Phoenix Lights

Phoenix Lights

Date: March 10, 1997

Location: Phoenix, AZ

On Monday, March 10, 1997, strange lights were seen over Phoenix and other parts of Arizona.

They were actually first reported in January of 1997, but didn't make it into the news until March of 1997.

The following nights they were also sighted. And then on March 13th thousands of people witnessed these lights in the Arizona sky, and several people videotaped this spectacular event. The first report that evening came from a retired police officer in Paulden, North of Prescott at 8:16 p.m. He reported seeing 5 red lights heading South, and 2 minutes later, a report came in from someone in Prescott, 16 miles away, they saw 1 red light and 4 white lights.

By the time the objects reached Phoenix people were seeing white lights only, and people saw them in a V formation.

Even though they are called The Phoenix Lights, they were first seen in Henderson, NV.

Witnesses also saw & videotaped lights blinking on and off in the sky, starting with one light, and then blinking one after the other, up to 8 lights, and one trailing light. Some of the witnesses were of military backgrounds, some were pilots.

They could not identify the craft. They said it had no sound at night. Other witnesses who saw it at Casa Grande said it was big enough to land airplanes on.

Bill Greiner, a truck driver, was driving on Interstate 10 when he first saw the lights, and when he parked his truck at 10:00 p.m. he saw 2 illuminated toy tops, as he calls them, with red rings around them. He then witnessed 3 F-16 fighter jets take off from the nearby Luke Air Force Base. One of the jets started to close in on the toy top object, which is glowing and pulsating with a red rim around it. As the jet tries to intercept it just goes up and disappears.

Lieutenant Colonel Hauser, from Luke Air Force Base admitted to having F-16 jets in the area at the time of the sighting, saying they were on a training mission.

Sky Harbor Airport said they never picked up anything on radar that night. The military said that the lights were flares, but it is quite obvious that these lights were much too bright for flares. Flares don't hover in the sky like this, and there was no smoke or sparks coming from them.

In other states, people are seeing lights like this, and there always seems to he some kind of cover up story involving flares.

More debunking perhaps.

There were no flares over Phoenix that night.

Since the first reports of this sighting came in other witnesses have seen this V formation of lights. It was first sighted at 7:55 p.m. MST over Nevada, and then between the hours of 7:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. in Lucerne & Bear Valley, California, which is near Victorville.

John Greenwald submitted a request for FOIA, Freedom Of Information Act, documents to be released from Luke Air Force Base. They replied immediately and said they had no response to the lights over Phoenix.

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