. The duplicate could be seen by some, but once again, Reeves had to trust you pretty darn well and needless to say, you still had to do a bit of begging.

In September of 1972, the sandy dunes and woods were razed by developers. A mobile home park now sits where Reeves had his extraterrestrial encounters back in the ’60s. To think, a certain mobile home sits atop what was once the very same landing site the Space People used with their saucers.

Brent Raynes, a writer and UFO researcher, interviewed Reeves and spoke with him a number of times over the 1960s and ’70s. Raynes found Reeves to be a fascinating man, but hardly a sensationalist. He wasn’t looking to exploit his encounters or gain fame or fortune. After all, Reeves was a humble man, credible, psychologically sound and well thought of by others in the community. The town’s Sheriff liked Reeves and the media never felt the Brooksville resident to have any ill intentions or to be mentally unstable in any way. In fact, it was said that Reeves’ stories were very hard to prove false. Reeves even once appeared on a cover of Life Magazine.

Many residents claimed that after Reeves started having his alien encounters, he started looking more youthful. Reeves, who at the time was in his mid 60s, began looking years younger, his gray hairs began to fade and his wrinkles seemed to just disappear overnight.

To pay homage to his friends from another planet, Reeves erected a monument of sorts in his yard and also constructed a full sized wooden model of their spaceship. The model was so visually outstanding that it caused many onlookers on the nearby highway to slow down. Reeves passed away when he was in his 90s. Though he is no longer with us, the stories live on and are just as awesome as ever before. Reeves’ encounters have now come to be known as the famous 1965 Brooksville, Florida UFO Case. Since Reeves’ death, there have continued to be many alien encounters in Brooksville. Raynes, who spent much time talking with Reeves about his Space People experiences, also interviewed two other townsfolk, Ms. Ramona Hibner and Ms. Eula Lewis. Both women validated Reeves’ stories and said they have heard many other tales about UFOs in the area. Some in this part of town have claimed to have experienced loss of time and have seen the hands on their watches move backwards, rapidly. One man reported having his car suddenly come to a drastic and abrupt stop after hearing an odd humming noise coming from the sky above. Once the sound was gone, his car started right up again. The car was fairly new, had no prior issues and was checked thoroughly to find it free of any mechanical problems.

Many of the stories surrounding alien life took place decades ago. Locals to Brooksville recall when their town was considered to be the mecca for UFO sightings and was known as the UFO Capitol of the World. Not much has changed though. Reports of flying saucers and strange, unexplainable lights in the sky still abound. Many of the lights are seen as red in color and appear in formations, patterns, or clusters. Some have witnessed gray disk shaped objects flying low over the horizon.

On March 18, 2004, a Brooksville man contacted the National UFO Reporting Center regarding a group of strange, red lights he saw while driving down a rural stretch of road. According to the report, the driver was heading down Ayers Road in Brooksville at night, when he saw the cluster of lights just ahead of him in the sky. The lights were unlike anything he had ever seen before, and were not helicopters or airplanes. The man got within 400' of the lights and as he got closer, the red, glowing orbs scattered apart, and then streaked through the darkened sky in multiple directions. The duration of this activity took between 5 - 10 minutes. The National UFO Reporting Center found the account to be eerily similar to one which took place only a year before in Meriwether County, Georgia.

Another report, which took place on September 4, 2002, states that a Brooksville resident noticed a strange group of lights in the sky that all came together from different directions and met in the middle, but never touched. The lights hovered together in one spot, then scattered and started to slowly move apart. Each shot out rapidly like rockets and disappeared into the night’s sky, as if they were never there to begin with. The resident noted that there were a couple airplanes near the lights, but the planes’ lights were distinct-looking, unlike the cluster of lights. The planes were also seen much lower in the sky than the other lights.

Two people others also had experiences with these unusual lights while driving in Brooksville. They have been residents in the town for over a decade. We were going north on I-75, heading into Brooksville one night, it was stated. Overhead, I saw a round ball of fire. It was orangey yellow with a streak of light trailing behind it, much like a streaming tail. It was very low to the ground at first, and I thought it was going to land somewhere, but it didn’t. It just disappeared, vanished. I checked with other people later to see if they had also seen it, but no one had! There were also no reports of comets or meteors, it was definitely NOT a shooting star. The second time they saw the light, There was just this odd light in the sky. It hovered and didn’t move at all. This was around 9:00 p.m., much around the same time as I saw the other light. Just like the last time, the light went across the road, fairly low, and then just vanished. I went to the area where I thought it could have landed, or where I could at least see it again, but it was gone. There was no trace of it anywhere. Once again, no one else we talked to saw it and there were no strange astronomical reports for the area. I could never find a rational explanation for what I saw, twice, she confided.

