Portgordon Mermaid Sighting

Portgordon Mermaid Sighting

Date: April 20, 1814

Location: Portgordon, Scotland

2 fishermen were returning from fishing in Sprey Bay, when about a quarter of a mile from the shore, the sea being perfectly calm, they observed, at a small distance from their boat with its back turned towards them, and half its body above the water, a creature of a tawny color, appearing like a man sitting, with his body half bent.

Surprised, they approached the creature, till they came within a few yards, when the noise by the boat occasioned the creature to turn about, which gave the men a better opportunity of observing him.

They described his countenance as swarthy, his hair short and curled, of a color between a green and a gray, he had small eyes, a flat nose, his mouth was large, and his arms of extraordinary length. Above the waist, he was shaped like a man, but as the water was clear the men could perceive that form the waist downwards, his body tapered considerably or, as they expressed it:

Like a large fish without scales.

The creature then dived and surfaced some distance away and was not alone. With him was what appeared to be a female of his species for she had breasts and hair that reached past her shoulders.

The 2 men then rowed as fast as they could to land.

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