Edwards Air Force Base UFO Incident

Edwards Air Force Base UFO Incident

Date: October 7, 1965

Location: Near Lancaster, CA

I am a film producer who is a product of the 1950s: the Saucer Scares, the Cold War, and the beginning of the U.S. Government's official denial of ET visitation of Planet Earth.

I guess I have always thought our world was being visited by intelligent beings from elsewhere.

When I had a UFO sighting in 1961 and was ridiculed for trying to discuss it, I became determinued to probe and study the UFO issue for as long as it took to discover the truth.

As a logical outcome of that longterm goal, I spent years researching and collating data in preparation of the production of a major film documentary on the UFO/ET issue. I finally got to the point of starting production in 1992. However, so strong is our programmed cultural and political denial of ET visitation that even members of my own staff treated me as an object of derision. This only made me more determined than ever to solve the UFO enigma, and I then began going straight to the very institutions which were witholding the truth from us, our own Military and Space agencies.

My goal was to somehow obtain legitimate hard data from them that would be virtually impossible to debunk.

Back on the night of October 7, 1965, an event of historic proportions, a true landmark in UFO history, took place, the actual incursion over Edwards Air Force Base in the Palmdale/Lancaster area of California's Mojave Desert of a number of extraterrestrial craft. If this astonishing event is now, finally, gaining any measurable attention, it is a direct result of my efforts. I make that statement in all humility...it is simply the truth. In fact, this unprecedented event is not to be found in any of the major UFO books, and with the exception of a few UFO magazines reviewing my work, and interviews done with me on programs like Jeff Rense Program, this event still remains virtually unknown.

What makes this historic intrusion and visit so important is that the US Air Force thoroughly documented it and even gave it a code name: The Incident.

During that fall night in 1965, it seems that 12 luminous UFOs came right down low and just over a secure military runway. These craft were all sighted visually by Air Force personnel and by several types of radar. Further, the Air Force scrambled several jet fighters after them and during the event the possible use of nuclear weapons even became an issue. The entire incident was additionally documented with written reports, radar photos, and audio tapes made by Air Force personnel while they were actually observing the objects, flying after the objects, and considering taking serious military action against what they might imply as a threat.

From my calculations at least 40 hours of recordings were made, a 5 hour event recording from at least 8 locations. However, only six hours of tapes were declassified many years ago as a mass of noise and unclear voices, which truly defied interpretation. They had scrambled the tapes into what they felt was a hopeless jumble of random pieces of conversation utterly out of sequence and logical progression. When I realized what had been done, it presented a challenge which made me determined to find out what was hidden within that chaotic mass of sound.

After many months and countless hours of laborious research, cataloging, and editing the snips and pieces of the audio tape, I was able to organize the sound so the conversations could be understood. I had successfully restored the tapes to their original and correct sequencing. I then added carefully researched narration, which explained what was taking place, so that the listener would clearly understand the unfolding event.

As narrator, I sought out Jackson Beck, the true dean of radio announcers and films commentators, the voice of the Paramount Newsreel, countless original Military films, and even the original narrator of the Superman radio program. Mr. Beck is now heard on many important new national radio and TV commercials. His voice is known to millions, even if his name is not. I felt he would add credibility to the narration of this astonishing historical event. In fact, he told me that he has made a life long study of the UFO field and has had several important sightings himself.

The resulting reconstructed tapes are now ironclad documented proof of the existence of extraterrestrial UFO visitation to this planet. I have sent copies of my finished product directly to a number of major Government Agencies and have received no negative comments. Not a single Official Agency has tried to debunk or discredit the event, or my presentation of the tapes.

Furthermore, The CSETI organization has used my tape presentation in meetings with members of Congress with the aim of having our government tell the public the truth of ET involvement on the Earth. TSgt Charles Sorrels, heard prominently on the original Edwards recordings of October 7, 1965, and in newly produced segments confirming the event, made the presentation in Washington which featured my documentary version of the Edwards Tapes. And yes, the plane spotters at Edwards knew that UFOs or UFOBs, as they called them then, were not our black projects, Soviet bombers, or any known aircraft, they were unknown, fabulously high tech craft with capabilities beyond any known technology. And ...as they said on the old Superman series: Far beyond that of Mortal Man.



Yes, sir? This is Major Strubel. I'm on with you.


Uh, the, uh, man just went to get the tower boy there so he would have somebody to confirm his story.

Well, uh, *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** record on—

They are. They've got it.

Oh, you've got it? Okay.

They're recording. ** Unknown Word Used Here **.

Recording from position INV three five on the incident.

*** Background Noise ***

It's moved to the north of us and * Overlapping Voices * one's comin' *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** pretty fast.

* Overlapping Voices * *** UNINTELLIGIBLE ***

* Overlapping Voices * And are he's comin' from north to south?

* Overlapping Voices * North to south?


North to south at this time from Edwards?

Right. He's blinking red * Overlapping Voices * and * Overlapping Voices * which...

I have another red light and, uh, green light combination in sight moving very rapidly over the field at this time. I...I'm gonna check on my RAPCON to see if they have any movement in that area.


- Telephone Ringing -

VSS, uh.

Yes. Uh, LAADS, here. Say, do you all have any, uh, reports of unknown…mmm…flying objects over there?

No, we haven't.

-_kay. Was wonderin'. We supposedly are having quite an invasion over here. - Laughs -

- Laughs - What area? In our area?

