2 Orange Spheres

2 Orange Spheres

June 15, 1963

Grenada, MS

It happened a long time ago, 1963, I told many friends, just never reported it to an agency.

I was 6 years old. I was playing Cowboys and Indians in Grenada, MS. I had a childís bow and arrow. I shot my arrow on top of some power lines and I was looking up trying to figure out how to get my arrow when I saw 2 orange spheres traveling west to east.

They were in a row, one behind the other. I watched probably 3 or 4 minutes thinking to myself these are flying saucers. No sound, just gliding across the blue sky.

All of a sudden, I thought to myself I need to show this to someone. My dad was washing the car at our house about 75 yards away down a gravel driveway. So I dashed as fast as I could run all the while yelling at my dad. By the time I reached him, the spheres had gone behind clouds. I didnít see them any more.

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