Tipperary MIB Encounter

Tipperary MIB Encounter

Date: June - 1990

Location: County Tipperary, Munster, Ireland

An intimidating MIB visitation occurred on the property of James McCleary, a County Tipperary farmer.

Perfectly circular swirls had started to appear at various locations on his property during that month. Two showed up overnight in a field of oats and one appeared a week later in a meadow of long grass that hadnít been walked in or tilled for months.

Three weeks after the first swirls appeared, he found an oval shaped disturbance in a small field of potatoes. The morning after the final formation appeared McCleary went for a Sunday stroll around his property. As he walked away from his house a man appeared from behind a shed and walked towards the startled farmer.

McCleary was on his own and he felt very uneasy about the stranger. He then realized, as the strange man came into view that he looked as if he was dead. The corpse was dressed in a suit, McCleary commented, that looked like it might have been fashionable 50 years earlier.

The stranger muttered a greeting to the farmer about how it was a nice day. McCleary noticed that the peculiar man seemed to be unfamiliar with spoken English. He wasnít from elsewhere in Ireland or North America or Britain, as the farmer was well used to the different accents and phrases used by tourists from all three.

Instead it was as if the very act of speaking was troubling the stranger.

English was very obviously not his natural tongue, but it sounded to McCleary as if no language was.

Suddenly the stranger asked McCleary: to tell us about those designs in your crops.

This puzzled the farmer. Who else was there with the corpse like man?

Who made up the us he mentioned?

McCleary, a man, who took nonsense from no one, was still nervous about the situation, but he was also becoming annoyed. Who did this sickly, skinny man think he was?

He chose to ignore the demand, and instead commented that he had to see about doing some work on his farm. Without being rude, he was trying to drop a hint to the stranger that he wanted him off his land.

The stranger did not budge.

He pointed out to the farmer that he hadnít answered him about the designs. Once again, the plural us was used in his speech.

Then, chillingly, he told the frightened farmer that it was in his best interest to tell him about the circles, or else.

The strange man seemed perplexed that the second and third bunches had appeared when the first bunch already had.

Wherever this man came from, McCleary was at a loss for words.

The stranger used for the word bunch to describe the formations was more weirdness than he could take.

It was the final straw. He ignored the belligerent tone of the stranger, refused to reply to his questions and walked away from him. He was never bothered by any other MIB type visitations after this bizarre incident.

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