Uh, no. It's over around, uh, Victorville and Edwards. Uh, I was wondering if any of your, uh, sites or any of your bunches over there have called anything in.

No. Uh uh.

Okay. Fine. Thank you much.



Got four of 'em in that “V”?

Yes, sir.

Uh, three on the bottom side and two others.

Yes, sir. Counting that, craft, So there's four all together.


There's two in a line and there's three in a line.


The three in line, uh, would run westward.

* Overlapping Voices * Uh huh.

And the other one would run up and parallel with the bright one.

* Overlapping Voices * *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** Yeah. Right.

Is that what you're seeing?

Yeah. That's the one I saw.


Would you do us a favor?

* Overlapping Voices * We're looking for about seven UFOs.

* Overlapping Voices * Well, maybe *** UNINTELLIGIBLE ***.

* Overlapping Voices * Uh, *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** uh, Ontario International.

Uh, would you


* Overlapping Voices * North of Ontario ** Unknown Word Used Here **.

We're not positive. Uh, this is coming from Edwards and George.

* Overlapping Voices * *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** here. Look, uh...

Did he come from the northeast?

Yes. No. He came from the…. Yes. Uh, northeast.


Or about seven of 'em. ** Unknown Word Used Here ** we had white, green, flashing lights and we had them sighted visually.


And they're climbing now. And, uh, we wondered if you're painting them... We're trying to get a cross section here.

*** UNINTELLIGIBLE ***. Also the two towers, George tower. Also, uh, uh, uh, Edwards tower.


Oh, uh, describe it for me.

* Overlapping Voices * Sure.

- Background Voices - * Overlapping Voices * Okay, uh, as near as, uh... I watched it through, looked at it through the glasses and it, at first appearance it just looked just like a star.


And then it started... It was white, uh, white and green. It keeps flashing white and green and on, uh... It appears, what appears might be the bottom it, it... At first appearance it, it looked just like a star.


I mean, they're not... Uh, it's not intermittent flashing. It's, uh... Appears to be slate.

I see. In other words it, uh, like it fades in and out, huh? * Overlapping Voices * And in a different flash.

* Overlapping Voices * Flashes red, yeah.

It's a definite flashing.

Uh, it's similar to what aircraft anti-collision lights would do.

Oh. * Overlapping Voices * I see. [SIMULTANEOUS — UNINTELLIGIBLE] * Overlapping Voices * [SIMULTANEOUS...UNINTELLIGIBLE]

* Overlapping Voices * It, uh, it definitely isn't moving *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** or constant enough to be an aircraft.

Uh huh.

And *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** around here or else it would dig up something.

And it, it, it's definitely, uh, changing in color from white to red or white to green and, uh, red. Ee... uh, the red flash is strong enough * Overlapping Voices * it would block out, uh, the rest of it for the naked eye,

* Overlapping Voices * *** UNINTELLIGIBLE ***

So it appears to be white, from white green to red.

Can you hear any *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** thing what it looks like?

I haven't checked it. It's, it's, uh, appeared to move a lot closer to us. I last checked it with the glasses, uh...

Leaving, uh, over Edwards at, uh, eleven five, uh. - Background Voices - Edwards is observing them from the ground. Uh, two towers observing them and, uh, we're carrying them on height and radar. Uh, oh... They're flashing white, green and red. And we have a track on them, kilo one five seven. They're heading west, uh, *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** at this time, uh, approximately, uh, 20 miles west of Edwards at 11 five. There was a, uh...

We talked to Center. They didn't have anything on it, but heading west, uh...

* Overlapping Voices * Flew through the area,

* Overlapping Voices * at 14 grand. And he had no JOY on them, uh, Center, query the bird. Uh, let's see. I'm holding them now. Uh, the bird that flew through the area is 50 miles west of Edwards.



Now, uh, talked to the sergeant, uh, the YOOFO people at Edwards, uh. In the first place I should tell that, uh, Norton YOOFO referred us back to Edwards as being in their area. Uh, uh, there's a lieutenant...

uh, the YOOFO responsible officer in bed, 30 * Overlapping Voices * miles away.

* Overlapping Voices * *** UNINTELLIGIBLE ***

* Overlapping Voices * *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** Sergeant, uh, doesn't, uh, have any authority except just to report to us. They haven't, uh, requested a scramble or anything. Uh, my question would be then do you, uh, want us to, uh, shake this lieutenant out of the pad and, uh, see if he wants to request, uh,.. Edwards said they had no capability, uh, base ops ** Unknown Word Used Here ** going up and looking.

- Background Buzzer - Uh, now we're paintin' them up there and everybody's seeing it. So, uh, do you think we ought to shake this lieutenant out of pad and, uh, see if he wants to request, uh, we go up and take a look?

It might be well and... They haven't raised him yet, huh? They haven't called him?

Well, I told 'em to hold off until I talked to you.

* Overlapping Voices * Yeah. Uh huh. He, uh...

* Overlapping Voices * The sergeant's reluctant to call him until he feels like he, uh, needs to, cause it bein three o'clock in the morning. - Laughs -

Yeah. Uh, yeah, if you have such a good trace and everything on them, uh, I think it'd be worthwhile if you give him a call.

Yeah. That's my feeling too.


And then if he, uh...

