Balloon Like Object With Rapid Acceleration

Balloon Like Object With Rapid Acceleration

Date: January 10, 1950

Location: Las Vegas Air Force Base - Las Vegas, NV - later renamed Nellis AFB

Civilian pilots, father & son, observed 2 F-80 jet fighters approaching for landing at elevation angle of about 45º into the sun, in the southeast at about 21º elevation 141º azimuth, and saw an object at an altitude of approximately 1,500' to 2,000', about 25' to 30' in size.

Object appeared pure silver, round like a balloon. AFOSI found no balloons launched, and solid material like a metal, with no external fittings, air ducts, antenna, supports, or exhaust trail, seeming no noise audible above that of an F-80.

Direction of flight was north-northeast with no tactical movement, or maneuver, motion was smooth, at first slow and then a very rapid acceleration in a horizontal ascent, disappearing over mountains to the east.

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