Arch Over Road

Arch Over Road

Date: June 30, 1974

Location: Minot, ND

This sighting happened in the summer of 1974 a few miles south of Minot ND.

I went outside to smoke a cigarette. It was a very clear night and I walked down the driveway from the house so I could get a full view of the night sky.

When I came to the end of the driveway I noticed a white translucent arch over the dirt road that ran in front of the house North and South. I was puzzled by this and wondered if it was some kind of fog. I walked about 30' down the road to get a better look.

I could see that the arch went from one side of the road to the other side right down to the ditch.

I walked under it and looked up and could faintly see the stars through the arch while looking strait up into the sky. I then would walk about 3' from under it and the stars where all bright and all the sky clear. It reminded me of the milky way.

I moved under it then next to it a couple more times then excited I ran to the house to get someone else to come see this.

It was about 10:00 p.m. as my parents where watching the news so I went to my brothers room who is 15 years old. He thought I was crazy but I persuaded him to come out and look, about 10 minutes later as he was in bed watching TV and had to dress.

When we got to the area where I had seen the arch it was gone.

Down the road North about 60', we both witnessed a cloud above the road about 20' in diameter. We started to follow it as it was moving away from us. It was no longer a translucent white. It would turn red to blue, green and had like sparkling little lights shimmering in it.

We both started to follow it till the road ended 200', then it veered to the northwest and we crossed over the barbwire fence climbing over a couple hills to follow it. We stayed down when we came to the top of a hill as it almost seamed to be trying to lose us. It stopped over the top of a large watering hole about 30'.

We could not follow it anymore but as we watched it for about one minute it was still changing colors and sparkling. It then started to fade quickly.

We walked home amazed as we lived in the country, hunt, hike at night to a neighbors. We never seen anything like it.

To this day we recalled this sighting and both seen this. We had seen the same thing other than him not seeing the arch.

I was not a drug user or drinker. I am now 48 years old and still can picture this dense cloud type object that changed colors along with the arch over the road. We have never seen anything like this again, nor have met anyone else that seen anything like this before.

We figured it could have been something from the Minot Air Base. We have seen fog over water and such. The arch did not loose its shape or fade.

I was thinking of walking down into the ditch to one side of the arch touching to the ground to see if I could walk through it or put my hand in it. I decided that may be dangerous so ran back to get a witness.

I would like to be contacted about sightings in the Fargo area.

When I googled to see if anyone else seen thease sightings your sight popped up with reports on the same date and same thing that still hangs around at times. I would like to know how to report the observation properly or hear a explanation.

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