Mickie & Kathy Experience Something

Mickie & Kathy Experience Something

Date: July 22, 1978

Location: Interstate 80 near Green River, WY

It was July 22, 1978. Mickie, along with her best friend, Kathy Echard, were driving along Interstate 80 East. They were headed towards Nebraska, a point near the Wyoming border, when they saw what they thought was an accident on the side of the road. They turned to get a better look and saw these white lights bobbing up and down. In order to get a better look, they pulled over to the shoulder of the road and aimed the car headlights in the direction of the crash.

Mickie maintains that the sun had just set as they drove on a desolate and very isolated stretch of road 8 miles north of Whelock, Nebraska. Our lights were trained on what we thought to be a mishap, but all we could see was 3 round circles hovering a few feet above the ground.

In front of our eyes these lights turned into two sports cars that were coming toward us.

One moment they had been confronted by the mysterious presence of airborne lights and the next thing they were aware of were two automobiles speeding in their direction. To say the least, they didn't know what to make of this transformation.

They wanted no part of what was happening,and took off in the opposite direction. As they turned the car around to leave, in back of them, they saw this whole bunch of lights.

They backed up on I-80 and now there were two trucks that had appeared out of thin air. On the trucks were teeny little lights. The trucks were following us, of this Mickie was sure.

The two tractor trailers kept a steady pace on the highway in back of the women. It was as if unseen eyes were watching their every movement.

For some reason, Kathy asked Mickie to stop, and she got out of the car and stood in front of it. It was then that we saw all these other cars parked along the side of the road. They were just stopped there.

When Kathy got back into our vehicle, she wanted to drive and so I let her take the steering wheel. To her it felt as if something was trying to take control of our car.

She got scared and eventually turned the driving back over to me and I too felt this strange pulling.

Putting as many miles behind them as possible, the two sped on through the night, anxious to get back to their home in California.

As we were passing through Salt Lake City, we stopped off at a Safeway store to get some gum and cigarettes.

Mickie made no bones about the fact that they were still shaken but says they were trying to pull themselves back together again, not having seen anything unusual on the road for quite some time now.

As we were about to leave the supermarket, I noticed a reflection on one of the large windows coming from either inside or outside. Initially, I just assumed the reflection was caused by either the store lights themselves, or from some street light nearby.

Out in the parking area I discovered this was not at all the case, for directly across the lot was this little light about the size of a basketball just sitting near the ground.

Totally freaked out by what was transpiring all around them, Mickie's friend was anxious to push on as quickly as possible.

As we entered Wyoming, we stopped again to get some bottled water. We were in a pretty good sized town called Evansville, and it was still pretty early, but there wasn't a light on in the entire city. Everything was closed. None of the houses had lights on either. I looked out of the window on the driver's side of the car and there were these two ships hanging there. One was orange, the other yellowish white. We continued on toward Green River, and the objects passed through the trees on the side of the road. At this point in time, we lost control of the car once more. No matter how fast we put our foot down on the gas pedal the car refused to accelerate past a certain speed. In the middle of no where the car died completely. With this, a light came into the auto, passing right through an open window. The light touched Kathy and, for no explainable reason, Mickie began talking to that light. Come on, little light, why don't you touch me, too? she remarked, despite the fact that everything up until this point had frightened her. Not long after it had appeared the light inside the car vanished.

All of a sudden we didn't see the ship anymore, but we started seeing trucks. Northwestern, American, and other big named rigs. They were traveling in both directions, up and down the northbound and southbound lanes. The only way I can describe it is as a caravan of big lights going back and forth. This one particular truck stopped directly in front of us and we knew something was wrong. It was freaky, the trucks were now ships, dome shaped, 3 sided ships about the same size as a compact automobile, and they were no longer on the road, but traveling about 6' off the ground.

Mickie admits that she was too bewildered to be an excellent observer. She finds it hard to estimate the number of trucks or dome shaped ships, but she does know that the car they were in got pushed forward about 20' as if it had been lifted by a terrific force from underneath.

Despite their racing pulses, the girls decided to get out of their car to have a look, to see if anything might have gotten caught underneath the wheels which might account for the sudden tug forward. There was nothing there that would offer a solution, so they climbed back into the relative safety of their vehicle.

Soon there was this other car that pulled up directly in back of us and Kathy said she wanted to get out and see who was driving it. It was quite apparent from Mickie's comments that the girls were anxious to seek help from any other companion of the road they might find driving so late at night.