** Unknown Word Used Here ** in that area, you know.

If he should request a, uh, scramble, uh, we could prob'ly take one of the guard birds, uh, our deuces up, don't you think?

Yeah. That could be okay.






Uh, all they give in here is, uh, special 13 for unsafe targets.

Okay. Let's, uh, put a special 13 around one five seven.

Oh. One five seven.

Okay, sir?

Right. Thank you.

This is the SD. We're making kilo one five seven a special 13, uh, which is the classification for unsafe targets.

This is the tower at Edwards. We have an object now, over the field.

- Background Voices - He is right over the field?

Right over Edwards, moving southward fairly rapidly. And this thing also has... I can make out red and white flashing lights. And the captain at DET ONE has confirmed this.

He can also see this?

He can also see this.


In addition to Edwards, the following air force bases were involved with this event:

March, George, Martin and Hamilton, where the 28th Air Division was located. An element of the Air Defense Command, there Major Healey gave Major Strubel and LAADS orders. Major Strubel was called SD, for Senior Director. Also heard on the tapes will be the Weapons Director, Lieutenant Fisk, called WD or WD technician III, for team three. Captain Balint, the YOOFO or UFO officer at Edwards had real authority and no planes could be sent up from Edwards or George for the planned mission without his approval. Armed planes, Convair F-106 interceptors set for immediate takeoff were called alert birds. They may have carried nuclear weapons in the form of the AIR 2G-Genie unguided rocket, with a 1.5 kiloton nuclear warhead. NORAD was informed of the situation and did not request they be further alerted unless things turned drastic.


Yeah. This is, uh, Edward SPK. On the three UFOs you got you're readin' there.


Uh, *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** to, uh, uh, you can call it ** Unknown Word Used Here **. NORAD doesn't want 'em. I wouldn't tell 'em ** Unknown Word Used Here ** unless something drastic happens.

Oh. Okay. You don't want us to tell 'em?

Well, keep 'em in the computer like you have now * Overlapping Voices * account flush

* Overlapping Voices * Yeah.

And, uh, if anything, you know, anything, anything comes of this, then, uh, coordinate with us. I mean, I don't know what else we can do.

Yeah. Well, uh, they are scrambling the YOOFO, uh, officer out of the pad

Uh huh.

And, uh, I talked to, uh... I don't know who's makin' the decisions. Uh, I talked to Major Healey, uh, over at Hamilton.


And, uh, if they, uh, request a, uh, bird to go up and take a look, we were gonna, uh, send our, uh, Alpha Limas' up from Edwards.


Uh, but, uh, who's makin' the decision? Major Healey or you people up there?

*** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** Listen to the... decisions still come from 28th.

Yeah. Okay. Well, uh, we'll, uh, we'll just continue with what we're doin' then.



Okay. Real fine.

Right. Here and here.

** Unknown Word Used Here **

You seeing a director between?

Uh, this is Major Strubel.

This is Captain Balent at Edwards.

Yeah. Uh, you're YOOFO officer?

Yes, sir.

Okay. I coordinated with my people, uh, at, uh, the, the next level and, uh, *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** always let a bird go, uh, take a look. And w... we got the 106 available.


The directive I have says only, uh, that, uh, stick within the existing policies, go ahead and do it. So, uh, it's, uh, it depends on your, your policy. As far as I'm concerned it would be a good would be a good idea.

Well, actually, uh, the way I coordinated it with, uh, my people is we're standing by for your request.


So you *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** had a request.]

Okay. Uh, let me get the spelling on your name for my log.

Captain what?

Balent, B A L


E N T.

Uh, okay. And you're the YOOFO officer at Edwards?

Yes, sir.

Okay. Uh, and, uh, I guess we n... we... Somebody has a number to reach you back?


Uh, I'll recoordinate this now, because it's been some time.


Uh, but we do have live data on 'em.


We should be able to pick 'em up all right. So I'll, I'll get in touch.



I'll wait for your call.


Thank you.

Hello. Uh, this is Captain Clark, Alpha Lima.

Okay. Captain Clark, uh, Lieutenant Reed?


Uh, we have some confirmed reports of, uh, some unidentified flying objects your area. .


Approximately six or more, uh, from Edwards, uh, just south of Victorville, and we'd like to use... We have information from 28th — We also have some height-finder cuts from anywhere from 3,000 up to 13. They're moving slowly.

Uh huh.

And they're climbing slowly.

I see.

They're red, white and green flashing lights.

Uh huh.

And, uh, they have been confirmed on radar.

I see.

Uh, we can't use any of the alert birds, but do you have another 106?

Well, that's all we have.

That's all you have?

That's all we have, with six on alert.

Okay. Just a moment. I'll let you speak to the Senior Director, and maybe I can go ahead and use one of your alert birds. Uh, they can't establish what these things are.


Uh, [SOUNDS LIKE: just a second.

Yes, uh,.

Okay, so they're still trying to decide here what to do.

You say you might have one? .

Well, uh, part of my *** UNINTELLIGIBLE ***. We had one on ** Unknown Word Used Here ** one hour. But I believe that's just because, uh, we don't have that pilot here for it.

Oh, I see.

But I'm pretty sure they're all up and loaded.


He's, uh, checking that out, the, uh, ground crew now.


If he does... If they do it downloaded, then we could pick one.

Uh huh.

If, uh, not then it, uh, we'd have to have authentication on the scramble with, uh, the weapon aboard.


