UFO Sighting In Maine

UFO Sighting In Maine

Date: May 16, 1981

Location: Union, ME

We moved to Union when I was in 3rd grade, around 1981.

In May or June of each year I would be awoken by lights in the field that I could see by my window. I did see greys several times as I used binoculars to look at the craft landing site. About 8 years later, I remember walking into the field and returned to my room, not by myself. I believe now that I was being abducted. When I was about 10 years old a mark that resembles a birth mark appeared on my right hand, between my pointing and middle finger in the shape of a triangle. It hasnít always been there, I was told if I have it removed I will be marked with something else.

All I remember from that abduction was being scared. And I am very sorry but I donít remember all of them.

When I was about 8 years old, I didnít see the craft that year. Instead I was walking in the field with the dogs, the field was going to be mowed for hay in 2 days so I wanted to walk through the field one last time. This time was weird. In the middle of the field the furture hay was laying down in a circler pattern, I had no idea what had happened but there was several little places connecting to the big circle.

When my parents got home I took my Dad to that spot to show him what I found. He got very anxious. We went back to the house, and climbed on the roof to see the circles from up high. He came down and said come with me, we went to the barn got a couple of brooms, we went back to the field and stood the grass back up. It was totally amazing to find the grass intact. The stalk was not broken, it was whole. after we stood it up, he mowed it, that day.

Several days after, my mother was going to the store, being a typical kid I begged her to let me stay home alone. She finally gave in with stipulations. Ya know, donít do this, donít touch that. 5 to 10 minutes after she left a car pulled into our driveway.

Now Union is in the country, we lived up on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. This car was black. black wheels, black windows, black everything and no plate. The occupants were also dressed in black.

I knew ways of leaving the house without anyone hearing me, and that is what I did.

These men walked to the exact place where that crop circle was, they took samples of the Earth and the grass around it, walked back to their car and left.

To this day if I write or talk about it I get painful goosebumps. Men in Black???

As far as what it looked like, it looked like a disk, with red/blue/green/white, and orange colored lights moving in patterns. It was always the same type of craft.

When I think about it I get deep painful goosebumps. and really freaks me out.

I donít really remember much about being abducted thankfully. I kinda remember them being nice to me at first, then being more forceful as I got older. and my reactions now, scared.

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