Granada Hills Abduction

Granada Hills Abduction

Date: January 1 2008

Location: Granada Hills, CA

The witness remembers waking up dehydrated, all sore and exhausted, feeling emotionally drained but with no memory or recollection of what had happened.

However, less than a month later he had his first flashback.

He remembers waking up and instead of being in his bedroom, he found himself in a clear glass cylinder, totally submerged in some kind of warm fluid, thicker than water, thinner than oil.

To his surprise he was able to breathe this warm fluid without discomfort. He could also open his eyes without a problem.

The solution was clear, of a greenish color and the container was softly lit. He remembers, still fully submerged in this solution that he slowly began to recall the abduction that had taken him away from his bedroom, minutes, maybe hours before. Then he made the connection with the place he was now in and real fear took hold of him.

He remembers desperately trying to get out of the container but he could not move a muscle except for his eyelids. Finally and all at once, by sheer force of will he was able to regain movement of his limbs. He jumped out of the glass container faster than a spring.

Apparently what he had been breathing while submerged was very different than air because he felt an urgent need to take a big breath of air as soon as he came out. He was naked and dripping this fluid/solution that was sort of a slimy gel.

The place was dark, very steamy with a strange unpleasant smell.

To his horror, he saw a row of glass containers, some of them giving off a green/yellowish glow, almost bright in comparison with the poorly lit cave like room he was in.

He panicked and yelling and screaming like a madman, he began to run towards a window of light that he saw at the end of a corridor. The place was huge.

The best way to describe it was like some sort of huge, dark, steamy greenhouse cave, very organic in nature.

Screaming and running towards the white light, he passed many other containers, all identical to the one he had been in.

His impression was that there were a few lit up, probably with people inside, and the rest of them were empty.

Just a few steps before he reached the lighted area, still screaming at the top of his voice, 2 humanoids came to him from the opposite direction. One of them touched him on the shoulder and he passed out immediately. He doesn’t recall how tall they were but he believes the one that touched him either on his shoulder or on his side was about his height, 5’8”, but he could have been taller.

For about a month, he kept having flashbacks of finding himself in this glass cylinder, breathing liquid fluid instead of air.

And then, once he regained mobility, trying to run away from the place. After having this first flashback, he knew that something was not right, but he decided to try not to think about it. However, only a month later he experienced his second flashback.

He remembered walking up and finding himself this time lying on a table, flat on his back. He believes these beings had already been working on his head for a while and now they were doing some kind of a procedure, first inside one of his eyes and then inside his nose.

As he was just regaining consciousness, his memories of them working on his head are pretty fuzzy. However, the recollections became much clearer when the creatures began to work near and on his genitals. He couldn’t see what they were doing, since he could only move his head with great difficulty sideways and not the rest of his body.

Whatever they were doing, the procedure was extremely uncomfortable and he was begging them to stop. There were a total of 3 beings in the room.

One was taller than the other 2. The taller one seemed to be in charge and the 2 little ones acted like robots, sometimes moving together across the room to work on a counter top straight across from where he was lying, and then coming back to the table to keep working on him.

The taller one meanwhile, throughout the procedure, would try to console him by mentally telling him in prefect Spanish that it wouldn’t take much longer, asking him to be patient, reassuring him that they were almost done.

All these messages were placed directly into his brain.

As far as he can remember, none of them ever uttered a single word or sound. He believes he ended up blacking out one more time, before they were through with whatever they were doing to him.

2 months after having this second flashback recollection, he was able to fully bring back to his mind the very frightening memories of the beginning of his abduction. Only then he became more certain that what he had gone through had probably not being just a dream.

At one point during the night, he woke from sleep to find the room dimly lit with a greenish/bluish fluorescent glow. The room is very small and immediately he saw by the foot of the bed and surrounded by a greenish fog, 3, maybe 4 small beings, gray in color, with big almond shaped eyes and short in stature.

The smell in the room was unpleasant with an unidentifiable bad odor but definitely coming from a living being. He believes he was able to sit up in bed, but he doesn’t recall being able to perform any other movement after that.

In spite of his amazement of what he was seeing, he knew he was not dreaming and that these beings standing next to his bed were real. He remembers just repeating to himself over and over, maybe audible but probably just in his mind:

They are real, oh God they are real.

He feels that the most frightening part of the abduction, even more than being examined, was waking up and finding these creatures standing at the foot of his bed.

This flashback, the beginning of the abduction, was the last one to clearly come to his mind and it still frightens him the most.

He doesn’t remember if they prepared him for the trip, but he began to feel much disoriented. He felt a buzzing sensation, like an electric current going through his body. Previously he had felt the same electricity in the room and on the outside of his skin, but now it was inside him as well.

Then he remembers floating upward and incredibly being able to go through the ceiling and roof of his house. He has a very fuzzy memory of seeing, while ascending, some beautiful, colorful lights and not feeling scared anymore.

Then his next recollection is being submerged in the warm fluid that he has already described.

He also has some flashbacks of additional events during the abduction. He does not know if the events he will now refer to happened immediately after the physical examination. His impression is that they did.

He was shown a series of slides.

He complained that they were coming too fast but he was told that the speed was right. Apparently, they were not mistaken because, when the show was over, he felt that he had gained a tremendous insight on many issues. He felt as if he had been in a dream his whole life and that just now he was waking up and gaining a clear understanding of the world around him.

He does not recall the reason or reasons he felt so enlightened after seeing these slides. Above all considering that some of the images shown were just disasters taking place on Earth, like volcanoes erupting, earthquakes and big nuclear explosions.

In the same room he was able to see his whole life projected into images, extremely fast. I had the feeling that everything inside his brain, past memories, sensations, experiences, was also being watched and recorded by some kind of a device linked to him through the chair he was sitting on.

He was taken into a small room to meet the hybrids. His memory here is very fuzzy.

However, he remembers being introduced to a kid who was related to him and apparently the product of the procedures done to him during his physical examination. The boy looked sick, very pale and with thin blue veins all over his face and body.

In spite of his sickly appearance and not looking entirely human, the witness felt immediately a strong connection to him, and he knew as soon as he looked into his eyes that they were closely related, like father and son. They talked for a while, himself doing most of the talking, probably also using telepathy but he is not quite sure.

When he was finally told that it was time to leave, they both cried with tears. The separation was very difficult.

He remembers walking in a desert under a strong sun. He felt weird because he was naked. It was some kind of a test experiment. He was either not understanding the instructions or not paying attention. He felt that they were disappointed with his performance.

The witness had a last recollection/flashback a few weeks ago:

After floating upwards and going out through the ceiling and roof of his house, he was taken inside a park, 3 blocks from his place. There, he, and 2 short gray beings, had to wait on a hiking trail for transport. It was cold and he remembers starting to shiver from the temperature, having only a thin t-shirt and boxers on.

He then received a telepathic message from one of these little beings that he/she understood how cold he was but it was now just a matter of another minute or so to be picked up.

While waiting he did not feel scared just very cold. Then he saw some bright colorful lights moving up above them and he began to ascend towards them. He doesn’t know if any of these creatures used the same method to reach the craft since while going up he was just staring at the lights coming ever closer and closer and not paying attention to the ground or the whereabouts of his little companions.

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