Abduction Of Carl Higdon

Carl Higdon Abduction

Date: October 25, 1974

Location: Medicine Bow National Forest, WY

This amazing encounter took place at the Medicine Bow National Park in Wyoming. Carl was elk hunting in the northern section of the park. As he shot his rifle at a nearby elk a most bizarre thing happened. The bullet traveled in slow motion as if he had entered another dimension it fell to the snow covered ground some 50' away. He felt a strange sensation over his body and to his shock saw a humanoid entity standing nearby. The being was quite tall, over 6', was clad in a black jump suit with a wide belt. The belt was decorated with six pointed star emblems of yellow. He had straight hair standing out from his head he had no eyebrows or chin. He stood bow legged with long arms ending with a rod like appendages instead of hands.

It spoke to Higdon asking him if he was hungry. The entity threw Higdon some pills and said if he took one of them he would not be hungry for 4 days, Higdon did not normally take pills but he took the pills the alien gave him immediately putting one in his mouth and swallowing it.

The entity pointed at Higdon. The next thing he knew he was enclosed within a transparent apparatus with a helmet on. At that time, 2 more humanoid entities appeared and the 5 elk he was previously hunting were in a frozen state. He was told the aliens were traveling to their home planet which was located 163,000 light years from earth. In a flash they had arrived 163,000 light years away. Higdon described the building occupied landscape as similar to that of Seattle. All lit by a sun of intense power which made Higdon and the aliens eyes water. The next detail that Higdon could remember was being back at the forest and 2½ hours had elapsed since Higdon saw the Humanoid entity.

He was in a cold, disorientated state for quite some time and he could not locate his truck. Finally he found it 3 miles from were he had left it. It had been stuck in a mud hole and could not get it out so he radioed for help from the local sheriff who arrived at midnight. The truck was freed by additional help. Higdon was found in a state of panic shouting: They took my elk. He was taken for medical care at the local hospital and his blood showed he had a highly elevated level of Vitamins, probably from the pill he took. The most amazing factor in this encounter came when he found his tuberculosis scars on his lungs were gone. Further investigation of this showed that Higdons wife along with two others had seen a red, white flashing light in the area of the sighting. Leo Sprinkle, Professor of the Psychology University of Wyoming, came to investigate along with Rick Kenyon & Rober Hantakes, of MUFON Mutual UFO Network Field Investigators, & Frank Bourke National Star Investigator.

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