Emilcin Case

Emilcin Case

Date: May 10, 1978

Location: Emilcin, Lublin, Poland

The 10th of May 2010 marks the 32nd anniversary of one of the most amazing close encounters that ever took place in Poland as well as in history of encounters with UFO beings. On that day a simple farmer from Emilcin village in Lublin area met with extraordinary humanoids that then took him onto their craft. The anniversary is also an remarkable occasion to pay a tribute to primary investigators of the case as well as his main protagonist, the late Mr. Wolski.

32 years after the incident it still remains actual with all the questions still opened to debate. Although it may seem that all the possible steps in this case were done, we would like to present an unique relation of Mr. Wolski who in his own words speaks about the most strange incident in his whole life that made this modest man famous in the whole country and undoubtedly changed his life. Jan Wolski died in 1990. His story became very popular and was often covered, for example in a book Zdarzenie w Emilcinie, Incident in Emilcin, of late Zbigniew Blania-Bolnar who researched this case and contained the results and his opinions in the aforementioned book. The Emilcin incident was also deeply researched by late Kazimierz Bzwoski and others.

History of Jan Wolski began when he drove his horse cart in early hours on May 10th 1978. At some moment he was approached by two short, green-faced humanoid entities dressed in one-part suits. The beings soon jumped on Wolski's cart talking amongst themselves in strange language. When the cart with Wolski and two passengers neared to a forest clearing, the man saw a strange aerial object hovering in the air. Soon he was taken onboard, It is worth to say that the unidentified object passengers left some tracks on the ground while the strange craft was seen by other inhabitants of the Emilcin.

The rest of his story with all the details is contained in the interview performed with him by Mr. Henryk Pomorski, who met with Wolski two months after his close encounter. Here is the interview, received from Mrs. Sylwia Weremczuk, granddaughter of the interviewer, Mr. Henryk Pomorski. The conversation with Jan Wolski was recorded in Emilcin in July 1978, 2 months after the encounter when Wolski's memories were still very vivid. Mr. Pomorski, along with Krystyna Adamczyk began questioning Wolski who in his own simple language described to them his extraordinary history that took place. Tape with the interview for long time remained in private archive. The transcript follows:

Henryk Pomorski Opole Lubelskie Commune. We talk to Mr. Jan Wolski, age?

Jan Wolski 71

Henryk Pomorski Who has for us lots of interesting things to say, You met some extraterrestrial people. Can you say us how did it happen?

Jan Wolski I cannot directly state for sure that they were extraterrestrials because they were similar to us thought tiny, delicate, of small height, about 5' tall.

Henryk Pomorski How did it happened that you met them?

Jan Wolski Well, I was driving from Komaszyce, from that side. In fact I was returning from Dabrowa village but the encounter with them occurred on this side of Komaszyce, on a field belonging to me.

Henryk Pomorski When did you see them for the first time?

Jan Wolski I noticed them as two people heading toward my cart, Those people, the beings, hadn't noticed me before. When they saw me they began looking at me and then they gradually began slowing down their walk more and more. When I drove closer to them, they divided on both sides, one went in one direction and the second one on the opposite direction, and I drove in between them while they in the meantime jumped onto the moving cart.

Henryk Pomorski They sat next to you, didn't they?

Jan Wolski Yes. However, not directly next to me but behind me while I was sitting in the center. Their legs were hanging down. Mr. Wolski neither didn't scorn them nor escaped since similar mode of traveling was some kind of tradition and it would be a discourtesy to drive them off and. Moreover, he didn't know then who they were in fact.

Henryk Pomorski Can you describe their outer appearance?

Jan Wolski They looked in this way: black outfits covering their foreheads and from here to here and to chin, and here they were green.

Henryk Pomorski What about their faces?

Jan Wolski They had green faces and palms as well, from here. It was in this way.

Henryk Pomorski In which language they spoke? Did they say anything to you?

Jan Wolski They spoke in some language, but I'm amazed that they could understand each other since they spoke like that, a petete petete te. Their words were short and fast and I don't know how they can understand one another.

