Shirley Greenfield Encounter

Shirley Greenfield Encounter

Date: January 23, 1976

Location: England

17 year old Shirley Greenfield, a pseudonym, was returning home from work and noticed lights cavorting over a reservoir.

In seconds, the lights swooped down on her to become a metallic disk directly overhead, possibly 30' across and spinning like a top. An invisible force pressed her hard to the ground. Metal fillings in her teeth vibrated and a tangy taste filled her mouth.

Shirley feared that this unseen force would crush her. 30 minutes of missing time was noted when she arrived home, terror stricken and unable to speak from the shock of the experience.

The event was reported to the police, who refused to investigate and turned the story over to the media.

Not seeking publicity, Shirley refused to cooperate with the local press and turned down a lucrative offer for a filmed television interview.

Her health had deteriorated and she took to her bed for several days with muscle aches, nausea and vomiting. Her eyes hurt and watered and were quite red. She had unexplained burn marks on her arm and side, as well as a strange purple rash on her neck and shoulders. In her mouth, top dental fillings crumbled into powder and fell out, while some bottom fillings became embedded into the gums.

On Monday, February 2nd, Shirley's mother intercepted a telephone call from a man who would only identify himself as someone who investigates these things, who asked about her daughter's health and whether any marks had been left on the girl's body as a result of her ordeal.

The mother put the caller off.

At 7:00 p.m. on the following evening, two men arrived at the Greenfield home and demanded to interrogate the girl. Both men appeared about 40 and wore crisp black suits and denied being either UFOlogists or journalists. The father initially refused to let them in.

One man, tall and fair, almost blonde, did all the talking and sternly responded with:

If you do not let us in now, we will come back later and make Shirley speak to us.

Neither man used names. Both had an air of authority and conducted themselves as if they had every right to do and say whatever they chose. The silent partner sat on a chair and held a square black box with no visible moving parts. It was said to be a high tech recording device. Although this intense grilling session lasted three hours, at no time was any recording tape changed.

The tall one was rude to the point of aggression.This visit ended with a threat to be silent.

You must not talk about this matter. It is in your interests not to do so. Nobody will believe you, inany case. In particular, you must not talk to UFO investigators. The pair left in a large black car. Mr. Greenfield still wonders, You know, I have never been able to understand why I did not throw them out. Why I let them hound Shirley for hour after hour. I would normally not tolerate something like this. Why did I let them do this thing?

The mother was creeped out by the man who had not spoken all night. He continually stared intently at her daughter the entire evening. These mystery men telephoned the very next day and again a week later. They were still concerned about whether or not the girl had any unusual marks on her body following her ordeal.

Shirley finally admitted that, yes, there were marks, but they were gone now. This seemed to satisfy the visitors. They did not contact the family again.

Under the auspices of Dr. Albert Kellar in Manchester, Shirley was hypnotized and asked to relive both the UFO sighting and the visit by the two Men in Black. She reacted in absolute terror to the visit by the MIB and the doctor was forced to abandon the experiment because her vital signs rose to dangerous levels. Even so, Shirley offered a possible clue:

I don't understand, He's talking to me twice.

This MIB had supposedly interrogated her on two different levels. During the visit, messages had acted upon her subconscious mind in a form of subliminal communication. This advances notions of mental hypnotic suggestion and those Experiments in Distant Influence documented by Dr. Leonid L. Vasiliev.

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