Jack & Jill

Jack & Jill

Date: April - 2009

Location: Niagara Falls, NY

Jack Smith ( Not his real name ), like many confessed victims of the MIB phenomenon, claims to have been followed by pairs of identical looking men dressed in matching black suits and exhibiting odd appearances and behavior.

The bizarre encounters have occurred throughout his life since he had harrowing experiences with greys as a young boy and later as a teenager.

Now in his 50’s, Jack is still haunted by his experience and subsequent run-ins with MIB near where he has lived and traveled around the world. In 2009 his bizarre encounters came to a head in April when he and a close friend were watched by two MIB in broad daylight in New Orleans French Quarter.

Jack was able to take a video of the MIB as they stared at him and his friend, and his fear continues to this day about their menacing behavior.

Both Jack and his friend, who were deeply shaken by their encounter speak for the first time about what they saw.

Jack has decided to publicly come forward after a lifetime of secrecy about his contacts, and certainly not for reasons of calling attention to himself. To the contrary, he is quite concerned and fearful that talking publicly about it will invite more harassment from the menacing beings because, he as mentioned,

This experience is awful. I can't even begin to explain how awful it is. The very thought of stirring things up scares the heck out of me.

He has tried to lead a normal life, helping people in various capacities including as a Methodist missionary and a drug and alcohol counselor. He characterizes himself as always having been a very spiritual person seeking the spiritual truth. He believes his self-acknowleged, psychic abilities have been a lighting rod for his encounters with the mysterious beings.

He’s also tired of being scared. Out of desperation, Jack shares his story in the hope that other contactees will come forward, assuring him of his sanity and that he is not alone in a world of high strangeness.

To understand why Jack believes that strange men or beings disguised as humans have been harassing him for most of his life, lets begin with a bizarre memory he has of an incident that occurred when he was about age 5.

Jack was a kindergarten kid in Loch Raven, Maryland, a northern suburb of Baltimore, where he enjoyed playing with other neighborhood kids in a wooded green belt behind his home. It was an ideal playground with paths between the trees and populated with little forts and tree houses.

One Saturday morning, young Jack met a new friend in the woods who was slightly taller than him and whose appearance made Jack feel uncomfortable. He recalls that the kid had no hair and big eyes.

Jack’s 5 year old mind presumed the boy was a burn victim, like another kid who he knew in school. He thought that the boy’s eyes looked oversized because his eyelids had been burned off and noticed that the strange boy was wearing an unusual looking one piece outfit with a high collar.

Feeling uneasy, Jack followed his new friend through the woods toward a humming noise. While they walked, the boy showed Jack a toy he was carrying, a square looking piece of paper that looked more like tin. One side of the object looked like paper but the other side was very strange. It was emitting what could be explained as a beam of light, except that the beam emitted the opposite of light.

It was a beam of darkness,he remembers. It would behave like a flashlight but it would flood the trees and bushes in the beam of night not light. It also made a buzzing sound when it was turned on.

That’s when things became frightening to Jack. As they continued down the path in the woods, they approached two other boys that resembled his new friend. One of them stood taller then the others, looked thinner and appeared almost praying mantis-like.

Behind the odd trio was a metallic craft the size of a small van and the source of the humming sound he was hearing.

The sight of the taller being frightened Jack and he started to run home. The toy object was turned on and aimed at him. Jack was enveloped in the dark beam and lost consciousness.

He woke up sometime later near where he had seen the craft, which was now gone along with the three beings. Jack does not know how long he was out but recalls waking up with bumps and bruises. His leg was wounded and left with a scoop-shape scar that remains to this day. It’s a mark commonly found on the bodies of people who claim to have had an abduction experience or mysterious occurrences of lost time.

It looks as if someone took a mellon baller tool and scooped a perfect BB size piece of flesh from my leg, describes Jack.

