Humanoid Dies In Sweden

Humanoid Dies In Sweden

Date: 1955

Location: Gulf of Bothnia in Vestra Norrland in Sweden

While rummaging through my files checking on Operation Right To Know material I came across this article.

I have been trying to find for years, as well as the 3 star general article that is available in another post.

This Swedish case is one of those cases that involves a ethical extraterrestrial human, that those who study less ethical ETís tend to ignore. Such reluctance to study all the evidence keeps folks conceptually trapped in their little clump of trees in the forest.

I donít have a date on this article but it was published in the late 1980ís or early 1990ís. I think it was was published in UFO Universe Magazine as a reprint. I searched the net but all I found was a fragment of the article in a list of humanoid cases from 1955 so I typed in this article by hand.

The title of the article is, Humanoid Dies In Sweden, and was written by John Fontaine. It is noted that this report was filed with fellow members of a Swedish UFO group translated into English called Free UFO Study. This is a very detailed, extraordinary and moving case much like the story Larry Requa told me of finding the mummified alien bodies in BC Canada.

The article follows:

At an exhibition called Love or Chaos, in Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Sweden several hundred people each day visited the FUFOS, Free UFO Studies group, stand to listen to continuous lecture supported by slides, and the many questions indicated that interest in UFOs is steadily increasing.

One morning when several schools were visiting the stand, I noticed a distinguished gentleman, about 60 years old, who listened to the lecture several times and became extremely interested each time the slide show came to the section about humanoids, a series of slides produced on the basis of a substantial number of interviews with witnesses.

Even though the lecture was interesting, I could not understand why an ordinary listener would attend it several times, so my curiosity was aroused, and I started to talk to the man. At the beginning he was very reserved, and did not want to go into details, but when he saw that I took him seriously, he eventually told his story.

For an hour he told about his experience while I took notes, and it was a strange story:

I once saw and talked to a man like the one shown on the slides.

In 1955, I was working as a lumberjack in the Gulf of Bothnia in Vestra Norrland in Sweden with 2 brothers who supplied timber to a sawmill in mid Sweden. One early morning in July, about six oíclock, we were busy cutting trees, when we heard a sound like a big animal thrashing its way through the forest, or like branches breaking and rattling.

A moment later we saw a cigar shaped object flying haphazardly in between the trees and branches as leaves were falling to the ground. My immediate thought was that it was a small airplane, which had lost its wings and was now preparing, without control, for a crash landing.

Approximately 1000' away flowed a river, which the aircraft evidently was heading for. It was obvious that the aircraft would hit the ground within a few seconds, so we started to run in the direction where it had disappeared. 50' before we came out of the forest, the aircraft crashed in a clearing 100' from the river.

I donít know what we had expected, maybe a deafening crash, when the impact of the aircraft with the ground caused the petrol to explode. But it did not happen. Not a sound was heard, but a gigantic flash of light engulfed the whole area like a vast flashbulb, so that the sunlight almost disappeared. The light was so intense that we in fact could see through the trees. For a second I could see the grains of the trees and these were more than 3' in diameter, like an x-ray. Seconds later came a vacuum wave sucking everything towards the center of the light. All 3 of us tumbled forwards, branches and leaves flying past us. It all probably lasted only a fraction of a second, but I still remember how I crashed into a tree, time stopped, and my whole life was reviewed in my mind in flash. Even the normal sound of the forest had stopped.

When we had recovered somewhat, we went out into the clearing to see what had happened. Nothing was to be seen at the point of impact, only a few piles of timber were scattered around. We looked bewildered at each other and decided to return to work. At the entrance to the forest one of the brothers suddenly shouted:

Hereís a dwarf dressed in uniform.

Obviously the plane has crashed in the river and he must have been hurled out.

For a while we stood paralyzed gazing at the lifeless body. He was small of build, about 45" tall. Around his body a white light vibrated like a halo. When one of the brothers tried to touch the man to see whether he was still alive he retreated with a scream. He was deadly pale and said he felt as if he had received an electrical shock. At the same time the stranger opened his eyes and said in perfect Swedish: ďDo not touch me, it will only bring you difficulties.

His Swedish was so perfect that the brothers who spoke a Swedish dialect could not understand very much from what was later said:

Now you know who I am, he said.

He knew in beforehand what we were going to answer and just demonstrated that his question was correctly grasped.

Then I became quite calm and studied him closely. He was no dwarf. He was very well built with broad shoulders and normal features.

His skin was yellowish like that of an Asian. The eyes were deep socketed and black, without any white around. His face was badly bruised with a couple of big wounds on the chin and on the forehead. It did not bleed but the skin watered around the wounds. The top of his head was slightly downy and the hair almost white. The earlobes were one with the neck and resembled a sharkís fin. The lips were wrinkled, narrow and colorless.

