Family Witnesses UFO, Then MIB's

Family Witnesses UFO, Then MIB's

Date: January 21, 1967

Location: Pittsfield, PA

Mrs. Walter J. Kushner and her two daughters, Susan 17, and Tanya 14 and a close friend of the girls, Marianne Williamson 16, witnessed a brilliant aero form with a distinct disk shape drop below the cloud cover and execute a sharp turn before cruising parallel to a mountain ridge while the group was returning to their residence.

All members of the party were awed by the lack of the sound and high speed of the object.

On January 21, 1967 Susan, Tanya and Marianne were enjoying a typical teenage pajama party and were doing anything but sleeping when all three girls simultaneously spotted a peculiar light shimmering through the closed curtains of Susanís bedroom.

Without warning, the drapes parted of their own volition and a midget triangular object hovering a few feet from the house began beaming pinkish light of a painfully brilliant intensity into the bedroom.

When the triangle moved to the second window, the curtains repeated their opening act and the intensity of light emanating from the object increased several fold.

At this point the girls became quite frightened and decided to get the hell out of there.

All three girls became paralyzed and weak, unable to cry out or do more than whimper helplessly. Not able to move, their terror at this point became so strong that prayer became a viable option.

After a few more torturous moments that seemed like an eternity, the light effect dissipated and their freedom of movement was restored, although a weird dizzy sensation continued to haunt the girls for the better part of an hour.

On the 28th things were back to normal when shortly after the dinner hour, two men arrived at the Kushner household. They identified themselves as military investigators and flashed what appeared to be USAF identification.

Mrs. Kushner described the ID card as having black printing on a durable white stock. Both men wore tan trench coats, which they kept buttoned from knee to collar. The taller of the two, who, according to the familyís testimony, did all the talking, was described, as having blond hair, green eyes, was thin and deeply tanned.

The other gentleman was heavyset with dark hair, piercing blue eyes and was also deeply tanned. The men were very polite but very insistent about one thing:

They wanted every shred of information about the girlís experience.

Neither parent could explain why they allowed their children to be so intensely grilled by these government agents. The men moved about the house with apparently total knowledge of the whereabouts of rooms, furniture, objects, etc.

Their clothing looked as if it had been purchased 10 minutes before and the bottom of their shoes seemed unwalked on.

When the mystery men left, they backed their vehicle out onto the roadway turned off their headlights and powered away down the road.

At one point one of the men was seen writing strange symbols in vertical columns, starting from the left, going down one column, up the next, down the third.

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