There Was Something About The Reptilian Ones

There Was Something About The Reptilian Ones

Date: November 14, 2016

Location: Staten Island, NY

An article by Linda Moulton Howe

On November 14, 2016, Linda Moulton Howe received the following email from a long time Staten Island, New York, resident, who was referred to as Steve.

The email:

Hi Linda,

You are a tireless journalist and one that I trust. I started watching Art Bell the first year he was broadcasting his show. I think that was 1995? I have been sitting on a major story for decades. This has never been covered, the public has no knowledge of it. I say this because I have been following all these subjects since I was 6 years old, with good reason, and I just turned 50.

Linda talked to Steve and asked for permission to do a recorded phone interview for Earthfiles and Coast to Coast AM radio. He gave her permission and began explaining that his father, who all agreed to call John Smith, led a double life in the U.S.A.F. from 1947 to 1955, which did not end when his father was honorably discharged.

John Smith's public face for several years was in international stock brokerages. However, behind the scenes, according to Steve, his father had an Above Top Secret clearance to retrieve dead extraterrestrial bodies at many different crash sites around the United States beginning with two different locations in July 1947. One between Roswell and Corona, New Mexico. The second below Oscura Peak on the White Sands Proving Ground about 50 air miles southwest of Corona.

The Truman Administration needed military help for ongoing retrieval operations of the mysterious non humans, both dead and alive, and their advanced craft technologies. But President Truman and his advisers wanted a strict policy of denial about everything deemed non human, or extraterrestrial in the interests of national security in order to prevent public panic. Allegedly President Truman signed a highly classified top secret executive order at that time to formalize some kind of treaty with the living non humans that military forces were retrieving from Roswell and sites beyond.

If true, that's when the first secret black dollars began to be diverted from Congressional and public oversight to highly classified efforts to communicate with the beings and back engineer the alien technology. So John Smith's association with stock brokerages around the world was a government front operation to process money for secret dealings with aliens, while Smith was trying to cope with his intense fear of having to physically gather different types of grey, white and reptilian humanoids into body bags from many different crash sites.

Historically, there have been other whistleblowers who have suggested that some or all of the UFO crashes were Trojan Horse events designed to get Some Thing, or Some One, into the human population that had no idea their government was negotiating deals with alien intelligences while at the same time insisting there was nothing to UFOs except weather balloons and swamp gas.

That's how John Smith's double life evolved as a money man in the growing dark underbelly of American military and intel agents underground either working with, or in a secret war against, an alien presence. John Smith had no one to tell about his shocking work assignments except his wife and two sons. The son, Steve, talking to Linda was born on October 17, 1966, nineteen years after Roswell. Steve says when he was about 5 years old in 1971, his father began to open up about Roswell, his assignments to pick up dead alien bodies and to participate in what Smith called an alien war, behind the scenes in Greenland and the Aleutian Islands. According to Steve, the secret alien war occurred simultaneously with the Korean War that raged in public view from 1950 to 1953. But in Greenland, the United States Air Force at Thule Air Base was allegedly providing secret help to one side of the alien war.

Adak Island is 3,037 miles from Pituffik Airport, which is also the American Thule Air Base on the upper northwest corner of Greenland, which is 750 miles from the Arctic Circle.

Thule Air Base is home to the 21st Space Wing's global network of sensors providing missile warning, space surveillance and space control to North American Aerospace Defense Command, NORAD, and Air Force Space Command, AFSPC.In 1943 the Army Air Corp set up weather stations, Scoresbysund, Bluie East-3, on the east coast around the southern tip of Greenland, and Thule, Bluie West-6, to be operated by Danish personnel. The weather stations gave the allies a strategic edge over the Germans in battle planning and provided a decisive factor in D-Day.

The interview goes as follows:

Steve Bishop, age 50, father 'Sgt. John Smith' retrieved dead non-humans at crash sites from 1947 Roswell and beyond for several years, from Staten Island, New York:

Steve Bishop: Whenever it comes to anything with the aliens, everything is completely compartmentalized. His job was strictly to go in and grab the bodies and take them out. There were others that would take care of the live ones. And heíd seen them, too. And then there were other compartments that did the clean up. Other compartments would haul it away. And everything was very compartmentalized. And they werenít really supposed to talk to each other.

