Riley Martin Encounter

Riley Martin Encounter

Date: November - 1953

Location: St. Francis River, Northeastern AR

7 year old Riley Martin first saw strange lights above the river near his home. At the time his family lived near the western bank of the Saint Francis River, which is one of the tributaries that feed into the Mississippi. The lights that appeared above the river for 3 nights straight at around the same time in the late night or early morning, coming closer with each successive visitation, on the 3rd night the brilliant lights were close enough to his house to cast the glow of their presence onto the walls of his bedroom.

It was then that he decided to go out and investigate. Strangely his brothers, who shared the room with him, never awakened to see the lights. Even when he tried to awake them. He was never successful. Perhaps this was by design, because ordinarily, he would not have been awake at that hour of the morning. There were 4 lights, and he had watched them, fascinated by their acrobatic displays. They would shoot across the river from the west and come to an immediate stand still above the river. Then slowly they would circle in a follow the leader manner. Or the 4th one would remain stationary while the smaller 3 circled it. After a time, the 4th light would disengage itself from its companions and descend, glowing ever larger, toward the treetops near the river. He could not detect any sound. The lights would often change in color and intensity from yellow to white, to red, green & shades of blue.

On the 3rd night the lights were very close, and it seemed to land behind the trees less than a quarter mile from his home. He put on his jacket and went out. He was accompanied by his faithful and fearless mixed breed dog, Brown Boy. They soon approached the spot where it had landed. Peeking through the bushes, he saw a saucer, it stood in a clearing suspended about 12' above the ground, and though it was moored by flexible legs, it slowly danced about, like a cork bobbing on water. Shortly the craft pulsed pinkish, and Riley found himself focused in a light beam emanating from the ship. Out of the light strode 2 little people. They were dressed in shiny blue jump suits and wore bubble type helmets. He was only 7 years old, but they were hardly as tall as he.

Brown Boy, didn’t make a sound of protest as the beings took him by the arms and led him toward the ship. When he stepped directly beneath the saucer, there was a blinding white light, and the next thing he knew they were aboard. He found himself lying nude on some kind of table similar to an operating table. When the little people first approached him on the river he was momentarily terrified. After they entered the craft, the two aliens had removed their helmets and he could now see them clearly from the waist up. The male was about 4' tall and the female was a few inches shorter. In actual appearance, male and female differed just slightly in features. The heads were noticeably larger than normal in proportion to the body, their eyes were large, unblinking ovals. The males eyes were a light to deep gold color, while the females eyes were blue. The shades of their eyes tended to change depths, depending upon the light and perhaps the emotion. Their arms were long, the fingertips reaching almost to their knees. Their feet looked flat and kind of splayed. Their hands were long and delicate, with just 3 fingers and a thumb. The forefinger was longer than the middle finger. They had no outward earflaps, but tiny holes where the ears should be. The nose had no cartilage and was almost flat against the profile. The mouth was thin lipped and looked like a slit on the face. The teeth were tiny and uniform, like baby teeth. The chins were sharp and receding and gave the face an egg-like shape. The females skin tone was gray white, and the males was yellowish brown or golden. The skin colors also changed at times, not in basic color but in subtle tones. They did not articulate with their mouths but communicated via telepathy.

Riley reported that the actual examination was left to a group of entities he called Stagyians. He could see and feel their long spindly hands. Their touch was cold and clinical. He could not move his body, but he could move his eyes and head with effort. The Stagyians were very ugly creatures indeed. They stood nearly 6' tall and have dark red leather skin draped loosely over their skeletal like frames. Their heads were long and prune-like and the eyes tiny black and close set. Even onboard the craft they both wore some kind of breathing device over their mouths and at times he could hear their rapid shallow breathing. He was later to learn that the Stagyians in spite of their physical appearance were considered to be the Pacifists even among the aliens because of their ability to store and retain vast amounts of data and recall and disseminate the same.

The Stagyians hold many scientific and other brainy positions among the Biaviians Federation, with whom they are affiliated. The Stagyians also communicated via telepathy. However, Riley could never comprehend any of what they were saying. During his physical examination he was touched from head to foot, scanned with some kind of light probe that resembled a giant eye. Riley was eventually returned to the banks of the river by his home, after a long trip onboard the huge egg shaped mothership operated by the Biaviians. They flew in the vicinity of Saturn, he learned it was inhabited by seven different species of intelligent technological life forms, of which the Stagyinas are one.

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