New Brunswick Encounter

New Brunswick Encounter

Date: October 3, 1955

Location: Near Stanley, New Brunswick, Canada

John Doe & his friend had left home early in the morning in order to go hunting for the day. They parked their car at the edge of a field about 4:00 a.m. and leaned back to get some sleep before daylight arrived. At about 4:15 a.m., directly in front of them a light appeared. It looked like the cabin of a small two seat helicopter which was making a very loud noise, not unlike the sounds of engine trouble. The light came over the top of the hill immediately in front of the men, perhaps a hundred or so yards away. They were in a narrow valley, surrounded on their right by woods, behind them slightly to their left was a steep wooded hill. To their left at about 45° toward their front there was a large barn, presumably used by local farmers for hay storage. No other buildings or structures were visible.

The lighted noisy vehicle appeared to be quite small. The lighted area of the craft was all they could see, the rest of the vehicle was hidden by darkness. In a few seconds the noise diminished. And then the craft moved very slowly out and over the field to a point just behind the barn, slightly to the right of the barn when looking from John's vantage point. It appeared to be about 150' more or less from their car and about 50' - 60' from the ground. The craft just sat there for a while, appearing suspended in the air, now completely silent.

As the pair watched awestruck for about 15 minutes they began to notice that the craft was shaped like two saucers, the top one being inverted and the two saucer edges being separated by a vertical external side which appeared to be about 4' to 5' high, not unlike the appearance of a hamburger. The lower part appeared rounded and sloping with a flat bottom. Above this bottom section, was a straight sided cylinder with a brushed aluminum or lead like appearance, the same as all the other external sides. On top of this section was visible an area resembling glass, they were not able to discern if the glass was clear or opaque. It seemed like another 15 or 20 minutes before this windowed area came to life.

There came from behind the windows, a series of lights, changing from red, to pink, to yellow, to blue, to green, yellow, to pink to red, all the time rotating around the craft. On top of this rotating lighted area was also another windowed area, separated from the other section by a vertical side of not more than 3' to 4' in height. These windows were wide panels, perhaps 4' to 5' in height and perhaps 6' to 7' long, each of the panels being separated by a single vertical strip. These windows were definitely opaque, and through which they could discern a lighted area behind the glass panels. The light was what they described as bright white not unlike that of a very fluorescent lamp or a halogen lamp. The top of this section was rounded, ending in a flat top. The fourth, or top section, was much rounded being topped with a short round vertical area of perhaps 4' to 5' in diameter and about 1½' to 2' high, topped with a rounded, tapered roof with a flat top of a diameter of about 1' or 2' at the top.

Amazed and wanting to make contact the two decided to flash the car headlights a few times. They did this several times and noticed that the crafts lighted window panel area dimmed and brightened, possible as a response. Then, silhouettes of 3 or 4 beings appeared in the opaque windows. They could see their shapes, but because the glass appeared opaque or frosted, they were unable to tell what the beings actually looked like, but their general appearance was that of humans. Exasperated the men continued to flash the headlights of the car in a desperate attempt to establish contact. Then, an extremely bright flash which caused them to cover their eyes, the flash appeared to come from the exact center of the flat bottom of the craft. After what seemed to be 15 to 20 seconds of extreme blackness, the whole valley lit up. The light was very bright, much brighter than daylight. It was a pure white light very difficult if not impossible to describe. After about 5 minutes the light faded into complete darkness. This period of darkness remained for what they guessed to be about 5 minutes or so. The human like silhouettes were no longer visible.

After a bright shiny globe appeared from the exact center of the bottom of the craft, the same spot where the flash of light had appeared. It lowered itself slowly about 15' to 20' and then slowly moved to their left, and then rising slightly faster in an arc, to a point above the craft, stopping behind and to the right of the craft. Over the next several minutes several more globes appeared in like manner, finally positioning themselves slightly above and to the side of the craft. These globes remained suspended in the air for well over what seemed to be a half hour or more. Soon each globe returned to the craft following each other in what appeared to be reverse order. The globes were about 2' in diameter.

The area around the pair began to get lighter as daylight approach and they began to hear a loud, clank, clank sound which sounded like someone pounding a steel pipe with a very heavy hammer. This lasted a minute or two. Seconds later the noise stopped and both men felt a low frequency growling noise which quickly increased in pitch. The rotating colored lights of the object then went out and the craft immediately moved straight up in a vertical plane, until it appeared as only a bright dot in the morning sky, about the size of the head of a small pin. The dot stayed motionless and disappeared when the Sun came up.

John never hunted again and the other man never discussed the incident with anyone until he died.

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