Linda Moulton Howe: You were born 13 years after the end of the korean war. your father was doing this work of retrieval of extraterrestrial bodies during that whole period of time,not just the korean war,correct?

Steve: Correct. He told us one of the big stories was Roswell. My dad was at Roswell. And Iíve known about it since the 1970s. Roswell wasnít even close to the only crash. It used to go on quite a bit and our government is very good at covering this stuff up because heís, my father, has been to multiple sites inside of this country alone. Heís talked about the Greys, different ones, but the ones that always scared him, the Reptilians with their green scales, you could see he would get upset. It scared him! And my dad did not scare. My dad was not a scared person.

LMH: How did they gather the bodies?

Steve: They were put in body bags and it was only him and a few others that would actually go to the bodies and they had to put them in body bags. He said that they were almost like the size of children. I know there were dozens. He talked about the Greys, different heights. There was something about the reptilian ones. Even though they were dead, maybe some portion of them still might have been alive somehow because he would talk about the overwhelming fear when they got near, even the dead ones, to cart them off. It was so foreign and alien in nature that it would make him shake.

LMH: Okay, can you describe what he was seeing in these reptoids?

Steve: The major thing he always talked about was their skin was green, leathery and scaly. Their eyes were black and larger than us, our human eyes.

LMH: They were taller and your father was how tall?

Steve: 5 foot six inches.

LMH: Did he say anything like they, reptilians, were between 6' and 7' tall or 7' and 8' tall?

Steve: I know he did and I donít remember the exact. The actual thing that did happen that it was two ships that collided, at Roswell region. He carried off, I think, two or three dead ones. But there was one that was completely alive and one that was dying. And this was maybe the first, or one of the first sites that he was at. He talked about it a great deal. One of the main details was the fact that there were two ships, and one hit there, near Corona, and the other landed... I think it was 50 air miles away. I donít know which location he,father, was at because by the time all of it did finally come public, my father was already gone.

LMH: It was allegedly the triangular shaped craft that hit between Roswell and Corona and that it released a pod like a rescue pod that had the beings in it and it flew over Oscura Peak and came down on the White Sands Proving Ground below Oscura Peak. There was a 3rd crash site on the Mescalero Indian Reservation south of Ruidoso.

Steve: And thatís the location I believe that they had two that survived, but one didnít survive long. The other one survived.

LMH:What did he, your father, say about both the live one and the dead ó or dying one?

Steve: They were definitely under 5', the short ones. He was not allowed near the live ones because that wasnít his department. So he only saw them from a distance. They were short, sort of greyish. Leathery skin. He said they almost looked like some kind of doll because it was so un Earthlike, with the extremely small elongated neck. It was hard to see that these things can actually walk around and be alive, but he could see one that was walking around and alive! He didnít have the same reaction to them that he had towards the reptilians.


Steve: He didnít know. He didnít have an insight to all the facts.

LMH: Did he ever see the reptilians and small greys together alive or dead at the same place?

Steve: Yes. Thatís really what I wanted to talk about because I had never heard anything or anyone report what Iím about to talk about. And hopefully, there are veterans out there that are willing to come forward with this now.

On June 25, 1950, the Korean War began when some 75,000 North Korean People's Army soldiers deliberately crossed the 38th parallel separating the Soviet backed North Korea from the pro Western Republic of South Korea. The United States did not enter the war on South Korea's behalf until July 1950 to July 1953, when fighting ended after some five million soldiers and civilians had died.

What the world did not know, according to Steve's father, Sgt. John Smith, was that during the Korean War, an alien war, also raged in Greenland and far away to the west in the Aleutian Islands that extend southwest of Anchorage into the Bering Sea. Greenland is a Colony of Denmark. But in 1946, Harry Truman tried to buy Greenland from Denmark. At a U.N. meeting, Danish Foreign Minister Gustav Rasmussen met with U.S. Secretary of State James F. Byrnes to discuss the U.S. purchasing Greenland. Nothing was ever reported publicly and no one knows what happened in the meeting, but the U.S. made no further attempts to acquire Greenland. However, a 1951 NATO treaty allowed American bases to be built there anyway.

The Aleutian Islands are a chain of 14 large volcanic islands and 55 smaller ones belonging to both the United States and Russia. Google Earth view of Aleutian Islands.

