Listing of Phenomenon: Defined as an Event of Scientific Interest Susceptible to Scientific Description and Explanation.


2 Men In Gray

5 Naked Men Dancing

Albert Bender & The MIB Mystery

Annie's Road

Assorted Minor MIB Encounters

SS Baychimo - Ghost Ship

Bennington Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

Black Flash

Blackbird Of Chernobyl

Blowing Cave Mystery

Bradshaw Ranch

Bruce Gernon Flies into...Something

Cary Gordon Trantham's Close Call

Chair Of Death

Chinese Village That Went Missing Overnight


Commander Bodler's Wheels Of Light

Dan Aykroyd's MIB Encounter

Death Light Of The Maria

Disappearance Of Caribbean Flight 912

Dover Devil

Dr. Herbert Hopkins MIB Encounter

Egryn Lights

Falkirk Triangle

Fallstreak Hole

First MIB Report?

Foo Fighters

Ghost Rockets

Green Children of Woolpit

Green Flash

Glowing Orange Entity

Great Attractor

Great Lakes Triangle

Greenbrier Ghost

He Told Me To Never Agree To Help Them

Human Mutilation Factor


I Saw 'Something' Too, The Brooksville Morning Sky, Did anyone Else See It?

Incredible Fairy Dance, Or UFO Sighting

Just Watch The Birdies

KIC 8462852

Kokomo Booms

List Of Known Bermuda Triangle Events

Little People in St. Teath

Loch Ness MIB

Meteoritic Phenomenon

Missing Time, Multiple Times

Monster Of Peter Bottom Cave

Mothman Legend

Mystery Of The Solway Spaceman

My Son Possessed

Neveda Triangle

Portal Or Wormhole Observed

Robert Richardson Encounter With MIBs

Robert the Doll

Romblon Triangle

Safety Officer At Chernobyl Tells Tale Of Creature In Reactor

Soldier Teleported 9000 Miles

Spring Heeled Jack

St. James Hotel

Strange Lucky Point

Strange Midnight Encounter

Sky Roars

Men In Black Phenomenon

Mount Shasta

Rumworth Lodge Incident

Shirley Fickett's Interview With Dr. Hopkins

SS Baychimo - Ghost Ship


Spontaneous Human Combustion

Upside Down Mountain

White Glowing Lights In Graveyard

Yellowstone Lake 'Music'

Zone Of Silence

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