Okay. Uh, Major Strubel just wanted us to call you, the SD, here and, and, and let you know and I'll tell you I'll call you back in a minute or in a few minutes.


Uh, what c... How can I reach you?

Uh, just, uh, call the, uh, hot room again.

Okay. And * Overlapping Voices * then they'll

* Overlapping Voices * [SOUNDS LIKE: Fine.]

get me - Background Buzzing - back [SOUNDS LIKE: in the] ** Unknown Word Used Here **.

Okay. Thank you. I have another call coming in now.


Okay, sir. Zero Romeo. *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** - Phone Hung Up -

- Phone Ringing -

28 ** Unknown Word Used Here ** tower.

Yeah Uh, Major Healey please.


Oh, yeah. Major Strubel here at LADDS.

Right. Okay. They've finally gotten Captain Bilent, ah, the YOOFO officer at Edwards out of the pad and, uh, he said yes, he would, uh, like to have, uh, a look. We're getting, uh, plenty of, uh, live, uh, data and the visuals on these things about 40 miles south of Edwards, several of them. Uh, uh, the altitude of the ones we're measuring, uh, from four-five to six-six, uh, thousand.

Four-five to six-six?

Yeah. Four and a half to six and a half grand.

Right. Yeah.

Uh, and we have, uh, a, uh, non-loaded, uh, DET ONE — I think it was... Was it DET ONE or Alpha Lima that was, uh, available, Reed? Lt. Reed? Was it DET ONE or Alpha Lima? Uh, Alpha Lima at, uh, uh, a non-alert bird that they could, uh, get one of their pilots, uh, in about 15 minutes. * Overlapping Voices * *** UNINTELLIGIBLE ***

* Overlapping Voices * They could?



So, uh, we'll go ahead and take a look then, right?

Yeah. We... Go ahead and use them and, uh, be and be careful with low altitudes and, uh, ground to hills and all that stuff, uh.

Yeah, right.

Okay. We'll, uh, we'll take a look at these * Overlapping Voices * *** UNINTELLIGIBLE ***.

* Overlapping Voices * You still... How many you are painting now ?

Uh, they're varying reports come in. We have a conference going, uh, with Edwards tower and, uh, uh, Pedro and, uh, Boron on our heighth (radar). And, uh, it seems to be about three, and they're in the, uh, uh, azimuth's, uh, roughly from one five zero to one, uh, two zero and forty miles from Edwards.

I see. Yeah.

Which, uh, puts 'em pretty close to us, but we've, we've had people up on the roof looking, uh. I think one of our people had some obs on them. But there are a number of people, uh, have had visuals on 'em.

I see.

And, uh, say Edwards tower and many of the, uh, tower people picked 'em up, uh, visually, * Overlapping Voices * yes?

* Overlapping Voices * Yes. They've been watching them for over an hour .

Yeah. Okay. I think it might be worth a try.

Okay. We'll, * Overlapping Voices * we'll, get this guy out of the pad and run him up. It'll prob'ly be a half hour before he can get there.

Okay. Use caution.

Right. Right.

Okay. Right


Use caution. Proper military procedures were in place for a possible threatening situation. We will hear that the luminous objects were not weather balloons, and alert pilot, Captain Clark will indicate that the objects demonstrated peculiar behavior. A department known as Phoenix was also receiving the radar information. And this may be the highly classified agency that dealt with UFO subject for many years. Ironically, Project Phoenix is now the name for the former NASA division previously known as SETI (The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence). On the recordings the people at LAADS indicate that they had had previous experience with similar sightings when they state, We process these every now and then.

- Phone Ringing -


All right *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** WD3 *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** Uh, I'm getting some, uh, reports at Edwards tower, Victorville tower and, uh, several radar sights about UFOs. Are, uh, you launching any balloons out of, uh, Edwards?

Any balloons?


Not that I know of.

I see. Well, do, uh, does Edwards have a - Clears Throat -

Edwards don't, don't have a rawinsond, radar reflector balloon target, unit? *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** to send up. So I doubt if they launched anything. They wouldn't have no reason to.

They wouldn't have any reason to send * Overlapping Voices * balloons up ?

* Overlapping Voices * Not the weather section anyway.

Out of Edwards, huh?


I see.

Unidentified flying saucers?


Go ahead.

No, uh, they got no reason to launch any weather balloons.



*** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** Edwards control tower again. The UFOB officer at Edwards. It has been, uh, confirmed that this *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** over the field. He had, he had seen this one. The captain at DET ONE has seen this one. I have see it and, uh, *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** the, uh, UFOB officer said it appears to be an aircraft to him. It does not appear so to me.

It appears to be an aircraft?

He says it appears to be an aircraft. Approach control has nothing on any aircraft. It's moving too slow to be an aircraft at that altitude.

Uh, the captain at DET ONE, he doesn't seem to think it's an aircraft either, because the lights *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** .

Yeah. There's only two lights, a white and a red. I see no green from here.

The, uh, YOOFOB officer saw this one. He thinks it's an airplane. I do not.

I don ‘ t either.

Captain Clark?


Uh, Lieutenant Fisk deputy here. Yeah .

It's a, uh... What do you think of it?

Well, I'll tell you. When I first saw the thing it was approaching the base from the north and it looked like a fairly, uh, low altitude, probably, uh, 10,000 feet and, uh, I got a good look at it with the binoculars. It seemed to be pushing a little cloud in front of it and I thought, uh, well, at first, you know, looks like a rotating beacon hitting a cloud.