Henryk Pomorski What about the further journey? What happened next?

Jan Wolski They were driving ahead for some time and then ordered me to stop, they didn't spoke in words but expressed it with hands to stop. So I understood it and began urging the horse to stop but he, one of the beings, caught the reins and pulled back urging the horse to stop, It was afraid of the craft. And when it stopped they got off the cart, in the same way as they previously got on and they gave me a sign with hands to go with them. I tied my horse, then got off and went after them toward that machine. There was a tiny elevator of some kind for two people to hold, maybe it couldn't carry two large people but surely could delicate ones, And then he went forth and set his foot onto this craft, I followed him and it soon lifted up rapidly, in front of that craft door. And the whole craft could be about 13' to 15' above the ground.

Henryk Pomorski The craft was hovering in the air, wasn't it? Please, describe the way it moved and how looked like?

Jan Wolski It was a purely white craft, from outside.

Henryk Pomorski And what about it's size and shape?

Jan Wolski It could be maybe 14' - 15' in height and it was as long as a bus, so it looked in that way. I haven't seen any, unclear but the craft was void of any outer features as lights, joints etc. Wolski on other occasion mentioned that there were 4 barrels on the craft corners with drills. Those black drill-like objects seemed to be made of black material and were rotating around its axis with great speed although without creating any disturbances in the air. They generate the hum Wolski mentioned.

Henryk Pomorski And it was hovering in the air, wasn't it? When you stand on the platform along with him the tiny elevator brought you swiftly to the interior of the craft?

Jan Wolski No, no, no. It carried us to place, by the craft entrance, Not inside. The elevator was on the same height as the entrance to the craft, Not from the bottom but by side.

Henryk Pomorski You found yourself inside, What could you see there?

Jan Wolski Inside I could see only several crows, those black birds.

Henryk Pomorski Black ones, as our ravens or rooks?

Jan Wolski So they were lying under the wall, not that one with the entrance but on the opposite side. To my opinion they seemed to be paralyzed, they were moving with their wings, legs and heads but weren't moving around.

Henryk Pomorski Ok, You have encountered 2 beings. Were there any other inside?

Jan Wolski Inside of the craft there were also two more. When we got onboard, there were another 2 inside.

Henryk Pomorski Were there any other appliances onboard? Maybe some gauges or some other things for sleeping or sitting…

Jan Wolski There were only some benches onboard, From 8 to 10, I couldn't remember. Benches of some kind for one man to sit.

Henryk Pomorski What then happened with you?

Jan Wolski They ordered me to dress down.

Henryk Pomorski By gesticulation?

Jan Wolski Yes, they showed me to dress down. When I was half-naked, to my waist, and maybe not fully because when I was undressing I removed my jacket, then a blouse with 4 buttons, And when I began to undo two upper ones, the being that was on the elevator with me undid the two ones from the bottom. When I was undressing the 4th being appeared, that one who remained on the ground. Well, when I was partially undressed, to my waist, and stood in place I received an order to undress completely. So I took off my shoes. One of the present beings then appeared in front of me with an appliance in a form of two dishes combined in its hand. He neared the saucers to my front, then revolved me holding my arm slightly. Then he raised my arm up and began to doing something at my side with those plates, then from behind and on the other side. Then he showed me to dress up. After this order I began to dress up and look around but there were neither windows nor lights visible.

Henryk Pomorski Maybe they had some food products with them?

Jan Wolski I couldn't see anything. They have something that might be food, in form of icicles. They were crumbling it into small chips and insert them into their mouth. He pointed with his finger on the thing in an icicle shape and ask me, not by words but gesticulating, could I eat it.

Henryk Pomorski They wanted to treat you with it?

Jan Wolski Yes, they wanted to treat me with it. But it was somewhat strange for me and I showed with my head move that I wouldn't eat that thing.

Henryk Pomorski They ordered you to dress up after scanning you, What was the color inside of the craft, white, green, black?

Jan Wolski It seemed black inside. It was in the same color as their outfits, black although with some grayish tint.