Perhaps John Reeves was really the first man to venture onto the Moon. He told his stories with profound honesty and was an incredibly open man. He wasn’t afraid to share his tales, no matter how extreme or far fetched they may have sounded to the layman. We may never be able to fully understand what happened with Reeves and his Space People. Many who knew him, have also passed on. We are only left with the reports. I’m not even sure whatever happened to Reeves’ Moon rock and dust, or even more importantly, his Moniheya flags. At work, I heard a version of the story, where everything was lost in a fire. However, despite not having these tactile pieces of evidence, we do have the town of Brooksville. Just past its charming Victorian abodes and its picturesque cow pastures, is a realm of the unknown. A strange and mysterious place where alien beings come to gather and illuminate the night’s sky with their magical lights.

As a footnote, I live and work in the area. There are many that remember the event, as well as the plywood replica of the craft. Most were teenagers at the time, and remember it all quite well. It did happen.

*** UPDATE ***

My wife was searching the internet, and found a very interesting update to this story, I Thank Her very much for the tremendous help she has been.

Jerry wrote that in 1965 he and his parents were neighbors and friends of John F. Reeves who happened upon a spaceship and a spaceman in brushy land near their Brooksville homes. At the time, Jerry said he was in his 20s and Reeves appeared to be in his 60s. Jerry said he and his parents may have been the first ones Reeves told about his extraordinary experience. He even took them to the landing site where they observed the imprints of the spaceship’s four landing legs plus the spaceman’s boot prints.

In the very topmost photo, Reeves is shown pointing to one of the spaceman’s boot prints in the white Florida sand. Jerry described it as 10" to 11" long and dog bone shaped, because it was equally bulbous on each end. The boot print also had grooves running both lengthwise and crosswise.

Jerry said that Reeves told him and his parents, right after Reeves’ out of this world experience. Here is a summary of what Jerry related:

When Reeves stumbled upon the spaceship, he ducked behind some bushes and observed it from his hiding spot. He described the ship as dull metallic gray, about 40' in diameter and 9' high at its center. He said he could see three windows, a clear dome top, 4 landing legs and a retractable ladder that dropped from the bottom center of the ship.

Then a spaceman appeared from behind some other bushes. He was about 5' tall and wore a tight fitting suit with a glass like helmet, metallic boots and mittens, not gloves. As he walked toward Reeves, he stopped and took something from his uniform and aimed it at Reeves. It was a little box that made a flash of light. Reeves thought it might have been a camera.

The spaceman then walked toward Reeves with open arms indicating he meant no harm. Reeves said the spaceman looked humanoid and had slanted eyes and a slit like mouth. When Reeves overcame his fears, he stood up. That’s when the spaceman tapped him on the shoulder three times and pointed toward the ship. Reeves said he walked toward the ship and at the encouragement of the spaceman climbed the ladder just high enough to peer inside. He saw a table, instruments and gauges, but quickly retreated down the ladder.

The spaceman, who was waiting at the bottom of the ladder, then guided Reeves to an open area about 80 yards from the ship. With a stick he picked up from the ground, the spaceman drew a symbol in the sand that indicated the place where his spaceship would land again. After that, he pointed to the eastern horizon, then the western horizon and then drew a line in the sand. He did this 29 times. Somehow he made Reeves understand that he would return in 29 days.

After the spaceship took off, Reeves found two sheets of alien writing on the ground at the landing site. Though the sheets looked like paper, they weren’t. Reeves and a friend, who also was a local news reporter and photographer, tested the paper in various ways. They even tried to burn an edge of it but it would not burn.

The military showed up When the reporter’s account of Reeve’s story was published in the local newspaper, U.S. Air Force personnel showed up and confiscated the sheets of alien writing. Later copies of the sheets were returned to Reeves but not the originals. Jerry emphasized that Reeves was an honest, kind and quiet man who retired to Brookville from the North. In our research to confirm all of this, we found a number of positive testimonies from those who knew him.

One woman wrote: He used to have Sunday dinner with my family back in the 60’s and 70’s almost every Sunday. He also helped me on a science report for school and we did it on his experience and he also told me that the space people took him to their planet which was called Monheaya which he said was what we know as the North Star. I submitted my paper and never received it back from my teacher.

Another person wrote: I knew him, spent time with him and watched him during the days after his encounter. Did you know that his hair became less gray and he appeared younger after the encounter? Last time I spoke to him he was 82 years old and just as spry as he was at 65.

Jerry told us that when Reeves got older he moved to South Florida to be closer to family and that he lived to be 104. And, yes, Jerry told me the spaceman did return 29 days later but his ship was prevented from landing by jets from the nearby MacDill Air Force Base.

Reeves continued to have meetings with his spaceman and other space people over the next six years. In August of 1968, about a year before Neal Armstrong walked on the Moon, Reeves was taken on a quick flight and to the backside of the Moon. They actually landed and Reeves was escorted into a clear domed base where he was able to walk comfortably without any kind of special gear. He returned to Earth with gray Moon dust in the cuffs of his pants and a souvenir crystal about the size of a baseball. Reeves showed his treasures to a number of people, but kept them locked and hidden so the military/government would not confiscate them as they had done with the sheets of alien writing.