And, uh, but it just stays right with it. And then it, uh, turned, uh, a little bit, bit more westerly and gained a tremendous amount of altitude.

LADDS? * Overlapping Voices * Yeah.

* Overlapping Voices * Roger.

This *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** control tower, tower observation on that last one. It was reported all over Edwards.


It is almost invisible now


With a naked eye.

You have any, uh, others visible around the area?

Yes, sir. I, I still have the original one. He has moved now to approximately one four five degrees.

I see.

And estimate at 40 miles and very, very high now.


Right. P X A S T.


- Clears Throat - I understand you've got some UFOs.


Where, whereabouts are they?

Uh, Edwards and Victorville area.

Oh. I see. Well, I thought maybe they was over closer to us.

No. ‘ Fraid not.

I got word you were - Clears Throat - usin' our Vegas or something * Overlapping Voices * or other.

* Overlapping Voices * Roger. We've got, .uh, Vegas on eliminate, eliminate here.

Uh huh. Well, what information have you got on 'em?

Not very much, except they're flashing green, red and white.


Or green, red and blue or somethin'.

How many are there supposed to be?

I don't know what the latest count is.

- Laughs - And I... It's gettin' pretty good.

Mmm. ‘Course around Edwards you're liable to see most anything.


- Laughs -

Yeah, I guess so. - Laughs - So anyway, we're about to scramble a bird off on 'em. So if we could keep Vegas as dat, we would appreciate it much.





Oh. Phoenix would like you to pass the tracks, uh, to them. Uh, all right. I'd, uh... Uh, you mean our zero vellocities, all the ones we have recorded?

Yeah. Just, uh, *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** Phoenix. - Background Buzzer - ‘Cause if we should crump when they had to take the interceptor they'd, uh, have the tracks.

Okay, sir. We'll, uh, we'll have them switched in.





- Silence -

It make any sense to you, what it could possibly be?

No. We're in as much of the dark as you are.

- Laughs -

We process ** Unknown Word Used Here ** now and then.

Yeah. Okay. I'll, uh, get the thing goin' anyway *** UNINTELLIGIBLE ***.

Okay. *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** here now. Thanks a lot. J


Uh, San Pedro is painting them, uh, three targets, and they're all three around 9,000 feet.

San Pedro's pickin' 'em up at 9,000, huh?


What about Boron?

Boron? We're, uh, working with them to see if we can get 'em on 'em now. That's those three little dots out there * Overlapping Voices * and * Overlapping Voices * Yeah.

I'd say that, uh, there are three definite objects. It's not weather. It's not clutter.

Uh, they, they can see the objects, but they don't see, uh, it's not an aircraft?

No. They can't tell what they are.

Uh. Oh. Scramble 'em.

You are scramblin' 'em *** UNINTELLIGIBLE ***? - Laughs - I'm curious to] find out what the hell they are.

I am too.

And you'd be within your right to scramble 'em, wouldn't you?

I don't know. Be up to me just ** Unknown Word Used Here ** I guess.


They're not moving hard at all. They did?

They watched 'em for 30 minutes and they didn't move at all and then all of a sudden, boom.

Oh yeah? Hmm. What are they?

- Laughs - Don't know.

Little green men?

Nobody has ever accepted these things yet?.


Let's ** Unknown Word Used Here ** a pilot in from home.


-Stammers - He... They needed special pilots for these?

Well, they're still thinking that these are *** UNINTELLIGIBLE ***.

Yeah. I guess those things aren't hostile, because they haven't done anything yet.

Yeah. Well...

It's interesting to see what's gonna happen when he goes up,


Takes a look at them. There's nine of 'em now?


* Overlapping Voices * Twelve?

* Overlapping Voices * ** Unknown Word Used Here **. *** UNINTELLIGIBLE ***

*** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** multiplied.


Al Planer.

Alpha Lima?

Roger. Alpha Lima Tech 3. Alpha Lima One getting close? ...to scramble

He's cranked up but I think we hit a snag here. Uh...

Oh, goodness.

We're checking on it right now. We'll let you know.

Okay. Right.

* Overlapping Voices * Uh...

* Overlapping Voices * ** Unknown Word Used Here **...

Uh, stand by.


- Background Voices - All, all of 'em clear now that the red light has stopped and they all appear to be gaining up...uh, altitude rapidly.

Is that right?

Yes, sir.

I'll go out and watch that bright one again.

Okay, sir. Uh, uh, there's, uh, three more of 'em well south and dim.

Okay. * Overlapping Voices * ** Unknown Word Used Here **

* Overlapping Voices * But I still see a red light occasionally on one of them.

Where are they from that big bright one?

Beneath him and just a little bit south and there's three of 'em almost in a straight line.

Uh huh.

Almost horizontal. :

I see.

And I still see a red light occasionally from those, but not from the big one.


It's very possible we've been observing this moving all night here. Let me, uh, let me get him back on, see if he'd, uh, if he's gettin' the same impression from it I'm getting.


I don't like to be the only one seeing these type things.

- Laughs -



This is Sgt. Sorrels again. Base Ops confirms my, uh, what I'm seeing. They are all rising and they, there's a weather man in base ops that's been observing these things all night

With the, uh, uh... He's been using reference points to, uh, try to judge ...if they were moving


And, uh, he confirmed that they are very much higher now than they were. They are, they are definitely going up.