Adak Island at tip of Aleutian Islands is 3,037 miles from Pituffik Airport, which is also the American Thule Air Base on the upper northwest corner of Greenland, which is 750 miles from the Arctic Circle.

While USAF father was retrieving dead alien bodies from around the United States and Greenland, his young son Steve was being abducted by small Greys and a Praying Mantis being.

LMH: Did your father physically handle any insectoid bodies?

Steve: I don't know. He talked about a lot of different strange ones that didn't look anything like us. I would say it's a possibility.

LMH: I thought I understood that you referenced insectoids?

Steve: I saw the insectoids.

LMH: Let's switch gears to your own experiences as being the child being aware of your father talking to you about extraterrestrials, how did all of this begin for you?

Steve: My dad used to get mad because I used to run into their bedroom most nights, screaming. Because I was constantly being visited by small Greys that sometimes used to float me all the way downstairs, but generally I remember them having me over their heads and I couldn't move. I never could move during any of these occasions. They used to walk down the stairs with me over the top and bring me into the living room and put me on a table. And I used to sit with my legs draped over the table in front of an insectoid being. I don't know why they were doing it to me or what they were doing to me. But I do know it seems the damn thing was enjoying itself.

LMH: What are you looking at, this insectoid being?

Steve: The height, I can tell you that thing had to be at least 8' to 10'. I was a child. That thing's head would have hit the ceiling.

Linda asked Steve to go through web images of UFO/abduction related praying mantis sketches and pick out the one that was closest to the praying mantis being that came with small Greys to interact with him as a young child. But Steve thought the praying mantis being in his house had more than two arms.

LMH: Where is the head of this preying mantis in terms of your ceiling?

Steve: The thing wasn't standing up straight. Its legs were bent and it was sort of hunched over leaning towards me.

LMH:Okay, and what colors are you seeing in the eyes and everything?

Steve: The eyes I remember were huge and it just felt like they were looking right through me.

LMH: Colors?

Steve: It was more of a creamy color.

LMH:The whole insect was creamy color?

Steve: I was glued to the face, the eyes, mostly the eyes. The eyes, they were black. They were huge, much biggerr than what is known for the size of the eyes for the Greys. They were huge. They were roundish and they kind of jutted out just like a bug.

LMH: Could you see any pupil at all?

Steve: Not that I recall. It was night time. It had more than two arms. I was terrified! It was like I was sitting in front of it and it was almost like a wave, like a break in the air that came from its head or its eyes into my body and all that I felt was pure unadulterated fear. And it seemed to almost like want to draw off that fear somehow. It felt like it was putting the fear in, but taking something out of me that was very terrifying.

LMH: Did you say that small greys were working with this big preying mantis?

Steve: Yes, I used to like freak and used to run to my parents room and my dad was never happy about that.

LMH: Well, wouldn't you have said to your father,who has been talking to you about gathering up the bodies of extraterrestrials and the war in Greenland, that:

An extraterrestrial is coming for me, Dad, help me! And wouldn't you have had a dialogue with him about what was happening and couldn't he get up from his bed and come and see what was happening?

Steve: I did, but he would shut down. He didn't want to talk about it. He didn't want to believe it. And he would get mad at me.

My mom, on the other hand, knew something was going on and she tried to talk to him about it and he would shut her down. These things really scared him. And I as an adult looking back, I wouldn't react the way he did.

LMH: It sounds like your father felt that the preying mantis was retaliating against him in some way and that may have been going on throughout our government that if we were in fact having a secret war and that we were fighting on the side of one E.T. versus another and the preying mantis had the ability to trump the control of the ebens,this would have been a sign of its own force that it could reach the child of one of the men working in the united states government,who had a job to collect dead bodies from these alien wars.

Steve: That has been a thought that has crossed my mind. And it's the most logical thought that I can think of. Because I know that not only was I abducted, but I know my mom was, too.

We went to her father's house in Brooklyn, New York. And we were driving home and we were not even two minutes from the house when a cigar shaped one came over. This was the country back then. Nobody else on the road and it started getting closer and closer and my mom pulled over. The car died. I started freaking and at one point, I said we've got to call the police, we ought to call the Army, the Navy, the Marines. Then, it just simply disappeared.

