Dog With Human Shadow

Dog With Human Shadow

Location: India

Back in 9th grade me and my cousin were once returning from a birthday party and we saw a black dog of an unknown breed and rather weird, he was playing under the street light but what we saw later left us dumbstruck.

That dog had a shadow of a man.

Literally as he was running and jumping around in circles the shadow of a large man kept following him as if it were his only.

Mind you we were watching from a distance and did not enter the lighted region and there was no one else in the vicinity, so it was clearly the dog's shadow but how.

We were amused but creeped out.

Then the dog growled at us his, front tooth was missing and other one was sharp.

We left the scene very scared.

Later in the morning we were passing that same lane and two guys dressed in black were examining the scene like some police investigation with circles around.

As they stood up they were rather tall like 6' 3" according to my guess, but it is very uncommon stature in India.

They saw my little cousin and approached us.

One guy was bald and so pale like he never came out in sunlight, he wore dark glasses and had an American accent, the other guy was clearly Indian from features and voice.

They asked us questions like if we live around, and if we saw something unusual.

We just said no.

Then they just showed us the picture of that dog, asked if we saw him recently roaming this area.

We explained to them of last night's incident and they showed us the picture of a man who had an overgrown beard and athletic physique, we didn't recognize him and said no.

Then the white guy was offering us chocolates but I politely refused and left.

One odd thing I also noticed their black limousine like car had no number plate.

Even to this day I have questions what exactly did we see that night? What was that dog and his shadow and could there be a connection between that dog his shadow and that bearded man? Who were the men in black investigating? Could they be hunting an alien or real life werewolf running stray in my country?

Recently I came across stories of 3 families living somewhere in southern England being harassed and followed by men in dark grey suits after the families witnessed UFOs over Scotland and Lochness monster related stuff.

They reported the men in grey would stalk them to home ask very detailed questions about the sightings and threatened to seal their bank account if they don't cooperate.

So you guys see so many people can't be lying. There indeed is an international organization that is maybe even more powerful than governments themselves, and it manages extraterrestrial and supernatural things happening on earth from North America to the United Kingdom, and who knows where else they have influences

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