Any estimate on the altitude now?

Uh, with... I'd hate to venture a guess. Uh, I... I would say something like, uh, maybe at 30, 40,000. But now this is strictly way out there in ** Unknown Word Used Here ** off the eyeball guess.

And none of 'em are at low altitude any more then?

No, sir. I wouldn't say. No, uh, not nearly what they were. At, at first sighting on that one I would, I would have guessed his altitude to be no more than, at the most, 5,000 feet.

These division reports have had them anywhere from all the way from 30 or 40 grand.

Well, uh, they were very accurate. We got... We'd get height on the same track at, uh, 6,000.


These are tower guys. *** UNINTELLIGIBLE ***

Oh yeah. They, they admit it. - Laughs - In fact one guy says, 'I don't like to be the only guy that sees this stuff.'

*** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** So he went to get somebody else. Now they've got a weather man out there lookin' at 'em and they've got, uh, the , tower people lookin' at 'em and, uh, March approach has 'em on radar and Pedro, and, uh, Boron...


We just heard Sergeant Chuck Sorrels say, 'I don't like to be the only one seeing these type things.' But he kept observing them. And we will hear him help vector the F-106 interceptor called Alpha Lima towards the luminous objects above the Edwards runway. The F-106 was equipped with the MA-1 fire control system and SAGE computer direction center, connected to the air defense network. This achieved automatic target lock on. But the pilot could still manually fire his weapons. Listen carefully to the voice of the interceptor pilot pursuing the object and stating, ”Contact”, indicating that he had actual radar contact with something solid.

Alpha Lima.

Uh, roger. This the McLean, again the WD from Tech 3. Listen, on this bird that has just taken off. It's... It's not a hot bird, huh?

No. No. He's, he's cold.

Yeah. He's cold and he's, uh, he's not loaded, right?

No. He's not loaded.

*** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** aircraft.

Okay. Is he aware of, now, of what he's gonna be doing and everything? How pleased is he?

Oh, uh, he didn't say too much.


Okay. Edwards tower?

Yes sir.

WD. Okay. Alpha Lima Zero One is now bearing about, uh, one nine five for 15. * Overlapping Voices * If... * Overlapping Voices * You have him in sight.

You him in sight?


Uh, Edwards, do you still have any of these, uh, UFOBs in sight?


Okay, tower, pick out one you want us to intercept and we'll take ah Zero One in on him.

That's... Have him, have him, uh, proceed, uh.


He appears to be goin' on north, north now. Uh, have him come, uh, right down the runway, uh, zero four.

Alpha Lima Zero One. Uh, would you, uh, turn your running lights on?

Yeah. Roger, Zero One. Uh, turn your, uh, lights on.

Lights are on.

Right. Alpha Lima Zero One, starboard three six zero.



Roger, three six oh.



Roger. Alpha Lima Zero One, uh, starboard zero four zero.

Okay. Zero One's coming down to zero four zero runway.


Let him go right over our rocket site. Start a slow right turn right over the rocket sight.

Okay. He's turning now.

Hold that.

Okay. How's he looking now? I got him starboard to one two?

Uh, hold that.

Hold that, huh?

Yeah. That's pretty good.

Okay. Could you... What, uh? What's the blip in relation to him, 12 o'clock?

* Overlapping Voices * Uh, about... Have him more right. Uh, if you have him... Uh, the best reference I'm gonna be able to get is have him come back over Edwards and line up with the runway again.

Ground observer requests you fly down the zero four zero runway.

*** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** the runway. Roger.

Alpha Lima Zero One, when you reach the end of the runway, starboard zero nine zero at the end of the runway.

*** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** or departure lane?

Zero One, you should hold a one blip now, target on your right. One on your left. Stand by for range. Still negative reads from targets.

One on the right and one on the left.

Contact, uh, standby one, I have possible contact at, uh, rise about, possible contact rise on about ten nine 20.

Roger. A pursuit *** UNINTELLIGIBLE ***.

Zero five zero.

*** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** Can you hold that target, uh, approximately, uh, five left at 17 three zero 15?

The description of this object? I'd like to try and get it eyeballed if it's out here.

Roger, uh, should be approximately, or was approximately five to seven objects, uh, green, red and white flashing lights. Uh, they were swiftly moving and seemed to be in the area for some time and then just quickly moved straight up.

*** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** on my target.


*** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** target and, uh, *** UNINTELLIGIBLE ***.

Roger, uh, we had a possible radar contact now a range of three miles. We're losing contact with that object now.

Starboard. Zero five zero.

Zero five zero.

Zero One's heading should pass over Edwards tower.


...zero nine.

I see Edwards, uh, from here.

Target area, uh, two miles.

*** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** I have ** Unknown Word Used Here ** another one, a flashing target about, uh, *** UNINTELLIGIBLE ***.

Roger, uh, could you, uh, check this target out?

All right he's flying low out there.

Roger. Uh, Zero One, begin descent to intercept this target.

Uh, Zero One, Edwards tower. He reports you, uh, are in the vicinity of his target now.

What did he find out there to the west?

He lost his contact..

Uh, I still have a contact out there.

Oh, you do? A visual?


Is it one of these objects? Look the same as the rest of 'em?

No. This one, uh, just appears to be, uh, flashing, not, uh, nothing red or green involved.