When Kathy got back into the car I was anxious to know what she had said to the individuals in the car behind us. She just looked me straight in the eye and said: Turn around and tell me what you would have said to them. There was this black dog, tail curved up and two red eyes blazing, just outside our car door. This terrified us both.

Cowering in fear, Mickie happened to glance into the rear view mirror.

I saw what appeared to be a kid with his arms bunched together on the back seat. The girls got out of the car in an attempt to escape this whatever it was. Luckily the dog like creature they had seen was nowhere in sight. However, directly behind them were two bright lights which were joined by several other duller looking lights. After several minutes, they all blended into one light.

As the light went past us, it was no longer just a light, but a ship. We heard this rumbling sound and our hair stood on end. Our skin was covered with goose bumps.

At this point it seemed as if Mickie and Kathy had been transported to another dimension, for all at once things started looking peculiar, totally out of whack.

Then the sun started to come up, but it was only an orange ball and it was coming toward us. And then it was not orange anymore, but its color turned suddenly to gray, and it was about 100' across, just enormous. And people started to appear out of nowhere, walking across the freeway carrying tubes or pipes. We didn't actually see them come out of any ship because the sun, or whatever it was, had landed in a valley out of our immediate viewing range. The beings or whatever they were, were standing in the median that separates the north and southbound traffic.

There were this bunch of blue lights and we knew something was going to happen. We were terrified. We felt like we were going to be taken to another planet and would never be heard from again. Without warning and on its own, the car started up.

I got mad at Kathy because I thought she had slammed on the brakes and I hit my head on the dashboard. We saw this ship coming down I-80, and we also saw an 18 wheeler truck towing one of the sports cars we had seen earlier in the evening. Something pushed us from behind but we couldn't get the car to run of its own accord.

From out of nowhere, a man appeared and asked the girls where they were headed. He said he was heading toward Chicago and we said that's where we were going, too. I'd have gone to Timbuktu just to get out of the spot we were in.

From what I was able to gather, the man did not know anything was happening. He seemed totally unaware of the frightful state of the girls' minds caused by a terror that was real enough to them even if nobody else was able to perceive what was transpiring around them.

I was so scared that I crawled all over the driver. He stopped at a truck stop to get coffee and we got out and walked to a nearby motel. We didn't have very much money. But we had about $35 and so we got a room. We unlocked the door and turned on the light and the TV went on by itself. Also this little teeny light flittered around the room and we knew we hadn't escaped.

Realizing that they were being observed, the girls tried to intimidate the light that was buzzing around their room.

Kathy, did you mail that letter telling about the flight pattern of the UFOs to my lawyer? I asked with a purposeful slowness. She said she had, playing along with the game.

We called the police and finally, at 5:00 p.m., the next afternoon, they came and took us back to the spot where we had abandoned the vehicle. As it turned out, the car wasn't where we had left it. And when we went back to the valley where the ship had been, the area wasn't the same. There was no little road on the side of the road. The freeway railing wasn't even the same. There was a sign Mountain Road 189. There is no Mountain Road 189 in all of Wyoming. We had a full tank of gas and we were about 250 miles into the state and there wasn't a gas station anywhere.

The one item of interest was the corpse of a cow and a sheep off in a nearby field. The cow was all bones and the sheep had all of its skin peeled off, which made it look like a blanket lying there.

Mickie says that the police made them fill out a complete report. After they had finished hearing our entire story they shrugged and told us we'd seen swamp gas.

Moving the tape recorder closer to Mickie, she reported that both her life as well as her friend's have been drastically altered because of the events of that night.

Kathy is only 31 years old, but she's been in the hospital at least 20 times since this happened. It's hard to explain, but somehow I feel we are the same people, but then again we aren't. Kathy had always been a slob and I have always been neat and clean. Now my house looks like the wreck of the Hesperus, and Kathy's is really neat, tidy, and very well cared for. Before I had always been the type to make my kids breakfast, lunch and dinner, while Kathy believed her children should prepare their own meals. It's just the other way around now. It's almost as though we've somehow exchanged personality traits. In other words, I'm still me, but it's as though I'm having my personality altered, taken over. I have always been a reader, for instance, and now I'm reading much more. I'm reading as much as I can on UFOs. That's the one subject that fascinates me the most.

Under hypnosis, Mickie was made to draw what she had seen. When it came to sketching the trucks that had appeared on the highway, she rendered a skeleton type being instead of a moving vehicle.

For some unexplainable reason, Mickie and her friend, Kathy, have grown farther apart in their friendship. Before the experience, we had been the best of friends for 17 years. Now we speak to each other only once a week, tops.

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