Bill Herrmann Abduction

Bill Herrmann Abduction

Date: March 17, 1978

Location: Charleston, SC

A young motor mechanic called Bill Herrmann witnessed & photographed UFOs on several occasions. Bill Herrmann left his house at around 9:30 p.m. in order to get a better view of a bright light which was hovering over transmission towers near a local air force base. Bill was shocked to find himself in a field to the south of Charleston, approximately 15 miles from his home, some 3 hours later. Deputy Sheriff Pike Limehouse was called to the scene and found Herrmann in a very excited and distressed state, Bill suspected that he had been abducted. He certainly could not account for the missing time, or explain his being 15 miles from home. On a separate occasion Herrmann was driving to church one Sunday morning when a UFO shot across the road and then continued to follow a peculiar triangular flight pattern.

Herrmann had succeeded in obtaining a number of good quality photographs of the objects he had sighted and the following day at 3:30 p.m. he received a call from the air base asking him to let the information officer have the photos. Bill drove to the base at about 5:30 p.m. but was told that the information officer was not on duty. However after 20 minutes or so a Captain King arrived, demanding, via the guard, that he hand over the UFO photographs. Herrmann refused but did give up one photo and received a receipt. Herrmann did receive further menacing messages from the base telling him he had, in fact, photographed a phantom aircraft.

A short time later Bill received a telephone call from a Tom Olsen, who claimed to be a UFOlogist from Maryland, Olsen asked to meet Herrmann and when he arrived he produced identification from The UFO Information Retrieval Center. Herrmann then went with Olsen to the locations where the UFO photos had been taken. At this stage Olsen asked Bill if he would agree to take a polygraph test. Herrmann did consent to the test but was surprised to find that it was to take place immediately, in a secluded room at a local luxury hotel, Room 520 at the Mills Hyatt House Hotel.

When they entered the hotel room there were two other men present, one of whom claimed to be a member of a polygraph association. The other said he was a doctor and proceeded to inject Herrmann with a relaxant. Bill became very relaxed and the doctor then asked him a number of questions regarding his UFO sightings for approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

When the polygraph test was concluded the three men held a mumbled conversation and then offered to take Herrmann anywhere...for a meal etc…

Herrmann, however, felt exhausted and insisted that they take him home.

The men told Bill that he would hear from them within a few days and when he asked if the objects were military, he received the reply:

I wouldn’t bet on it.

A week after these events Herrmann received a message from Thomas M. Olsen of Maryland asking for copies of his photos and including a questionnaire. At this stage it became evident that the man who had previously called himself Olsen was, in fact, an impostor. The real Olsen sent a mailgram to Herrmann categorically denying that he had ever visited him.

One night at about 9:30 p.m., whilst at work, Bill was dumping trash outside of the rear door of the premises when a car swung round. In the car was the fake Olsen and Herrmann demanded that he properly identified himself. The response was:

It’s for your own protection, be careful what you say for your own good.

Strangely, a UFO investigative team, who later spent several hours interviewing Bill Herrmann, received a series of inexplicable telephone calls at the hotel they were staying in and a friend of Mr. Herrmann, who substantiated his claims, also received intimidating telephone calls both at home and at work, via his boss.

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