Oh, I see. Could be something else.

All right. I have Alpha Lima in sight now.

Yeah. He says he's got a contact 12 o'clock 16.

That's it.

Okay. Pedro.


Turn your heighth finder uh, seven degrees ahead of him.

Hey, tower?


How's he lookin' now? Is he headin' for anything?

Pretty good.

He looks good.

Yeah. Are the blimps merging? I mean, uh...

Yes. He's converging on 'em. Uh, they are converging. He sees to be maybe just a little bit south of it. A left turn, left turn. Low left turn. He's low and left. That thing is rising.

Uh, tower, how's things look now?

Uh, he's low. Look... Search high. Search high. Search high.

- Background Buzzer - Search very high. That thing is rising.

It's rising rapidly.

It looks like it's right above him from the tower now.

It, it looks almost directly above him and rising.

Okay. Pedro, come back to * Overlapping Voices * the target.

* Overlapping Voices * *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** down.

Back to the scepter.

You're in the general vicinity now. * Overlapping Voices * It looks much higher. Much higher.

* Overlapping Voices * It's directly overhead.

Okay. Alpha Lima's gonna climb to 40,000.

Low contact at zero three zero.

I'll hold zero three zer... Search, uh, 15 degrees either side, zero three zero.


Okay, tower, turning Alpha Lima Zero One towards at two five zero, should, uh, bring him straight in over the top of you.

Over the top of us again?


He looks like he's still holding two-five thousand.

Right. And, uh...

Zero thousand now.

Say again?

He's climbing.



He's climbing to 40,000.

Uh, one of the objects is to his right, low.

To his right and low. .

Search visually right and low.

Uh, - Clears Throat - Pedro search, mark that spot. Check, uh...

Five degrees, either side of that height finder and, uh, look high and low.

Okay. Have him come right, uh, have him line up with my runway zero four. Have him go on a right turn and, uh, roll out zero four zero and bring him right down my runway.

You're gonna do what now?

Right turn. And roll out zero four zero. Come right down my runway.

Okay. Realize his turn radius up there's about, uh, 20 miles.

Uh, that'll put him to the north of it when he comes around.

Rog, okay.

Okay. Uh, put him, uh, *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** starboard at starboard turn zero four zero.

Zero one turning starboard zero four zero.


Make sure bring him in, uh, quite a ways north of ya.

Yes. He will. We'll prob'ly lose him when he goes over the tower and have to catch him on, uh...]

I've got a possible contact on search radar, bearing this near station zero seven five to ten.

* Overlapping Voices * Hey, gentlemen...

* Overlapping Voices * Zero seven five ten.

Uh, is there anything else there?

I have one at zero seven five. Uh, *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** the distance.


It's high. *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** what heading's the interceptor on now?

He's at zero eight zero heading.

Okay. Hold that.

Uh, ** Unknown Word Used Here ** how's he lining up?

Looks pretty good.

Luminous object 12 o'clock.

Should be 12 o'clock. 20 degrees fourth and high, * Overlapping Voices * high.

* Overlapping Voices * At zero five zero.

He appears - Background Buzzer - he's way low.

Way low?


We're at 40,000 feet.

He ‘s still low.

Search high.

I would say he was about under it, now.

But... Uh, he should be under it now.

* Overlapping Voices * Or he should be...

* Overlapping Voices * Did he pass under a taget at this' time?

Yes. He's... About the time I said mark, uh, he appeared that he was almost under it.

Okay. Mark that spot there, Pedro.


Okay. Search, uh, ten degrees either side.

Mmm. All Zero One reports is one great big bright, shiny star.


That's what it appears like from the tower now. Uh, it has that appearance here now. It is much, much higher than when we first, uh, first observed it.

If it's that much higher we're not gonna see it on the search radar.

I suspect it's over your radar now.

Was that... Is that in the area of this this target you're searching?

Right. This is the search. PPI.

That is the three PPI search area?

* Overlapping Voices * Yeah. We have the interceptor at another base now. We're gonna have it on another target] *** UNINTELLIGIBLE ***. Zero One zero zero.

- Background Laughter - Hey, tower?

Yes, sir.

Have you got anything else in sight?

No, sir. Just those two that we tried on there. Uh, and he appears from the tower to pass way beneath it.

Uh, Edwards? Yes, sir.

Is there one about, uh, southeast of you, about, uh, three miles at this time?

Southeast at three?


Yes. Southeast, much closer. We've got a possible contact there on something.

Just a moment. I see something. Let me throw my glasses on.

Three one two zero.

Huh. Sir, I hate to be an optimist, but that fighter looks like he's goin' someplace.

Uh, Pedro?


Right. Did you find anything back in that search area I gave you?




I don't have any contact *** UNINTELLIGIBLE ***.

Okay. You lost all your other visual contacts on these things?


Okay. We'll call Alpha Lima Zero One then.

* Overlapping Voices * I don't

* Overlapping Voices * *** UNINTELLIGIBLE *** curiosity, anyway.

Yes, uh. I don't have another one in sight. Uh, anyplace.

You've lost 'em all, huh?

Sir, I don't have *** UNINTELLIGIBLE ***.

Zero One said he saw some reflections off the ground that appear to be flashing.

Reflections off the ground that appear to be flashing?

Right, uh, off a lake bed.

Huh. Well, I don't know what that'd be. A beacon.