Years later, then 16 year-old Jack had moved to Wagontown, Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia. He was suffering through a rough time, often waking up with blood stains on his bed pillows from nose bleeds over a three year period between 1973-1976. His parents took him to a doctor to have his nose cauterized and he was told that his scary memories were just bad dreams.

Jack believes otherwise. He thinks that the strange beings had returned and were repeatedly taking him.

Jack clearly remembers his 1976 encounter. He woke up in his bed in the middle of the night, unable to move any part of his body except his eyes. He could see two big heads at the sides of the bed. And the now familiar, taller creature that resembled a praying mantis was watching over the two smaller beings as they, suddenly were upon me and leaned in towards me as if to almost kiss me on the cheek,Jack recalled.

He remembers the beings mocking him for the terror he felt. They were too close to his face for him to see if they were speaking through their mouths, but he could clearly hear what they were saying in his mind.

His next memory of that frightening night is walking in a field behind his home, holding hands with a five year old boy that he did not know at the time. Jack recalls that they were walking toward an object that was, Lit up and spinning like a ferris wheel.

On a side note, Jack never knew who the boy was until they met again by chance 35 years later. Jack was working in a shop in Salem, Massachusetts, when a first time customer walked in. The customer, Jeff Robinson and Jack felt as though they had met before, but could not place when. As they chatted, Jeff felt a calming sensation and more sure they knew each other. As Jeff departed, the two shook hands and both say something remarkable happened.

I felt an energy flow through us when we shook hands and a flood of memories came over me, Jeff said. Suddenly, Jeff realized that he indeed knew Jack from long ago and disturbing memories began surfacing in his mind.

Jeff remembered that in 1976 when he was five years-old, Interesting things started to happen to him, the same age Jack was when strange events began for him.

For Jeff, the weirdness started when his family moved into a house in Newton, New Hampshire, an area known for UFO encounters, including the Exeter Incident that happened less than ten miles away.

His parents became good friends with their nearby Portsmouth, NH, residents, Betty and Barney Hill, who became world famous for their alleged UFO abduction incident in New Hampshire in 1961.

For the next 13 years, until he left the home at age 18, Jeff said that he was tormented by high strangeness on a regular basis in and around his home, including having been menaced by a three foot tall, impish looking creature with a large head and big eyes. The creature had brownish skin, but resembled what has been described by other witnesses as a typical grey. Jeff would hear it scrambling on the roof and once chased it off with a baseball bat. It ran off toward a nearby pre-columbian Indian mound near his home. Jeff is a nearly full blooded Wampanoag, a Native American tribe of the New England area.

At 43, Jeff said the unsettling experiences continue to this day. His parents have stayed in the house all these years and have also experienced things they can’t explain. Jeff feels that whatever bothered him where he grew up still lingers there. He is so disturbed by the old home he grew up in, that he will not stay after dark when he visits.

Jeff said that he does not recall the 1976 incident in Pennsylvania where Jack remembers holding five year-old Jeff’s hand as they walked toward a UFO. But he does sense that they were somehow together at the time and to this day feels great anxiety and fear when he thinks back to that time in his life.

Even though Jeff was living hundreds of miles from Pennsylvania when the incident happened, Jack thinks the two were abducted together, and that he was able to help calm the five year-old Jeff. To this day, Jeff regards Jack as like a big brother who protected him when he was a little boy. Whatever transpired that night in 1976, the two strangers, now friends, remain close.

Jack suggested that he too has had more encounters and abductions during his life. But what really irks him are the bizarre run-ins with the strange Men in Black that are still happening nearly fifty years after his first contact. They have never let him go.

They have let me know that I could be found where ever I was. What was said to me was threatening and they have caused me to live in fear a lot of the time.

His fear prevented Jack from sayingwhat the MIB said to him.

To add insult to injury, the bizarre nature of his experiences has put stress on his reputation and relationships. Just discussing it poses the threat of him appearing mentally unstable.

Jack knows that to some who read this story, he could look like a crazy old man. And that's fine because some people already think I am. I know the truth. My good, close friends know the truth, as well, he added.

