Georgia Abduction

Georgia Abduction

Date: 1968

Location: Georgia - Exact location not given

4 year old Celestian Falcon was with his family and father, a member of the military then, on their way to Florida from Tennessee in order to find temporary housing after his father had been transferred there.

While driving through a long winding country road in Georgia, after traveling for several miles a strange lighted craft appeared about 600' in back of them off the left side of the road, hovering over a hill loft. His mother screamed.

The craft had large red lights and other lights that appeared to be coming from the top windows of the craft, a red glow surrounded it as it started to slowly head in towards them over an empty field. As his mother kept screaming other cars began to pass them and almost shoved them off the road.

3 more cars from the opposite direction did immediate U turns when they saw the hovering craft coming toward the witnesses. One car stopped behind them and pulled over to their right side of the road. Then their car engine shut off.

His father looked back through his rearview mirror and saw the stopped car, then armed with a gun he stepped outside to check the car engine. The UFO then began to turn towards the roadway. His father saw it and rushed back to the car and attempted to start the engine once more. His mother then shoved Celestian to the back seat and covered him to hide him.

She told him to sit still and to not make a sound. The young witness then looked back through the rear window and saw the other stopped car about 40' in back of them. A young male went over to his passenger side and took out his young girlfriend from the passenger side, he attempted to hide her in the trunk. Then he saw several 5' tall aliens surround the couple. The male driver pulled out a tire iron but an alien touched him with a silver prod and he went limp. They then put them in silver blankets and levitated them into the craft.

Then a pinkish red light filled into Celestian's car. He got down covering up and then everything became very quiet. Someone or something then opened the door, he felt hands and arms grab him and pull him out in his blanket, then he blacked out.

His next memory was of being inside the spacecraft. They were in a room of some kind. A reptilian like alien was holding him, his mother was trying to get the aliens to give him back but his father had decided it was best to let them take them and have what they wanted.

He was then taken downstairs. Celestian then saw a large table with some type of probing device at the foot of it. On the other side were windows. He could see the night sky and part of the road through the windows. There were jars of human looking fetuses rowed beneath the windows. He saw another incubator containing more jars of fetuses lined on a rack sealed to the wall just next to the doorway in front of him and adjacent to the windows.

Next to the fetuses were 2 other doors. A couple of aliens walked in and out of one. They seemed to be refrigerated storage compartments. The aliens then sedated his mother with a silver needle and placed her on the large table. Then they took Celestian down to the mid level of the main entrance.

There he saw 2 small green skinned reptilian aliens sitting at a main flight control. Everything, including the floor appeared to be made out of silver. A white light filled the room, the temperature in the room was comfortable, and a deep base drone sound pulsated through the craft.

Then a womanís blood curdling screams came from his left as he was facing the main entrance away from the aliens at the main flight console. The screams were coming from inside the vaulted room, he then also heard a male voice screaming saying:

Help us we are being attacked by monsters.

He then heard some banging noises as apparently a fight ensued between the man and the aliens. 2 aliens came running out of a middle chamber where they were. One had a swollen cheek and had been bruised. The other alien behind him pushed an emergency release on the outside of the door. 2 more aliens came running out from the southeast hallway wearing white lab coats. They went into the room, the man tried to fight them off but everything became silent.

Then 2 more aliens came up on an elevator that was right behind Celestian. They were wearing white astronaut suits that looked similar to NASA. They appeared to be about 4Ĺ' tall, had large gray heads and large round human like eyes. They wore clear bubble helmets. The suits appeared to be glossy and slick. They seemed to be wearing some type of gravity boots. One was holding a silver container box of some type.

Then a strange human came out of a southeast quarter chamber from upstairs. He pushed a button at the top of the banister then opened a small gate door connected between the banister handrails.

An escalator rolled out from directly underneath the railings where he stood. As the escalator rolled out he pushed another button, then lighted hand railings appeared on each side of the escalator. The lighted hand railings appeared to be working off of some type of remote sensors that were connected to the escalator. The escalator locked onto a platform at the bottom towards the center of the mid level off to the side where the young witness was standing. As the human came down the escalator he stood on the platform. He was wearing a skin tight black suit with a V shaped cap. He appeared to be Spanish and stood about 6'. He wore a strange patch on his left sleeve with emblems on it. The emblems appeared to symbolize some type of Federation or Star League. He had a sharp cut beard. He spoke to the other aliens and Celestian could hear the short gray aliens communicating by using telepathy.

They had been diving for a device they lost in a deep mud swamp, and were trying to recover it. They had found only one part, but the main part remained lost somewhere at the bottom of the swamp. They feared the device was buried to deep in mud or covered in weeds and sticks to be recovered.

The human alien ordered them back out for a second search. As they exited, the young witness saw another room that appeared to be a maintenance vault. He was then escorted by 2 small grays down to the main engine room through the main elevator, these grays stood 4Ĺ'' tall, with large slanted black eyes and hollow ears.

Celestian again hears their telepathic communication and understands that he is to be guarded by a mechanic in the engine room due to the fact that they were having problems with some of the abductees who had been fighting back.

The main engine was about 3' to 4' high and about 7' to 8' long. The main engine had 3 cylinders on top with 2 long shafts that ran down on top of each side of the top cylinders. The mechanical engineer was a human astronaut, he stood about 6', was Caucasian, with thick light brown short hair, and a thick beard. He appeared to be about 37 years of age. He wore a heavily insulated orange space suit that was pocketed with remote attachments down the pant leg thighs and the shirtsleeves. He worked on the main engine front, and Celestian curiously approached to watch. It appeared that they were having engine problems and at one point Celestian saw what appeared to be blue/silver atom core. The alien mechanic told Celestian to go into another room while he worked on the engine, he had hazel eyes and his pupils were little tiny dots as if synthetic.