No. He knows the beacons. Okay, fine. I might as well key off and break this line down then.


We'll see you tomorrow night.

Off surveillance here.

- Clears Throat - Right.

Are you gonna debrief, uh, Alpha Lima?

Yeah. I've been listening in on the air here on my, uh, little IND monitor.



You gonna debref him when he lands?

Prob'ly will.

- Phone Rings -

Flight supervisor.

3 WD3. You wanted to know our results of Alpha Lima Zero One?



Negative results, huh?

No. We picked up a low flying aircraft, a few ground targets and things like that.

I'll be doggone.

When he went through at 15, 25 and 40 thousand feet on these visual objects and, uh, supposedly he got under it, according …. to, uh, ground observations,

* Overlapping Voices * Uh huh.

* Overlapping Voices * visual observations. And, uh, pilot reported nothing flying underneath it.

Uh huh. Okay. Well, thanks very much. It was kind'a interesting anyway.

Yeah, it is. We're as curious as you are.


Guess we'll never know. - Laughs -

Yeah, - Laughs - I guess not.


Okay. Well, thanks for calling.



We're as curios as they are. For this recording indicates that the pilot was heard to state contact. And sounded as if he also saw the objects from the air. The debriefing of the pilot and reports from Los Angeles Air Defense Sector NORAD and the other air force bases are still classified. And what of civilians in the area around Edwards Air Force Base? What could they have possibly seen at the same time?



- Phone Ringing -


Uh, one of the telephone people that work here knew about this deal last night. He was reacting to this UFO report. And he was

* Overlapping Voices * Yeah, uh, *** UNINTELLIGIBLE ***, please?

Well, this fella went into a restaurant in Lancaster this morning and apparently he knew a waitress in there and he hadn't ment... mentioned anything at all about this UFO thing and she was tellin' him about a guy that came in there last night all shook up. Said he was on the highway between Victorville and, uh, uh, Lancaster. - Background Buzzer - It's, oh, roughly about 20 miles, uh,


East of, uh, Palmdale here on 130 E.


And he said this - Stammers - bright red object, uh, he saw it kind'a hoverin', all of a sudden it made a pass right down over his car and right across the highway and said it's parallel to the highway for quite a while and then just took off and it like scared him bad. He thought it was gonna hit the car.

Holy mackerel. - Laughs - Uh...

- Laughs - Yeah, and now...

Well, he was the telephone man you say?

No. It... * Overlapping Voices * This telephone...

* Overlapping Voices * Oh, one of the telephone men overheard him?

No. The telephone man, uh, was talkin' to this


Waitress in the w... restaurant this * Overlapping Voices * morning,

* Overlapping Voices * Oh.

About six o'clock over in Lancaster.


And I've got the telephone man's name here.

Uh, Watch Supervisor and XXXX director? Uh, ...we have the UFO information dispatcher at base operations Norton on also. He's listening in now.

Oh. Oh. Goo... Good. Good. * Overlapping Voices * Uh, then he needs this more than I do. Uh,

Is this the, uh, Watch Supervisor?

Yes. This is the Watch Supervisor at Los Angeles Center.

* Overlapping Voices * Lancaster... Hello?


If this is the Lancaster area, uh, we're supposed to refer you to the nearest base where this, uh, sighting occurred, which would be Edwards or George.

Okay.. Well, you won't need this report then?

Well, uh, that's, uh, the way we have it written up here is an SOP, uh. Supposed to determine the location where the sighting took place

* Overlapping Voices * Sure. .

* Overlapping Voices * and, uh, refer you, rather, refer the party to report that to the nearest base * Overlapping Voices * where

* Overlapping Voices * Yeah. The sighting occurred, which would be Edwards or, uh, George,

Yeah. Okay.

Uh, now this is a deputy in between again. Uh, did this occur though, close to Cajon Pass, where he saw this?

Yes. Uh huh.

The actual sighting occurred at the Cajon Pass?

It was right down below Cajon Pass.

You mean on the, uh, on the, uh, north side of the mountain?

Yes. This is on the north side of the mountain. I'll, I'll be glad to pass it up to Edwards.cI, I was just * Overlapping Voices * kind of ** Unknown Word Used Here **

* Overlapping Voices * I, I could give you the name of the, uh, YOOFO officer at Edwards.cI have it on my report here.cLet's see, uh, it's Captain, uh... Wait'll I find the damn thing. Uh, what's that, uh, captain's name at Edwards?

Now, that's okay. Uh, uh, uh...


* Overlapping Voices * He, he'd want it there a... at, uh, the WD or SD]position for your report or not?

* Overlapping Voices *

** Unknown Word Used Here **...

* Overlapping Voices * Uh, no. I won't need it here. Uh, but, uh, Captain Bilent at Edwards, uh, Base Ops.

Uh huh. Yeah. Okay. Well, I'll give it to him.

* Overlapping Voices * He'd, he'd be, uh, collecting all of this data.

* Overlapping Voices * Yeah. Okay. ** Unknown Word Used Here **

* Overlapping Voices * And I think it's a real interesting thing. I think he prob'ly would want to have it.

Y... Yeah. I'll pass it on to him.

All right. Fine. Thank you.

You bet. *** UNINTELLIGIBLE ***.

Okay, uh, watch supervisor?


Okay. Thank you very...

At, uh, Edwards.


- Buzzing -

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