A close friend of Jack witnessed his latest encounter with the MIB earlier in New Orleans. And this time, Jack also caught the MIB on camera, staring directly at them.

It is highly unusual that Jack wasn’t alone and with a trusted friend when the MIB encounter happened, leaving his guest deeply disturbed and frightened.

Jill, not her real name, told what happened on Sunday, April 13, 2014.

Taking a vacation from her career as a spa manager, Jill was visiting New Orleans for the first time and seeing Jack, who she calls a dear friend. They set out on the sunny morning for some sightseeing and lunch and walked to the River line street car. It was approaching noon as the two chatted for several minutes while waiting for the street car to arrive at the French Quarter’s Bienville Street station near Jackson Square.

As they stood waiting, Jill noticed that Jack suddenly looked past her, stopped talking and stared intently toward something behind her.

I knew something was wrong immediately, recalls Jill, and she turned around to see what Jack was looking at. She saw a pair of strange looking men standing together.

They looked like identical twins. They were slim, and much taller than the average person. They were dressed in identical black suits, white shirts, skinny black ties, fedoras, and black sun glasses.

Jill’s first thought was they were dressed in costumes for a performance because, They just looked so odd and overdressed for the 82° weather that day. Jack told her to keep watching them and that he would explain everything to her later.

They were pale, they were stiff, and they moved eerily in unison. They had oblong faces with a thin line for a mouth. Their whole vibe was cold and creepy.

Jill described their demeanor as, Calm, but like how a reptile can appear calm, characterizing them as, Twin lizards in suits.

The two men looked over and stared silently at her and Jack and then spoke to each other.

This is the part I will never forget, Jill recalls. They leaned in simultaneously to communicate with each other. Their mouths opened slightly, but they were not talking. They were communicating something to each other, but not talking!

The two men did not exhibit normal body language and moved stiff and robotic like. They had oblong faces with a thin line for a mouth.

Jill began to feel very nervous in their presence, even though she had no prior knowledge of what Men in Black were. She felt their energy was off putting, mildly threatening and just strange.

After a long wait, the street car arrived at the station and stopped in front of the two MIB. The strange pair paused for a moment and communicated with each other again without speaking, according to Jill.

They abruptly turned and walked away from the street car after having waited for at least 20 minutes.

I watched them walk across the street and get into a shiny, black car with what looked like a foreign license plate.

Jack took a video of the encounter with his cell phone and later explained to Jill his history with MIB, expressing his relief that someone saw them with him.

Jill was shocked by Jack’s story but could not deny what she had seen with her own eyes.

Jack sent the video he took to her cell phone but less than 24 hours later, and after she had arrived home in another region of the US, Jill realized that her phone’s SD memory card was deleted of all its information, including the video, along with every picture I had taken on the phone of my vacation in New Orleans.

Her cell phone carrier was unable to provide an explanation for the lost data. But the exact memory of what she saw that day remains burned in my brain.

Jack told Jeff Robinson about his encounter in with MIBs in New Orleans this year and also sent him the cell phone video that he took of the encounter. Like Jill, the video mysteriously vanished from Jeff’s cell phone just hours after receiving it.

The thought of giving the video to anybody scares the hell out of me because when I tried to share it before bad things happened, said Jack. The thought of what could possibly happen to me if I did release this…I honestly do fear for my life.

Jack fears that speaking out about his experiences will stir up trouble for himself, possibly exposing him to additional visitations by these mysterious forces.

Yet, he’s tired of living in fear and desperately wants to learn what it is all about, and for my own satisfaction of knowing I'm not alone with this. I hope it can help someone that is struggling in silence because of MIB harassment.

Whatever or whoever uses these MIBs to keep us in fear to control us, is despicable. We didn't ask for this to happen to us, we are in a sense survivors. To have time stolen from you and to have your free will taken away is one of the most frightening things that could happen to a conscious human being, Jack concluded.

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