Now, when it was there, this large, long, cigar shaped thing hovering in the air. It also had windows. We were able to see these Grey-like looking beings, as small as they were, we could still see the outline and we could see them looking at us - or looking out at least.

Now, as soon as I made the comments about calling the Army, that's when it just vanished - disappeared!

We were only two minutes from home and when we got there, we were missing somewhere around four hours of time. And it was almost morning.

LMH: Did your mother have memories?

Steve: She remembers everything that I did, that it, the UFO, was there, we were scared, we were beside the road, the car went off and then it (UFO) was gone. We didn't even look at time until we got home because my dad was freaking out. Where were you? He was expecting us home.

LMH:Wouldn't your mother have said we were pulled over by the side of the road and we were watching UFOs and we have missing time and said to your father, what do you know about this?

Steve: And she did. All I remember was them fighting.

LMH: Any of the words?

Steve: No, it was a lot of screaming and fighting and it just didn't make any sense to me.

LMH: She would have been so emotionally upset because it was a threat to her child and to herself. and the father would have been upset because his family was now being threatened by a phenomena that was clearly tied directly to his work.

Steve: That's true.

LMH: Your father had questions about whether he could trust the greys, that the united states government had made a treaty with and we were treating as being allies and our friends. What did your father indicate was the reason why he did not trust the small greys?

Steve: I think it was in part the way the Greys themselves acted. The whole thing never sat right with him. There were way too many questions.

LMH: Did he give you an example?

Steve: Once he told me they did actually ask what was going on? Why are we friends with one and not the other? And why is this a secret? And they were told that if they ever asked that again, that would be the last thing they would ever say. So, they never talked to anyone outside the group about it again. At least he did talk with his family.

He was veery, very concerned. I know my father, who was a city boy, moved to the country to make a homestead. He had all this money, but he was busy out there farming, or having us do it, raising ducks and chickens and rabbits and stuff. Because he was always worried about Something coming in the future. And Something coming down with the government, something that they knew along with the aliens and he just didn't know what it was. So, he wanted to play it safe. And he wanted to get away from the populated areas.

LMH: Did he ever say anything about specific craft shapes?

Steve: He saw all the different types. There were the classic saucer types. Cigar ones. Ones that looked like cylinders. Some, he said, they just kept changing shapes. The incredible speeds, how they would just be there out of the blink of an eye and then sometimes just disappear. And doing all those impossible maneuvers that we still can't do today, stop on a dime and turn 90į and take off again. We still can't do that.

LMH: I just wondered if craft shapes could give us any indication today of who was warring with who in greenland in the 1950s?

Steve: Whatever was happening was not from this world because of the things that he said The aliens were doing, stopping on dimes and we couldn't hit a single craft with anything that we shot at them.

LMH: Which would imply that they had some kind of force field protection?

Steve: That and the fact that They moved so fast. There is not a country on this planet that had anything that we couldn't at least hit. Not even Russia because they were the old other powerhouse at the time. Out of all these hundreds of ships that were apparently fighting overhead, we were unable to make a single hit on any of them.

LMH: Why would humans have been allowed to be in the aleutian islands or greenland in the first place if there was an alien war ongoing for months in both of those locations?

Steve: The way it looks is that we were allied with one side. And maybe Their enemy was coming after us. I don't know. We've been building up our military to fight them one day.

LMH: Which Ones?

Steve: I don't know. That's just a scary thing, there's too much we don't know!

LMH: We are speaking in November of 2016. have you had any vivid dream or encounter with any kind of an alien presence that gives you any kind of a picture or gut sense of what is coming?

Steve: I don't think I've been abducted since I was at least 16. And I think that if we don't see something in the next few years, then there is something very bad about these aliens that they (government and aliens) are keeping from us, and not just that they are keeping it from us so they, the human insiders, can continue to make money. Because that is kind of my hope. That would mean that there would be good things to disclosure. That if they... the humans & E.T.s, are just keeping it in there so they can continue to use the human race to increase their wealth.

There are just too many nations around the world that believe in other life in the universe. There is too much out there now. I don't think they can get the genie back in the bag and I think it's time. We're to the point where it has to come out! We, the human race, need to know what's going on? We've been lied to our whole history!

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