While Hoovering...

While Hoovering...

Date: 1976

Location: Australia

I donít wish to give my name. I was a teacher in South Australia for many years.

In 1976 I was hoovering my sitting room floor at about noon.

Suddenly I felt quite ill and thought I was going to be sick, so I sat down on the sofa to see if the sick feeling would subside.

I then saw that I was not alone, there were three strange little people standing along side the sofa, just looking at me. I froze with fear, as I had never seen anything like them before, not even in films.

Two of them were short and fat, about 4' to 4Ĺ' tall, with broad faces and enormous black eyes, but with only a hint of where a nose or mouth might have been, almost like a pencil drawing. They had wispy bits of brown hair at the back of their heads, and they were wearing brown shrouds or robes.

These beings, I knew instinctively, were the workers. The other being was female, thin and about 5' tall. She wore a black shroud and had black wispy hair at the back of her head. Her face was very elongated, with huge, dark, piercing eyes.

Like the others, there was just a hint of where a nose or mouth could have been.

The thin one started to speak to me with her mind, and told me I was to go with them.

I said in my own mind that I would not go.

Somehow this telepathic communication seemed perfectly normal at the time and I felt quite comfortable communicating like that. I was very frightened but I could still communicate and understand.

I was so frightened because it seemed they were pulling me away with their minds.

I had to struggle to resist them. At one point I remember falling down and trying to crawl towards the door.

I must have fainted or something because I have no memory from that point onwards. When my husband came home at the usual time I realised I had lost about four hours. I still have no explanation for this experience.

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