Mountain Home AFB Hybrid Alien Childhood Encounter

Mountain Home AFB Hybrid Alien Childhood Encounter

July 15, 1978

Location: Mountain Home AFB, ID

This is the shortest version of this report I could possibly type and still give an accurate description of what happened to me and several other children on Mountain Home AFB in the summer of 1978.

I was only 5 years old when these events happened, but my memory is very strong and probably the reason I am the only person who remembers the encounter. Most of these events were blocked from me until I watched a TV program that showed a book with illustrations of aliens and alien ship types. When I saw the ship I had been taken aboard, my memories suddenly came back.

I was 13 years old when my memory resurfaced, and I will explain what happen that led to my amnesia of these events until that time.

In the summer of 1978, my older sister and I went outside to play.

We lived on Mountain Home AFB in Idaho in family housing just across the field from the Elementary School. The field and the school can still be seen to this day. My older sister and I had been having odd dreams and even sleep walking. One night my sister was found outside in the middle of the field in pitch darkness having apparently slept walked. At the same time, I was having nose bleeds that could not be explained. I believe we were being abducted and programmed for a particular event although I have only one memory of trying to get away from a small odd creature that looked like a little monster in a Catholic nun costume. So, probably we were taken aboard the ship several times, but I have only been able to recall the one encounter.

Well, in the summer of 1978, for some unknown reason my older sister and I were drawn to the large field between the housing and the school on the AFB. Here we joined several other children all grouped together in pairs of one female and one male.

We formed a circle and then backed up keeping out circular formation.

An alien spacecraft then appeared and hovered above us. It had a saucer section at top and then a longer section that dropped down with another small saucer like section below. The long part was constantly rotating while the top saucer section did not move. There was a beam of blue light and then my sister and I were suddenly aboard the ship in a hallway.

I saw something on the wall that looked like a ship with a highlighted area and the word: The Bridge, entered my mind as if the sign spoke to me.

In the hallway were two beds that looked like the kind found on Ambulances.

My sister was on my left and we were behind the beds facing a wall and a doorway entrance to another room.

To the left of the door was a young female who looked to have very sparse long hair and was dressed in a nurse’s outfit, but probably was only 14 to 18 years old.

She was taller than both of us, but not as! tall as my mom who is 5’5”.

To her left or moving to our right was the opening to the door and sitting on a swivel chair playing with a computer panel of some kind with many switches was a bald male who looked similar to the female. Both had human like qualities but were not human.

To the left of the opening and moving farther to our right were two humans. Both were USAF military and had the American Flag clearly displayed on their uniforms. One seemed to be of very high rank, as he had decoration on his left side pocket. Both were high ranking and apparently were medical doctors.

There was a hall to our left and two hallways that broke off to our right with a flat wall with the sign in the center.

The female nurse seemed to use telepathy to communicate.

My older sister whispered to me that she had very thin hair.

The female nurse became upset and was crying to the other aliens using telepathy that the children thought she was ugly because of her sparse hair.

My older sister and I could hear her in our minds too, and we immediately consoled her and told her she was beautiful.

The two military men were of different sizes. One had brown hair and was short and the other, the higher ranking officer, had blond hair and was much taller.

The brown hair man asked us if we knew why we were here.

Without thinking, my older sister and I blurted out:

To play with the children.

We said it in unisons.

This answer disturbed the brown haired man and he turned to the blond hair man for reassurance.

The taller man nodded and the brown hair man said he had to give us a physical before we could play with the children to make sure we did not have measles or any other diseases we could give to them.

At that moment several tiny aliens entered the room.

I could barely reach the doorknob and these aliens were about half my height.

They probably were not even 2' tall.

I felt their fingers for a few second and suddenly we were all dressed in medical gowns.

The doctors were dressed in medical robes and we had patient medical gowns.

I hopped on the bed and the brown hair doctor did a quick physical on me while the blond doctor checked my sister.

He then slapped me on the leg playfully and said I was healthy and fit to visit the children.

