In Scandinavian folklore, Huldra, or called Tallemaja in Swedish, is a troll like woman living in the woods.

She is fair and beautiful, but wild and has a long cow tail which she hides behind her back upon meeting a human.

It is said that Adam and Eve had many children, and that one day, when Eve was giving her children a bath, God came to visit.

Eve had not finished bathing all of her children, and so hid those who were still dirty.

God asked:

Are there not more children?

And when Eve said no,

God said:

Then let all that is hidden, remain hidden, and the hidden children became De Underjordiske, the ones living underground, lost souls who live under the surface of the earth, calling for someone to be with them, usually human passersby.

Huldra was one of them, but she somehow remained above the ground. She is a flirtatious, young girl who is neither good nor evil.

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