Later 2 gray aliens came back down and took Celestian up to the mid level. There he noticed that the middle abduction door was opened. Both aliens then took him into this room. There he saw the young male hooked up to a vertical machine, standing upright facing him. He appeared to be about 19 or 20 years of age with blond hair and blue eyes.

The machine was shaped like a T. To the right were 2 mechanical machines, one displayed colors of fluids in tubes, the other machine under it displayed red beads of round circular looking lights on the inside. He had tubes in his sides of his mid section. A device from the top of the upright shaped like a T folded out over his head. His eyes were wide open, his mouth was open with a black flat piece inside it. He had white round taped sensory patches and wires to his head, fingers, body and feet.

There were little spats of blood on the floor near his feet. To the left was a bed with a silver blanket that appeared to be space age material and the blanket they had used to levitate them. There was also an operations panel that seemed to be electrical and an alien performing functions on it.

Then both aliens escorted him back out the main entrance room near the elevator again. Then something else happened. A call came from one of the green reptilian aliens at the main control, We have been found by them, they are coming to destroy us.

One alien was scared and wanted to leave in fear that they were going to be killed. Celestian could still hear the aliens communicating telepathically with each other, They are getting close, we only have about 12 minutes before they get visible approach. 2 Air Force jets became visible on digital monitor screens, they magnified one of the monitor screens, and he could see through the clear cockpit glass and could see the pilotís head and face as clear as day. As the pilots approached with weapons locked the main entrance of the UFO breached, and air locked the spacecraft down, the locking breach was noisy and loud, it released a small white cloud of gas.

He saw short stubby aliens up on top of the southeast breach of the main entrance that performed the lockdown. They wore dark black robes and black hoods. Their eyes were large, black and appeared to be human like, their skin was gray. They looked very evil. The young witness made eye contact with one and it glared back down at him as if he was worth nothing to him.

The aliens at the console pulled out flat silver remote devices that attached to the main console and performed a program sequence to make the craft travel backward in time, locating the craft in another dimension of time and space. This was done according to the flight history of the craft that relocated 40 minutes before they had been picked up by radar.

A tall green alien then walked up behind Celestian, picked him up and placed him on a small silver table with wheels, and laid him down on his back. The tall reptilian alien stood about 7', had large slanted black eyes, a tiny nose, and hollowed ears. Then Celestian began to cry. The tall alien then touched him and communicated telepathically with him, he said:

Do not be scared, you will be ok.

He smiled at Celestian and comforted him. Then more small gray aliens surrounded the table. Celestian then blacked out but fell conscious inside.

Celestian felt the table being rolled up on an uplift and the feeling of being rolled back downwards. He woke up in another room, or an abduction chamber. He was placed on a long table and then aliens in white gloss robes walked out from in back of the room. The small robed aliens were grays. They told the tall alien that Celestian was the wrong type and they could not do any more to him.

The tall alien ordered them to carry on with the abduction phase. The small aliens tried to argue but the tall reptilian had the authority. Celestian noticed a miniature laser lens strapped around the right side of the tall alienís head, a rack mount of machines over his head and a rolling laser machine rolled out through ceiling rollers over his body. Rings of oracular light swarmed his body, he clinched his teeth. He blacked out and then came to, everything was fuzzy and hazy.

The tall alien then placed a large silver needle on Celestian lower right calf, he could see machines lined across the side of the wall from the foot of the table. A small alien was taking out a tube from one of these machines. It had malfunctioned, the machine was then taken out and immediately replaced. Then alien technicians came back in with the original machine, it was shaped like a VCR and had a lighted tube that locked in place.

He blacked out again but could feel alien fingers poking inside his stomach, it produced a dull pain as he moaned and tried to roll over on his side. Then a tall angel came in and stood on the other side of the table facing the reptilian creature.

The angel looked at the reptilian and ordered it to put him back. It told them that Celestian was a child of God, and told the reptilian it had been sent by God. It told the reptilian that if they did not take Celestian back they would be destroyed.

The reptilian said that they were not going to harm him and that they would return him as they found him. The angel then said:

This is your last warning, put the child back now and let them go or you will be destroyed. The angel then disappeared. The reptilian pointed over to where the angel had stood and said to the other grays:

Did you see that, what that was?

He then looked down at Celestian and asked:

What are you?

Thinking that he had somehow produced the angel spirit, the reptilian then said:

I donít know what you are or what that thing was, but we are going to find out.

It ordered the grays to go after the angel, to find it and bring it back. Celestian awoke back in the mid level near the elevator where they had performed the abduction on him. The tall alien then sat him on the floor, his body felt dense, heavy, and mushy and his legs were limp.

However he felt cheerful and happy to be alive. He wanted to play with the small reptilians at the main control. They could read his mind and were rude when they said:

We canít play games with you, what do you think of us now?ĒďYou think we are evil now donít you?

The aliens then smirked at him. Soon the Spanish human astronaut came back out and ordered to release Celestian and his family. They were taken out and put back in their car. He remembered that his mother sat limp and his father was in a trance state. His father had red burns on the left side of his face. Then he came to about the same time as his mother as she awoke screaming:

Step on it, step on it, she cried.

Celestian looked back as the car sped away and could see one of the friendly aliens waving good bye, he waved back. The craft then shot straight upward and arched into space and then vanished. Celestian reported later home visitations by spacemen type aliens wearing black skin tight suits, silver belts and gadgets attached to them. They walked through the walls.

The next day neighbors reported seeing a UFO early in the morning hours from about 1:40 a.m. to the time the whole family awoke from a trance in the living room. The crafts resembled lighted silver disks. Celestian's father reported the incident to the military officials and he was told that it could have been a secret military V craft.

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