Grey Object Over Hopkinsville

Grey Object Over Hopkinsville

Date: June 1, 1956

Location: Hopkinsville, KY

It was a grey looking object with lights all around it blinking in different colors.

I would get up at 6:00 a.m. to get my grandchildren ready for school, then would drive them to the church right behind where we were living.

We would sit in the car waiting for the school bus.

When we looked up, there was a circle looking grey UFO was in the air flying pass the car.

Then we looked to the right and we saw lights blinking in a row in the air for about 15 seconds and then disappeared.

This would happen every morning.

The object would be flying so fast, that it would be gone in a second.

We would take walks and we would see dead cows with perfect holes in their bodies, no flies blowing it, and no blood surrounding the body of the cow.

We have foxes, dogs, and other wild animals out there, but none would eat the meat of the cow.

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