Henryk Pomorski Can you describe the outer appearance of the craft?

Jan Wolski It was transparently white, as polished aluminum.

Henryk Pomorski You have said that the beings wore black outfits and had greenish faces. What with their eyes and other face features?

Jan Wolski They had slightly slanted eyes. Their cheekbones were protruding. Once I saw Chinese men and the beings, slightly reminded them. But Chinese seemed to more massive and taller, Then he showed me to dress up so I did it and I was about to go off the craft as the being said. When I was about to do it, I turned back and took my cap off saying Goodbye to them. All of them took a bow. Then I took a step ahead and found myself on the ground. And that's all. Wolski also used to term the beings as monsters.

Henryk Pomorski What about the altitude the craft was hovering?

Jan Wolski Approximately 16', I'm not sure. It was hard to establish it then.

Henryk Pomorski You then rushed to home and told your family members and neighbors to go there to inspect it?

Jan Wolski Yes, it's true. When I arrived home I quickly entered inside but my son's weren't there, only my wife, I asked her Where the boys were? She replied that they are somewhere outside. I quickly ran off the house. My wife asked What happened? I replied Nothing. Maybe something is wrong with the mare? she asked. Then I ran outside and saw my sons coming from the barn side. I called them saying: Go quickly on the field and you will see some craft in the air. I even described it as a car in the air, something out of ordinary. So they ran to alarm one and another neighbor and then together rushed toward the field. My 3rd son appeared afterwards and I said to him, You also should go and see it. After a while I joined to them because of curiosity. But when I arrived at the spot along with my sons there were nothing in the air, only grass trodden down covered with dew and paths coming in all directions. When I saw that it disappeared I turned back and returned home. The rest remained at the site checking the footprints etc. Soon two other men joined them. They were inspecting the prints, saw some footprints. As it turned out, the area was full of strange footprints. There were also clues indicating that soil samples might be taken. The footprints were nearly rectangular in shape although soon they were trodden down by local inhabitants and law enforcement officers.

Henryk Pomorski Were those prints left by people of the craft visible?

Jan Wolski Yes, they were. Boys checked them out and one of them compared the footprint of the being to his feet, I don't know whether it was smaller or bigger than his feet.

Henryk Pomorski Because of this very interesting event you surely have many visitors that want to get to know about the case. I've heard that you had been visited by our scientist, Mr. Blania from Lodz, a ufologist. What is his opinion in this matter?

Jan Wolski He thinks, after all of my descriptions and all of the incident, after answers to questions about the craft whirring.

Henryk Pomorski But the craft wasn't whirring as a car engine for example?

Jan Wolski No, but it was a rumble of some kind. Something like zzzzz. I answered him, and I don't know who told them that some kid from the village also could hear some noise, a loud hum. So they went to Popiolek family, since he was a son of Popiolek. He said to Mr. Blania that he saw some craft in the air, some balloon, or car, according to his descriptions. He ran into the house and yelled to his mother, Mummy, come here because it could destroy our house because there is a craft in the air. The woman went outside but returned after a while to her cooking duties and she hadn't seen the craft.

Henryk Pomorski What is the boy's name?

Jan Wolski Popiolek. Adam was about 5 years old at the time of incident. After some time it turned out that many other inhabitants of Emilcin witnessed the sighting of UFO object but they didn't want to talk about it. Many also remembered hearing loud bangs.

Henryk Pomorski He's is from here? He lives in Emilcin?

Jan Wolski Yes.

Henryk Pomorski The craft inside was dark or enlightened? There were no windows in its hull?

Jan Wolski No, there were no windows. The light was coming inside only by the door of the craft since it was in the daylight.

Henryk Pomorski What about the door?

Jan Wolski The door wasn't closing as ours but were rolling as some piece of cloth, in that way.

Krystyna Adamczyk Is any other face features of the being were visible, as brows, teeth?

Jan Wolski There were no brows visible, I don't know what they had in fact, some make up or masks. They only got slanted eyes. I could see some white in their eye corners. And their teeth were also white in color. That's all about them.