When he smiled reassuringly, which he did a lot, he revealed a row of small teeth in the upper as well as the lower part of his mouth. I especially noticed that his canine teeth were flat and as broad as 2 of our front teeth. His hands were small with 5 slender fingers without nails and when he moved his hand it looked as if the ring finger had grown together to the little finger, if not they moved synchronized.

His uniform was of a reddish metal and appeared glued to his body closely. Head and hands were free, but at the feet the clothing continued into a couple of closed shoes, size 35 or 37. The foot soles were ribbed and vibrated, and for a moment I thought of caterpillars on a tank.

The stranger looked at me and nodded slightly. There was no doubt that he knew what I was thinking. With those shoes he could roll forwards and backwards without moving his feet. Around the waist he had a broad silvery metal belt with an unusually large buckle, which shone slightly in a light blue shade, which later when he was dead, turned dark blue. In the middle of the buckle was a sign in yellow, UV, it looked like a V which was incorporated in a U.

He knew I was studying him, and he said:

It is because of the clothing I can stay with you a while. Internally, I am destroyed.

His right hand disappeared into his clothing at the hip, where no pocket could be seen. He brought out a rectangular object. It was of the size of a box of matches with 12 small indents. With a slate pencil attached to the object, he engaged the different indents several times. When completed he tried to throw it a few yards away.

Donít touch it, he said smilingly. It will tell my fellow men what has happened, so that they donít come looking for me. Where I come from somebody is waiting for me.

The stranger lay for a while as if asleep. His hands were tightly clasped, and it was evident he went through great pains.

The brothers became somewhat confused, looked at each other, and then went back to the forest without a word. Later, years after when recalling the incident, I am convinced that the stranger one way or the other asked the brothers to leave, without saying a word.

I sat talking and listening to him for 2 hours before he died.

What they talked abut for those 2 hours I could not get the witness to reveal. I begged and urged him, but there was nothing to do, just a few fragments like these.

The stranger came from a place in the vicinity of the constellation we call The Eagle.

Several races from space have visited us, some so far advanced, that we could only see them when they materialized or dematerialized to visit a parallel universe in the orbit of Earth.

Some visitors kept people on Earth under surveillance and had done so for thousands of years. Others took samples of the Earth, with a view to later settlements.

Still others have had contact with mankind for centuries.

In this context it is rather immaterial what was talked about even if it would have been interesting with further information about this conversation. I could understand from the witness that it had not been what was normally being told in connection with other encounters of this kind.

The witness continued:

Just before the stranger died, he gave me folded bag from the invisible pocket and said:

When I am dead, the light will disappear from my body and with the help of the other 2 men you shall put me in this bag and carry me out into the river where I shall disappear. Then you shall rinse yourself thoroughly in the water, so that you donít get ill.

He was now breathing heavily, and I could see the end was near. The halo around him became weaker and gradually disappeared. His light blue buckle gradually got darker. He looked at me for a moment and smiled. The he said something in a language I have never heard before or since. Suddenly he switched into Swedish, and I got the last couple of sentences:

You have come with out any wish to and depart against you own wish. Our life is like vapor.

He said a few more worlds, but his voice was so weak that I did not catch them. I am convinced he prayed to some deity before dying. I was very moved.

With the help of the brothers we got him into the bag and carried him out into the river. The bag smelled of sulphur and burned our hands as if they were raw flesh. He was quite heavy about 200 pounds. When the bag came into the water, it started bubbling around it and we realized that some chemical process had started. After 5 minutes nothing remained, and I thought that maybe the stranger had hoped to crash in the river to a quick death, instead of lying for a couple of hours suffering, whilst a minor in the mind asked some silly questions. He would probably have preferred to die alone, thinking of his home light years away.

I think that was all, said the witness and prepared to take leave.

I stayed for a couple of years with the brothers, but we seldom talked about that special day. I think, however, each of us went through it every day. The brothers are dead now, but I remember it like it had happened just yesterday. Even years later I knew him immediately from your slide. It is strange, I thought I was the only one who knew this type. Over the years I have see many pictures and drawings of visitors from space, but Iíve seen nobody like him until today.

The witness produced a piece of metal and held it to my nose.

Look, he said. I looked bewildered. It resembled a bit crochet hook.

What is it? He laughed knowingly.

A couple of days after the incident I wandered around where he had been lying. The rectangular object was gone, but the pencil slate was lying in the grass shining.

I have kept it as a proof that I was not dreaming.

He left. And while I gazed astonished after him, he disappeared in the crowd. An anonymous, who with his story and pencil slate could hit thefront page on the worldís newspapers.

I believe that only because the story is true, it possible to carry it alone for so many years. A psychiatrist could possible determine that a slide picture opened up for a long subdued incident, suppressed of fear for ridicule. There are probably many stories like this which are unfortunately never known.

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