At that moment a very large alien entered the room with a huge smile on his face. He was over 6' tall and towered above the tall doctor who was probably more than 6' tall.

The alien had a very long neck and big black eyes. He was wearing clothes that matched his skin tone, which was grayish green. He put his arms out and put his arms around the doctors.

It was clear this alien was in charge.

During all of this, the alien hybrid sitting on the chair watched and kept looking at my sister and I as if he had never seen human children before, and seemed very curious.

After the large alien gave his or her approval the smaller aliens grabbed my sister and I by the arms and took us down the hallway to our left. We then entered a different part of the ship were there was a misty like atmosphere or fog.

I was then taken to one room and my sister to another someplace further down the hall.

In the room was an alien hybrid child about my age with large light blue eyes the same color as my mothers. He did not speak, but used telepathy to communicate with me directly into my mind. He said if we completed our task first, that he would win a prize. I knew this alien child was my brother. We shared the same mother.

Our task was to stack wooden blocks with numbers on one side and letters on the other. We had to form a geometric shape, spell out a sentence, and solve a mathematical problem all at the same time.

I helped him stack the blocks to form a triangle, spelled out a sentence in English that referred to a cat, and he solved the mathematical problem on the other side. We did it very rapidly and he was very pleased with me and said he would be getting a special prize.

The little aliens came back into the room and led me away and redressed me as we walked.

Then there was that beam of blue light and I suddenly was on the ground outside the ship looking up with my sister on my side and the children around the ship in the same circular formation.

We then all moved to one side of the ship and looked up at the windows of the saucer section. I could see my brother looking out one window and waving to me and I waved back.

My older sister was waving at a very tall alienhybrid boy with brown curtly hair similar to mine. He was probably over 7' tall, but looked to only be a teenager.

There were also several other alien hybrid children and young adults looking out the window and waving including the nurse at us and the other human children standing next to us.

The ship then moved rapidly and stopped for a moment. It hovered for a couple of seconds and then shot off into the sky out of site.

We then left the other children and ran home to tell our mother what had happened.

When we got into the house we discovered our mother was still giving our baby sister a bath in the sink. As long as we had been on the ship she should have been done by then, but she was still washing here as if time had stood still.

To this day, my mother, still remembers us talking about the little people and the spaceship, but she thought it was just a game we were playing. My older sister remembers nothing of the alien encounter, but she remembers this next event.

The next day, a station wagon with a heavy set brown hair man driving and a curly blond tall woman drove up to my sister and me and asked us if we would like to go for a ride in the new car they just purchased. The man explained it would just be around the block and then back.

The car was a station wagon with wooden trim panels and was a big car typical of the 1970s. In the back seat were several children including a boy that was with us the day of the alien encounter. This boy had blond hair and was taller than my sister and probably a little older.

All the children were laughing and saying stuff like around the block right and then laughing about it.

My sister said we could not get into the car because our mother would not allow us to get into a car with strangers. My sister still remembers the car and the conversation to this day.

The man then asked if it would be okay to take a photo of us, and she replied yes. The man looked at the woman and asked her if that would be okay, and she nodded yes.

He then took a photo of us using a camera with a really bright flash.

The next day, I remember hearing a buzzing sound in my head and complaining that I could not remember anything. I knew something was wrong.

We moved from Mountain Home AFB soon after, and went to another AFB. I did not recall the alien encounter until I watched the TV show some years later and the images of the alien ship, called an Alien Hybrid Nursery Mother Ship triggered my memories.

So, for eight years, I did not remember anything that had happened after the flashing of the camera. Interesting how that ended up in the Men in Black Movies.

Everything I have told you is the truth. I have carried this memory for many years now without talking to anyone but my family about it. The US Government says they are now taking UFO s seriously, but have they already known about aliens all along?

Unless those two military doctors had their minds wiped too, I would have to say the answer is yes. They not only knew, but actively participated in alien abductions.

I have never again had an alien encounter, at least none I can remember. Maybe because I was able to remember they decided to leave me alone, but who really knows? I thought I should post this and let it be known before I forget or something happens to me and my story is lost forever.

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