On his days off, Jerry said he often stopped at that special landing spot in hopes he, too, would meet an alien. Then one day he saw something that put him on full alert, three sets of shoe prints in the sand. There were normal human shoe prints in the middle and quite unique sets of shoe prints on each side. It looked like someone, probably Reeves, had been escorted away by two spacemen.

Jerry took a quick look around and then decided to rush home to get his mother to come and see what he had found. When they returned to the special spot, Jerry’s mother began searching the area more thoroughly and discovered a red broom stick stuck in the ground. That was a sign from Reeves. He had told them he would always take his makeshift walking stick with him to the landing spot and if they ever found it stuck vertically in the ground that would mean he had gone with the aliens.

For four or five days, Jerry said Reeves was missing. He wasn’t at his home, his laundry was left on the clothesline, and his little dog was left inside the house unfed. Jerry’s family immediately fed the little dog, which was the love of Reeve’s life, but they really worried about Reeves. Days later, they got a phone call from Reeves. With stress in his voice, he asked them to come over. They rushed to his house and found him sitting in a chair weeping and gasping Nobody will believe me! Nobody will believe me! This was so out of character for their quiet and rather reclusive friend.

Eventually, he calmed down enough to tell them what had happened.

The space people had taken him to their home planet which they called Moniheya. These were not like the spaceman Reeves first encountered who had slanted eyes and a slit for a mouth. These space people were beautiful, tall and slim with smooth skin and facial features a bit like those of Orientals on Earth. They wore tight fitting jumpsuits and all appeared to be about 30 years old though they told him they were much older than that.

In Earth time, Reeves said it took 1½ days to get to Moniheya, and the same amount of time to return to Earth. He also said he spent a day and a night on the alien planet as the guest of a couple with two children. Reeves marveled at the appliances or devices in the home but didn’t understand what they were.

Reeves spoke of two modes of transportation on Moniheya. There were moving sidewalks which didn’t exist on Earth at that time but can be found today in most large airports. Then he spoke of rockets that cruised just above the ground. Perhaps they were a bit like Volkswagen’s prototype electromagnetic hover car (shown above) that was introduced on Earth in May 2012. Reeves said the Moniheya had two Suns and the sea was a pinkish color with creatures in it that looked like dinosaurs. Reeves also said the rain was blue. Jerry saw possible proof of the blue rain because Reeves returned to Earth with blue stains on the shirt he was wearing. Reeves said the people on Moniheya stayed out of the rain for that reason.

Another newspaper article I found related to this story:

Finder Of Flying Saucer In Seclusion BROOKSVILLE (CPI)

A Hernando County man who claimed earlier this week to have found a flying saucer and its robot passenger in a wooded area west of here remained in seclusion Saturday to rest up from a continuing barrage of telephone calls.

John F. Reeves was unavailable for comment on reports from Sydney, Australia, that flying Saucers were seen over New South Wales.

A resident said Reeves has been beseiged by telephone calls and visitors since he reported Wednesday he had encountered the machine and robot while on a wall, alone in a secluded wooded area, The resident, who asked not to he identified. said the calls were coming from everywhere, including an Australian news agency. There doesn't seem to he as much doubt elsewhere as there is around here, the resident said.

Reeves described the flying saucer as being 20' to 30' in diameter, and about 6' high. He said it was bluish green and redish purple

The reports from Australia were of lights In the sky. Members of the Astronomical Society of New South Wales said they saw lights almost directly overhead as they held their regular weekly meeting in the Belfielcl observatory.

Some astronomers said the Australian sightings could have been a result of the movement of Jupiter into the evening sky. Another theory was that they were caused by meteorites fragmenting on contact with upper layers of the atmosphere or a man-made satellite fragmenting while re-entering the atmosphere.

Reeves also had two pieces of cloth like paper with writing On them that he claimed were dropped by the creature he saw. These were turned over to Air Force Investigators and Reeves said at that time that he expects to be told the results of any tests run on the material. Reeves, who claims to be past 60, said he was a retired longshoreman from Brooklyn, who moved here four years ago. He said he also has worked in a restaurant, wrote songs for roller skating and played a German soldier In the movie: All Quiet on the Western Front.

A viewer sent me some copies of letters he received from Mr. Reeves, after he contacted him in 1966. The viewer was a 12 year old boy at the time. And very interested in UFOs. I got some new information from him.

I'm trying to put the PDF files up, and transcribe them into text files and images to better present them. It's interesting reading. I transcribed them as well as I could, and welcome any changes. I had a tough time in a few instances.

Thank You Mr. Faranda.

If I had to be given a choice on who to believe was on the Moon first, NASA or Reeves, I would believe Reeves. NASA, in my opinion, is the master of air brushing, and never quite honest.

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