Ibong Adarna

Ibong Adarna

Ibong Adarna, or the Adarna bird is a legendary bird of the Philippines. It is believed to have a very long fancy tail, with numerous shiny metallic colors.

It knows a total of seven songs that are believed to lull anyone to sleep as well as cure any type of afflictions, it changes its feathers into more colorful hues and shades after each song.

Seven color changes of feathers for the seven songs.

Colors were: perlas/pearl, kiyas/bronze, esmaltado/emerald, dyamante/diamond, kristal/crystal, tinumbaga/gold and copper alloy, and karbungko/carbuncle/dark red garnet.

After the last song, it excretes waste, then finally, sleeps with its eyes wide open. Its dung, poop, can turn any living organism into stone.

Though her song was believed to be so dangerous, any one can still nullify the curse effect of her song, if and only if, that person wounded his palm and at the same time squeeze a calamansi/kalamansi, a citrus fruit from the Philippines looks like a lime but just small. And by staying awake, anyone has now the chance to catch her and ask for her curing abilities of any kind of sickness.

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