Krystyna Adamczyk Have you witnessed the craft disappearance while your retreat from that place?

Jan Wolski I haven't seen anything. I could only observe the craft only in a distance of 50', because it then hid behind some bushes. I was in hurry to reach home and inform my sons about the incident, That's all about it.

Krystyna Adamczyk Can you describe the process when you was treated with the icicle-form food? Were there any sounds when they began to crush it into smaller pieces?

Jan Wolski There were no crushing sounds. This food was crushing as hardened dough, without any sounds.

Krystyna Adamczyk Was it a terrifying experience or something of utmost importance for you?

Jan Wolski Just a bit terrifying, but I'm not very timorous man at all, so I wasn't very scared.

Krystyna Adamczyk Who they were according to your opinion? Who those people are? Are they of terrestrial or of extraterrestrial origin?

Jan Wolski I can't say anything about it and I'm not orientated in similar matters since I'm not a scientist of some kind but a simple farmer. Therefore, I don't know. I noticed that they were small, of the same height and all of them rather snappy in nature. But I don't know anything about their origin.

Krystyna Adamczyk You have mentioned that they were in some costumes and have greenish faces. Were there any other specific details making they different from us?

Jan Wolski I noticed then one thing, around the each one finger there was a thin and tiny fin. But I don't know the number of their fingers since I didn't count, just saw them. And on their upper necks, in place where hair began, they have something resembling lumps. It was round and protruding but I don't know about it's nature, whether it was a anatomical part of them or they had something hidden them.

Krystyna Adamczyk Did you notice any brews or hair covering their bodies?

Jan Wolski I didn't notice any hair since their whole body was covered with the suit that also obscured part of their foreheads. But they had no brows I think. They were completely dressed in it, the same one-pieced suit covered their legs and heads. They had no shoes.

Krystyna Adamczyk Can you tell us finally when the incident took place?

Jan Wolski It was on 10th day of May, before 8 a.m., because when I returned and my wife looked at the clock it was about 7:50 a.m.

Krystyna Adamczyk The day it occurred was?

Jan Wolski 10th of May, It was on Wednesday.

Henryk Pomorski We recorded this conversation with Mr. Jan Wolski from Emilcin on July the 6th 1978. Along with Mr. Wolski talked to, Henryk Pomorski & Krystyna Adamczyk. Thank you Mr. Wolski and see you soon!

Jan Wolski You welcome!

Henryk Pomorski Goodbye!

Jan Wolski Goodbye!

Everyone who is acknowledged with Jan Wolski case may say that the man had no reasons to create such a story that also for him remained a life-long riddle. After 32 years of this incident we still have many questions concerning the Wolski's story that became for him both burden and blessing. Of course there were many attempts to debunk Wolski's story, blaming him for confusing a helicopter and its occupants with UFO craft. Emilcin Case isn't limited only to his story since there are many other clues concerning various mysterious events.

One of the most intriguing occurred in the place of landing in 1981. It was reported by aforementioned K. Bzowski. A group of TV workers preparing a broadcast for TVP2 station performed there an experiment with a pendulum. A group of people gathered in a circle and soon the experiment began. Unexpectedly the pendulum, along with a 24" string, disappeared in thin air that was witnessed by more than 10 people. They began looking for the object in the ground but they failed. The incident is still without answer.

Do you know what people then talked about me? They called me an alcoholic or said that it was a mere dream! The worst although were the trips that began coming here. Sometimes there were up to 14 coaches with tourist at once. They harassed me and didn't let to work. And trampled my meadow.

It is therefore worth-while to commemorate the Jan Wolski and the researchers involved in this case that is now often covered and misinterpreted by some UFO organizations that in fact has no inkling about its importance, making cheap show in place, where a man who didn't seek attention, met with great mystery. Listening to his voice relating in simple words a story that for many people seems completely out-of-ordinary allows us to draw in our minds a scenario that backed with words of modest man transform in a vivid and real remembrance of events from 1978.

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